Index Finger

I was cleaning a pair of scissors yesterday and managed to slice my index finger. Not enough for stitches or other nonsense, but enough that J had to open the hermetically sealed Band-Aid strip because I couldn't do it one-handed, and enough to make doing regular chores today more difficult than they needed to be. For most things, like washing dishes, you can point your index finger up and carry on. However, opening a package of bread for toast was a fail-- I dropped the entire contents of the bag on the floor. Luckily most of it stayed in a stack, so I picked off the bottom pieces and put those in the toaster, figuring that would take care of most of the germs. Also the floor has been really clean since the Great Ant Incursion. The one thing I am having the most trouble with.... is blowing my nose. Who knew? I can even type pretty well and use my Wacom pen, though apparently I will still have to change the hand pose that I could not get right yesterday. Grr.

That is Raisin, Soom Migma up there. I had originally hoped to order a lavender body in a later Free Choice event, but it turns out no two batches are the same. Also this body has 6 holes drilled in the back for archangel wings, which I think is pretty cool.