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Tiny Grant Phillipe is now on Sale

He's the fashion size, now 260.00 USD! Here is the link:

Looks like orders are limited to the next seven days. I saw an Amanda Beauty in the fashion size at the Chitown Dolls meetup and she was SO PRETTY. A very manageable size and all the details were just as fine as the big dolls.

I have a sale of my own of tarot cards--you can look and make the poor counter go up :D

and Happy Halloween!
We have snow :o

Hua Jing Crab Monsters :D

These little monsters (I think they are medium-sized msd dolls) can be found at Alice's Collections:
I've never heard of the company before, I assume they are Chinese since that is  mostly what Alice carries. There are two of them, painted so well. I like this one a lot:

I am not sure what I would do with them--I ended up trading off the 4 armed body that Shiva was on and she now sits happily on a normal body, in a new dress. But there is just something so fun about the cute faces with those fierce arms. I think they could be a great steampunk item!

Halloween dolls are best dolls :D

"The Good Tarot"

First I have to say that I don't like the name. It's not intended as a diss to other decks, it's supposed to mean that you use this deck for the "highest good for all", but I can't help but think that Marketing should have tweaked it a bit before it went out. Maybe the "Pretty Good" tarot or even the "Lovely Tarot", because it is! My other bug with this deck is while the writer, Collette Baron-Reid, has her name in BIG FONT, you really have to hunt to find the artist who made these gorgeous images.
Oh, here it is on the box in tiny font:
It's Jena DellaGrottaglia, and her website is here.

The Good Tarot is a Waite/Coleman-Smith deck, but the suits have been changed to Earth (Pentacles), Fire (Wands), Air (Swords), and Water (Cups). This works perfectly well for reading, the tricky part is that some of the cards imagery has been switched up a bit. Here's Major Arcana Fourteen and Fifteen:

These are the original card images:

Now &qu…

Cat Comic and Chitown Dolls

And here are some random photos from last weeks doll meet--you can tell I had more fun chatting than taking photos!

Dolls with dolls! The theme was Comic Book Capers but mostly it was "Halloween Costumes"

Anonymous Raine's gorgeous Dearmine Diana :D

A pretty Dollfie Dream!

And a few more Dollfies...

A Dollshe of some sort, and two guys I don't recognize...

And finally a fairyland..Celine? So pretty and with a gorgeous outfit! I love Fairyland dolls, I never think to seriously save for them.
I also found a "Wooly Bear" caterpillar this week!

Caterpillars are awesome!

Ringdoll Zandro (Halloween Tarot Special)

Yes, it's a bjd doll with his own Tarot deck. He's not even up on the Ringdoll site yet, but he will be released on Halloween. There may or may not be an actual, human sized tarot deck to go with him--though it looks like, large or small, there will only the 22 majors and not the full 78 deck. Because that would be bananas ;) I poached these photos off Ringdoll's Instagram, thanks to Chalyss' sharp eyes and kindness in letting me know he was coming. Here is more:

The human just props. I absolutely love his outfit and styling--he is a big boy at 70 cm, a "Ringdoll Grown" I think will be his category. You can take a look at the other dolls in this size--the Red King and the Judge of Hell are awesome, I am pretty side-eye about the quasiNazi ones. 0.o

 More Zandro:

A peek at his deck:

Now you would say HOW PERFECT IS THIS GUY?? And you would be right, but I bought something else that I have needed for ten years that was pretty much the same pri…

Cheshire Junior at Soom

Cheshire is a teeny Gem, a kind of odd combo of Captain Hook and the Cheshire cat. That being said, you can get him with two paw hands or a human body, and I think his "Surprise Face" is really cute.

He just comes in gray resin, which  makes sense for the Cheshire Cat! Here are his options:

They are also selling the Teeny Gem body as a standalone--but just in gray.

It's Been That Kind of Day


                                              (Three minutes of cabbalanche, with music)

Bonnie's Haul from the Chitown Dolls Doll Meet

So Miss Bonnie went to the Sunday meetup in an outfit that was going to be a cat costume, but didn't get finished..and she came home with not only a new outfit by Akutenshi, but Akutenshi gave her a little rainbow alpaca that matched the dress!

That alpaca is just squeeably cute, and Bonnie's arm goes around it perfectly. It looks like she needed a good pet. At the doll meet I also found a Tupperware full of cute Yo SD dresses, which were designed to fit Volk's smallest dolls (here's a cute Volks YoSD from the show:)

I think Bonnie's shoulders might be a tiny bit wider, but they are really close in size, so the ones for sale looked like they would fit. And they were marked at 4.00 for each set! I was so excited, the clothes were so cute.
(This dress  had a matching little red sweater, too)
(She has a pair of shoes now!)
That hat has an apple stem :D
All so cute, but my favorite is still the one by Akutenshi. :) Some of my other dolls got clothes as well--Flora, a …

78 Tarot "Astro"

78 Tarot is a group art collaboration with 81 artists (there are extra cards :D) and in the last few years they have done several theme decks. They do them via Kickstarter, and I came late to the party-- so I have been trying to pick up the previous decks as I can. Some of the decks had a lot more Kickstarter money, so there were extra features like a fancy book, or an included mat, gilded edges, or a nice bag that went with it. The Astro deck seemed to have been one of the less popular ones; the one I have looks like it was a slightly ragged, imperfectly cut one (the card edges are really poorly cut) but the color printing and the weight of the cards is great. And it's so much fun--it's full of humor and hot neon colors, and the traditional Waite/Smith theme of each card is kept intact. The Page of Pentacles up there is studying it's Pentacle with delight, which is what the Page of Pentacles does--it's the "good student" card. And all four of the Pages are …