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12:24 Russian BJD News closed

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llsonya Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Russia is now actually threatens war my country, Ukraine, war is a familiar scenario Ossetian and Abkhazian.

in this situation, I do not think it is possible to write more cheerful news about nyashno pupae (dolls). speaking now on behalf Meeuw , which does not talk more in Russian and is unlikely to be understood by the majority of our readers. so she is now engaged in the evacuation of the parents from the south of Ukraine, where they live.

Community remains open. Diary paid for in advance for a few months in advance, and if you, dear readers, have a desire to lead his own, no resistance, you will not find :)

with respect, LL Sonya, Russian BJD News from 2010 to 2014

PS. As it turned out, not everyone knows that the two leading Russian BDZ-news - from Ukraine. I understand that my gesture looks naive and ridiculous, but it at least it is consistent with the dictates of the soul, if you like. I can not have fun and giggle when this is done.

Terribly sad and very understandable. I will miss Ilsonya and friends a lot. :( ............... Edit: by 8:57 my time this post has been deleted, so I don't know if it is still current or not... There is an update here :


  1. Keep calm and turn off TV. Russia is NOT enemie! *facepalm*

  2. I will not be publishing any more comments--I have read all the submitted ones with great interest, but this is my personal blog and not one that has a huge readership, nor is it primarily political. I did put up Alysa's comment because I felt that it was positive and reflective of our communal love of the doll hobby.


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