Mecha Valentine

I always said I would never get one of Soom Mecha Angels because at 80 centimeters, they were just too big. Then I got a Simply Divine Harlequin Head off ebay for a deal... and then his head was too large to put on any body I had here. Except for my Dollmore Huey Lewis' body, which no doubt annoyed Huey. Then I found a very cheap modded Mecha Angel body that was the perfect color, size and price..and now Valentine is on a Mecha Angel body. Of course I have no clothes here that fit a Mecha body--it's about the size and width, except for the shoulders, of a standard umbrella. And since Valentine is named after the Valentine of Two Gentlemen of Verona, he's suppose to have nice Italian Renaissance clothing. At least he has boots. And now I am thinking that 80 centimeters isn't so bad...and I have always liked Saiph...:o