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Laurel's New Outfit, the Car Stepped in Gum, Small Painting WIP

Rajendora (Sewing Box Designs, on the sidebar to the left) made this perfect outfit for Laurel. Laurel is currently on an SID body, which meant that I had to put a spacer under her chin and hold her head on with a Soom resin"banana," all in the interest of having a lighter-weight body with no magnet feet. And the outfit is SO CUTE. It also snaps in front and is so easy to get on, and the beads just are the cherry on top. Laurel just needs some matching blue boots to go with it. Rajendora sews the best things!

We went to see if a book I was looking for might be at the used book store. It was not, and the car stepped in gum in the lot:

I still came home with two CJ Cherryh books I had not read before (The Faded Sun series).

I also signed up for the waiting list for a science fiction show in Boston, so I have started some small painting for that--they need to be able to go through the mail, and it turns out I like painting small. I have made a lot of progress since this pic--i…

Pinkie Pie and Swinte

So I bought Pinkie (who is really a XinLan at Loongsoul) from Arekushia--I think Arekushia might have ordered her directly from Loongsoul, and then not been fond of her in person, but Arekushia sold XinLan to me at an excellent price, and I thought I would put my Fairyland Seian head on the body, since I like LS bodies a lot. And the LS bodies do not have magnet feets.

By the way, this is the SMALL BUST. Under no circumstances do you need the Large Bust, unless you have two toddler hats that you need to store somewhere.

Look at the superb packing Arekushia did. You should buy from her :D She is anime-addict on Ebay.

So I hooked together the body, and got my Seian head on the body... and the head did not match. Seian is a bit older and yellower and it was a Nope. So I unwrapped that little bundle in the upper right hand corner of the photo above and awww, what a cute little head! So I put it on the body, swapped out the pink rabbit eyes for slightly darker purplish ones, and went to s…

Dreaming Doll Sienna

Dreaming Doll is a Korean company--their website is not fancy, but the dolls are nice, especially if you like the "Peakswood" style of fairy girls. I just really like the cardigan on this one :D Sienna is SD sized and priced competitively with Luts. The only thing I am not sure about is how the knees look "open" but I think there is a body overview somewhere on the site.

I found the body review!

Three part torso yay! Also mobility thighs, and the knees look good!

I was bad yesterday and bought a doll I though I would not see, since Domuya is long gone. It's a Domuya Fin and I know her legs will need to be wired and possibly restrung or redrilled, but I am excited to have this girl from the past!

Sample Pages From Cat's Tiny Book

They almost look like little tarot cards, though they are mostly things Cat likes (there are a lot more little pages, not all the pix came out in focus.) I still have to put the cover together-- but this one is better than Arekushia's book, because I sewed the pages to a backing; so they turn AND close properly. Glitter glue was my friend.

The DuPage River

And a caterpillar! Mr. Ropuha was along for the ride.

Bonus muskrat:

More Picture Links (and a Frog Princess)

I just added more photo links of my own dolls to the inventory page, I will keep doing that as I find them. This Soom Coquina lives with Akutenshi now and looks far more regal at her present home, but this was a cute photo of her when she was here.

 I found a lot of old pictures from New Jersey as I was looking through old photos, some of which remind me that as much as a mess the current house is-- the old one was pretty funky too. Voila the tub and wall, before it was all repaired and replaced. (That is a Luts Lishe being the tour guide in the tub photo. She supervised a lot of the repair construction before we moved. :D

Morgan Donner's Flickr

I happened to see this in passing and Donner has a really interesting Flickr--lots of sewing and costume tips, intended for humans but some things apply to dolls as well. Here is the photostream:

Check out this gorgeous re-creation dress (many many steps)

Motivational Gustave Dore'

I made some of these for Cat's tiny book but then I got carried away :D

Previous Dolls and Present Dolls (with some archival links)

I put this here with links so that *I* can remember who I have had--most of these were just heads, since I would put heads on cheap bodies (thank you, Fantasy Doll, Angel of Dream and Resinsoul :D). Many of these were also gifts and trades. This is how I got so many Nanuri/Juri heads, as they are usually gift heads that people sell cheaply. This is over a 12 year period, things were sold so things could be bought.

The :( icon are dolls that I regret selling, and would love to have back.

I will add more links, but this has taken a while as is!

+Bold = still here.

+5 Star Angelo (painted by Cheesedemon, on a Nephelin body)

Angel of Dream Rao ( My first bjd and kind of a terrible little doll, I think she was a factory second. In fact that whole experience was sort of terrible, but I was still in love with the dolls :D)
Angel of Dream Gu
Angel of Dream Qi (This is a nice doll)
Angel of Dream Ruo Feng
Angel of Dream Qian

Ausley Improved

At least she has a face--the eye makeup is a little heavier than I normally do, but maybe that is just her style. I ordered her a wig from Beijing, so she will have to wear this one for a while--it's actually too large at size 8. I told you she had a teeny head :D. J made the chair she is sitting on.

Agnes and Ausley

Here's a really bad photo of Ausley Love--it was storming like crazy when she arrived (I had to hold an umbrella over the carrier so the carrier wouldn't drown getting the box out of the truck) and I haven't really had a chance to take better photos yet. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nice,  so I will try to get some then. This girl belonged to Siriusstar and is the original size and shape of Ausley--she has the "Dollshe ribcage," and is much smaller overall than the new big version of her. (Isa/ Sicktress' Deesse is on the newer Ausley Love body, with the Glamour Bust). Though it's hard to see, this is the Medium Bust, and one of the first things I did was to swap this for the Small Bust, because Miss Ausley is a pinhead. She really is. She is almost as small as the Souldoll Dark Agnes head in the back. But the smallest bust and poofy hair balances her smol head. I originally bought Ausley to poach her body for someone else, but I kind of like h…

Leila and the Giant Book

That is the cover of the "spellbook", the chains are so the book will actually shut--I spent so much time trying to be sure it would stay open on a lectern, I forgot to check if it would actually close. It wants to spring open because I put too many signatures in there and then added to the mess by adding a line of trim to the back to keep the bound pages from falling off the cover, and then ended up putting in more fabric to do the same thing. It has a lot of uhhh ...personality. It also is a dirt and cat hair magnet, I have lint rollered it countless times so it would be nice for shipping. But I am sure it will roll in every dusty corner it can find on the way -.- .

Here it is open:

Leila says WTF is this thing?

Kleenex Head Box

I needed an interior box to ship a head (I double box all the doll parts, with a layer of bubble wrap or
peanuts between the inner box and the outer box). The kleenex box is too thin to be a shipper, but it's fine as a divider between the inner fluff and the outer fluff. Also, Kleenex boxes come with cute patterns now. Just take out the plastic insert in the top first before you cut. (And be sure it is nice and clean everywhere). Run some tape around it and it's ready to pack!

Pacle Update

I had to make eyes for him because I am out of eyes, and it's summer so all the eye suppliers are on vacation or resting or maybe just dead from heat (it's been 115 in Arizona this month, where Masterpiece eyes were made). There was one woman in Greece and some artists in Russia, but the Russian Post Office does not feel inclined to ship things to the US unless it's sent by someone "official", and the lady in Greece had only 18 and 20mm eyes. (Pacle needs like a size 10mm). So now he has eyes and a body and a blonde fur wig that makes him look a lot like Eric from True Blood, so he can't keep it. But he's a cutie and he is even wearing pants, very unusual for this house.

(I would have posted this Tuesday but I fell asleep). A lot of dollie activity went on this week--I haven't even opened one box yet.

The Dark Arts Take A Surprising Amount of Tacky Glue

This goofy project started with Arekushia, Cat and I all agreeing that one of the best things about the Soom Idealian Elloa was her Giant Spell Book:

However, the book wasn't offered for sale and even Elloa wasn't up for long--I have only seen two, ever, and Arekushia owns one of them. But Arekushia is dissatified with Elloa, because instead of looking like this:

She came like this, without all the goodies and glamour and NOT EVEN EYES :

My theory is that if Arekushia put eyes in her and sent her off for a faceup, she'd be just gorgeous, but baby steps. :D Also hair. A girl needs her hair. I figure I will sneak over a spell book, and maybe a dress that Arekushia can put on someone else if she really can't make friends with Elloa, and sooner or later Elloa will be able to sit with the regular crew instead of the Ebay crew.

  The spell book so far is a hot mess, but it makes me laugh. I took an Empire magazine to make the base pages, because the paper is thin and I figu…


I almost didn't notice his head! I had bought the Super Gem body that was in Pacle's shop promo
photos, and it was shipped  FAST and arrived today, very squashed by the PO, but unharmed (PegasusXCroquet is an expert shipper). So I fiddled around a bit with the body, trying to decide if I needed to restring it and who I would put on it (I actually didn't know, I have sold quite a few male heads now) and regretting that I didn't actually buy a Pacle head to put on it. Then I went to save all the packaging to reuse it (since bubble wrap is not cheap) AND THERE WAS A PACLE HEAD as a Gift With Purchase. Supposedly this is a "junk head" because the resin has some color markings in it, but honey that is how I paint, so who would know? The only down side is that all I have left here for eyes in his size are some very peculiar ones I made that I called "Spice for Breakfast", and it turns out that in the summer, no one has eyes. Denver Doll has a few glass o…