Friday, August 18, 2017

More Butterflies

I was cleaning out the bird bath when I saw the butterflies were back on the buddleia, and they were on there long enough I was able to get my camera! I also have had a busy couple of days cleaning and selling dolls--I sold my Doria head and I have a few others that will go to pay for ...Jeline, Lelahel's LMOD Beryl. I just couldn't bear to see her on the Marketplace so long!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Granado Remiel

I almost forgot to post this guy up! And the photos are spectacular--he look SO DIFFERENT between the two styles, and the whole setup is so good. I wish I had money just laying around..and more space! Check him out here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Finally it's summer and I have a few larger butterflies--I have Admirals and Cabbage butterflies most of the year, but the swallowtails and monarchs always come late in the season. I have a buddleia that is doing well and the hummingbirds like it, but everyone seems to like the zinnias..including me:D
Here is a swallowtail on the buddleia:

I'm glad I finally got some good photos of them--they are really nervous and flappy and it's hard to catch them in repose, even for the amount of time it takes the autofocus to kick in. No sooner do you push the shutter release than "flap!" away they go.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Raccoon Doll Introduces a Small Elf

Oh Daisy, why must you be so cute and too small for my crew? The sculptor at Raccoon has been very busy with several new, very pretty sort-of-fashion-doll sized girls. Two of them are elves and one looks like a miniature Aaliyah at Iplehouse (I think the artist also does Iple girls as well as his own line). You should go and look around. Compared to the full-sized dolls at Iple they seem like a bargain. Also there are shoes :D

Granado Summer Event

Dear all,

Thank you all for your continuous support to GRANADO,
We are holding a Summer event starting from 12th Aug to 8th Sept 2017.

Period: 12th August ~ 8th September 2017
Target: All our customers who would like to order our dolls

1) 4 Dolls are Re-released!
EnochMichealJupiter and Pluto

2) Order a whole doll - Gets 5% Discount and a free pair of hands!
- After you placed an order and made an authenticate with us on QnA Board or E-mail, we will refund 5% via PayPal.
- A free pair of hands will be the same skin color of your order.
- Please authenticate with your order id to us by 12th Sept, 2017, otherwise the discount will be invalid.

3) When our Instagram reaches 3500 fans,
we will choose one order randomly and give a pair of ExtraS iris eyes for free.

- We will not announce the lucky customer who receives the gift.

PS. Our latest doll, Remiel will also join the event.
PPS. VINDOLL series does not join the event.
PPPS. This discount can be traced back to 8th Aug, 2017.

Thank you very much! <3

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Instagram : @granado.doll • Instagram photos and videos
Facebook : Granado | Facebook
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Random Sunday Photos

Here is Ginger Tom with his cat ears, applied by putting the magnets under his wig--it works very well! We were out most of yesterday so I missed posting--I usually try to take Sunday off, but I had some nice pix of Akutenshi's girls I wanted to share today. Here's her Peach Spirit Alina fullset--it just so pretty--Alina is more or less Mini Gem size/msd sized, with very beautiful, delicate hands:

That design on her forehead must have been painted with mouse whiskers!

And here is Doctor Cameo, A marvelously jaded steampunk airship's doctor, (with the other set of ears we ordered from Soom, which match her hair perfectly). She is a Luts Senior Delf Chloe

Akutenshi also made a little habitat for Coppersmith in the corner of the refurbished studio:

And J made a pear tart for us for dessert. We had a lot of fun :D

Friday, August 11, 2017

Iplehouse Carina on a Impldoll Muscle Body

It's a pretty good fit--of course I have an NS Carina and a WS Impldoll Muscle body, but you can at least see the proportions. For myself, I would put a small spacer at the top of the neck--maybe a circle of cardboard, just something to lift her up another half-centimeter or so. Here is the full view, no wig:

And with a wig:

In person her head isn't quite as large--the macro lens I use tends to make everyone a little bobble-headed, but having her head up a little will help too. Here is the body's proper owner, an Impldoll Azalea:

Her head sits a little higher on the neck and I think looks better. Here is the full view:

She has a broken finger here, but I have new hands for her from Alices Collections (jointy hands) so the finger problem will be solved. I like this body a lot, it would be perfect for a Wonder Woman--though if I was going to hybrid for that I would probably take a Iplehouse Stella head instead--Stella's head is a bit closer to Azalea's in size and shape.

 Resin matching is tricky for Impldolls sometimes-- but they will cast to order and it may be they have the NS Iplehouse resin colors on file.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Soom Wolf the Cat at Home

His confusing name comes from his first release, where he was "The Wolf" in Red Riding Hood, and Red was the stabby rabbit. In this release he has little cat ears, which are very cute-- but a bit perplexing as Wolf does not have magnet pockets in his head.

(Wolf "H" is Wolf Human). The fantasy version of him had furry ears, as I recall. Anyway, he came yesterday, and I spent the day putting him together. Obligatory "stuff in the box" shot:

A small peek at the "cat hands":

I didn't put them on because he already had the wrist balls on for the default hands, and I was lazy, AND the cat hands need to be blushed first. I like them a lot because they go so well into sleeves! As I unwrapped all the parts, I noticed that the "toe-up feet" looked larger than the default feet, and I was a little worried that they would not fit on the 2012 body that I ordered, so I tried one on:

They fit fine! I did not order the resin shoes that Soom made to go with them, because I wanted to make him 17th century heeled court shoes, rather than pointy toed pumps. Out of curiosity I dug out a Wamami shoe (these shoes are resold under the brand of a lot of other doll factories, like Classy Doll, etc.) They are bigger than Soom female shoes and smaller than Iplehouse shoes, and fit Impldoll girls and Granado boy heel feets. Alas, the Toe-Up foot is too wide for the Wamami toes:

It looks like it will need to be custom shoes for his heel feet. They are so pretty, though! Here's his head unpainted--it's hard to see his features--they look like "fairy" type features, with a long pointed nose and chin, but he has a little smile in person:

3/4 view:

I also got his default eyes, though I ended up using some gold ones from Candy Kitten's Emporium:
(There is a cat hair on one, it was the first thing that happened once I took them out of the package)

And here he is, cat approved :D I am waiting for the magnets in his ears to dry before I put them on, I think I will put the second magnet set under his wig rather than glue them inside his head. His faceup is just a place holder until I get around to sending him out to be professionally painted.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Auction Oscar

He's up for auction right now at Iplehouse--I assume he was a cancelled order. He's starting off at 350.00, so far I don't see any bids. He's on the SID body, so that may be the problem. But you get a head and a body, which looks ideal for a split--you can recoup your cost for either one at 350.00.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Iplehouse Discontinued Rolling Heads

Last Call for these guys! And look, there is Rebecca (there is always variant spellings for that poor girl). They come to about 225USD blank once you add in the EMS--210 base blank for the guys, 195.00 base blank for the girls. Faceups for the girls are 75.00. (You can pay more for a custom face-up). Sale is from now until September 30th. It looks like you can order any color skin you want, including the Glow peach and NS, gray and Ebony (useful for Ashanti).

I wish they would do a head sale in November for Christmas, and just go wild. ;)

Wonder Woman

I'm not normally a collector of movie stuff, but I liked how articulated this Wonder Woman was. She came from Target and is one of a set of four, I dithered for a while about the other version that has a long dark cloak, but I couldn't see if it came off, and it would have interfered with posing. This version looked more posable and she had a better face than the larger version. The small and larger versions are close in price, but the faceup on the bigger size was unfortunate. The Barbie versions have sort of bobble heads. Since it's an action figure, I refuse to keep them in the box or even keep the box. The heck with that. So out she came, and she has a nice sword and a Lariat of Truth or whatever the actual name of it is. You can only put her sword in her left hand at the moment, because of the curl of her fingers, and it's a squeeze to get the rope in the right hand, but doable. She is fun to pose:

There is just one problem--the rubber skirt, while flexible, was keeping her from sitting, so I unceremoniously snipped it open with scissors. I need to take an Exacto and trim it a bit more.
Sort of sitting here:

You can't see it here but she has a long "serious business" braid down her back. So she is really fun, and there is just one problem. She came with Aries' butt:

It's beautifully articulated and painted-- and to get the rest of him I'd have to buy the other 4 characters, which I have no need of, but I can't quite bring myself to toss this, since it works really well. Maybe I should make my own replacement parts?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Oddities of Nature, and the Flea Market in August

It's an albino robin in my yard. I have never seen one before :o. Also there were these tomatoes:

So weird. Perhaps I should rent a Geiger counter. Anyway, we went today to the Kane County Flea Market; Akutenshi found a little china fox for Kate, and I found a 2 dollar copper fish mold, a small chest, and a couple of other things. It was a beautiful day and the most crowded I have seen it this year. More weird stuff:

The dragon is looking like it needs some repairs now:

Model boats, a hydrofoil and a cigarette boat:

Lots of beads:

Afterwards we went to Riganato on State St. in Geneva--it's not a chain, it's not expensive, and it is awesomely good Mediterranean/Italian food. This was dessert (we has calimari for an appetizer, so we were pretty full by the end):

So. Very.Good.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Soom Hyperion Michael

Remember the Idealian Lucifer that Soom released a few weeks ago? Now they have switched him up as Michael, and added some choices in styling for the Lucifer version, and some cool clothes. Here is the Red version of Lucifer:

Also, Michael has some angelic katana ( Hwandu-daedo swords)that are surprisingly affordable, and available separately (you need to order within the order period, though). Here they are on Michael:

His clothes are available too, as a set, though you have to order the boots separately :p

They have "Prayer hands" for him that look like they double as "sword hands"--if you get the swords you should probably get the hands.

I like this whole Light/dark idea, and all the accessories look great. The only question I have is..where are the wings? (Though you can get similar if cheaper ones at the Spirit of Halloween, they are the same scale, if not quite as nice.)