Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Back in 2012, Soom did a hugely popular Free Choice Event of their early fantasy dolls, where you could order things like Beryl, Cuprit and Topaz in any color as long as it wasn't the original color. You could also mix and match heads and bodies, though you had to buy a head and a body. So a lot of people ordered a) Vesuvia as a full doll (I have the one in Normal Skin, she was originally released in a lavender glitter resin) and b) a Topaz body with whatever head they really wanted. This was because the Topaz body was the cheapest one and the closest to the normal human body--she came with clear orange fantasy hands and feet, though since her fantasy feet you can't use to stand her up on, Soom also included human flat feet and heel feet with her. The problem later came when people took off the head they wanted and then popped out the headless body on the Marketplace--I think the normal skin bodies got picked up right away, because it's easy enough to get normal skin hands for them, but then there was this gorgeous bronze body. I think Aceinit was the first one to buy it, but then she waited and waited for a bronze head to show up (she wanted an Onxy or a Vesuvia) and of course anyone who had those would have to be in dire straits to sell it, so no dice. Aceinit finally gave up a couple of months ago and sold it to someone else, and then last week the next person also gave up and flopped the poor thing back out on the MP. However, because it had been floating around so long, I HAD A PLAN for it and as soon as it arrived here at the house I went back to the Marketplace and collected a Granado Gabe head for the body, since I know the Granado boys fit perfectly on the fat old body Soom neck. Then it was just a matter of painting to get it close to the body, and voila, a head and a body. Now she needs appropriate clothes for a Mesopotamian goddess. (These were just so the photo would be Safe For Work).

Monday, September 29, 2014

As a PS ( Molly's Porn Prison Story)

Molly is the person who wrote the Porn Prison story. What, you haven't read it?

"I did not rent that"

Molly Works At A Bar in Madrid

The following is lifted from ofgeography.tumblr.com

when i lived in spain, i worked as a “bartender” in madrid. i put “bartender” in quotation marks because my boss fernando trusted me with literally nothing but cleaning glasses and occasionally a CLOSELY SUPERVISED mojito. the bar was called “la chocita sueca,” which basically means “the swedish hut,” but can also, as far as i can tell, mean something VERY DIFFERENT and vERY RUDE.

this led to a lot of general confusion from the patrons, who were always wondering whether i (the only super, super white person) was The Swede.

"THIS BAR IS NOT NAMED AFTER ME," i would shout, trying to be heard above the music and the huge portrait of elvis that hung behind the bar. "I AM LITERALLY JUST HERE TO WASH DISHES AND MAKE TERRIBLE MOJITOS."











at which point fernando would sweep in and say soothingly, “shhh, it’s okay. why don’t you go wipe down the vomit on the bar??” rinse. rather. repeat.

anyway, on weeknights when the bar wasn’t busy, fernando always let me come in and talk to him and learn how to make drinks. as someone who hates hard liquor, i was very bad at it. my entire repertoire is a mimosa and a tequila sunrise. in my defense, fernando was aware of this going in. the entire hiring process went:

ME: can i work here?

FERNANDO: do you know how to make alcoholic beverages in exchange for money?

ME: no.

FERNANDO: come on wednesday.

so one day, my roommate bryan takes me out for a delicious fancy dinner, along with his little brother and his little brothers three friends, who were all visiting and sleeping on our floor. on the walk home i noticed that we were going to pass by la chocita (which was about a 5 minute walk from my house). so i separated from bryan and the boys to drop in and say hello to my old friend fernando.

it’s a tuesday at 9:30p.m. so the bar was naturally empty, and fernando was just chillin’ with the elvis picture and the human-sized statue of liberty replica.

"maya!!" he said. he called me maya, as did most of my friends in madrid, because it was easier and because i hate the way "molly" sounds when it is breaking up a spanish sentence. "molly" in any language that isn’t english literally sounds like a fart on a first date.

"molly" when said in an english sentence: what a cute, rosy-cheeked young lady, probably looking to cuddle a dog and have a good laugh!!


so in i pop, and there is fernando, who immediately sets to telling me all about his son and how handsome he is and how he’s about my age and fernando’s not saying anything but he’s JUST SAYING—

"here, have some of this," fernando said, and handed me a glass of kalimotxo.



2. get some diet coke.

3. get some ice

4. combine.

5. “WHAT IS HAPPENING????” - your body, horrified and delighted.

"idk, fernando," i said. "it’s a tuesday? i have class tomorrow?"


i took the drink.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING????" - my body, horrified and delighted.

"try this, too," fernando told me after a moment, pushing a bright green glass in my direction. "it’s new. i’m trying it out."

"idk, fernando," i said. "it’s a tuesday? i have class tomorrow?"


i took the drink.

"THIS IS DANCING A SAMBA IN MY MOUTH!!" - my actual words to my actual boss.

"wait wait, try this one," fernando added, now pushing a tiny shot glass toward me with gold-colored liquid and sugar at the bottom.

"idk, fernando," i said. "it’s a tuesday? my lips are tingly?"


i took the drink.

"it tastes like i already regret it!!!" - me, giving the statue of liberty replica a kiss.


"okay," fernando said, and handed me a bag of bar nuts as big as my torso. it was very heavy. it was a tuesday at about 11p.m. and i opened the bag, dipped my hand in, and shoved a whole handful into my mouth.

IN MY DEFENSE: these were the best bar nuts in the world. i stand by that.

"you should go home," fernando told me, looking suddenly doubtful. "you have class on wednesday."

"WHO EVER HEARD OF CLASS ON A WEDNESDAY?" i said. "GIVE ME SOME MORE OF THE TINGLY LIPS STUFF." it was probably hard to hear me around the bar nuts.

fernando, now very alarmed, called me a taxi. i should remind you that my apartment was a five minute walk from the bar, but with my hands full of a full 3-lb bag of bar nuts that i refused to give back and a my fist closed tightly around the neck of a bottle of tinto de verano, there was really no way i was going to make it that far.

"where to?" the taxista asked. i gave him my address. he blinked at me. "that’s… right there," he said, and pointed.

"yes," i agreed, taking another mouthful of bar nuts.

"we can see it," the taxista said.

"yes," i agreed again. "would you like some bar nuts?"

"….no," the taxista said, and pulled forward toward my apartment, glancing nervously back at the chipmonked motherfucker doublefisting bar nuts and dessert wine in the back of his cab on a tuesday.


"okay," the taxista said. "we’re here."

i don’t remember what happened after that, but in the morning i woke up to the following three surprises:

the tinto de verano was nowhere to be found. nowhere. did i give it to the taxista???? did i leave it on the stairs???? HAD THERE EVER BEEN A BOTTLE AT ALL???? WHO PUT SEVEN LEMONS IN MY FRIDGE?

i was wearing socks on my hands.

i woke up to bryan’s brother and his three friends asking loudly, “why the hell are there nuts everywhere?”

"NO REASON," i said.

(The photo is unrelated, I just wanted an image for Bloglovin's thumbs)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Iplehouse Scarlet

Yep, Iplehouse has done it again and put up a new EID woman for the Carved Heritage set, the sassy Scarlet. Here are Daniel Yoon's notes about her outfit (pix aren't fully up yet on the site)

Right now I am pretending she doesn't exist, but if she becomes a standard in a year or two I might have to bring Scarlet home..I love her expression!

Some Test Photos

This is the sword that Akutenshi7 brought back for me from Dollism, with it's fabulous copper hilt. I just need to make a scabbard for it and put a tassel at the top--Coppersmith already has his belt. I spent part of the day familiarizing myself with the new camera, which is 90 percent like the old camera, but with a new, annoying user interface. I ended up going back to the Windows image handler instead because it's a lot cleaner and faster, and it seems to work fine. The new camera can generate larger files, which is nice. I still haven't quite made friends with the macro settings and the camera still struggles with full bright daylight and shadows, but it otherwise seems to be ok so far. The zoom setting is nice--this is a sparrow on top of a huge pile of deco straw at Home Depot, and he's about 10 feet above me here:

Here is a couple of macro shots--Shushu was taken before I realized that I had the wrong setting, but she is just in room light, and she isn't too grainy. She has a gorgeous wig also by Akutenshi:

I think those are Ersa Flora eyes, by the way. Here is Raisin, also just in room light:

Some more care in lighting her would really pay off, I think, but it's nice not to have to always use a flash. Here is just an interior general shot of the shop, on the Auto setting, and it looks fine too:

I also found a place to adjust the exposure manually, which seemed helpful--photoshop can usually brighten a dark photo but it can't rescue burned out areas. This little camera still has the crappy little doors over the battery compartment and the usb slots, but I can't think of a better way of covering those besides going to a rotating pin like my phone has over the power slot. The new camera is a Nikon Coolpix L620 and is designed mostly for casual photos. Eventually I might get a higher-end camera-- but at the same time the learning curve is higher, as is the price tag.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soom Beryl SO

Just some filler pix of Artemisia while I figure out how to use my new camera--I left my old one at Mitsuwa and Akutenshi rescued it. She brought back the MOST GLORIOUS COPPER-HILTED RAPIER ever from Dollism, one of those Dollmore limiteds...and gave it to me. I am extremely spoiled. We won't even mention the custom wigs or the knitted shawl :D So more photos tomorrow in daylight.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hazards of Archaeology

I talked to K last night. She said she spent the evening hanging out with some friends, and that one of them, Dan, is now a professional archaeologist and K said I "made a good call" in not actually becoming an archaeologist. I said it was because I had found out it involved being on hands and knees in the dirt for hours with a ruler and a paintbrush, removing dirt an atom at a time, instead of hacking through the jungle with a machete to discover the ruins of Copan. K said no, it was "because bees." Dan said that most of what he did was dig test holes in sites before construction went forward in order to determine if there were remains of historical interest on the site, and that 99% of the time there was nothing; but bees. Usually the first shovelful will discover a treasure trove of ground bees-- and because Dan has gloves and long sleeves on they would head right for his face and neck.

The real reason I didn't go for archaeology was because I had a chance to see Barry Cunliffe (now Sir Barrington Windsor Cunliffe) lecture enthusiastically at Leeds University in the 1980's about his finds in Celtic trash pits (he actually liked to do the first pass with a bulldozer to save time) and while he found out fascinating, important and quite gripping things about the everyday lives of the early Brits, it didn't change the fact he and his assistants were digging through the equivalent of trash cans and old poop and worse to discover these things. Also there was a lot of working with the hated paintbrush; rain, mud and sleeping in tents outside in the British weather. Also the pay was pretty much a pound a week and my parents would have had to chip in to keep me there the summer after I did my junior year abroad, and I missed tacos and good toilet paper. On such things are career decisions made.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Early Thursday Morning

This was taken around 6:24 in the morning, when two things happened--it started to smell so much like skunk in the bedroom it made my eyes water (I think a skunk likes to sit under the hostas right outside the bedroom window, but it's also looking like maybe one has figured out some nook or cranny just outside the basement to lurk in.) In any case, usually I just open the window on the other side of the house and try to ignore the smell, but there was also a bang from the kitchen and the cat decided it was time for me to get up NOW since she doesn't like skunks and/or strange noises. So I staggered out to the kitchen and it looked like metro Chicago was on fire,(though it was just the sun coming up) so I took a photo, and started to check around to be sure the skunk wasn't on the porch. No skunk on porch, or at least what I could see through the kitchen window--the back door was shut and locked. So I checked mousetraps under the sink. No mice. I fed the cat and took another photo:

It's now 6:40. I start to open the Drawers We Never Put Things in because of the perpetual mouse problem, and in the last drawer, there it was:

I know it's mean to laugh at mouse tragedy, but really. But now I had to actually lift it out to get rid of it, and while I have handled rabbits, snakes, squirrels, chipmunks, birds and bits of all of the above, I just can't deal with mice, and J was in Vancouver at a conference. So I finally worked up the courage to open the door to the porch and grab the tongs (still no skunk in view, only in smell) and get the mouse and the trap out of the drawer and into the trash. It was now 7 AM and I was too awake to go back to bed, and also the trash had to be put out--which also meant more places I might find the skunk. I went down through the garage and out the door and got the trash to the curb. So far, no skunk. All this would have been easier if I hadn't stayed up until 2 AM reading some very scary suernatural detective stories by Kat Richardson, which is never a good idea when one is alone in the house with lots of wildlife outside.

I did later in the day get a nice picture of a grasshopper, though:

I just hope the skunk was just stopping by this morning, and is not sleeping in the space under the fuse box in the basement. I haven't looked there.

Tuppy Asleep in Philadelphia

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Saw Arrives

J finally got his saw, sort of as his own birthday present. It's a Saw-Stop, which has a safety feature of being able to detect fingers too close to the blade and apply a brake to the blade (it's apparently dramatic to see how it works, I think there are YouTube videos of it). I'm happy with this, since J works in the shop by himself most of the time, and he needs his fingers. In reality, he's probably going to be fine since he worked for years in refineries, and is Mr. Safety. (At a party once another guy said to J, "Your job scares me" and he was a nuclear power plant operator at Salem ;D) On the other hand, I was worried about J getting this 300 lb monster up into the shop, but he made a rolling cart for it and didn't drop it on his toes.

Here it is safely in the shop--it still needs the base (on backorder):

You can see even with the cart it was heavy. Now I have to resist the temptation to present J with a long list of wood projects I want :D

Monday, September 22, 2014

Small Gods

Buff decided to move along some of her collection of interesting art objects, including 5 Mexican gods of unknown name and origin. I'm going to dig a bit--Buff thought they were possibly Mayan but I am not sure; they could be Aztec or Nahua inspired, though they were carved sometime in the mid 20th century, 1960-1980. I found out that some were sold as tourist items in a shop in Reynosa, Tamaulipas state, Mexico. (this via the helpful robertl4072, Robert Lochhead, who has an ebay store and more of these guys for sale, plus other neat items.) The stone is very heavy and dense, with reflective inclusions and very smooth and polished. Each god fits nicely in the palm of one's hand. I need to make a little case for them with something to keep them upright and in place, as they tend to want to topple over on their own.

OK a bit of googling makes me think they are made of rainbow obsidian, which would explain why it feels like heavy glass. Later Robert looked at the photo here and said yep, those were from his grandfather's shop.

In Case You Missed Dollism...

Last weekend was Dollism, a big doll convention in Buffalo, New York, and there were a lot of dealers and a lot of fun events. I didn't go for many reasons, one of them being planes, but I was able to live vicariously through Akutenshi7's photos and WinonaFlammery's photostream, shown here. I don't know if you need to have a Flickr account to see them, but if you do, Winona seems to have covered almost everything. She also took a photo of the thing that would have cleaned out my wallet..eyeballs.

(Hah "Just looking")

But wait there is more! Here is ForeverVirginia's photoset as well!

This is part of Soom's display--I like it because you get an idea of what their gray looks like.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yomigaeri's Luna Tamer

Yomigaeri is listing a Rose Gray Iplehouse Luna Tamer on Den of Angels (here--you need to be a qualified member to see the listing) and while I have way too many pretty girls that I need to finish here, I have to admit I was tempted. It is challenging sometimes to get things out of Russia (I've bought small items with no trouble; it takes about a month for things to arrive) but EMS is pretty reliable, and Yomigaeri herself is a good seller. And look how cute Luna's face is! Yomigaeri did her faceup and I suspect made that adorable rockabilly dress too, which is included in the sale. Also included are the boots, that fabulous mohair wig, the necklace, the original box and certificate. One pair of feet are lighter (as often happens when one set is used and the other is in storage), but it looks like Yomigaeri sanded the whole doll down at one point to even out the color before she repainted the doll. Luna is on the old, sturdy EID body as well. Such a cutie!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

More Liz Climo

more cute things here.

Heels on a Delf Boy

My friend Girrl has an interesting problem: she has a large Granado Jaden head and the desire to make him into a short, fairly flat-chested girl so he could hang out with her Erszabet, who I think is a petite 50-something cm girl. Because the Jaden head is so large, I thought the sort of androgynous Delf Boy body would have a big enough neck for the head but be curvy enough to make a flat-chested girl. Alejandro here has a big head--size 9 for wigs, but he looks fine on his own Delf body. Girrl also wanted some heel feet-- would the Granado Male heel feet fit the Delf ankles? It turns out they fit fine--I would hot-glue suede the ankles to stabilize them, buy you can see they fit the ankles ok:

Since Alejandro is old and a bit mellowed, the new pink feet don't match his older normal skin, but a newer Fairyland body or even a 2010 or newer Luts Delf body would be the Normal Pinky color that these feet are. Girrl also wanted to see some alternate hands--here I have the original El "grabby hands" on the left, and some Dikadoll jointed hands that are Normal Yellow (there is a white one in there too).

The second photo is a old Soom Female Hook Hand, and I like it a lot for size and shape--Girrl would need to order one now, though, to get a better color match than the White shown here.

I was curious to see if Al could stand on the heel feet with some Mimiwoo shoes, and the answer is yes, Mimiwoo's shoes fit the Granado Male Heel Feet perfectly,

and he can stand in them--though since he is not wired or sueded I felt I needed to prop him for the photo.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Some photos of Sophie Cushion (Soom Beryl)

It was a gorgeous day today, so I hauled out Sophie (who needs wiring desperately) and took some photos--she's wearing a Sewing Box Design coat, a Beachgirlnikita necklace, Dream Walker Horns, and some either kawaiimon or Beachgirl leggings. She's fun to dress, though she seems unwilling to share anything. (I bought the tights for Raisin, my Soom Migma).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Working on a Dress

It's just a simple tube of some pretty fab fabric. I will just put a bit of elastic at the waist and the top edge and finish the sequins on the bottom edge, it's getting to be fall weather here and I will want to start making "warmer" clothes for them-- because seeing the dolls sitting around with nothing makes me cold :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grasshopper and Helicopter

brought in by Stripey.

Not brought in by Stripey: toy helicopter that J bought.

Stripey Did Not Want.

Also, tried on Granado Gabe's head on the Maiden body.

Didn't look bad until I put this blonde wig on him, then it was another Do Not Want. Tanglewyn looks sympathetic.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mr Ropuha Again

Mr Ropuha is being re-issued, and you can get him from jpopdolls.net--here is the information:


Preorder period for Mr. Ropuha in moss skintone is opened on JPopDolls!

Preorder ends on October 15th.

Price: 230 USD.

More details: http://www.jpopdolls.net/store/product.php?productid=4407&cat=429&page=1

I can personally attest to the fact that Mr. Ropuha is the Cutest Thing Ever, though the one I ordered last year lives with K and spends his time surfing the internet instead of gardening, which is what Mr. Ropuha would do here.