Friday, February 28, 2014

Some Sword Hilts and Tiny Food

My Granado Guilem just wishes I would stop messing around and sew his clothes, but last night I did sketch two more hilts; then cleaned them up in Photoshop today (I draw in bed with a ball-point pen and it's rough and messy):

The upper one is Captain Aldwood's, who dresses like The Scarlet Pimpernel when he is "on display" and the other is a more workmanlike, no frills hilt for Coppersmith, made to look like a Thor's hammer and with a copper-wrapped handle. I have no idea how to make these out of sculpey, but that won't keep me from trying anyway. ;) And my tiny plates from Ebay came today! They are a set of four, I just somehow photographed only three of them:

I also discovered that you can have a thick layer of Liquitex Gloss Varnish and Medium and it stays clear, so I can do glaze over paperclay strawberry pies if I just tint the varnish:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rake Tine Sword(s)

Last Spring or so, when Chicago still had plants, I broke the head off of one of the grass rakes. I was annoyed for about two minutes, until I realized that I just had found 18 or so doll-sized sword blades. (I bought one sword from Dollmore and it was expensive, if beautiful; and as it turns out, even historically accurate.) If only the rake tines had a bit of a curve to them..but anyway, today I finally got around to putting a hilt on one for 2nd Lieutenant William Keppel.

Never mind that poor Keppel ( a Granado Guilem) does not even own a pair of trousers, he's going to have a sword first. This was hilt attempt number two--the first hilt was both too large and the LaDoll did not want to dry smoothly around the wire armature I made for it--it cracked and fell off. It is cold in here.

So I pulled out the toaster oven and the gold sculpey and made a second, smaller hilt. The animal on the pommel is supposed to be a lion, but instead looks a bit like a toothless walrus, or perhaps a shaved sasquatch. He does have sparkling green eyes, because I put just a dab of glitter glue there. Beads or rhinestones would have been much too large. Here is the full sword, with a LaDoll safety tip over the ragged end that used to be embedded in the rake's plastic:

It's a bit short, but that might be fine for daily wear. After I looked at the photo I realized that I could have made that hilt a lot cooler, like this:

And that maybe all the warrant officers could have personalized fantasy hilts. I have a lot of rake tines, and for another 7 dollars I could get 20 more from Home Depot. :D

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lt Coppersmith Has a Hat

Complete with side tie and sword puncture holes in the front. :D This hat is the correct scale--Captain Aldwood's hat is comically huge compared to this one.

Iplehouse is Overwhelmed

A hugely successful event, Christmas and a maternity leave have left the Iple shipping schedule in tatters. The faceup artist is left answering email and logging layaways. (Hint, pay off your layaway as soon as you can) Here is the Notice:


This is Iplehouse.

As always, many dolls were sold in this Christmas event.

We very appreciate your support, and would like to say “Thank you” again.

We are afraid that we need to say there will be delays as there are many orders.

We have been apologizing for this, and it is very natural that customers want to get their orders as soon as possible.

Therefore we have been saying customer “if you want to get your order soon, please order in summer which is not peak season and which has not events, but it will be hard for customers to be indifferent to events provided as a service, and also Christmas is the time when people exchange presents each other.

Then, what we can do as a best way is being fair when we ship orders.

The number of orders we need to ship is getting higher and higher, but the problem is we have our limitation in the number of process we can make in a month wise.

The whole process to make doll is complicated and it is made through many people’s hands.

Our process is like below:

1.We make products list(by order number or completed payments)

2. We re-make the lists by color.

3. For example, Monday is for normal color, and Tuesday is for peach gold color.

4. We do the first aesthetic job (grinding the surface) with the completed dolls.

5. If there is a problem in the first aesthetic job, we produce again.

6. We do the second aesthetic job

7. We look more carefully in the second aesthetic job, and if there is a problem, we reproduce it.

8. Completed doll- head part is sent to makeup team, and body part is sent to assemble team.

9. Body is processed (by washing – drying- assembling order)

10. We check head makeup and added parts together.

11. We make customer order, and COA.

12. We pack dolls and items.

13. After12, We make invoice.

14. After we send products, we write down number of invoice on order paper.

That is how we complete processing job.

We are planning to make the dolls which their payments were finished in 2013 until the middle of March.

With the dolls which their payments were finished in January of 2014, we are planning to complete them from the end of March to the beginning of April.

We wish you hopefully understood there are delays of shipment from lots of orders with the end of last year, and wish customers pay in layaway waited with more tolerance.

There are some customers we need to send E-mail to ask for payments, and time we spend on figuring out takes long.

Once again, we would like you to understand this whole situation, and we are doing our best to send your dolls as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Photo was lifted from here:

Super Kawaii Ice Dragons

Soom has not only extended the sales period for little birds Happy and Lucky, they have released two darling Little Ice Dragons, Koori (the blue version, whether you get male or female) and Yuki, the white version.

I love everything about them, including the little clawed hands, and feet small enough to go into pants legs ;) If you order them, be sure to get eyes...those are tiny eyes! Here is their sales page:

Koori and Yuki Ice Elves

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Xanthi Paints Nkiru

Cat was very excited at how great Simply Divine Nkiru is looking. I thought he looked amazing in tan until I saw him in this sculptural white. I love all the delicate shading--and the eyes Xanthi chose for him! he's looking quite stunning!

The Wisdom Of Bruce Lee

This is my attitude towards house cleaning. :D

Guest Fish

This gorgeous merman is a Soom Vega Last Song..he's a Mecha Angel so he is huge, not even counting the long drape of his tail. "Lalyraa" belongs to JennyNemesis and recently she bought the epic wig that used to belong to Naranjita's Mecha Angel Saiph. I blame the magnificence of this wig Naranjita made on my own brief ownership of a Super Gem sized Saiph; which without this wig, the poor Saiph was terribly uninteresting. It looks like Lalyraa was born with this tangly seaweed hair, it suits his default faceup and body paint perfectly. I'm very happy he lives at JennyNemesis' house, because she takes wonderful photos of him..and he takes up the interior of an entertainment center. He is a very Large Fish.

If you are a Den of Angels Member, you can see the rest of this photoshoot here:

Lalyraa on Den of Angels

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cutlery From Michaels

This afternoon I went to Michael's Craft and Floral "just for a tube of yellow ochre paint". I did get the paint, but I also got 72.00 of other rubbish; including a tiny birdcage, some scissors that cut scallops, two doll clothes boxes, some tiny bottles..and two sets of flatware, in perfect scale. They are Cutlery-Antique sku74427126841 in the Scrapbooking section. You can also get them online from but I am pretty sure they were cheaper at Michaels, and there was no shipping, either.

More Tiny Food

Cheese, bread and strawberries...for some reason, the Das paperclay makes awesome bread. I've also got some limes, oranges and apples going here--the gray stuff will be stew meat.

I need to go to JoAnne's and see if I can find some little baskets. I need some small dishes, too--I might be able to do those with sculpey, as you can get a smoother surface with sculpey--I hate cooking it, though. The paperclay just dries, no fuss.

Also, if you like a tiny food spectacle, check out FunnyLori's tumblr for a feast!

I was able to goof around making little food because someone else dealt with the roof, and water seems to no longer be coming in:

It's Man Against Ice! The ice has filled up my poor nasturtium tub:

I took this photo partly to remember how the shadow looks--snow is just a little bit reflective, so the shadow close to the tub picks up some of the brown color of the tub, while the snow further away reflects more of the sky, and gets lighter and bluer towards the edge of the shadow. Snow is tricky stuff to paint, and a lot of fun--where I sit right now the snow outside the dining room window has a big sun highlight on it, just like the ocean has at sunset, because I am looking up a hill and the sun is relatively low in the sky. All the shadows are a very intense blue, just one shade darker than the sky.

And totally unrelated, here are some Amber forearms and hands that Kielin wanted to see. (Kielin also needs an Amber midsection, in case you have one. Possibly she needs the tail, too).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mitsuwa Feb Meetup

As usual, I was a complete fail at taking notes. And there were a LOT of dolls, it was Tiny Temptation everywhere. (It's hard not to just stand around squeeing, everyone is so cute.) And yes, there were two Luts Centaurs, which are not only a reasonable size, but are beautifully jointed, too.

These are some of Gherkin's kids; I sympathize with wanting to bundle up like "Kenny" there in the front (I am sure that is not his real name, but that seems to be his default outfit, and pretty much what I have been wearing since November). In fact, there were a lot of sweaters and jackets all around the table, all in tiny size!

The photo is a little blurry, but you can see the gorgeous red jacket on the right--I would love to have that in my size!

More of Gherkin's dolls, with the lime green mohair wig in the back belonging to Akutenshi7's Coquina, whose Gaelic name is not on her Profile List, and no way can I spell it from memory.:D Anyway, Akutenshi made that wig from a tutorial on AntiqueLilac's blog and it looks and fits beautifully (Akutenshi is a skillful seamstress, which also helps)

One of the tiny strawberries on a's a good size for a small doll, it may be too small for my big guys, but we'll see.

A cat, a cutie and a planthro..I am not sure if that is one of the Souldoll specials, an Elfdoll whimsey, or a Dollzone tiny, but whatever it is, it's cute!

Another kitty sweetie--when they come out, I try very hard not to look at them so that I don't buy them--I think they are adorable.

A DollZone Stramonium in a gorgeous, gorgeous outfit--and for some reason this is the second Stramonium I have seen with cat/dragon eyes. There must be something about the sculpt that just needs those exotic eyes.

A big Dream of Doll/ Dream of Idol guy, looking very fine all in leather--standing up he would have towered over everyone! They are big 70 cm guys.

And a small group of dollcrazy's kids, I just recognize a Volks boy and I didn't have a chance to sit and chat with her, which is always enjoyable (she has a huge and varied collection of dolls).

These are some of the tiniest dolls, they are from Fairyland and are smaller than my thumb. I have no idea how you would string them. :D

And finally, Lt. Coppersmith got his hair beautifully braided by Akutenshi's friend Francesca, who managed to get Coppersmith's "work hair" (in contrast to his "hangover hair" that he wears around the house here)looking very fine indeed. He now needs his hat. Thank you, Francesca!

Some Finished Strawberries

Friday, February 21, 2014

Science Guy

Actually it should be "Science Guys". A work-sponsored treat for J!

Tiny Strawberries

Akutenshi7 came over last Sunday and brought, among other wonderful things, No. 18 of Dollybird magazine, which is mostly in Japanese but also stuffed with easy to follow photos. So instead of climbing on a ladder and dealing with this:

I sat in the kitchen with a package of Das Paperclay and made these:

I was not deterred by the fact that mine looked like pretty decent asteroids for a model of the Solar System. I got out the quinacridone red and painted them with a base coat:

The color helps a lot. Encouraged, I went on to make more, plus a few ship's biscuits, one moldy with Mr. Weevil:

While they dry, I need to do some actual work, or scrape the driveway. Mr Roboto says "When will it be Spring?!"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Soom Super Gem Male Free Choice Event

The List is up..and it's complicated.

Here are the heads:

You can get the Chalco head, but the skull and horns only in white as in the photo:

You can get a Chrom head, no restrictions on color as long as you don't recreate the original doll (who was Normal Skin, as I recall).

You can get a Bazael head, but horns only in Creamy White:

ROFL at that wig,'s probably a collectible by now. :D

You can get the Obsidius Pointy ears head:

Then there is Arkose head, also horns just in white:

Next is the cutie pie Quartz head, who if you order you might want to get blank, as for some reason Soom has trouble painting him (he ends up too pale, IMO).

Next is Benmore, whose Pointy Ears Head really does look like this, though maybe a bit less girly:

And the kitty head of Puss in Boots

Aaand NO BIX HEAD. (I hear a lot of disappointment out there, so maybe you should write to Soom ASAP if you want the man's head.)


It's Crab Night! The old Soom Bix Body with Da Claw is available:

Bazael, with only the white wings, which are awesome--but remember Bazael was also the Man with a Thousand Toes:

Obsidius' body-- without the sword or the sword hand, and not the feather wings:

Next the Arkose Body, again only the wings in white:

The Quartz body, with those awesome feets (they will come clear transparent, not blue:

The Benmore body, which I can say from personal experience is fab--it's the new body, a gorgeous sculpt, too.(Link goes to blank leg, which is hard to see on the sales page

And then, oddly, Puss--cat chest and hands sword and no tail (!)

To find a good photo of the cat chest, I had to go to a Chinese? Flickr, here, and I found this good photo:

The rest of Puss is the new Super Gem Male body, with cat hands.

Remember that you cannot mix old body fantasy parts, or hands or feet, with the new body parts. The exception are heads, which can be swapped, but the new hands and feet have been redone and don't fit on the old bodies. The old hook hands will fit on the new bodies, and if you have an old human foot with it's old ankle ball, it should fit on the new calf. So ask questions if you are hybriding the new and old parts--it may not work.

And here is three of the four skin choice, Normal, Bronze, Cream White ...don't have any Gray. For comparison those are the Brown Tan Chalco Legs.