Monday, June 30, 2014

A Can and a Corset

I got a couple of wonderful things in the mail today, one of them being the patterns for a set of Victorian underwear by Truly Victorian. I needed the corset so I could fit into the pattern for one of their 1880s dresses properly, and because I find them comfortable if they are laced for support and not for waist shaping. I've made them before, but not an authentic one, so we will see how it goes. Also, since I lack servants I am going to make it a front-laced corset. Here's the back:

The other thing that came today was a bright red rollaway, for the carpet and the old pond liner and a lot of lumber and brush and some stuff of Ed's and Tony's, since I doubt I can fill an entire 20 yard can by myself. Ordering it was amusing, partly because the sound quality on my old phone is bad, and partly because I am not from Chicago. I called up the haulage company and said "Hah, Ah wanna rentacan" in my SoCal NewJersey housewife accent, and the guy on the other end said with his Fargo accent, "Ya wanta renta cat?" I said no, I already had a cat, thank you. He actually meant a Bobcat, the little skip loader/bulldozer for landscaping, but we established I was a repeat customer and wanted a 20 yard can and that I was going to put non-hazardous waste in it. So they brought it out this afternoon. It's quite lovely. It's like having my own Tonka Toy Dumpster.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Granado Hot Summer Event

Dear all,

Thank you all for your continuous support to GRANADO, We are holding a Hot Summer event starting from 1st July to 15th August 2014.

Period: 1st July ~ 15th August 2014 Target: All our customers who would like to order our dolls

1) Order over 1000USD (including shipping fee) - Gets 10% Discount! - After you placed an order and made an authenticate with us on QnA Board or E-mail, we will refund 10% via PayPal.

2) Order a whole doll - Gets a Free upper torso base! - When you order a whole doll, upper torso base will be free of charge and ship along with your order. - Please leave us the gender you want in the comment box when you order.

3) Order a head - Add $20 to get a upper torso base! - If you order a doll head and would like to order a discount upper torso base, feel free to contact us via QnA board. Purchase guide will be given.

All the special offer can be used together at the same time.

PS. Male body Lads has added into July's body sale event, you can order the Lads body from 1st to 3rd July! PS2. Gabe's ordering period will be end on 4th July, 2014. Please don't miss out the chance if you like him <3

Thank you very much! <3 Granado Home Page

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Progress on Carpet

Ok, here is the old floor--and here is the new carpet:

I call that color "landlord's dream" because it will hide almost anything short of bleach. It's not exciting and I am fine with that. It's also not very stinky--the room smells only faintly of New Office Building, and part of that is the ceiling paint that I did last night. I have painted ceilings over new carpet and it's not fun, since you are on a ladder with a tray of paint. The easiest way I found to do it before was to put down an 8 by 4 foot piece of plywood and work on top of that--unlike a tarp, it won't slip. Also real ceiling paint doesn't splatter too much, so it's nicer to apply than wall paint. I also got the kitchen more painted, though it also needs detailing and ceiling paint. Here it is all white now:

Since I had photoshop and J wanted to see what some options looked like; I did a quick and messy mockup of the Improved Virtual Kitchen, which still has dirty dishes in the sink:

I think I want a white dishwasher, because the black one looks like a portal to another dimension, possibly containing Zuul. I also want small gold tile on the backsplash, which is tacky but I feel there should be one item that should be left to prank the next owner, like whoever put up the mirrors in the living room in 1970. And I am sure they loved the mirrors. I've gotten used to them but I really have to get the one off the door since it's broken.

The garden is doing fine, though it's getting a little out of control--I was weeding, saw a tomato coming up on it's own, got excited, and then ten minutes later absent-mindedly weeded it up. I can always plant more, I guess. Here's is how it looks now, a lot different than in March:

Stripey does not approve of home renovating--we had to move her climber and there was a lot of howling and annoyance. She also sat on the curtains.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Painting the Kitchen

Since Jon is out at a plant in Ohio, and it's warm enough to open the windows, painting has resumed in the house. I really wanted to finish the one wall in the living room and fix the curtains before I started anything else, so I decided I would primer over the beige paint instead of just relying on the "paint+primer" that Home Depot claims their paint has. Mind you, Home Depot has really excellent paint, but it still doesn't cover as well as a base coat of primer, and I would have saved myself a lot of work in the hallway if I had just primered first. The living room primering went really fast since most of the prep work was done, and I still had a pan full of primer, and I hate to waste it (and I refuse to pour that much paint into my septic system) so I went ahead and did some of the prep work in the kitchen, where I had already caused some smoke damage on the ceiling. Here is the original Sunburst gold on the walls, and where I have started to run primer over it:

It was incredibly hot and humid (it was raining outside) and the inefficient Refrigerator of Fail pumps hot air into the kitchen like a champ, plus it was all ladder work, which is even warmer since one's head is next to the ceiling. And for obvious reasons I didn't want to run the ceiling fan. So this is why I am wearing a cute little floral dress instead of jeans:


By ten o' clock PM I was basically done, and then I saw a little "fold" of paint stuck by one of the outlets, and I took my paint scraper and scraped it...and unzipped a blob of paint the size of my arm, like peeling wallpaper. The humidity and years of cooking on the stove (and you can't tell me putting a microwave 13 inches above said stove is up to code) had made all the layers of paint on the wall behind the stove "adhere poorly" to the wall itself.

So I took the scraper and took off all the old paint and re-primered it, and went to bed around midnight. I would have been more dismayed but honestly EVERY PROJECT I have ever done in ANY HOUSE I have lived in has had a WTF moment of some kind or another. I've gotten used to it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fairy Legend Free Choice at Soom

Dear SOOM fans,

Hi ~ ^^

We will organise a Faery Legend Mini Gem Free Choice event soon !

More details will be given through a new notice on this week, please check it out later !

Thank you for your attention ~

SoOM staff <3

Notice is here.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Stuff In My Yard

A lot of rain, is what is in my yard right now, and a wet dragonfly, a pollifrog (in spite of someone's late night visit to the pond, knocking the spout off the filter):

Also there still is a regular frog, probably eating some of the minnow babies:

All the rain has made the mint huge and the rosemary unhappy:

The mullein is blooming anyway:

Stripey goes out only when I do, to supervise the weeding. Back inside, she entertains herself by eating the roses. (I let her since they are harmless and don't seem to bother her--she also mostly just puts tooth holes in the petals).

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mitsuwa in June, and a Toad

Yes, that is a Dollshe Grant Phillippe, cast up in the Elf Green. He is much larger than I thought he'd be, and he's dressed in paper leaves (outfit by Rachel, who did the dress for Marguerite a few posts back). He looks fabulous!

The same person who owns Phillippe also has a Volks Yukinojo, beautifully dressed in Dollheart (he said that he got the full outfit by chance from getting a couple of Dollheart's fukuburu). I always think of this mold as an "Adrian" from JennyNemesis' Adrian :D

Here's some of Akutenshi7's crew, looking cute-- from left to right, her raver dryad, a Fairyland Minifee Luka; an Angell-Studio Cassie and a little matching kaiju critter; a Soom Thera; and a Dream of Doll cutie with Soom hooves. This was probably the best photo I took all day because I spent the rest of the time socializing instead of taking photos of everyone, and I also got a lot of blurry ones this time for some reason, including this one, which should have been much better--they are a Dollshe Bernard and an Impdoll Iris on her real Model Body:

I also only got a blurry pic of Francesca's cutie, who has a wonderful faceup:

I did take a picture of Mirabelle, my Elfdoll Hazy, who somehow ended up holding the DOC boy--I'm sure she would say "I don't really like children", but she didn't drop him either, and Martine, who actually sat for the entire time without flopping over:

Jon came in from the shed this morning and told me there was a toad on the concrete in front of it, and he was still there by the time I got back out there with the camera:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

K Goes to Philly ComicCon

...and meets Loki! Also she had a really fun costume but I have to get her to load it up where I can get it. I also have doll meet photos I need to process (we spent this evening watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bat Jewel

I took this cutie and redid him as a pendant:

Looking at this, I think it might be a little improved with a couple more loops of metal under the wings to connect them at two more points to the base part, just to make it more sturdy. Maybe later. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marguerite and Mulleins

This is one of the dresses I bought at the doll show from Rachel, modelled on Marguerite, a Delf Juri 07b combo with an Angel of Dream body. It's warm and humid here so a little sun dress seemed appropriate. Also it was more fun to take off a couple of hours of paint scraping in order to photograph a doll :)

The mullein, after taking a pounding in the hailstorm we had in April, has come back nicely and is setting flowers:

It's a big plant--here's a couple of photos for scale:

(the plastic bucket is full of pollywog water, waiting to be de-chlorinated.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Iplehouse SID Edan

It's a new pirate guy from Iplehouse, in the convenient S.I.D size. If you are a member of Iplehouse, go read the page on "Iple bjd" for his development story--it's very cute. Here are some of the blank sculpt photos:

There is one more pic of him on Iplehouse's Flickr, too! I love the outfit and his accessories.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Winesiam in Thailand

There is a glassblower in Thailand who makes tiny, perfect glassware--unfortunately at 1/6 and smaller scale, but the pieces are so pretty just as art things:

The Facebook page for Winesiam is here.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


We decided that we probably needed fish in the pond to keep down the mosquito larvae, so we went to the pet store to pick up some minnows or something small. This particular pet store specializes in fish (they have some large, surly-looking piranha in the front in a tank, with a reminder not to put your hand in there) and this fish, as big as my arm, named "Jill". Jill was very lively, possibly because I looked like someone who might feed her.

This activity meant all the pictures of her came out blurry, as my camera doesn't like low light. Eventually she might reach 300 lbs, and will need a larger tank.

Anyway, we found the right tank full of half-inch long gray fish and bought fifty of them, and brought them home and released them in the pond, where they swam around merrily for about two hours before disappearing into cracks and the roots of the sea lettuce and hyacinths. The frogs were apparently unimpressed, or perhaps they just waited until we went to bed to eat some of them, because today I have seen only a couple of minnows here and there.

I'm thinking cats are the easier pets here.