Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Various Newcomers

This is a Soom Phonolus, the human "romantic eye" version, in Tawny. I have him purely from the generosity of Sicktress--I had bought the peach gold Iplehouse body he is on a while back, and then wasn't too successful in finding a loose Iplehouse Peach Gold head that I liked that would fit. (He is supposed to go on a MegaGem body, but my chances of finding one in tawny are slim to none). So she not only sent me his head, but also an adorable modded Elfdoll Ryung head:

I also found the head to the Boyd body that I bought from Gus--it was originally Miss Ally's, and I was so hoping Gus could find the head--but no, Miss Ally had sold it in 2011 to Mosiacwolf, and it sat in a drawer until a week or so ago, when Mosiacwolf listed in on Den of Angels, and I happened to spot it! So he is all together again and my Headless Body Count is down to ... four at this point. Here is Boyd:

Granado Boyd
Boyd was the first doll that Granado released, and I am thrilled to have a little bit of history here!
And just one more photo of Hecate (Iplehouse Carina) with flyaways :D

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Senior Iplehouse Doll, Souldoll Zenith, and Iplehouse EID all together


Not really Safe For Work, but useful so you can see that the Souldoll Zenith girl body is quite slim. Her head is a 7/8, the Iplehouse Doria SID on the left wears a size 8 wig, and the Iplehouse EID Carina also wears a size 8/9 (Carina has a big head for an Iplehouse girl).

Friday, February 24, 2017

Souldoll Nami

Yes, it's another deer-- I'm not wild about the sculpt-- but I love the clothes and the styling--Souldoll does the most wonderful clothes! You can check out Nami and her friend Somi here.

JBC Beads

So this place, JBC Beads, is actually BIGGER than this photo..there is a second room with elastic, leather, every kind of jewelry finding you can imagine, and a whole wall of Toho beads. They have the tiny Swarovksi beads I love, and in all colors. We were driving past where I thought it was, this evening around 4:30; and even though I knew they closed at 5, we decided to see if we could find the showroom. (If you want to go in person, be sure to look at the Street View google provides, because it's on a tiny street off Main street, in an anonymous building behind a strip mall.) And even when you go into the building, it's just a blank hallway with a staircase and some small hand-printed signs directing you to go downstairs. You go downstairs, to your right, and then right again; put your purse in one of the empty lockers (keep your wallet), lock the locker, take the key, hang up your coat, put your head in the showroom door and yell "Hellooo".  :D

Its probably good I had only 10 minutes to look around because it was like being in Ali Baba's cave. Yes, really.

Both J and I both bought stuff--I got some small copper beads for much less than JoAnns, some brass spacers, some crystals, a bottle of Toho beads and a Celtic "focus", and J got a bunch of elastic for fly tying. It came to around $24.00 because I didn't use my resale certificate (it's more of a hassle to fill out the tax forms later than it is just to pay it up front, IMO), but if you are willing to file your purchases later and keep track of inventory, everything is 1/2 off of the marked price. They will also sell to you retail, which I appreciated.
I suspect most of their business is online, but there is nothing like being able to go and handle stuff in person, and you save shipping.
Here are the showroom hours:
M-F 10-5pm, Saturday 12-4
1035 Havens Court (off Haven, turn off Main Street)
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oscar Eyes and Eyelashes

Iplehouse Carina
So Fabric Friends and Dolls just got in an order of Oscar Eyes, and there were lots in the 12mm and 14mm size I use the most. I also had money in the PayPal, which is always dangerous. :D These are 12mm Silver Galaxy, and in person they are so sparkly and wonderful; I will try to take more photos during the day to see if I can capture how bright they are. They also fit well in the difficult Iplehouse eyes--Hecate has slightly larger than most eyes, so some 12 mm still gap. The Oscars fit perfectly. They are nice and heavy flat-backed resin, with lots of detail you can't see in this light. Here is another shot, still pretty murky:

These have pupils, too--just a lot of glitter in front of them! I also did something different with her eyelashes--normally I glue them in with Aleen's Clear Tacky Glue like a responsible adult, but I was lazy and took tape and taped in the lashes. This is pretty easy to do--you still need tweezers to get them placed correctly inside the head, and the lashes end up pointing down rather than out--but they are so much easier to place and change out once they get smushed, as they alway end up no matter how careful you are. Masking tape is easier to use than Scotch tape for some reason.

I also repainted Lenore so she wouldn't have purple eye makeup any more--I am not sure this is better, but it is different ;)

Iplehouse Bliss
These eyes are Eyecos and they are a little too flat for her eyewells--I think I am going to try some Safrins or even the eyes Iplehouse sent with her; these sit back too far in her eye. One more photo:

Iplehouse girls look so human that when you paint them, anything you do that is weird... is obvious..like how thin her eyebrows are. On something like an Immortality of Soul or a Dollzone you can just plop paint on and it's all good :D Her teeth are really cute, though. Here is the stuff for the lashes--they are lashes from Target, cut up into smaller sections with sharp scissors; then I put the masking tape on the back and worked them through the eyehole with a pair of tweezers. It's still fiddly and ridiculous and I dropped the lashes several times before I got them in the right spot! The tacky glue is there from when I thought I might glue them in, but the human lashes are so long it works better to tape them in, with the extra length inside the head.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shower Cat

My brother found a shower curtain, though he thought it was "A little intense". He also sent me some photos of the lilies in his yard, presumably from last summer--though it was almost 70 degrees F here today. (I cleaned instead of spraying, but it was worth it to be able to take rugs outside and shake them out without freezing).

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Immortal Cats of Jake Perry

I ran across an article on Tumblr from Atlas Obscura about a Texas plumber named Jake Perry, who is in fact a cousin of the former Governer of Texas (and now head of the Energy Department), Rick Perry. (proving most news stories have a cat angle somewhere). Here is an excerpt:

"Perry’s cats broke the Guinness World Record for oldest cat. Twice, actually: The first record, from 1998, was for a part Sphynx, part Devon Rex named Granpa Rexs Allen who made it to age 34; the second, from 2005, is for a mixed tabby named Creme Puff who lived to age 38. Since the 1980s, Perry has adopted and re-homed hundreds of cats, at his peak raising four dozen at once, showcasing the best and brightest in cat shows. According to Perry, it’s not just Granpa and Creme Puff who had unusually long lives: About a third of his cats, he says, lived to be at least 30 years old—about twice the average feline life span."

so how does he do it?  Well, for one thing he dotes on the cats--you should read the article to see just how much :D. Also they are spayed and neutered and they are not allowed to actually go outside, though they have a fenced in run. (Stripey is slightly an outdoor cat, she goes out with adult supervision, and comes in if we aren't out there.) But he also feeds them an...unusual..diet:

"... their daily diet: on top of dry commercial cat food, a home-cooked breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, broccoli, coffee with cream, and—every two days—about an eyedropper full of red wine to “circulate the arteries.” 

Ok, so I am not doing the coffee, even though some cats is Asia are eating beans for the "special" coffee, but why not offer Stripey a home cooked breakfast? So this morning I pulled out a pan and cooked a scrambled egg, put it on a plate and called her over. She came over, took a look, looked up at me with a WTF expression, and then used a hind leg to imitate a "burying" motion like it was something in the catbox. So I opened a can of Fancy Feast, and that was that.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Barisiticats

"Okay, now you call the customer's name and--no, Max, stop.
Stop it, Max!"

(Another Scott Metzger cartoon--proving he has cats)

Redoing Bliss

She is an Iplehouse Bliss that I have had for a year or so--she is NS, not Peach Gold--it's just the light. She had a sort of purple gothy faceup that I decided I just didn't like, so I took it off and started a bit of a new one before it got too dark to see or spray any more (I have to work on the unheated porch, and while the temperature was fine today, the sun still goes down pretty early.) Anyway, you can see Bliss blank here. She's really cute! I hope the next faceup I do comes out--I never know ahead of time if it will be good or meh. Here is another photo closer to her "real" color, with an Impldoll Chapman in the back:

I need to figure out how to do nice, even strokes on eyebrows.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Face For Five Eyes

I have a lot of other things I am trying to finish, but the weather was above 60 and I figured I had better "make hay while the sun was shining" or rather "make spray while the sun was shining." I forgot how silly even microglitter can look on faceups, but part of me still likes it. Also when you put in one eye and there are already several eyes in there, things get crazy o8O0o
Next we need hair..a body..and of course clothes.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Water Falls

I am a bad person--when the dam managers at the Oroville Dam were struggling mightily to keep water from escaping the spillways, I was peering at all the footage and going "OOOO PRETTY". I'm glad it seems to be under control now.

"Look a rainbow!" (Aren't you glad I don't work there?)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Camigwen and Prince Persimmon

Soom Alex
Here's Camigwen in a dress I bought from ira_scargeaar (Whispering Grass). Best part is that intricate necklace! I was surprised that it only took a couple of weeks to get here from Kiev.

And I got some paint on my Immortality of Soul A2--it was a rush job as I tried to do it at the peak of the air temperature, but at least it IS a face and fairly close (except for the brows) to what I wanted:

Immortality of Soul A2

Here is an impulse wig--he actually looks pretty good in it, but the wig belongs to Carissa.

And finally, his "own" black wig. Eventually some clothes should happen too. :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

(This is funnier if you are familiar with the original ads, which I STILL GET in my electric bill envelope). For you Marvel fans, here is a Black Widow Valentine:

"yeah, ur ok, I guess"

And I like Somee cards, and it turns out you can get one with real chocolate in it:

"If I still had a soul, you'd be it's mate"

However you spend your day, I hope it's a happy one!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cat Dining

Waiter: "Your first of seven courses. It's a bowl of kibble to simply stare at and refuse to eat."
Guest, thinking: "This place is fancy!"

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Dress For Chalyss

It is hard to see here--also the skirt got a little sideways in my carrying Danu around--here's another photo: (Danu's feet aren't dyed yet, if you want to see where I dyed her body, go here. )

More of the top:

The sleeves are separate--it's in 3 parts: sleeves, bodice and skirt--it's supposed to look a bit like this, which Chalyss missed getting before--she had it on layaway but the last one sold so she never got it:

The back laces up and there is a gap at the top, so I need to adjust the pattern. But it is all boxed up and ready to go!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Soom Nephelin Gets Reissued

Originally Soom thought to do her just as a boy issue, but then added the female body, which is nice because she is so pretty (the boy version is pretty too, I just happen to like her as a girl). There is the open eye version you see here, and also a dreaming version:

So you can sort of mix and match the heads and bodies. The only think that wasn't clear to me is the heel feet--there is a new sculpt of them available and they look great:

The fine print says they don't come with the male body, though..but they sell them on the main page as an option, and really the heel ball should fit in the boy legs (I can try it if anyone wants to know, with some old heel feet and the new Male Soom Body). The wig and outfit is also on the main page. The eyes are harder to find if you decide after the order period you want them (they are an option part), after some digging, I think they are these. Soom offers "limited eyes" in the sense that they are easier to get during the order period, but any popular eye tends to quietly show up later in the Eye section. The open-eye Nephelin takes 16mm, the dreaming eye takes 14mm.

Which reminds me I still need to get that limited Benmore eye out from under my dining room bench seat.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Iplehouse Psyche

Well, this is different! I like the little fairy 47 cm body a lot, with it's slim doll-Chateau-like styling and Soom fairy feet..and adorable outfit. I also like the wings a lot. But the head..not feeling the head. I think it's because things with big eyes tend to have them more at the side, so they can keep track of predators. Psyche has them forward-facing, more like an owl:

The antenna magnet on, in case you were curious. Here is the blank:

It's possible that if you gave her more aggressive eyebrows, and found more Pullip-like eyes, she could be really cute. The human version with more hair at the sides looks better to me, because it narrows and hides the temples. I just want to put my finger behind the bridge of her nose and push out. :D Anyway, her sales page is here:
Iplehouse Psyche

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cats and Dolls

Cat Obedience School. The graduation rate is, not surprisingly, low.

A Den of Angels member has on their signature :"Dollfies: Crack is Cheaper" Still, it's a habit that you can get back some of your investment--thanks to Sicktress, I sold a body to her-- and I now have 2 digital newspaper subscriptions! (Though I was very tempted to go buy Doll Bakery Eyes--they are opening up a new order sometime in the next week or so).

Monday, February 6, 2017

Aurikka Receives Her Soom Morga

 Morga is gorgeous!
Aurikka's Flickr
Here is the blank from Strega's Flickr:

Olesya's Morga

The faceups are amazing! I'm pretty sure Olesya painted her own, because it looks like her style!