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Roswell's Overcoat

Now she has a second coat of paint and she is pretty much a "uniform level of blotchy" all over, so I will work on shoes and clothes next. The wig is just a temporary one that I keep meaning to take apart and redo--it used to belong to a doll named Violent Violet in Colorado, and between Violet's adventures and Stripey Cat's maulings, it needs some tlc.

Roswell's Undercoat

Here's the base coat on Roswell. Once the sun is up today, I will add a second, even coat of Burnt Sienna and hopefully she will be a little less blotchy, but still with some texture to her skin. I ordered a couple of extra Safrin eyes for her as well, since I think I want pupils, cool as the Soom pupiless eyes are. She'll still be very prone to chipping, but as long as I have acrylics I can patch her.

The cats got picked up this morning exactly at 6AM by an ex-military man. The cats were Not Pleased. I hope they don't howl all the way to Newark.

Thousand dollar cat

Yes, this guy and his sister. Next Friday, a limo will come to pick him and his sister up, the limo will drive them to Newark, put them on a plane, then they go to O'Hare, and then they will be driven to the new rental house. They have two new FAA approved crates that weigh a ton each, and each cat will have as much paperwork as if they were applying for a Secret Service post.

If I could have bought a soft carrier for them, and put them under the seat, it would have cost 75.00 each; but I would have had to buy two seats, and they would be expected to "behave".

They will not behave. Stripey Cat will drown out the sound of the jet engines with her own operatic skills, and will do it for the whole 2.5 hour flight. Grey Cat will be "uncool" inside the carrier, plus he farts when he is anxious. If I was in the cabin with them, my fellow passengers would probably stab all of us to death with the sporks that come with the "snack". And we'd deserve it.