Friday, September 30, 2016

Iplehouse Bella, H.I.D. Woman

Just a link--all the pix are pretty much Not Safe For Work. Although it says she is 65 cm tall I think that can't be right, as she is taller than the EID in the clip. In any case she is a big, good-looking date for the H.I.D. guy, or if you need a stand-alone goddess or towering partner for the smaller dolls. I think she is probably closest to the Soom Idealian in size and style. I was a little disappointed that she wasn't obviously a "Superhero" muscled female, because those are hard to find, unless you do 1/6 scale. :(

YouTube Bella

Get your Granados in October

..Just don't try to put them on an Iplehouse SID body! Granado is having a Fall Event to celebrate their store opening, the Granado Dolliseum. They are reissuing the Solar in case you missed a planet, now is the time to stock up. Event notice is here:
Granado Fall Event

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mr. Dollshe blogs about the New Bermann and Saint (long)

Berman on the left, Saint on the right (faceups are by SDink)..Dollshe had a survey about re-releasing these guys and he touches on some points from the survey in today's post:

Thank you for a lot of your opinions about digital remaking Old 18M Berman and Saint. I decide to do digital remaking and re-release them.

[About concern and opposition opinions]

The point is that I won’t use previous prototype and the Original Bermann and New Bermann wouldn’t be compatible with each other. I will keep the original image of Bermann as much as I can but the structure of inside or body will be totally different. So the value of the Original Bermann will be kept.

[Remaking Head]

We will do 3D scanning before digital remaking for this project. After we print out 3D modeling file we will edit something not enough part manually. So there wouln’t be big difference in outline image with the original prototype.
Range of Upgrade
– Making heads more beautiful.
– Giving more detail in visage.
– It will be produced the structure of detaching-attaching head will be produced and have occipital detaching-attaching head like recent dolls have.
– It will have OE and SA head
Bermann and Saint would have soft silhouette and will have a perfect beauty without harming their neutral beautiful manly image.

[New Body]

I won’t recreate the same body like the Original one. His body was made 15 years ago and it’s not enough to use it again. We will make a new one.
Range of Upgrade
– producing a new body silhouette
– no masculine body. They would have slim body that goes well with Bermann and Saint.
– Providing Pose body or pose+ body
– We will take ideas of the structure of joint and inside or the way of attaching tension from new 18M body Khan has.

[New hands]

Its hands would be produced with a neutral feel (between a woman and man). We will make them totally new like its body.
Range of Upgrade
– Describing nails, wrinkles, blood vessel.
– The blood vessel wouldn’t be too strong.
– Concerning degree of folding fingers and palm to make them natural.
– Comfy hands, on the waist hans, I want you hand, I will make these three kind of gesture hand parts.

[New feet]

It will be producedwith a neutral feel (between a woman and man). We will make them totally new like its hands and body.
Range of Upgrade
– Describing tow toenails, wrinkles, blood vessel.
– The blood vessel wouldn’t be too strong.
– Concerning degree of folding toes and sole to make them natural.
– Basic feet, flipflop feet. Total 2 kind of feet parts.

[The scehdule of processig]

Head will be shown in October.
Body will be shown in December.
We will keep updating the processing of the prototype.

[Providing 30% off for 100 units only, First-come, first-served basis]

First-come, first-served basis, we will give you 30% off for 100 units

[Classic Line Price]

Full body 750$ > 520$
Changing to Pose+ body 100$ > 70$
Adding SA Head 200$ > 140$
Adding Gesture hand #1 60$ > 42$
Adding Gesture hand #2 60$ > 42$
Adding Flipflop feet 50$ > 35$
* It’s based on Pure Skin.
* We won’t sell head separately.

[Fashion Line Price]

Full body 450$ > 315$
Changing to Pose+ body 60$ > 42$
Adding SA Head 120$ > 84$
Adding Gesture hand #1 36$ > 25$
Adding Gesture hand #2 36$ > 25$
Adding Flipflop feet 30$ > 21$
* It’s based on Pure Skin.
* We won’t sell head separately.

[Order Period]

September 30th – October 30th

[Shipping schedule]

Starting from January
Finish until February

Dorothy Parker Speaks for All of Us

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Captain Aldwood Gets a Puppy

It's a Christmas ornament from JoAnn's--I just pulled off the eyelet holding the string. They have a variety of animals--I thought this guy was the cutest and also had fur that was obviously plush, and not ...something else. I had intended it for Coppersmith, but the Nuevo body is just enough bigger that the dog looked out of scale, and for some reason Coppersmith's hands don't naturally fit around these little guys.
Like a real dog, he sheds--Aldwood has black poly "fur" on his shirt now. I've wanted pet dolls for my guys, but 15.00 is much more possible than 200.00+, even though the ornament isn't posable.

I went out last evening..and SOMEONE TOOK A BITE OUT OF MY PUMPKIN. No more of that, I say.

Fortress Pumpkin:

Mark Garlick Gives you a Tour of Titan

With lightning :D

Want more? Take this brief tour of Proxima Centauri, possibly our nearest exoplanet:

Mark Garlick writes about Proxima:
Proxima Centauri has been in the media a lot lately. This tiny red dwarf - only 1/7 the diameter of the Sun - is the closest star outside the Solar System, at 4.25 light-years.

What's so special about it? Well, it's got a planet in orbit around it dubbed, unceremoniously, Proxima b. The media has been calling this an 'Earth-like' planet but that's a misnomer. What they mean is terrestrial - it's made of rocky and metal, like the Earth, not a fluid like say Jupiter. But it could easily be as airless as Mercury or as sterile and stifling as Venus. Personally, I think it's likely to have some sort of atmosphere. It's heavier and bigger than the Earth, so it has the gravity to retain heavy gases, unlike Mercury and Mars. It also orbits in its star's habitable zone - theoretically, a region surrounding a star within which liquid water can exist on an the surface of orbiting body.

Below is my take on it. I've included an atmosphere but no water. To the left of Proxima is Alpha Centauri, a binary consisting of two Sun-like stars.

Proxima is a flare star - it's highly magnetic and spews out streams of charged particles. If the world has its own magnetic field (like Earth) and an atmosphere, this would be a fantastic place to go aurora spotting!

If you like his work, be sure to click the "Like" button!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Your Zodiac is Wrong

Apparently Nasa has redone the Zodiac to include the faint Ophicius; I am not sure why it's important to tack on an extra constellation when 12 seemed plenty, but there you are. The article is worth reading for the first comment at the end, by pr0t0.

I like my new Zodiac sign because I have a doll of it :D

Monday, September 26, 2016

Pumpkin Gloating

It's hard to see, but that is a 9-inch green pumpkin lurking in there. It is already larger than anything I have grown, including last year's cabbage heads. Even if something comes and eats it, I have grown a pumpkin! I have plans to put them in front next year, as they really need maximum sun--you can see a bit of powdery mildew going on here, from being in humid shade.  I don't feel like I have to eat them, they can be decorations too--unlike the tomatoes.

 As of today, I am down to 2 tomatoes, and the chipmunks have learned to pick the cherry tomatoes on the deck. As the saying goes, "I ain't even mad", but grateful someone is eating them and they are not going to waste. We seem to have picked up a local possum too--I have seen it twice now at night, rummaging through pineapple rinds and corn cobs out inthe compost pile; and there were bite marks on some of the tomatoes as well. I was OK with that. I like possums, as long as they aren't living in my attic. (My parents had some possums in theirs, and it was a mess and they had to be evicted.)

The morning glories on the second compost pile:

Wild elderberries the birds are eating:

The end-of-the-season zinnias that I grew from seed--they were about 3 times taller than I was expecting:

And while I struggled with Poser code this weekend, J made a pie (from store bought pumpkins)

Soon the owls will be in my big pine tree--it feels like fall now! I might even miss tomatoes ;)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ran gets a dress, and Poser Paul gets Lacrimals

It's a knitted scarf that I got from the Salvation Army..and it is so perfect! I'd like to make her some props, and perhaps a set of jewelry, but right now I am doing Poser tutorials every morning. There is a lot to learn!

 I did finish my current guinea pig, Paul--I had to hand-paint in his lacrimals, he just didn't have any and it looked..strange.

I also mowed, and gloated over my pumpkin. It is still very green, but now small pumpkin-sized!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paul of House Poser

So this guy is Pauline's twin bro, and I spent today trying to get him fixed up a little. Here he is in his native state, and with a morph that I made for him in Argile, shoving around his existing polygons:

His eyebrows are still weirdly high after the morph was added, but his mouth looks a little better--to be fair, Paul the First would look better if his jaw was pushed up to close his mouth; the rest of his face is not terrible, though there were lines from the original template on his face texture map, which makes me think Paul was not really a priority for Smith Micro when they were setting up Poser 11. I think the corners of his eyes disappoint me the most--they are just not sculpted correctly, and the lacrimals are wrong. Also the mapping for the eye is not optimal; the cornea and eye itself is ok, but the rest of it is not easily found on the other maps. There isn't any extra mesh for different eye shapes or folds or a place for a tear line, and the lashes are shaped slightly wrong as well, and attached oddly. There is a way to subdivide the mesh in Poser, but if I am going to be subdividing things I might as well go into Argile and make my own dumb head, which probably would be just as problematic as the Paul head... but it would be mine.

Later in the day, after more poking around:

This is without subsurface translucency--somewhere there is a python script that helps you set it up, but I have to go find it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Iplehouse Fashions

When Iplehouse employees should have been home relaxing for the Fall Festival, they were instead sitting at the family dinner table, sewing. Today there are new photos of some glorious dresses: this one is the Red Pearl , modelled by Miss Bibiane (an E.I.D.)

And look at SID Eva as the Snow Queen! She looks almost more amazing than the dress--Iple should offer the wig as an accessory ;) I do think this means that you should assume the dress is SID size, as Iple clothes tend to run small.

I think this is SID Grace (?) in the Red Butterfly: (The outfit set includes the necklace, but not the crown)

Doria in the confusingly named "Black Leona": (Doria is an EID)

And Rexy in the Princess White dress (aw, so cute!) I love those NYID girls!

And I tell myself I have an Eva, I don't need a Snow Queen version.

 Though I am still not over Grace in her green lipstick as Elpheba. :p Even the jewelry on that set was awesome. Ooo, it's still for sale!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mitsuwa and a Proto-Pumpkin

It was a small group this time, but so fun (It's actually easier with less people, as the space we can use is sort of limited). This is an Oasisdoll Nathalie, which I had never seen in person before--she's just gorgeous! Lots more:
Some very pretty boy (that is his default faceup) maybe Loongsoul or Ringdoll (I was told the name, did I write it down? No, and probably that was just as well, I like him a lot.

A Dollfie Dream girl in her fullset, and a very shy Volks boy--I want to say he is a Shiro, but I am often led astray by the fact I learned the Volks molds from JennieNemesis, so I tend to call the Volks dolls by her names and not the factory ones :o
A 60 cm Dollzone Mo (not the msd sized one) and after some though,t I think this is a Dollzone BBJing. He's definitely one of the 2009 ish small Dollzone kids, and he's cute as a button.

A bespectacled Unoa and a Minifee (I think) next to her, and a gorgeous Vanessa head in the back--my photo of Vanessa came out blurry, but the faceup is so well done!

A very tall, elegant Dollzone Yuu, and his pretty friend, whose name I also did not write down:

More girls:

These are Akutenshi07's girls and they are her "shoulder demon" and "shoulder angel"; both MNF Rheia heads, though the very worried angel was a sleeping plate originally. I think it's funny the angel looks like "My job is a hard one" while the demon probably says things like "You can totally afford the new Angel Studio girl AND a centaur! Or two!" and does a little dance. The little scorpion girl was a lucky bag find! Including the wig! :D

I only brought a project rather than a completed doll, a Resinsoul Lian, and I totally forgot to bring a dress to put her in once she was assembled, so she spent part of the meet in a bubble wrap dress..which she is still in:

I love the color! Supposedly she is the original blue, but faded--I like it better this color.

Here are some leftoever weekend photos: The morning glory on the compost pile:

The raspberries we bought at the farmer's market:

And my baby pumpkin! I'm so excited, the possums, or someone, had been eating the pumpkin flowers so nothing was setting fruit until now. I hope this one is now too big to nom, it's the size of my fist:

It was a fun weekend..and Akutenshi found me real bubble tea! <3

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cats Change Your Plans

..And there goes the afternoon. I have doll photos from Mitsuwa I need to upload later!
Art by Hannah Hillam, who has  more funny stuff on her site.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Star Man Neck

The Impldoll New Star Man (not the Idol) is pretty nice for hybrids--the neck is a 12cm around, but because of how it curves at the top you can get smaller heads to sit on it nicely. Thranduil has good movement on that body, and stays where you put him without looking like he's a pinhead on there. This Impl resin in Normal Pink-- and is roughly the color of Iplehouse Normal.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Amber in Gray

I spent most of today making little specular dots on a "shine" texture map for Pauline--this eventually will be "Amber" for Pauline; I can't decide if it's going to be a freebie or not--I think it depends on how good it looks in the end once the color and bump maps are cleaned up.

 I also watched more Poser11 tutorials and googled rendering questions, and picked tomatoes--I ate 4 small ones for lunch, and picked nine. The tomato count is going up faster than we can eat them. My neighbor Ed is on vacation and said I could pick his--I haven't even set foot in his yard except to rake leaves; though I can see he also has lots of tomatoes.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pauline, Painted

So after wrestling with software for a couple of days, this is the somewhat altered Pauline with my own first draft of a texture--color only, no shine or bumpiness so far. The Superfly renderer makes all my black painting sort of reddish, which is a hmmm, but I did find some factory rendering  presets in a dropdown menu that did include "in my lifetime"renders, so that made me happy. There are still things on the maps that I can't figure out what they are...the insides of her eyes? her nose? Genitalia? I am just going to have to color them purple and render them, and then of course they will turn out to be the underside of her tongue, which I forget she even has 90% of the time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Morning Glories

It's almost the end of the morning glory season, but right now they are at their best. The giant vines on the back fence don't seem to want to set flowers, but that might be because I planted them too late.

 The accidental one on the compost with the giant leaves has set little purple trumpets, very pretty, but very small compared to the leaves:

The best bloomer is the one I put in the old SCA chest that the lid fell off of:

I'm sorry to say I think a claw-footed tub would be cuter than the wooden box...

And finally, the usual bee backside. The bees just ignore me now, I am just that weird garden animal that putters around while they eat.
I did nothing doll-related today, unless you count rendering a Poser doll countless times with the new Superfly renderer. It's very slow on the quality levels, I have yet to find a setting that includes "accurate shadows" and "renders in my lifetime."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thousand Dollar Centaur

...and worth every penny--she is huge, Zenith Girl sized. (You can do 6 months layaway). While the  Serena the Centaur is spectacular, and her outfit is also glorious, I've never been a centaur doll person any more than I like resin mermaid tails. But here is a couple more photos (the page is worth a visit just for the photos, there are lots!

But if you just want a doll with legs, Souldoll is happy to oblige; there is Serena Human Version:

Haha I want the boots EVEN MORE THAN SERENA though it's a close call. Sadly the boots are not in the shoe section--I looked. And I hear you say, "I wanted legs b-b-but I wanted the elf ears!" YES you can have the head with elf ears on your boot-wearing elf girl--it's on the drop down menu and it doesn't change the price to swap it for the human-eared head. Since I bought a chimney I can just look at the elf and wave--maybe we will meet in two years on the Marketplace.

Souldoll, by the way, was careful to point out that they braided the hair for the photos and the wig you will be getting is the usual Soom-type silver or blonde wave braid (I suspect they buy them from the same place Soom does).