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More Bad Cats

"0 days since I brought a dead lizard in the house"

"I am the reason we won't get the security deposit back"

But they can be cute, too:

("Imma nibble this rubber eyepiece")

Auction Iplehouse Grace, and Souldoll Hae-Bin

She's light brown, she has some casting spots in the brown, but she is at the starting bid quite a bit cheaper than the "Doll Choice" version of herself. She is the standard SID size. There is the usual rack of four dolls up on the front page if you want to check them out; I just happen to like Grace here.

I also checked on Souldoll--they are discontinuing some dolls, so if you have a wishlist it would be a good idea to go check their front page; you can order until the 31st (Korean time, so in the US that means "tomorrow") As well as discontinuing some people, Souldoll has added a few more. Here is a new Zenith doll that looks like a real person to me:

Isn't Hae-Bin pretty? She has such a good faceup, too.

Twigling Ingenue For Sale

Lelahel is selling her Twigling/Nanyalin Ingenue; I just finished purchasing a Soom LMOD from her and Lelahel is really delightful to work with. Her Ingenue is fairly new, purchased at LDoll in 2014. If you have been interested in one of Twigling's girls, here is a good way to get one without the months-long wait, and if you are in the EU, Miss Ingenue can come to you without punishing customs fees. Here is the listing--you need to be a Den of Angels member to see it.

And for no reason, some random Jeline photos:

Trying out a blonde wig..."I don't think so?"

Back to brunette:

"What does this do?"

LOL nothing you, it's just decorative! <3

Headdresses and Other Finery

This is from a Pinterest "suggested for you" category; I think you might need to be a Pinterest member to see it, but if you are, there are many other fine feathers here.

This is the back, go here to see the front.
One from Firefly Path:

And if you are in the Houston area, stay safe...looks like more water is coming (don't drive in it).
Possible track of Harvey as of noon today (source, Wall St Journal, which is why there are oil rigs on the map.)

Jeline and a Cat

Look at this cute cat Jo sent me! She said it was from Eve Studio, a little 3d printed cat, fully articulated. Jo also sent me a LOT of wool roving which will be so much fun to play with.

And Jeline is here from France! I am so happy to have her here, and no longer all sad on the Den of Angels Marketplace:

(With brown eyes.) Jeline is the Love me or Die version of Beryl. Cat sent me a link so you can see the "human version" of Beryl, actress Devon Aoki:

I think I will make Jeline clothes in this sort of pretty "mori" style--I have so much soft florals now in my stash that there is a lot to choose from. Here is Jeline in purple eyes--I need to order some 14mm Soom soft brown ones because I know those fit perfectly--these glass ones are a bit small:

North Korea Has An Opinion

...not that there is anything wrong with that.....:o

Soom Sard Redux

He's up!  Cat, who collects Sards (maybe she has 8? 9?) is very excited. He looks like he will have a fun fullset of clothing, too! In case you have forgotten what the original looked like, you can check him out here. He is 160.00 more if you want the incubus stuff (and who wouldn't?) Here is his base price:

Eclipse and Penelope

As you can see, it was cloudy here but in a way that was nice-- because it made it dim enough I was able to get a photo or two with my pocket camera (which is all I use, a little Nikon Coolpix). I did notice that it got cooler when it was close to totality, which for us was like 90%. Here is the sun projected onto a black binder:

So that was fun--I watched a live stream with very low fidelity from the Washington Post, from a setup in Idaho (where it was cloudless), and that was more dramatic--you can see around the horizon where it is still light, but it's pretty dark in the center of the moon's shadow. The articles I read online said that animals behave strangely in eclipses, but the Stripey was just the same as ever:

The other fun thing that happened yesterday was the arrival of a new-to-me Iplehouse Jessica, who was named Penelope, and wigged and eyed up immediately. Here is a bad indoor nighttime pic of her:

I love trades :D

Iplehouse Auction Eric and Iplehouse Auction Yui

There is a new auction set up on Iplehouse's Main Page, There is a really nice Yui with Raffine's engraved body and she starts at 460.00. Also there is a nice JID Asa--I never really liked that size because of the hands, but this girl has the option hands that are Violet's more adult hands from the Addiction Series. She opens at 250.00--she has some casting spots and a slightly mismatched right arm, but for the price she is a great deal.
Then there is this hottie:

I believe he starts at 530.00USD. I really like the light brown--it's expensive in Doll Choice but it photographs so well and makes the sculpts really stand out.

There is also a cute BID Bono-- but as it's not a size I care for I will make you look yourself :D She is about the same price as the Asa, so I say go big.

Hermitage Museum Cats

So the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has cats to protect the collection--I found the link to the Wikipedia article by accident, and then found the website where you (if you live in Russia, and preferably close to the Hermitage) can adopt one of their cats. Here is the website. Since I can only read Russian if I sit and laboriously translate over letter by letter from the cyrillic, I opted for Google to (hilariously) translate the little article there:
Meow for special purposes They are an invisible guard guarding our cultural heritage. Supernumerary employees of the State Hermitage, vigilantly watching the fact that the Winter Palace is not occupied by hordes of rats. According to legend, the first cat here brought himself Peter I, and later Elizaveta Petrovna even issued a "decree of expulsion to the court of cats" from Kazan. The status of the "guards of art galleries" was granted to them by Catherine II. The years of the blockade became the only on…

Immortality of Soul does Dr. Strange

Immortality of Soul went to Marvel and got a licensed ok to do a fan doll of Dr. Strange! I didn't even really like Cumberbatch as Strange (I would have liked Ben Stiller, although I know that is a bonkers choice, but Stiller has that slightly nuts edge that seems so perfect for Strange, plus I find him more likeable than Cumberbach) ANYWAY, IoS has done a superb job of imagining him, and the photos are glorious. Go take a look! (I love, love IoS dolls anyway, they are so beautifully cast).

More Butterflies

I was cleaning out the bird bath when I saw the butterflies were back on the buddleia, and they were on there long enough I was able to get my camera! I also have had a busy couple of days cleaning and selling dolls--I sold my Doria head and I have a few others that will go to pay for ...Jeline, Lelahel's LMOD Beryl. I just couldn't bear to see her on the Marketplace so long!

Granado Remiel

I almost forgot to post this guy up! And the photos are spectacular--he look SO DIFFERENT between the two styles, and the whole setup is so good. I wish I had money just laying around..and more space! Check him out here.


Finally it's summer and I have a few larger butterflies--I have Admirals and Cabbage butterflies most of the year, but the swallowtails and monarchs always come late in the season. I have a buddleia that is doing well and the hummingbirds like it, but everyone seems to like the zinnias..including me:D
Here is a swallowtail on the buddleia:

I'm glad I finally got some good photos of them--they are really nervous and flappy and it's hard to catch them in repose, even for the amount of time it takes the autofocus to kick in. No sooner do you push the shutter release than "flap!" away they go.

Raccoon Doll Introduces a Small Elf

Oh Daisy, why must you be so cute and too small for my crew? The sculptor at Raccoon has been very busy with several new, very pretty sort-of-fashion-doll sized girls. Two of them are elves and one looks like a miniature Aaliyah at Iplehouse (I think the artist also does Iple girls as well as his own line). You should go and look around. Compared to the full-sized dolls at Iple they seem like a bargain. Also there are shoes :D

Granado Summer Event

Dear all,

Thank you all for your continuous support to GRANADO,
We are holding a Summer event starting from 12th Aug to 8th Sept 2017.

Period: 12th August ~ 8th September 2017
Target: All our customers who would like to order our dolls

1) 4 Dolls are Re-released!
EnochMichealJupiter and Pluto

2) Order a whole doll - Gets 5% Discount and a free pair of hands!
- After you placed an order and made an authenticate with us on QnA Board or E-mail, we will refund 5% via PayPal.
- A free pair of hands will be the same skin color of your order.
- Please authenticate with your order id to us by 12th Sept, 2017, otherwise the discount will be invalid.

3) When our Instagram reaches 3500 fans,
we will choose one order randomly and give a pair of ExtraS iris eyes for free.
- We will not announce the lucky customer who receives the gift.

PS. Our latest doll, Remiel will also join the event.

Random Sunday Photos

Here is Ginger Tom with his cat ears, applied by putting the magnets under his wig--it works very well! We were out most of yesterday so I missed posting--I usually try to take Sunday off, but I had some nice pix of Akutenshi's girls I wanted to share today. Here's her Peach Spirit Alina fullset--it just so pretty--Alina is more or less Mini Gem size/msd sized, with very beautiful, delicate hands:

That design on her forehead must have been painted with mouse whiskers!

And here is Doctor Cameo, A marvelously jaded steampunk airship's doctor, (with the other set of ears we ordered from Soom, which match her hair perfectly). She is a Luts Senior Delf Chloe

Akutenshi also made a little habitat for Coppersmith in the corner of the refurbished studio:

And J made a pear tart for us for dessert. We had a lot of fun :D