Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cat's Yetta (Soom Beryl), Now Complete

Yetta was originally MissAlly's, and after MissAlly passed away, Cat bought a few of her dolls and many artistic odds and ends. Cat wanted to style Yetta in a way similar to MissAlly's other dolls; a sort of humorous Night Circus/ Belle epoque look that I can't quite describe, but you would recognize instantly--it's a little like Val Zeitler's style.
This is what Cat wrote to me:

Yetta was inspired by the Marie Antoinette movie that was one of MissAlly's favorite films. She is named for MissAlly's grandmother.

Yetta's dress was made by PhantomCreations, though Cat is thinking of beading the skirt because Cat is a lily-gilder. :D Yetta was painted up by Christy Johnson. Here are a couple more photos (Photo credit goes to Cat Cara):

This one might be my favorite, with the caterpillar!

Cat takes such good photos, I am always poking her to do more. She has a world-class Soom doll collection!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Bermuda Triangle of Dolls

That would be Alice's Collections, who somehow has managed to find a doll released in 2015 and all his stuffs. I assume he's In Stock, just because he is On Sale, but the listing isn't clear or I didn't read it carefully enough. It looks like for $225 more you can get his outfit, his faceup and his "weapon". Here is the outfit:
As for the listed "weapon", I think it is this claw hand:

He's big, 68 cm, so he's not coming home (besides the money thing) but I like his styling a lot.

Another dip in the wayback machine is an Impldoll Heloise:

Heloise has a goofy-old-school Impldoll face from when Sean was just getting started, but I kind of like it. The big thing is that her body is an awesomely posable Star Old Woman body, and a Soom Garnet head would fit on it just fine (and be tall). Plus she's relatively cheap at 330.00-- though you'd need to paint her yourself and tack on 70.00 for EMS.

Sadly I need a lot more moldings for the edge of the porch and eventually downstairs, so Heloise might have to wait a long time.

Friday, July 21, 2017

SID Ian and a new Model Body from Iplehouse

He's really cute! And even better, he has more of a tall, slim look rather than the blockier older SID body--go take a look! The price is still 650 without a faceup or shipping. Here's a pic lifted from Iple's Facebook page:

His styling is really fun too. :D
Oops there is a second guy! He's cute too--I like this new body a lot:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stacy's Pearl Eyes

I like these so much! They are not cheap though--the smallest size is 14mm and they are pretty limited. You can check them out at Stacy's Pink Ocean!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The 1600.00 Fallen Angel

The price tag is because there are only 20 of them, and he comes with custom eyes, horns, the outfit, wings AND SHOES. He's Lucifer Hyperion (Hyperion is the Idealian mold) and he's pretty neat. If someone gifted him to me I wouldn't toss him out into the street. :D I'm guessing Soom will release a less-fancy version of him later, like they did with the red Garion. He's a big boy and Idealians are mostly for "standing around looking sexy" as one Den of Angels member said, not action poses. One more photo:

By the way, Cat has been the provider of a lot of my blog content lately, so I owe her and her sharp eyes a big thank you!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Soom Epidia Head on a Delf Body

You wouldn't think it would work, but it does if you want a petite character--I think a Soom Odette would work too, a Snow White or a Sweet witch. Delf bodies are fairly affordable too, and you can get brown tan as well. (This body is a home dyed one, it matches Impldoll, not Soom.

Good neck movement!

Fun attitude!

Cat ears :D

Monday, July 17, 2017

Soom Sonya and Raskolnikov

It says Soom Albin and Witch in some places, and Sonya and Raskolikov in others, which would make sense if it was the Albin mold and the Sweet Witch mold, but there is also the title:
"Prestuplenie and Nakazaniye" (with variant spellings on the Nakazaniye) I wish sometimes that Soom would just give their dolls normal Korean names and leave it at that, and just one per doll *o*
The mystery is deepened by the fact there is no brief backstory on any kind, though it looks like one is a vampire and one is a witch  and they are related somehow?
Anyway, they are quite beautiful and you should especially check out the outfits, which look magnificent.

And speaking of Soom dolls, I snapped a photo of Petra this morning, sitting in a pile of silk flowers that I moved out of the porch, while I put in flooring.

I would be tempted to buy her Sonia's outfit-- but I need two more boxes of Trafficmaster Carrera, since I messed up counting how many I would need. (I had too much gray, not enough white)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Angelsdoll Evan

His Royal Hotness here is the result of my trading the Vinyl Udell to Alewife, for this guy. Alewife said she didn't pay as much as I think she did for him, so I feel only..a little..guilty--but I am so thrilled to have him! He's a remarkably compliant poser--I do need to order eyes that fit him (these are the oval flatbacks that Denver Doll sells, and they really are not right, but I do like the color with the tan skin. And amazingly, he is wearing pants, though they are stolen from someone else:

He possibly needs a shirt :D And that is the floor that it has taken me hours to lay--not that the vinyl is that hard to put down, but the floor under it has lots of holes and bumps that needed to be filled or sanded down, so it takes forever. But I do like it! I just hope it holds up to snow and mud. Here it is just before the cat threw up on it. (Why, Stripey?) It cleaned up fine, though!

Friday, July 14, 2017

A Blanket

Mom knitted Coppersmith a hammock blanket--it is so cool! I love the colors so much too. Coppersmith appreciates that he will have something warm and not scratchy when winter comes:

It's a pretty good size for a big serape, too :D Look how even those stitches are:

This looks nothing like my knitting (a big snarl) or my crocheting (which looks like it meant to be something, but is full of skips and lumps). Years of practice make a big difference! Thank you so much, Mom! <3

Thursday, July 13, 2017

For Your Dolls in a Relationship (Tata's Paradise)

Yes, they are at Tata's Paradise, several styles. No I have no idea if there is anything inside the packaging. Tata's is a lot of fun and has a lot of hard-to-find props. For example, sunglasses:

Steampunk Goggles:

Also if you look more in Accessories, there are cameras, a tiny iron, plain eyeglasses, syringes, tiny barrettes for hair, a hairdryer, purses, Starbucks' cups, eggs, silver platters, whips, garden tools, cigarettes, guns, money, knives, and a rubber chicken...and I am only on page 6. I see books, ties, chairs, wine glasses, hair ornaments, attache cases, lollipops, hangars, hats and underpants. There are some really nice eyelashes, a stand, elastic, and face protectors, too. There are 502 items listed-- so you should flip through them if there is some specialty item you need. I seem to remember they used to do Airmail shipping, much cheaper than EMS, but I don't see it in the sidebar so they may have switched to all EMS.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Skadi (Impldoll Azalea)

So I bought this Muscle Star Girl Body from Iplehouse through Denver Doll, and I really like it! It's shorter than the Idol, and quite pretty. The hands are a big improvement from previous versions. Then I saw that Youkaimoon on Den of Angels had an inexpensive Azalea head *beautifully* painted by Darjeeling..and she looked like the perfect head for that body. Here she is full view:

She's still a little tighter than I like but that will wear off--meanwhile she is such a good stander. Here is the front view:

See how nice that body is? Kind of a perfect Wonder Woman body, but she is a Scandinavian frost/skiing/archery diety instead of a Mediterranean one. Sadly all the clothes I have that fit her have  a tropical theme ;) Once the floor is done on the porch, I am going to sew!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Iplehouse NYID Nancy

Iplehouse has released a new NYID girl--this is my favorite size of the Iple girls, though I currently don't have one. Iplehouse has gotten so good at painting these subtly freckled girls; but as much as I like this faceup, I wish they had done a Version B as a young Korean woman, since the blank sculpt looks very regal to me rather than a "cutie." I'd put straight dark hair on her and do something classic for her clothes, like a blue suit and Korean pumps in blue and black. Here is the blank:

I like the shot of her looking down--she looks very thoughtful.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Cat Horror, the Parking Lot at Home Depot, and 2 Patterns

So it's been hot, and the cat has been inside all day, so I went and got the leftover balloon from a celebration here earlier in the summer, and tied her favorite boot lace to the bottom, thinking it would amuse her.
 It did not go well. Cue "Psycho" music...

She refused to move until I took it away and put it in the trash, after removing her boot lace.

Still working on the porch... I wanted something to put under the ends of the tension rods that will hold up some sheer curtains, because the rubber ends mess up any paint under them. But I was kind of baffled as to what I wanted to put there, until I went to JoAnns and saw these in the scrapbooking department:

They even have a hole in the center for a nail. I put them up with carpet tacks, as they are easy to pull if I need to repaint:

And you can see they are pretty unobtrusive at a distance, you have to look closely to see they are not standard hardware:

The checkered floor is what it will look like--I decided I needed to paint the ceiling, ugh, so that pushes back the flooring at least a week.

Since I have been living at Home Depot, I have been amused at the things in the parking lot:

And at JoAnns they are (I think) still having a sale of Butterick patterns, 3 for 6.00. I bought myself a bathing suit pattern and these two patterns for K:

I think she is making a Jonathan Strange-related cosplay..the hats were just random, because 2.00. I have never regretted buying a costume pattern on sale--because they get really expensive if you try to track them down later on ebay!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

April Lee's Photostream

April has been collecting dolls for longer than I have, and as far as I know, NEVER SELLS ANYONE. The result is a huge, diverse and magnificent collection. Also, her peeps all have clothes. Check out her Flickr here:

French Cats

My favorite is "Le Chagrin". :D

Friday, July 7, 2017

Found in My Photobucket

I haven't looked in my Photobucket account for probably three years--I sort of forgot I had it, to be honest, since I use Flickr and Imgur, or my own paid hosting site (fiftymegs/United Online). I also have stuff on Deviant Art and CGSociety and probably a small proto Space Art site that still exists somewhere. There is probably embarassing "art" of mine floating around on cached alt.binaries.poser as well. It's hard to keep track. But since Photobucket decided to charge for linking photos to third party sites, I thought it would be a good idea to go look in the Bucket and see if I had anything externally linked, and it turns out that I don't. But there were some golden oldies in there, including this one of my gray cat "not being on the table"
("I'm on a towel, not the table")
There were some doll photos that I had forgotten about too:

The very first Hyacinth the Barbarian! She was a Nanuri 08 on a delf body that was dyed? Blushed? It was a terrible tint job, in any case. Here is a photo of when EVERYONE fit in one spot. Those days are long gone:

Here's my old SooRi/Fantasy Doll boy and the gray cat chilling in the back yard:

K in Japan(last on right) ( and in Nara, to be exact--the Japanese students had fun dressing up the Americans, though K's height and figure were a challenge to cram into the appropriate dress):

I found this photo and realized that this is my aesthetic--it was taken when I was repainting the Jersey house for sale, and fixing all the stuff we had ignored for twenty years:

Dolls and flowers piled up on a huge heap of Home Depot products, cords everwhere. Compare with this one taken three days ago:

I wish I had handier dolls--they could get into the spaces I am having trouble reaching!

Proving that no one's pants fit when you are on your hands and knees working....

Anyway, it was a fun visit, though I doubt I will ever be using Photobucket in the future, since I don't feel like paying what they are apparently asking to hotlink offsite (399.00 per year)