Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This is a pretty quiet Halloween here--since J never came up with a costume request (or went on an extended business trip to Brazil, which usually means a lot of sewing gets done) I didn't sew anything; though when I was looking in my closet this morning I realized that if I wore black sweats and my Hubble sky map T shirt, I could claim I was "The Adler Planetarium". We do have a bucket of crap candy from Costco, though we have already eaten out all the tiny snickers bars and Reeses. We even went last night to Target to get an extra bag of Reeses just in case extra kids show up, but the truth is we live in a part of town that is really hard to trick or treat in--no streetlights, no sidewalks and the houses are far apart with a long walk to get to each one. I figure that at 7:30 any child that shows up is getting the entire bucket, and then I am turning the porch light off. We did get a pumpkin:

It's also supposed to rain buckets today, so much so that some townships considered "moving trick or treating to Saturday" which of course is nonsense. As J said, if a kid shows up on Saturday asking for candy, they are out of luck. It's Halloween or nothing for free candy. I normally decorate for Halloween, but that arm thing has made lifting cobwebs and rubber bats around problematic. I have lots of music appropriate since I normally listen to the Tea Party (the Canadian Goth band), Blue Oyster Cult and Evanescence when I work, but instead right now I am listening to Rhianna. I have managed to learn most of the lyrics to "Loud" with only a few missing words (though since I have been taking ibuprofen I can hear somewhat better, strangely). So here is Rhianna singing:

"There's a party in the bar, everyone put your glasses on..."

Well, I'll drink to that. :D May you have a happy and safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Poser stuff and Backyard Wildlife

Since it's hard to wave my arm around, I worked on things that I could do by putting numbers into fields. I scanned a bunch of stuff Monday and formatted it to be a size that could be imported into Poser, and spent today doing lists, documentation, and test renders. This is one--it's a collaboration between me, my friend Laura (that is her Shiloh for V4), and the dress is by my New Zealand fellow bjd enthusast Prae, and the the necklace Shiloh is wearing is by Parrotdolphin, who I go out to lunch with occasionally. I managed to do several renders that looked good, with the computer doing the hard part of coloring in things.

I did break down and clean the bathroom floor, but I did a lot of it with a cloth and my feet. It needed to be done.

Stripey has been watching squirrel TV. This squirrel lady has been the star of Stripey's afternoon entertainment for several days now. For a squirrel, she is pretty cute.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Granado Sidonia Box Opening!

She's here! Stripey is not interested in boxes any more; the porch is full of boxes that we recently unpacked, so she is more interested in squirrels. But I was thrilled! Here Sidonia is nested in her Styrofoam:

And there was a nice note from Crocus Lee with her certificate! I admit the first thing I did when I took her out of the box was not stand her up, or put eyes in her, but to pull out her hip so I could see what the string is SUPPOSED to look like--and look! It's the end of the string that goes there!! (As a side note, Sidonia is much whiter than this--I have yellow overhead lights. You can see her color best in the last outside photo.) As soon as my shoulder is better, my Katrien is going to get restrung like this.

Because Sidonia stands and moves just fine:

Even with no eyes, such a cute face! And even nicer in person--the resin is translucent enough the camera does not show the tiny details in her upper lip or her forehead. I love her nose, too--it is adorable:

So now I put in her eyes and try on a wig--I need to make her a custom wig, but I don't want her to sit around bald waiting for me.

This one would be ok but it wants to cover her eyes and too much of her forehead, and it's not the right color. I love the color of this mohair wig, but it's HUGE.

Here you can see her little smile--I hope when I paint her I can keep that showing. You can kind of see her Ersa Flora custom eyes--you have to get super close to see the circuits, but they are pretty even at a normal distance.

Here she is with Ami the Cyborg (based on a Poser character by fu-minn). That is a little unfinished painting of Ami next to her (that is the acrylic undercoat, it still needs a second coat of oils on top, the first layer is dry now.)

Making that outfit will be tricky--I have the stretch fabric but I need to decide how I want it to fasten--probably with velcro in the back and have all the buckles as just decorations. And yes, poor Sophie will have to go on the Soom body until next February, because Sidonia/Ami is staying on this body. :D Here Sidonia discovers roses "just her size" in the back yard:

She's so pretty -- she has such a good-natured face, she is a pleasure to look at!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Grunge Maps

..are what I worked on today. I need to make product for Renderosity before they realize I have done exactly nothing for six months, not counting promo renders, and kick me out of the vendor pool. These strange abstracts are good for all kinds of things--for render overlays, light gels, making brushes and patterns, and most often for backdrops for poser people. I just have to read all the instructions again for submitting a product for sale. (There are lots of instructions). While I was digging around for things to scan and paint on, I found a photo, on paper, of my old Delf Moon Bryan, before he became an Iplehouse Denzel. Awww, he's still cute. Another DoA member has him now!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Service Interruption

This is how I imagine what happened to Ilsonya's blog--there was some mention of a server migration last week. I miss it already!

I Move A Table With My Foot

Amazingly, nothing broke, not even the plastic cover on the LED lightbulb.

In the meantime, Stripey amuses herself in another room.

And I did another Dawn promo render, this time for Fabiana's Oriana for Dawn, with a Danie and Marforno sun prop in back and in her hand.

I did get more done on my current cover, bagged up 4 bags of leaves, laundry,and dishes; and J moved the mushroom compost bag out of the garden.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Russian Potato Chip Dip

On reddit, Orcishwarhammer drove from London to Mongolia; and took some photos, including this one. 50 cent bag of chips; caviar, maybe $25.00 here.

Fall Leaves

They are here, and need to be collected. This was done with a Filter Forge filter. Lots of fun. I'm still not getting a lot done here--I did roller the living room wall Wednesday with Creamy White paint over the beige, and my shoulder regretted it, though it's starting to bother me again that the walls need to be *done* and have a second coat, because I have to look at it. Ibuprofen makes me sleepy, though.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Week for Mecha Angels

In theory, this is the last time Soom will be selling the 80cm Mecha Angels. It looks like you can even get a Elf Sabik, but if you want one, you might go today or tomorrow and throw one on layaway. I had a Mecha Angel Body once--it's a perfectly good, elongated Old Style Super Gem body, and even poses and stands pretty well considering it's height. I never did get clothes for him, though, so I ended up selling it. But here is the link:

As of 10/26 the available list looks like it has shortened to just Antares, Bellatrix, Betel, Deneb,Sabik, Saiph and Vega. Here's the Notice:

Dear Mecha Angel fans,

Good day !

We have formerly informed you about the last FFD sale period being from October 15th to October 20th 2013 (Korea time).

The schedule has been changed to October 23rd to October 28th 2013 (Korea time).

Thank you for your attention ! ^^

SoOm staff

But, as for my vague plans of wanting an Elf Sabik:

News Flash

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Once More, the Happy Dance of the Shipping Notice!

My Granado Sidonia has shipped! Depending on whether she gets put on a boat or a plane, it could be a week, or 14 days+. I think my Granado Terra came by the proverbial slow boat, but he did eventually come. In theory I will split her so that Sophie can have her body, and Sidonia will either have to wait, or she get Raisin's old ws Soom body, which seems the most likely at this point. We'll see if that happens when she comes...she may end up just staying a whole doll.

The Poser girl here is Rui for Dawn by fu-minn, so I have now rendered two Dawn promos. I have not yet made any commercial Dawn products myself yet, but I have made a new nose for her. I am not sure yet what the rules are for distributing new bits for Dawn are, so I have some research to do. Rui's little suit is a freebie by Pixeluna, over at (under the "zero price products")

Soom's Captain Hook With No Faceup

This is nice because you can see his cute ears. The human face looks very good as well. I just saw a Mr. Rabbit owner photo and now I kind of regret not even considering him--Mr. Rabbit in person is gorgeous, with a beautiful faceup far better than his promo photos. This looks like Hook Human/Peter Pan will paint up equally well in real life, and his outfit is splendid. I am kinda dubious of those feet, though. The Russians spent a long time wondering what happened to his tail. ;)

I think he made a coat out of it.

Cat and Paper

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frost and the Awkward Arm

Yes, that was me yesterday, though Raisin (a Soom Migma) is more stylishly dressed than I am. It's not the strained shoulder muscle that is the whole problem, some of the problem is the ibuprofen I am supposed to be taking to keep the swelling down. It's like the Underachiever Drug. I did finally brush my hair, with Stripey's help, around 3 PM yesterday, but most of the day I spent sitting, working on the computer, where I can mouse left-handed, instead of painting the walls with a roller, raking leaves, bagging leaves, vaccuming, folding laundry, and digging in tulips and spreading mushroom compost. (Which I am going to do tomorrow, arm or no arm. Before the compost bag freezes to the ground, like it did last embarassing) Frost has taken it's toll on the garden, though it's pretty in a way:

Raisin points to the very soggy morning glories:

And the Monster is turning into an interesting collection of twigs instead of leaves:

I think I will clean up the stems on the ground but leave the stems up on the post for the winter--the yard is pretty dull without something there. I should buy more lawn statues...or a dwarf.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Modern Iplehouse Victor

Under "Iple Bjd" there are now a lot more of Victor pictures in various outfits...including a cowboy outfit! (You need to be a member to see those pages). I think they like him at Iplehouse, and they are now just playing with him :D It's a sign of a good doll company if they love their product!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Soom says Eff You, Iplehouse!

..Because they have trotted out a gray fangy guy and named him Captain Hook, so it would fit, sort of, with the Fairy Tale theme. And yes, down here in this corner, little Luts shakes their fist and also throws not one, but TWO demon dolls (and two tinies) into the ring! It's a fang free-for-all!

However, Soom can boast that Captain Hook has...crocodile feets. :o

Take that, Iplehouse! Bwahahaha!!!


Pixeluna's Cynagtala

Yes, that is her Cynagtala SF clothing set from RuntimeDNA..(with a small addition to the top painted on)...and a cheesy lens flare! I hardly ever have a chance to put a lens flare in something :D. Laura (gypsyangel) did the character morphs and face, and the portal is by coflek-gnorg, on, from the Sci-fi portals Megapack. (I actually bought it before it became a megapack, I have no idea what else is in there now).

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pixeluna's DruUna

Over at RuntimeDNA, Pixeluna turned loose a new vampire ("DruUna for V4") for Victoria4 (and yes, I am cheating on Renderosity here--but sometimes RDNA has cool stuff to buy for Poser. Just sayin' :D ) Lots of weird textures cooked up in Filter Forge on this one, pillars and floor are by Danie and Marforno and those were bought from Renderosity, so there.

Someone asked what the base file looked like from Poser and this is what is under the painting above (except for the prudery bars, she renders au naturel, of course)