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Haldur of Sweden

This handsome guy is a Swedish artist's doll, and he has lots of photos of him on his website,
Geminick Creations. And there is an instagram where you can see him being made!
Jessica Karlsson Instagram.
The photos are wonderful!

Some Music For a Tuesday

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Why Me?
And since I missed yesterday (I am building a spaceship, and having some trouble) how about a double feature?

Cissy Redgwick "Gimme That Swing"

The Riddle of the Sphinx

Sphynx:"I am the Sphynx. Answer my riddle. How do I get my photos off my phone and onto my laptop?"

Traveller with cat: "hey, that's not a riddle."

Sphynx: "OK but what is the cloud tho"

Granado 2018 Photo Contest!

The photo contest is back, with more prizes and categories than before! Here is some of the text:

Dear all,

Photo contest is back!
This time photo contest will have different categories prize.
All submitters will get a price for participating the contest!

:: Entry Qualifications ::
Customers who owned our dolls and love photography.

:: Entry Period ::
2018/1/19 - 2018/2/28 (closes at 12:00p.m. Hong Kong Time)

:: Photo Types ::
A single photo or a set photo.
All photos must include Granado dolls, but there are no restrictions for including other brand's dolls.
Please submit the photos to
You can give a title and a little description for your photos.
You do not need to choose a category to participate, we will make the decision accordingly.

The prizes are pretty cool, check them out here!

(My favorite prize is "a defective head" :D)

Soom Vesuvia Returns

And she has new Romantic eyes and a Tawny option. If I had room for her I would buy her--she is a "human" version with a standard body and the option Scorpion Heels, as well as the long nailed hands, and she is on the new 2012 body. This makes her head a little big, but not so much that it's a problem--you can see by doing a Google image search for Garnet to see the head/body proportions. I did order the sparkle eyes and the wig, because my Garnet can use them. I liked the outfit as well-- but it doesn't really fit anyone's character here:

I told myself the only doll I would get this year would be if Soom issued a Beryl in some ridiculous color like Ice Blue or Red or Migma Purple. :D

Historic Pattern PDF's from LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has been quietly building a world-class Historic Dress collection--and suddenly they sat down and DRAFTED PATTERNS for all of us to make our own suits and gowns! And oo la la they have some nice ones! The patterns look adaptable for dolls, though I believe they are faithful repros of the original garments (translation: they will be small for modern humans). The pdfs even include context and measurements and notes about notions. Here are some of the nice people working on this project:

Many thanks to them and to Akutenshi, who sent me the link!

Test Pattern

She's looking a bit rough, but the "mask" is a geo-shell--a copy of the figure underneath, with instructions on what to hide. All the white parts are the second figure, and I have applied a texture on the face part. It doesn't want to displace much for me, so my hope of a more textured cyborg girl may have to be in making some little props and glueing them on. But this is a great way to apply anything thin--including stockings and gloves. :D

My Renderosity package passed testing, thanks to Andy. <3 Which means it's time to make something else, repopulate my store and pay the plumber.

Male Pattern Boldness

He writes a funny blog, but he is an amazing tailor. Check out this post of his "unsuccessful" clothes..but be amazed at the skill involved in sewing them!
Also, I would wear this.

Digital Dollies

I have been working on a set of eyes for's Genesis figure--I discovered the eyes fit Genesis 2, 3 and 8 by accident, AND they fit the guys too. :D Though it's hard to see here, the eyes in Gypsyangel's Malice (from the Malice and Mayhem set) are my Dark Lemon. They look cool with the Dark Elf clothing set from Daz. :D Hopefully I will have all the promos done by Wednesday and turned in, but since I thought I would have them done by today, we'll see. Rendering always takes longer than I think it will. I am sorry to say I also bought another Genesis 8 character (Reciecup's Jaz) just to try my eyes in her, so I am not really making money here--especially since I bought her a digital dress, too. :o

Doll Hearts Boots (and clothes)

Aren't these cool? Cat spotted them and sent me a link. I always forget to check Doll Hearts because the clothes they carried were always a little too small for my dolls--they made Volks SD sized clothing and I had Soom girls, which are a bit taller. Now Doll Hearts makes more of a variety of sizes, but always with their trademark lace and attention to detail.

Grahame the General

He's a Soom Idealian and I am not crazy about how he is painted, but he's a good sculpt, and I love his outfit!
His Tawny cousin looks better, I think--but that is partly because I think Tawny is an awesome color anyway. Here is a pic:

For some reason this faceup just looks better to me. He could use a hat with earflaps, too ;)
Thank you Cat for spotting him!

Who's a Pretty Bird?

Zi Gui, the Cuckoo Fairy, that is who! 69 centimeters of wonderful, in a BIG box! She is Normal Pink, and that was a good call as the body blushing I asked for is also pink, and it might have been startling on the White Skin. Here she is without clothes, this is Medium Bust. (You can imagine the splendor of the Large Bust). It's a link as it's NSFW:

Here she is with scarves--I wish I had gotten her fullset, I may go back and see if I can get it from Alice if I manage to sell something here.

Her face painting is awesome:

In person she looks very kindly and sweet, which I was not expecting-- but I am so delighted! Loongsoul sent extra hooks, the "dog tag" and her certificate, and a pair of pretty eyes--they were gray though, so I swapped them for the Ersa Flora pinks you see above. They also sent a 2018 calendar of their fantasy line dolls, which included that cute little money amphibian and the Dragon Daughter girl they …

Shipping Notice!

Happy dance!! My first Loongsoul girl should arrive tomorrow via DHL, and be signed for. :D She is Zi Gui the Cuckoo Fairy, and I asked for body blushing and a faceup. It will be interesting to see how Loongsoul packs and paints things!

I should probably go sand and salt the driveway so that the DHL driver can make it safely up to the house.

Eyes might be a challenge--I have some yellow ones, but the defaults are more amber. Also I don't have anything that fits her at the moment! I probably should have bought her outfit but there was that money thing.

The Princess And The Frog at Iplehouse

She's an NYID Princess, my favorite size!  And she is very pretty--though I actually like the blank sculpt even more than the painted version (I would do the lips differently, though Iplehouse's default is perfectly nice). She also has a gorgeous dress that I suspect was made by SartoriaJ:

Isn't that great? Here is her pretty, pretty blank face:

Miss Lucia looks like a slightly more serious Wendy--and she also has different expressions at different angles! I also think she would be really cute in Peach or Realskin, to bring out the lines of the sculpt. And if you think Lucia is cute, CHECK OUT THE FROG:

Is that not the cutest little frog-boy you have ever seen? Akutenshi spotted him first ;) and sent me a link. I normally don't care for Iplehouse's Creaa line because they are ..well unearthly; but for a fairytale Frog Prince he's perfect. Also I suspect Iplehouse was so thrilled to make those little frog feet and hands! And best of all he's somewhat inexpen…

More Sartoria J

This is from Sartoria J's promo page and I thought it was just a gorgeous photo of their Iplehouse Stella. They are having an early Valentine's sale, with some things marked down a bit:

I like the little lacy things, and the fact that they carry a lot of Dollshe girl things. They also have a pink version of the very popular "fairytale" dress that Iplehouse sells:

That is one of the most mellow Iplehouse Grace dolls I have seen! Usually she looks like she is plotting mischief--when she was introduced, she was from the Addiction series of vampires and demons, and she was supposed to be "Daughter of Satin (sic)" which was so appropriate on many levels. I guess all she requires is fancy clothing to be satisfied.

Sartoria also has Tiny Shoes. The price is a killer with the added EMS, but if you are ordering a whole outfit then that sort of cushions the cost of sending something less than an ounce across the world. And the shoes are so pretty:

Also if you are go…

The Saga Continues...

We have been having some kind of leak, probably from the dishwasher, for about a week, from the ceiling under the kitchen to the basement floor. I started washing dishes by hand, but there was still water in the basement. So last night I decided to listen and see if I could hear where it was dripping upstairs, and then I made the fatal error of trying to pull the dishwasher out from under the cabinet, which I think sheared off the hot water supply. So then of course I heard A LOT of water and the basement became a rain forest. Even more aggravating, the shutoff valve under the sink did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and we ended up turning the (brand new) valve to the main, which shut off the water... but which  also meant that we have no water. So in theory the plumber will come out again today to collect his second payment on his yacht, assuming his wife doesn't have her baby and that neither he or his buddy Mike have the flu.

Anyway, I did take a couple of photos of the outfits that Areku…

Spiritdoll Dahlia

She is a Spiritdoll Proud, and she is tall: 66 cm tall, and to me she looks a little like the Withdoll girls--maybe it is the makeup. Her promos are in White Skin, and it's Really White.

 Spiritdolls are nice; I have never had one, but I have seen them at meets. They have changed the old body somewhat into Version 2, the new body is a little plumper so the head/body ratio looks different:

Here are the measurements--lots of people use the bodies as a place to put Soom heads. Iplehouse heads will go on, but the neck hole gaps.

If you go to Dahlia's sales page, you can see a photo of the 3 bust sizes, and the comparison between a single body (no waist or bust joint) and one with the high waist joint. (As seen in the photo above).
She is listed as a "new arrival" so I am thinking you have a couple of months at least to order her.

Sadol Diamond Eyes

In case your doll wasn't fancy enough, there are diamond eyes! With my luck I would just drop it into the heater vent when I was trying to put them in, and that would be that. However, Sadol has a bunch of other really nice-looking eyes for more what the going price is for "good" eyes:

These are 40.00 usd and come in 14, 16, and 18mm. The doll they show them in has kind of funky eyewells so they don't show (I think) to advantage, but you can see the color and clarity. I like the darker rims a lot. If you are in the US and want sparkly eyes, Fabric Friends and Dolls has Oscars in stock, and they seem to restock frequently and have a lot in the 12mm to 14mm size.
Thank you Cat for seeing the diamond eyes!

Nobility Doll Muscle Girl Jessica

Nobility Doll is jumping on the Muscle Girl bandwagon with Jessica--I think she is around 58 or 60 cm, it's still a pre-order, and a little discounted. She has really interesting hips! Different engineering from both the Miro and Impldoll muscle girls that I have. I kind of like her tough little face. :D

I never think to look at Nobility Doll, but they have some interesting things, including a Completely Custom Doll that you design--it says 2015, but apparently you can still take advantage of it.

 There are some photos under the price tag that show some of the previous dolls they have made, including a really nice mermaid! So depressing to think my pipes cost more than a custom doll--but on the other hand, the dolls are terrible at dishes and laundry.

This is the item that is what you see most of from Nobility--this little wacked-out squirrel, Scon. He has a new incarnation, eating KFC apparently:

There is a sleepy face plate for this guy too:

It's a good thing he's a tiny…

On This Day Nothing Was Accomplished

So here is a funny cat. Or have two:

This second one is from a blog post that is pretty much all silly cats and dogs.

I have washed a lot of dishes. I am not sure how long I will be able to hold out without a dishwasher, which is dumb because I literally had no dishwasher for years in the various places I have lived, and I managed. I am so spoiled. :D

Iplehouse's Current Auction

It's a pretty good batch! The Marien is particularily nice, she has the special body with the engraved "tattoo", and that SID body is so pretty. Doria and I never really warmed up to each other, but she is beautiful!

Akutenshi won one of the previous auctions! She got a Leonard and he is just gorgeous "at home"--and she saved a bundle. A good thing, because he now needs clothes ;)

I have been distracted from dollies--the dishwasher has joined the general plumbing dysfunction and will need to be replaced..eventually. I still need to pay off the plumber from our New Year's Exploding Pipe Party. :o

I can't complain though--Cat in Long Island was boiling snow to get coffee--they are all iced up.

Ariolus, Paracord, and the Pop-Up Fire and Fury

He's back! He's Ariolus Maximus,  a Granado Boyd who used to belong to Miss Ally (he was never painted there) and now he has a mahvelous new face by Alewife. She traded me for an extra head, and I think I got the best part of the trade :D Isn't he the cutest? She sent some little leather bracers with him too, which he will wear with pride. <3 <3

Also in from Amazon, the paracord! All one nice continuous length, and it's 3mm despite the label claiming it was 2.5 mm. Perfect weight and stretch, too! Lots of people here need to be restrung, so I am glad to have a big hunk of it.

And finally, an artistic version of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury from IAmHappyToast on twitter:

A sample page:

I'm 2/3 of the way through the actual book, and I am finding it actually somewhat sympathetic to Trump--it certainly doesn't make him look like a genius, but it makes Bannon look like the real villain of history. (Trump would be perfectly happy just entertaining A list…

Kyla Ren

It's done! K finished her Kyla Ren cosplay for Comic Con, and with so much advance time she could make a second outfit for Sunday ;) It looks even better in person. Here is the back:

All that is needed is a lightsaber.

And for no reason: