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Meanwhile at Alice's Collections.. Catgirls!

This is Lan, an msd sized kitty, and there is also Ling:

The two girls are really fullset/makeup options of the same base body. Interestingly, the resin choice is..white. But you do have two choices of bust (medium and large) and two choices of thigh--a sort of cutie thigh that looks very stable, but harder to stuff in pants, and the more ordinary thigh:

(Both ears come with the Basic Kitty). You can order directly from Aimerai as well, I just like the service I have gotten with Alice, and the easy communication. And they are helpful even when things go weird with shipping. (I had a problem with the local end of DHL, and they were great with giving me all the information I needed and just being generally supportive).

The Leek Dance

I don't know which came first, the anime version or the farm version, but they are both awesome.

Jennifer Sutherland Art

This is "Eventide" and I believe she was originally a porcelain doll, probably about the size of the Bychkova dolls. I found her on Jennifer Sutherland's blog, but apparently Sutherland has been busy so the blog is a little unattended (looks guilty). Here's another doll:

Most of what Sutherland sells seems to be smaller Alice-in-Wonderland themed items, you can see them on her Ebay store:*art?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

There are a lot of talking flowers at the moment (!)

And one from 2007!

Meipy, Tiny Honey...doll

OK, Soom calls this cutie pie a "Tiny Honey Bear"..but it has antenna and tiny wings and not-bear feets so I think you are looking at the world's cutest bee-animorph. There has to be some suspension of disbelief in that bees do not have blue eyes or tiny noses or even ears, but it's still adorable. Here is the sales page for the "Bear"

This is the hardest season for me to resist dolls as there are often sales..summer is hard for casting (hot and humid) and people tend to want to get dolls for Christmas and the fall holidays instead.

Tiny Hamster Attacks City

The helicopters are the best!

A Couple of Doll Wigs and Some More Petit Fours

The wigs came from Denver Doll..and they were too small. But cute! This is the curly Leeke wig on Honey, a Soom Cass. Fits well and looks so cute. Since Cass' head is large, you can just imagine how big the Seian head is--definitely a size 9. But the wig Honey was wearing before, a stretchy Monique Paris, was able to be stretched out to fit on Seian's head, and the red wig she was wearing can go back on my Katrien. Here is Seian:

A few months ago when I was doing more modelling, I was trying to recreate this plate of petit fours from Land o Lakes:
It did not go well. I was doing them in Poser and my attempts all ended up looking like concrete:
This was one of the better ones :o So my brother and family came to visit and they BROUGHT THE PETIT FOURS..though they were from a bakery:
And look, even the star garland!! I kept the garland, though we ate all the petit fours--they were like mini-cheesecakes, and awesome. Eventually I will conquer the Land o Lakes petit four. I still …

A Quilt, A Cake, Seian and 3 Squirrels

Chalyss sent me this gorgeous quilt!! I especially like the spiral free stitching--I am gradually getting a collection of small, glorious little quilts. Something about the small format is very appealing.

J baked a practice cake--it was delicious and the cake part was *perfect* and it was so rich, one slice was plenty. It's chocolate inside.

And we have new squirrels--pretty sure they were born early this year; the hollow tree is perfect for them, though we are keeping an eye on the upper branches to be sure they don't die off and end up falling onto the driveway or the house.

And here is Seian with her faceup, though she still needs her lashes installed--I have them, I just have to find them!

I also ordered wigs from Denver Doll that might come Friday, but we'll see. The doll who normally wears this wig looks cranky.


If they were hard to grow, everyone would want them :D I finished my Seian's faceup but she needs a
wig--the one I had for her is too small! I had forgotten that Fairyland 65 girls wear size 9 wigs, not size 8. I ordered two from Denver doll and I hope at least one fits--they are Leeke wigs and I seem to remember that they run large.

I also finished a set of backgrounds for Renderosity, and I am getting ready to do a second pack this
afternoon. Gotta pay the dollie bill :D

Spring is finally here. Summer will probably happen next week!

Scott Manley Takes a Look at Kilauea

He's so enthusiastic, it's fun to watch. Plus great pictures!

Two New Alexandra Khudyakova Dolls

They are new to me, anyway--possibly from the Moscow Doll Show, here with a friend for scale.
And here is another one:

I love the almost monochrome color palette, and all the lace!

Seian arrives!

She's here! UPS showed up at a reasonable time and the box was in perfect shape! This was my first
somewhat-new-from-Fairyland purchase (though it was actually "in stock" at Denver Doll, so she might have been a return or a failed layaway). I was interested to see how she was packed. I had bought a Chloe before from someone on DoA who sends things out "factory fresh" so I was pleased to see that it was the same--outer ship box, inner blue shipping box, and promo cards! I found Denver Doll's layaway super easy to work with--they send reminders on the same day of the month, so my fear of forgetting to pay an installment were unfounded--and they were very good about answering questions!

I remember when Fairyland used to just send the dolls with the "use and care" pamphlet--now they have a nice certificate:

Fairyland now sells headbacks as a separate item, so the headback doesn't have the mold name on it. Instead the faceplate has the name, but n…

Leo Moracchioli Visits a Mall in Norway (In a Bunny Suit)

Just for fun. My Seian MIGHT COME TODAY, UPS willing.

Captured in Thought's Viridian

He belongs to Cat,and needless to say, Cat is thrilled with him. If you want to see more different dolls
and faceups by Captured in Thought, go here:

Viridian is a Soom Sard, one of many that Cat owns (I have actually lost track :o) Here is a couple more photos:

While I don't want one, the sculpt has really grown on me. It's hard to resist those ears paired with a
good faceup!

Why Scale is Important

Also, apparently Darth Vader plays with dolls:

In other news, I've paid off my layaway...but they are sending it UPS 0.o

The Otter Fountain

I could have taken a million photos in Philadelphia, but instead I took a LOT of an otter fountain. But it was so cute!

More bonus cute:

I'm ready to go back :D Happy Mother's Day!

Philadelphia Details

So I have been in Philadelphia this last few days, and it was fabulous. The weather was perfect, and K and J and I walked and walked and walked..and bought shoes :D Here is K, new shoes, and some gardening at a local fire station near Chinatown.

Mr. Tuppy at home. He was actually Mr. Friendly, and very hairy. I bought him a brush, though I am not sure he was excited about it.

Photo of a photo at the Convention Center..a dollhouse!

The Hall of the Dwarven King, aka the convention center.

Penn Museum Roman dollhouse :D

Egyptian Throne Room for ants...or scarabs.

Hello Kitty at the Sanrio dealer!

The crowd at the Trocadero window.

Hotel view of the Galleria building being rebuilt. One of the things about being in a city hotel in the summer, is that around 7 AM, the local guys say "Let us sing you the song of our people!" and then"
BRAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAP go the jackhammers. The hotel was actually pretty soundproof--the hammering and sirens were muted compared to other places I…