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New Soom Hoofed Super Gem-- The Colonel Zordic

He's got a backstory! I love those things, even if they are amazingly weird. After all, they match the dolls! He's got a double set of horns and a version with his tongue out, which I am not super fond of, but someone may like--I like the human head and the hands and hooves. He's got a tail, which I would lose in ten minutes, but it's a nice thought. Here is the blank sculpt--which they also put up! I was so happy to see them!

He's got a cool chest gem which is probably the most imaginative thing on him, it looks neat. Sadly if you want just the nice looking human guy, he has a plain chest. You can also just order a cream white of gray body solo if you go to the main page, the order period is the same as the doll (I assume they just cast them all at the same time.) Here is the human version made up:

River gets a Job

River was last seen in the Soom Idealian store being basically Charles II, the Merry Monarch. He looked pretty glum in the role, so now he has been returned to modern life as a cop instead, and he looks happier now. His full sales page isn't up yet, but it should be in the next two days on the Idealian site. Here is his earlier incarnation:

I don't do Idealians because they are Big and I would look like this:

Cold Snap Pix

Negative 18F is pretty tiresome. We had to replace the outside faucet, and everything in the house creaks from whatever tiny amounts of ice were in the boards. It was business as usual for the birds, though:

Cat mode when it's cold:

Even better:

Then it warmed up, and we had an amazing ice storm:

It's hard to tell, but everything has a layer of ice on it..then the wind blew and the ice shakes off, and makes noises like someone throwing ice on the roof--big cubes of it. The roof is looking like it needs to be replaced soon, which I am not looking forward to, since today the hot water heater decided it was old enough to have the thermostat quit. It's always something, it's just less easy in the winter.

Ice chunks. A few were 6 inches long. I'm very happy the cars can both fit in the garage for times like this.

I'm ready for it!

Dolls..and Cats

LOL Souldoll has a new Soulkid! They are so nice--I have an older Soulkid body under my Shushu head, and they are graceful, pleasant posers in more-or-less msd size. There is an alternate Victorian form of Eun Woo but I really like the styling of the "casual" Eun..she's so nicely painted. The Victorian version suffers from the wrong eyes, I think she would be nice with the brown eyes of the casual version instead. I have several Souldolls and I am happy with all of them, though I don't take photos of them as often as I should.

These should pop up bigger, or you can use the link above to look at the Souldoll site directly.

And Now At Soom...

(Now I have to go back to work)

Not Dead :D

No, I have just been really bad about updating the blog. For one thing, it's become a wretched spamfest, despite me pointing out in the titling that comments are moderated, so the comments I want to see get buried in a mass of other ridiculousness. The other problem is that I have been on the computer almost all day, so by the time the evening rolls around, I tired. I've been actually working, though, making stuff for Renderosity and learning How To Do Things, which is fun and exciting. Flat digital dolls are pretty fun, too.

 Luckily the real dolls are patient, though I have been gradually reducing the numbers over time, because of my lack of storage both physical and mental. I can't believe that at one point I had almost 100 SD dolls, it was madness...trying to keep all the paperwork, shoes and parts sorted and cleaned was almost a full time job in itself. Fewer dolls is actually much more fun and they are better kept--I still wish I could unload all the boxes in the ba…

Tuesday Final

I spent today messing around with Renderosity's new Poser girl; I made a new set of eyes for her and I am working on a skin that renders a little faster than the default (you can see the face looks more finished than the neck--the body has a lot of fancy procedural shaders that take time, though they look nice. I kind of like the caterpillar brows :D

A Big Golden Dragon at Soom

He's an Idealian, and he's basically a handsome guy with deer horns. (He's labelled as a dragon, but I always thought dragon horns were stubbier and thicker) (I know, arguing about imaginary animals, BUT STILL.) Anyway, he has a nice outfit and the photos are very pretty:

Google asks if you want to translate the page but most of it is in English anyway.

Bunny for sale!

If you are on Den of Angels you can get an adorable Coco Riang for 150.00 plus ship:

Comes with it's box and cert and I can vouch for the seller--I have bought a LOT of things from Jo and it is always a good time :D