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The Last Petit Four

At least for now--I messed up the frosting deco on the top (I wish I had pushed it down just a LITTLE more!) and now I have a project with Andy I have to finish..and two more covers :o.

I can make the petit four translucent, but then it glows like a light bulb :p

Quadriga Dolls Leafy Sea Dragon

I don't know anything about the artist, but you can look at the uncropped page here. Lots of fun colors and a nice price--if you have a sea theme bjd collection it would be a nice addition!

Thanks to Akutenshi for the heads up! <3

The Land of Lakes Petit Fours

See these beautiful things? I wanted to make them, not as baked goods, but as a 3d model. How hard could they be? They are a simple shape and last year, when I first downloaded Wings, I made a decent candle with the same kind of translucency. It turns out that it is harder than it looks--rendering "white" in 3d is really difficult for some reason. my first attempt looked like the Ark of the Covenant:
I didn't worry about it because the first time you use a template, there are always strange places and things you miss. So here is the next one. A bit dry looking:

Hmm, not too white either. How about some translucency and more white?
Oh look, a nightlight! Dammit so much, lets try some yellow instead to tone it down--
I can't believe it's not butter. Maybe more translucency? Some Ambiance?

WHOO RADIOACTIVE BUTTER! more fiddling and a new texture map (no 4):

...better, but still a little glowy and also not even close to the original color of the LOL Petit Four…

The Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Show!

An international event where collectors, artists and manufacturers can enjoy 2+ days of soaking up the creative atmosphere of these highly customizable dolls. Theme - GATSBY  The possibilities are endless!  Gangsters, talking films, dramatic social and political change, crazy economic growth, speak-easies, flappers, jazz age, cars and refrigerators made affordable luxuries.
Its coming April 26th to the 28th in Seattle, Washington State--- and there are so many great contests! Here is a list with details of the contests:

A Natural Aquarium in Brasil

I like it for the pretty visuals, bonus points if you understand Portugese!

Free Poser Cake

"Hey, you forgot to post anything today!"
I was busy loading up the free Petit Four model onto Renderosity, so if you are a poser user of versions 7--11, you can download it directly from Renderosity's Free Stuff.. though you might need a username? But here is the link:

Otherwise I cleaned the house :o

The Poser Petit Four

It's the same exact petit four as in the last post, but it's rendered in PoserPro 2012 instead of Daz Studio. I still don't like my solution of the crumb scribbles on the upper layer of "frosting", I think I will edit the file to have that row all the same as the frosting above it. The problem was I made the map by essentially projecting a camera from the top, and the green layer stuck out just a tiny bit out from under the upper layer, so part of the texture for the green layer ended up on the upper layer. Which is dumb and I need to not do that on the next one.
Here it is in Poser 11, with the new top layer texture. Looks like maybe the bump value could be turned down a little, but it sort of works.

Looks a bit sticky :D

Spiritdoll Physalia and a Petit Four

Spiritdoll always makes lovely tall girls, and now they have come out with a sort of "Corpse Bride" Physalia. Her full set is so pretty--

Check out her "skull head" photos! Here's her measurements and what is included:

You probably need to go to the home page to see "Meow", I suspect it is a little cat figure.
Meanwhile I am still wresting with Hexagon--I managed to make a petit four,which at the moment looks a lot like a washing machine because I have not figured out how to really reinforce the box corners enough to do the rough texture of the cake with displacement--the computer wants to pull the corners out and break the box. Making the texture with polygons would mean having ten thousand polygons in a mere petit four instead of the human you would want to go with it. Other programs like Z brush seem to be able to make this more organic geometry and then optimize it, but I have Hexagon, which was free.
 Le Petit Four:

Still a way to go before I ca…

Zhu Beibei

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Dog, and Loongsoul is offering some specials, including this very...different...Piggy Fish. It is pretty cute, and the discounts are nice, so if you have a Loongsoul on your wishlist you might give Alice a visit and see what is there. More piggy pix, for one thing :D
(Thank you Cat!)

Wait, I also checked the In Stock page and Alice has an Impldoll Aurora, Tan, no faceup, no outfit for 430.00 (add the DHL delivery price for that). The photos are the stock ones for white, but that is the sculpt if Aurora is on your wishlist--and there is almost no wait. (Shipping to me in the US is about 3 days, Beijing to O'Hare.)

What if Animals were Round?

Two minutes of goof. :D Lots more here:

Baby Isha

Yes, it's another Soom tiny...I thought Isha had a single horn? Anyway, if you want a little tiny Halloween-type devil, here they are.

Or you could save your money for the next release :D

Meerkats and Cheetahs

Five minutes of cute :D

Valentine Box

It's a floating Valentines Box! Happy Valentine's Day! You can see that I am much better at painting than at making 3d objects--the box is a little crude still, but it has no holes or extra polygons. I just need to place the hearts on the sides where they belong instead of shifted sideways, and look to see that the lace on the side isn't overlapping the floor of the box. The design is partly based on a Victorian valentine design, but then I figured out how to take a flat plane and wrinkle it a bit and map it with a lace pattern, rendered it and added the render to the painted design. And since I still have the model, I just stuck it under the box (The bottom part is a mess ;)

 I got the hat made but it still has sort of strange mapping issues that I haven't solved yet-- I think I forgot to save the map and the model at the same time :p I am going to make some model chocolates and then get back to mapping the hat.

New Granado Body!

There is just one catch--it's a new angel, Lucifer..and he's huge. Not quite Titan sized! Here is the lineup from the smallest Lads body (which is still not a small body) to the Titan:

Lads, Evol, Embody, Vigor, Titan. No small guys there. Check out the other photos and the New Years Specials at

Blythe and Tiny Cuteness

Eileen Lam is a Blythe photographer..and this is delightful! Totally stole this from Orchid's Blog--thank you, Cat!

A Digital Hat

So I am making a hat as a learning exercise, and it's going about as well as you would expect from someone who knows next to nothing about modelling. Part of the problem is that the tutorials expect that you have a sort of basic understanding of the terms involved, and already knowing things like "holding the shift key to group selections". I found out today that I needed to set Wings to "2 button mouse" which has helped my control of the camera, and that I can use the arrow keys to move the camera, and with the camera flyaround mode, you can stop the camera by flicking the cursor off the active pane. Who knew? I didn't.  Anyway, my hat has a Mystery Spot on the brim. I thought maybe the normals were inverted, which is why two of those faces are gray and not dark gray. No, the normals are like all the other ones, pointing out. I regrouped all the faces on top of the hat..nothing changed. It's a mystery.

 Anyway, I am really motivated to make a working …

Cheery Doll Dresses

If you have a spare 300 USD rattling around in your pocket, you can buy your Volks or Iplehouse girls some truly splendid dresses from Cheery Doll in Korea. The price does include the extras like hats and jewelry--here is sample text on the dress below:

**Item name :European Dress82-the golden age

*Including:upper garment,corset,skirt,bolero, Wristlet, Panier, choker.tiara
dress back decoration.

** Size for:E.ID-large,S.ID-large,
Volks SD9- Girl,Volks SD13- Girl,SD16- Girl(Volks),Volks SDGr- Girl,
DD-M,DD-L,DD-DY,Smart doll Standard,Smart doll m bust.

* Some of the fabrics and auxiliary materials used
It may be replaced with other ones depending on the situation.

* All clothes are produced elaborately handmade,
and please understand that it takes about 3~4 weeks to produce clothes.

Here is the dress:

Isn't that pretty? If I bought a doll a dress like this though, that is all she would wear, ever.

The website is a fun visit--the thumbnail photos look weird, but if you click on them they pop…

Julie's PLA Creatures

Julie has an Etsy "Doll Art By Julie" where she sells 3d printed dolls, still in rough form--but the prices are very good if you are handy and don't mind sanding...quite a bit of sanding! There is a naga girl and the mermaid above, which I actually like. They will need S hooks as well, according to the reviews. I still prefer the heavier resin to PLA, but these are fun to see.

RRRR! Reminds me a little of Resinsoul's Pixiu.

Little Nian, dragon..taur?

He/She comes in solid or clear, or "two colors" one for the human body, one for the dragon; if you scroll down you will see a sample in solid white, which I like too. Nian is 28 cm tall, so not huge, and I am guessing very stable with it's four legs. Aaand it's only 170.00, even with some of the fancier options. :D

It has a waist joint, and the tail magnets on with a big neodymium magnet. What fun!

Yvraine Emissary of Ynnead

See this terrifying lady? She is really only one and a half inches tall, and the best thing about her (besides the rocking outfit) is her cat! I really wanted the cat, and went to the Warhammer store, bought the only set I could find that had the cat, and opened it up... to discover it was way, way too small for me to paint. The cat could sit on my thumbnail. But I have a friend of K's who loves to paint these Warhammer guys, so I gave him the set. And then last week a little box came in the mail, and it was Yvraine and her cat--from a different set (!)--all painted up and even with tiny perfect grass and flowers. It's just so amazingly awesome! It's is so small it's actually a little hard to get my camera to focus on it properly:

 And the cat!!

The eyes on the cat are the size of the head of a pin!! I kind of want to make a doll of her--I have the perfect person to do it with, my Swinte, who already kind of has that fierce expression.  It was SO NICE of Jacob to find…

Phoenix Doll Liu and a Sale

This girl is new from Phoenix doll, and to celebrate her arrival they also have a sale of their previous girls, Elle and Mei. Elle and Mei's full price is 170.00 USD, but if you use the coupon bluemoon123 you can get 30% off through the month of February--check out the sale and more photos here:

Here's Elle--she looks like a fashion model to me:

I think she is on a Dollshe body, those look like Dollshe hands. Anyway, here is Mei, and I am VERY TEMPTED by her as I adore my Android Mei, who looks so nice on her Mirodoll body.

Here's my pretty girl, Android Mei:

Such a patient dress model, too! :D

Nyx Creations Luna Bats!

Hello everyone, it’s time for more bats!Luna’s third preorder will run Febuary 1st-28th, 2018! Once again, Luna will be professionally cast by Harucasting. They will be available in 5 skin tones this round; Light Pearl Violet, Dark Pearl Violet, Pearl Brown, Brown Grey, and Cream White. The Pearl Violets are as pictured, though due to lighting, monitor settings, resin batches and so on, colours may not be exact. The other colours are shown as swatches so please be advised that the finished product may look slightly different. Luna’s are $180 USD each plus express shipping to your location from Canada, you can pay in one installment, or split your payment up with a partially payable invoice. Each doll will come blank with a box, pillow, COA, and a pair of 12mm glitter eyes. I’m excited to announce that Soul Cookies co. will be partnering with me for eyes and you will actually get a choice from the colours and style pictured! I will also be donating $10 USD to Bat Conservation International…