The Naperville Doll Show

This dress was probably the neatest thing I saw all day--and sadly I had to roll another porcelain doll to get it! Here is the victim, waiting for some odd dress to be put on her and to be re-wrapped for the Goodwill:

Here is another shot of the dress and the wreath that came with it:

And here is a hat I bought for Cat:

It's basically a fuchsia fez with wild decorations on it. I need to make some hats :D Here is an overview of the biggest room at the doll show--this is about half of it. There was a lot less bizarre stuff to look at this year, and it was crowded so it was hard to paw through bins. Akutenshi and I still had a good time :D I bought two cool books and some paper dolls, too--I will put those up tomorrow.


  1. That looks like so much fun. I would have loved that. Also like the books you purchased. Another group of things I need to part with - we have just been giving to a local library and what they don't need they have a once a year sale on. I think R and I have enough books to start a library. ;)

    1. I always have such a good time and I don't even collect the types of dolls they show (Jumeau, Genes, Barbie etc.) And I am always a sucker for books--I can toss other things but not books :D


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