Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cat in a Bag

Tuppy is unsure how this happened.

Sidonia WIP

It was above 40 degrees F today so I got a start on Ami (Sidonia's) faceup. It's looking pretty rough still, but it's fun to see how different she looks already from the default! And those Ersa Flora eyes are spiffy. :D

Friday, November 29, 2013

Toasty Kittens

A good time of year to sit by the fire. :D

Jointed Hands

Zelda sent me her unused Granado jointed hands, and they are so cool. Especially since they are all strung and ready to go. Here Captain Davon Aldwood can at last hold a pen:

Stripey says "What has he got?"

Captain Aldwood is not pleased.."Back, vile Beast!"

"How can the Beast be distracted?"

Here Jack does a fine job of distracting the Beast, wearing his brand new Iplehouse JID midshipman's jacket and striped shirt:

Stripey loves those furry wigs!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Though it's hard to see, those are turkeys, with a pile of puppies in the left foreground. The photo was taken sometime in the late 1920's on a turkey ranch near Sacramento that belonged to my great-grandfather; they raised turkeys, rice and alfalfa. My great-great grandfather came to California for the gold rush--to sell hats to gentlemen in the San Francisco area. (We have a couple photos of him and one of the hat store). I and my siblings are the first generation to move back to the wrong side of the Continental Divide :D. So here's to family, and a Happy Thanksgiving (and Chanukah too) to all who celebrate it!

Not shown--cherry pie, apple pie, pecan pie. It was like the kittens with the mittens:

(Illustration by K as a schoolchild)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rabbit Season

Aww, I came to laugh... but I love her face and her outfit! Alas that the doll money is all spent--though she is available in kit form, too--Soom says they will be sending out the kits "in smaller boxes" which I hope means that they will at least double box the fragile parts like the bunny hands. You should go see Little Red Riding Rabbit here and admire her cloak:

Miss Red's Sales Page (link goes to kit page)

Granado Xavier

I can't remember if I posted this--I wanted to show Cat the different Granado bodies. This is Andrew Coppersmith, wondering where the rest of his clothes are (I still haven't sewed them). Hey, he has shoes!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zarathustra the 10 kilo Cat

In case you were wondering why Mona smiles, you can check out art fan and fat cat Zarathustra at the following URL:

Lots of amusing photoshops, and of course a very cute and obviously much loved ginger cat.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Amazing Grace

And here is this year's final Addiction girl--the SID sized Grace--just a little preview. What you can see of her outfit is also wonderful! AND she is SID sized, my favorite size, and modelled a bit after a cat. Purrrrrr!

Sneak Peek Here for Iple Members

From Iplehouses' Flickr

Grace's Sale Page

And Grace in gray!

Daisy Dayes Little Creatures

Alas this little ferret is not for sale, but there is a little interview of Daisy Dayes on Jpopdoll's site by Grace, with lots of adorable pix:

Daisy Dayes interview

Also, according to Meeuw on Ilsonya's Blog, Jpop is having a 30% off wig sale if you plug in the code of holiday2013 . Here's the original note from Meeuw:

Until December 7 Jpop Dolls actively sells wigs - 30% discount. To get it, ordering (but before payment) must enter the code holiday2013. You can use the code as many times as the discount applies to all wigs.

I do need a wig for my incoming Cuprit, so I will go check it out.


I think this little guy's name is Shirase, attending a conference in New Orleans-- I think in 2012. I think he's the cutest ever. Linuxhacker also likes to cook and has a blog here.

What Sorcery Is This?

This was the moment when Stripey realized that there was more than one yellow feather in play..the old feather had fallen off it's string, and since she was sitting on it, I just pulled another feather off the feather duster and tied it on the bootlace. Of course eventually Stripey moved over enough to see the second feather, and amazement resulted. Cats are so amusing.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Adorable Quokka

All I know about him is that he is squeeably cute, he is an Australian Kangaroo Rat, and I want one. Or maybe a dozen. Pictures sent to me by Karl Kofoed, who knows I love da cute.

Mermaid Shoes

For some reason, only Bubbles the Mermaid wears her heeled feet most of the time. I also buy her shoes now and then, unlike the rest of my poor girls. I got in a cute pair of regular "Super Dollfie" sized shoes from Alices Collections a while ago, and just today got around to trying them on Bubbles. They fit fine:

But can she stand in them? (Bubbles has no idea)

In fact, she can stand in them! (I was surprised, actually)

Perhaps a skirt to go with the shoes would be nice..Bubbles has more shoes than clothes. :D

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My "Sexy Face"

Rose Pest and a Sneeze

I was walking past the kitchen and I happened to look into the dining room, and Stripey was looking..sort of shifty. So I walked over to the table and looked at the roses:

Oh Stripey, why do you eat the roses? At least they won't hurt her, unlike some other things she could eat (all her cat toys have to be leather, cardboard or feathers because she is a chewer). Then she moved over to the work table,to sit by Aelfric. Here Aelfric says "Your cat is going to sneeze."

And of course he was right..all over his shoes. I didn't get the final eye-squeezed sneeze because I was laughing too hard, and it was a total blur of a photo.

For some reason Stripey likes Aelfric.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Various Cones

Stolen from reddit. They did forget this kind:

That one would hold a lot of ice cream, but you would need a marshmallow to plug the tip.

An Internet Classic

..a cat-in-a-box! (Augustus Fink-Nottle, in Philadelphia)

The Ice Crown, Part 2

Also, a bit of Indiana Jones trivia I had forgotten:

You could argue the addition of the zip code is an anachronism, if you are a purist :D

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Soom Cuprit Ice Crown

(This photo would look more regal if Soom had checked to be sure the Crown was on straight.) -.-

At the moment, it's in Australia :D

Put Your Hands Together For Vampire Stella...

Now that she is out, I do love her in gray (she has a fantastic faceup, especially her eyebrows). I'm less fond of the tongue, and some owners of Stella have complained they already have the human head--it might have made more sense to do the human head as the "Romantic" half-closed eye of the Vampire Stella but without the ears, tongue or fangs. And while Doria with a tongue was cool, it was enough to have one head like that, I think. Which is a shame because in every other way I think this is the most gorgeous sculpt. I love those ears!

Vampire Stella Sales Page

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BWAHAHA I'm a Disney Princess!

And the only one with advanced weapons, too.

A Beachgirl Wig

I bought a fur wig from Beachgirl for Aelfric--I really like her wigs, and she is pleasant to buy from. She's Beachgirl on Den of Angels, and Beachgirlnikita on ebay, which is where I usually buy her stuff because it's easy. I bought some clothes too--all very inexpensive but well-made.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tiny Temptation

Yes, even the Baby Iplehouse dolls got redone for the Addiction series, and they are cute as can be--Byuri is my current favorite. In the original she was a serious child, but the addition of tiny fangs gives her a sparkle of humor. All four of the kids are seriously cute, but there is just something so squeeable about Byuri:

She comes in gray as well, but I think I like the peach gold even better. Here she is in gray:

"Haha, I can reach the cookie jar!" The little outfits for all four of them are sweet--like tidy little school uniforms. Here is Elin, looking amazed to have wings:

Here is Byuri's sales page, not quite live yet as of today, maybe tomorrow:

Little Miss Demon Byuri

Soom's Reply to Luts

Dear SoOm fans,

Thank you so much for your big interest for our current Super Gem Female Free Choice event !!

We have 3 great news for you:

1) First, we have decided to extend the event until November 27th 2013.

2) By popular demand, Cass will be added to the list on November 20th 2013.

Only mermaid version will be available.

3) Finally, Grey Skin will be added to the skin tone options on November 20th 2013.

Please enjoy our Free Choice event ~~ ^^

Love <3

SoOm team