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New Website Who Dis?

Soom has a new website! And it is much better than the old one, it looks like it's on a commercial template so it should be easier for them to update.
If you already have an account, it won't let you log in until you redo your password, and it seems to need to be 12 characters long. So it's not that they have forgotten your account, they just want you to get an updated pass, and then you can log in and see your old account information.

And they re-released Ivory WITH ELF EARS. I like her dress, too. Oh dear where is that lottery ticket/money tree/rich uncle?? I'm not too interested in the Romantic eye version though it does look nice, I like the original open eye version.

This is Original Ivory:

Cat Meme


I color Digital Hair


Since I didn't create the underlying model, I had to make a LOT of colors to fulfill Renderosity's slot for a product. But I made it, plus a couple I pulled because they were too close to another one or just
not perfect. Here are the thumbnails:

I hope that gets bigger when you click on it! It was surprisingly fun--the hardest part was making sure I didn't accidentally pick up any of Prae's textures for my own pack (each color has 16 to 20 slots for maps or setting). I had to import her model, then make it white and blank, save it as a Character in the Daz Studio library in it's cleaned state,close DS, reopen it,  re-import my demo model, and then apply my own setting and maps, and save each one as a short script to load the colors and maps.
 But it passed testing today and should appear on Renderosity on Thursday night. You will need to own Prae's Emerie Hair for G3-G8 for these--thes…