Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cloak for Chalyss

It's actually for Chalyss' Aaloriel, who is a Cedarheart Lillian head on a 72 resinsoul body. Poor Blue here gets to be the stand-in for height and shape, as I wrestle with the cloak--it started life out as some kind of flower girl? Baby Prom? dress and Chalyss recut it to more or less it's current shape. While the fabric is polyester, it's soft enough and silky enough to be pleasant to work with and the machine only has a little trouble keeping it moving through the feed dogs. My biggest problem was self-inflicted--I forgot to check what was in the bobbin when I made the casing for the drawstring, so the stitching is really obvious around the neck:
So to cover that up I am going to work some of that wild coral-like prom dress fabric over the stitching--not enough to make the gathering gum up, but hopefully enough to make the stitches less obvious:
Also it should work with the trim around the bottom of the cloak, which is the same stuff. Here is a side view of the collar:
And the back:
I'm not a doll tailor, I'm more of a "doll costumer" but when we are done with this, Aaloriel should be able to swan about. Her hair is the real showstopper, you have to see it on Chalyss' Flickr. Chalyss made that!

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Ultimate Tokidoki Unicorno

Found in a very weird bookstore in Aurora--not that the books were odd; but apparently no one had bought anything all day, so the staff was bored. The box that contained this was literally thrust into my hand when I said I was sort of looking for Tokidoki. Well, they weren't wrong-- this is what I was looking for (even though I didn't even know there was a mercorn in Series 4.)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Big Is A Soom Mecha Angel?

Almost half as tall as I am :). That is a Soom Elf Sabik that I got in a trade with a local collector, and he was one of the best things I have ever gotten in a trade! He's a decent poser, too, if you are patient. Boots help too, to support his ankles. I need to wire his arms, but his legs have been no problem, and he sits well too. Here he is with a Resinsoul Long body:
And here he is with a Dollzone 72 body (I think it was a Hong body when Hong was new):

Here he is with an Impldoll Idol (72cm). The Idol has a much bigger neck.

Almost all his height is in his legs, sitting down he works fine with other dolls:

I should really put him back in his "own" shirt--but that shirt that aernath made makes me laugh so much I haven't had the heart to change it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Peonies And Luts Chloe

She's Chibi Ereshkigal here, and so much fun! I have never had a Super Delf before, just the old Delfs..Delves? She's very posable but has really wild legs--at the moment she has her "heel legs" on so she can wear those boots, but check out how her legs are held on:
That's it--her previous owner sueded her hips (that is the dark stuff you see) and it seems to be very useful, since the leg elastic just loops over those pegs. Mostly she sits and stands fine--she wants to have the leg elastic pop off if you move them too much to the side, but most humans can't do side splits either. I need to put on her flat feet and see how they work as well. She has cute little hands:
(Sitting without propping, too) Here she is standing on uneven ground, though her knees do bend a little backwards, which also suprises me:
I have to glue up some Blue Otter Paradise horns for her (I haven't had a chance to yet), but she is a standard size and so has a lot of ready-made clothes, which is delightful. :D
The other thing I did was take photos of these ridiculous peonies that we bought--I think they must have come from Mars or something to already be in bloom, but here they are:

I wish I could get them year-round, like the roses! They smell amazing, too.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thranduil Updated

So he's got a face, though somehow I did not do the Lee Pace brows justice, and eventually I will have to go back and add more. This photo was also "how many other dolls can we steal from--since the wrap is Danu's, the hair belongs to my Breccia, and the upside-down tiara is Sophie Cushion's. The eyes are his own, part of the treasure hoard of eyes from Ersa Flora, and size 12mm. He's on a NP Impldoll Star body, and aside from how buff it is, it's actually a good size for him. I would like to get more elegant hands for him, but for now, he has hands, and that is a plus.
I tried doing some of the pastel blending with makeup brushes and I have to say it does work better than Q tips--the set I used were cheap ones from Target and while they do shed hair, they worked pretty well:

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Iplehouse Discontinued/Discounted

Yes, a small number of Iplehouse's dolls are going to be discontinued, here is the Notice:
The good news is that if you log in and go here you can get these going-out-of production dolls for a hefty discount, 20% if you don't wait too long. The deeper discount lasts until May first, after that it drops to 10% until June 26th, 2016.  I looked over the list and was vaguely tempted by Cherie (she is much cuter in person than the store promos would let you believe) but I also heard a rumor (just a rumor) that the Carved Heritage line would also be phased out this year, and rather than have to dig around in Doll Choice, I took part of the money I have raised from The Big Sell Off and put some down on an NYID Bliss, while she is still a Standard. It looks like the Cats are popular enough they will still be here by my birthday, when I might get a Siamese one. :D

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Shelly (ErsaFlora) has relocated to the UK, and as part of the cleaning/moving process she offered grab bags of 20 pairs of eye for a very good price--and I am all about bags of eyes. Though I am not sure you can call it a "blind bag" if it's full of eyes? Anyway, I received the bag and it was full of treasure! I actually use those novelty colors so I was thrilled to see the sparkles and ringed eyes--here are some more:
And yes, some more!
So while a lot of today was spent outside weeding, raking and digging, some of it was spent inside trying eyes in various heads. Everyone looks great--I just can't decide who gets which eyes..they are so sparkly :D

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Petit Pocket Pupa

Soom has popped out their first itty-bitty pocket-sized gem, and it's pretty cute. It's also comparably priced to the Iplehouse Cat, but with some extras--it looks like it has little magnets in the feet, and comes with a metal stand (like a Obitsu) so you can put it in amusing poses and it will stay that way, despite being top-heavy. Here are the stats:
Most important--height, 13cm. This is a small doll! It takes a 4 inch wig, and suprisingly, a sort of normal 12mm eye, though getting it in place might be tricky.
Here is the sales page!

Cuprit Hooves

I know Soom did some clear blue Cuprit feet for one of the FreeChoice events, but I never thought I would find them, as I was sure they had cast only a few of them; probably for people who really wanted them. But I did find a pair last week--from Texas, of course. So now Carissa has actual Cuprit hooves instead of Beryl hooves, and the Beryl feet went off to Sicktress today. The hooves work really well, but you do need to cushion them between the "hock" and the top of the hoof part. Rajendora sueded a Super Gem girl a while back using thin craft foam, and it worked really well--you can shape it to fit and use a nondescript color as needed. This was important with these hooves because they are so translucent.
Standing up. (Though you can't see her feet). I was amused at the cat. For some reason the cat likes to hang out with Carissa.
"What are we looking for?"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2D Dolls

I was looking around the Den of Angels Marketplace (I have come down with an amazing snot cold, so I was doing nothing productive) and I saw a doll I hadn't ever seen before-- a curvy resin version of the Dollfie Dream anime girls. The company who makes them, 2D Dolls, I know nothing about, except that Alice's Collections carries the dolls, they are not cheap (around 500.00 for the basic girls, 450.00 for the bodies) and they are about 58 cm tall, not counting the heads. And they are much curvier than the usual bjd--not quite SuperSonico curvy, but enough that I keep eyeing my little Delf Soo head and wondering if she would fit on one of these bodies. Also Meng Meng is really cute. (That is Qian Ye up at the top). This is her sister Qian He:

For some reason the combination of the cute chair, the "cutie legs"... and the axe... makes me laugh. I also like Qian He's outfit a lot. I'm not quite sold yet on the anime faces, but seeing Senja's Dollfies on Grande Masquerade is making me like them more. :D

Monday, April 18, 2016

Non-Player Character

A cute character sketch from K, who is developing a D and D scenario for her gaming group. He is "a halfling lawyer." I'm not sure what kind of law he practices, but I am thinking a personal injury lawyer could make a pile of gold in a D and D universe.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Princess Sparkle

Akutenshi7 came to visit today, and brought her newest arrival--a fullset Angell Studio Claudia2. I said Princess Sparkle's full name is "Princess Sparkle Mc Smileypants" because not only is she very twinkly but she smiles as well--look at this cutie:

(I don't look that cute when I wake up). Also she came with a glorious dress and shoes:

And wee little elf ears! (Which were delicately blushed too--she had the nicest faceup!

So altogether she is the most perfect little elf princess ever and I am sure Akutenshi will give her a more dignified name than "Sparkle" :D Akutenshi also lent me her Volks Zoukemura spray (you can have no truer friend than someone who will let you use something that has to come by boat from Japan, and then truck freight the rest of the way).
As far as I can tell, Zouk spray is slightly cheaper than Mister Super Clear and also doesn't fog up on colored resin, because I did Ashley and she didn't fog even after 3 coats:

(Ashley still needs her eyelashes and clothes...Akutenshi made her wig!) So it was a very fun day. The cat helped make the bed today too:

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Knitted Mermaid Blanket

You too can look like Mermaid Jessica Pearl!
Of course it might get soggy underwater, but it looks very cozy for reading on the couch.
It's on sale at Zawful, at half price right now.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Two Pairs of Resinsoul Jointed Hands

Resinsoul has started to make jointed hands for 60cm males now, and I wanted to get a pair for my Immortality of Soul G--his hands are beautiful, but not useful; and as a carpenter he really does need posable fingers. So I ordered a NS pair and a WS pair, hoping to get something like the IoS pale pinky-white.

Alas, when they came, I realized they would be too small--the IoS body has Soom Super Gem-sized hands, and these hands were quite small--they are exactly the size of female Souldoll Zenith hands. This is not a bad thing, because my ladies need workable hands, too. I tried them out on Cecilia, my Granado Katrien/Dollzone hybrid first (the DollZone body came to me with Delf hands, which were ok but a bit small for Cece's fat head ;)

But Resinsoul NS is much lighter and pinker than Dollzone NS, so her Granado male hands went back on. (They are actually ok for her, just a bit square across the backs).
So I went and got out Abraxas (FL Celine/Souldoll hybrid) instead-- she needs to hold all kinds of things, too, and the white RS hands turned out to be almost perfect--a little whiter than her creamy white, but easily blushed to match, and the exact size of her default Souldoll hands:

Now I had to find a home for the Normal Pink set, and I thought maybe my EID Doria could use some more versatile hands--but the size was too small...

So I thought I would try them on the smaller Iplehouse Bianca:

Not bad, but not really the right color either, and her default hands are so pretty I thought she didn't need any different a vampire, she doesn't do a lot of manual labor anyway. There was one more candidate for new hands, and that was Chrystalle, my Karena head on the Mirodoll 60 body--it's a great body for how cheap it is, but the hands are very basic. It turns out that the Resinsoul hands are perfect in size and close enough in color, so now Chrystalle can cause all kinds of trouble instead of just gesturing with her flippers:D

The hands look wonderful, and the price is very reasonable for the amount of labor it takes to cast and string those things. They are small, and if you want them to hold anything they will need wire. I have found having one hand jointed and the other hand fixed works well for being able to both "hold" and support small objects. And I have to say I love Resinsoul's quick shipping and pleasant customer service!