Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ten Spoilers for Sharknado 2

by Chris Harnick

1. Kelly Osbourne is decapitated by shark. On a plane.

2. Tara Reid's hand is bitten off by a shark. On a plane.

3. The cameos: Perez Hilton is killed, but Jared Fogle, the Subway guy, survives and is just sitting around waiting for the subway. Plus, Tracie Thoms and Biz Markie, Robert Klein, Sandra "Pepa" Denton of Salt-n-Pepa...

4. Matt Lauer and Al Roker seemingly have more screen time than Tara Reid. They survive, all limbs intact, and kill a shark in the Today studio. Why not?

5. The head of the Statue of Liberty kills that guy from Shark Tank.

6. Tara Reid makes it so a shark gets run over by an ambulance.

7. Tara Reid pulls up in a fire truck and asks the guys if they need a ride.

8. Taxi star and Oscar nominee, Tony and Emmy winner Judd Hirsch is in it. He plays a cab driver.

9. Mark McGarth survives the entire thing.

10. Vivica A. Fox basically kicks a ton of butt and then gets electrocuted and eaten mid-air. What?

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Pork Roast, Tiny Shoes, and a Wing

A while back J got a Dutch Oven as a gift, and yesterday he decided to give it a try to cook a pork roast. He braised the roast, then put it for an hour in the oven, them added the potatoes and other stuff and let it go for another hour. It was perfect.

It's been a quiet week--I should be painting doll heads but there is laundry, commissions and other stuff going on, including a package from Chalyss of TINY SHOES!! OMG what a fabulous gift--NO ONE wants to part with shoes, ever, and I happen to know this style of Mimiwoo shoes fits super gem girls perfectly. :D

I also poked a bit at Iris' wig--it's roving and I find I love to braid it, though I have no clue how to attach it without stitching lines, short of glueing it. I should probably weft it instead of just tacking it down directly. Here it is so far:

I also have some Nephelin wings I am trying to fix up, as part of the "catch up with the dolly backlog while I can", here's just a start, a sketch of sort of a steampunk design. I'm thinking maybe of digging out Tesla and seeing if I can graft these on somehow.

Tesla could also use some body paint. And clothes, now that I have a ton of tumblr reference for 1880.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teodor (Mads) and his Wig (at last)

I wanted a super nice wig to go with the faceup that Lachlana did, and so I ordered one from chattybratty on Ebay, and of course the Kent, WA post office ate it almost immediately, so chattybratty made me a completely new one. (I love her wigs so much). And I love how it looks on Teodor!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Iris in Sophie's Yukata

Iris is another doll I have been meaning to fix up; I started on a wig for her today between other projects, so it's still very WIP. But the Sewing Box Designs yukata is glorious--it actually belongs to another doll, but Iris was out and available to try it on. (Iris has a somewhat unsatisfactory Peakswood body, but it has the advantage of being here and the Iris head fits ok).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Minifee Mouse

This actually fits fine, I had just started to pull it over my Minifee ShuShu's head (the fabric is stretchy) and the "ears" made me laugh so much I took a photo.

Also, completely unrelated, is this cartoon:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Stuffed Gator Head, Water Hyacinths and a Bee

The water hyacinths are blooming in the pond. The frogs are wandering around the yard, looking for bugs; I think they ate all the minnows, but at least the water hyacinths are doing great. J took apart the filter again this morning and evicted a bunch of water snails, which get inside the motor and gum things up. I'm thinking some nylon net around the filter might help that problem.

And we have bees on all the flowers:

We also went to Home Depot and bought a pickaxe for enlarging the moat around the shed (it still floods when it rains hard), and we tried to buy some light bulbs--the bulbs weren't in the computer, and in disgust the clerk just gave us the bulbs; so we got a couple of small Chinese bulbs as a Gift With Purchase with the pickaxe. By the way, if you need house paint and you aren't in love with a particular color, check out the paint returns--sometimes people find they don't like a custom mixed color, and there will be a few odd gallons of paint languishing in a cart in the paint department, waiting to be adopted for something like 30% or more off. It's often the really nice Behr paint, too.

J is getting ready for a small fishing trip; so we went up to the fishing store and while he bought what he needed there, I walked over to Affordable Antiques (it's on Ogden and Naper Road, I assume in Naperville), and I had not realized a) it's huge inside and B) they have doll stuff. In fact, I found a pitcher that matched the punch bowl and cups I bought at the doll show in June. It's basically a consignment place, with each little booth-like space belonging to the consigner, and the stuff was amazing. Lots of vintage and antique jewelry, deco stuff, teacups galore, your various curio and Cursed Objects (J said the Winchester boys would probably want to just torch the place because the sheer volume of oddities in there, you'd never be able to spot that one haunted painting or Egyptian amulet among the hundreds). I did sneak a photo of my favorite amazing thing:

It's true that the Supernatural producers might not like the fact that it is also brightly lit and obsessively clean in there. I found two bjd scale Wheaton bottles there too, and I regret I didn't buy the second green flask-style bottle with Benjamin Franklin on it. I'll take pix of the bottles I did buy tomorrow. We went to Ted's for dinner, Barnes and Noble for a couple of cds, and discovered that my credit union card isn't hooking up to the bank, so there is some kind of computer fubar going on there. I have to investigate more Monday to see what is up. J said it must be "beer on the servers".

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tiny Shirt, Flowers, Robins Egg and Velcro

I sewed up a shirt for a Delf sized doll yesterday--I tried it on the Souldoll body; and it's a little too boxy and the bust points are too low for Tanglewyn, so I will have to adjust the pattern. I did use the coolest thing ever to fasten doll clothes, and that is these little 1/4 inch velcro dots--they are fairly slim and hold well, though I think they are probably not very washable.

I also did a lot of yard work--we are getting the first of the gladiolas:

and I found an abandoned robin's eggshell:

And speaking of birds, I found out that people are serious about hummingbird feeders and food around here--these were under lock and key at Jewel-Osco.

Maybe the hummingbird food is habit forming...?

Fairyland Oops

Fairyland site for Minifee photos.

Song Anatomy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tanglewyn's Dress

Tanglewyn, after an ENTIRE YEAR of waiting, finally has her very own skirt and top made from an old tank top of mine. The top actually has a lace edge on it (under the skirt right now so you can't see it) so she can wear it with leggings. You can see the unsewn fabric just tossed over her in the post with the Caterpillar. I still need to get her shoes--Souldoll Zenith girls have big feet and that makes them wonderful to pose--Tangle can stand up on her own with no problem, but I need to figure out exactly what size her feet are--maybe SD men's size, or even Iplehouse women's size. Here's a close shot of her cute face:

More Harace

Another photo lifted from Iplehouse's flickr

She is so pretty, but I have one of each female Iple size now, and I don't need more--I find them a little heavy to deal with, though they make truly gorgeous fashion models.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Iplehouse Harace

Harace, still somewhat in development--her costume shown on the Iple Bjd page, where Daniel Yoon talks about developing her character, shows a big white 18th century style dress. I assume the Turkish hareem style garment is because she was sold to someone as a concubine as part of the overall Carved Heritage story (which is developing more plotlines than people at this rate ;) I really want something like this for Claudia, but the quality is too fine for what Claudia would wear to climb over walls. Iplehouse does such amazing costumes!

Full view of Harace is on Iplehouse's Flickr

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Caterpillar and a Little Dance

My Mom not only knits hats, scarves and gloves, she could knit a coral reef if she felt so inclined. She took pity on my lack of Caterpillar from the Alice story, and knitted me a Caterpillar (Soom never made a posable caterpillar, and I whined a lot about that.) By coincidence, I was fixing up Tanglewyn the Fairy this morning when the caterpillar box arrived; and Tangle makes a pretty good Alice for a photo op. (The doll that has been Alice here is now sharing a body with someone else and is not ready for her close-up.) I may make him little yarn hands so he can hold a teacup, too!

I also spent some time today goofing around with the new Lads body--I haven't wired or sueded him at all, and he holds poses amazingly well...and I found out one reason why:

He's got little embedded silicon beads under his chest plate! How cool is that? And yes, I did cheat a little for the one footed pose, but that is because my table is slippery and I was having trouble with his feet skidding on the flat surface, so I put down a blob from the sculpey thing that I was working on. (I boiled up a small magic item in a Goodwill pot for one minute, and the sculpey seems to have set perfectly from that.)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shark Week

K swims with the sharks at Great Clips. Every time I look at this it makes me laugh.

More Fabio and Gabe

Still working on Fabio's faceup--I need to clean floors today so I can't spend all day poking at dolls, but another Den of Angels member had a question about Gabe's joints on the Lads body, so I took a picture of them. They are the "peanut" joints and they are awesome.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Granado Fabio

I got two boxes today from Granado, as a surprise (they came really fast) and I thought I would put up a couple of photos of Fabio first. I did a test faceup of him today, but I think I might have to take it off a redo it tomorrow--it's not quite right. Here's the gorgeous blank sculpt up close:

And with the unsatisfactory faceup.

He needs thicker brows and a different angle, plus the eyelashes are not great--he needs some custom ones. But I think he is wonderful! Here is the other fellow who came today, Gabe on a Lads body. Both bodies are really excellent posers.

I will post more Lads body detail photos tomorrow!

Friday, July 18, 2014

SophieC's new coat

Rajendora sent several items for SophieC and they are all glorious--I will try to take photos of the rest this weekend.

Friday Dinner

Actually we went to the noodle shop,WHERE THEY HAD BUBBLE TEA since I did just dishes,weeding and stuff sorting during the day, and J took Stripey to the vet for her annual check up and rabies shot. Stripey sang the song of her people there and back again in the car. J said it was "loud".

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Soom's Odette

Soom has once more put out another glorious Super Gem princess just when I had tossed away my money on carpets and computers. She's truly lovely, with the nice old-style feather wings and cute little head wings and mercifully, no swan feet (though ballet slippers would have been adorable). Her sales page is here, and she is on the new body with the one-part heel feet as a feature (like Beauty had). I always recommend spending the extra 20.00 for the mobility joint, too--it makes a huge difference in posability.

Along with the fancy extra heel feet, she also has custom "mid nail" hands, very pretty and graceful.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kitten Stretch and Kitten Wave

Dream Walker Horns Arrive!

I'm so happy Soom is selling the extra parts a la carte--these are from the Dream Walker release. The Heliot Dream Ripper head wings are available right now as a standalone, by the way, they are also nice! These came with the full set of magnets and as Sophie Cushion is the old version of Beryl, she has the magnet pockets for head horns--I glued in the magnets but just taped in the magnets in her headcap, since I didn't want to get glue on her or be stuck with just one set of horns, in case other horns show up that would be fun. These are the "wine" ones and I am glad I chose that color instead of the red. I'm considering putting a tiny wash of gold over them, but I haven't made up my mind yet. They came with a wonderful "ornament" as well:

I also bought SophieC. some shoes:

Soom's tiny shoes are a nice as human shoes, and cost about the same as well :o. Luckily SophieC. doesn't wear them out.