Sunday, August 31, 2014

Signs of Fall

And the Game of Thrones costumes!

Pop-up, light-up werewolf at the Spirit of Halloween. (I bought a bunch of theme socks).

Bonus grasshopper; those, crickets and spiders are everywhere this time of year.

We had an owl hooting all night outside our window, too.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Im_ala

We were out driving this evening, and as we went down 63rd avenue in Downers Grove, I saw this car. And I asked J to go back after we did some shopping to look at it again. It's a Chevrolet Impala, black, a two-door rather than the 4 door featured in Supernatural ("Baby").This is Baby:

I think the local Imala is a '67, though it might be a year earlier or later. (This one is an Im-ala because the P has fallen off:)

I very much suspect it "needs work". J, ever accomodating to my weirder enthusiasms, was willing to consider it as a lawn ornament, much like the life-sized X wing that I tried to win in a lottery in the 1990's (we decided the X wing would have to live on the roof of the house if we won)

It does have live plates, so it's possibly road-worthy:

And yes, I got the last photo by having J park the car at a CVS and walking back to get a less-blurry photo.

Practical me is not really willing to drive something that doubtless needs a pile of work, and gets around 10 mpg, since I am sure it has a V8 engine in there; and there is a reason you don't see Baby in the TV show doing anything more than straight-line-driving--it's a heavy car, not designed for quick turns or tight handling, but enough room to have two guys camp in it, with room for a body and a weapons arsenal in the trunk. So I might get this model instead:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soom's New Body Event

Soom promises a new body event announcement next week, so check the site then; they only do this once a year at most.

Dear SoOm fans,

Hello~ :3

We will launch a new Body Sale event on next week.

More details will be announced at that moment.

Thank you for your attention~

SoOm team <3

The illo is a painting I love by Zoe Mozert, who should be much more famous than she is.

Anatomy of Films

Source: via Karl Kofoed.

Lawrence's Hat... and Boots (free with fullset purchase)

Yes, he has an accurate scale rapier, 75.00 as an unpainted solo item. I had to tell myself that I do not need an 800+ doll to get a rapier--I can go buy one from Dollmore in metal and cry a little instead. Or just continue to make things out of rake tines and cardboard, which is probably more fun anyway. But here is another Lawrence shot:

And here is the promo boot offer (useful for those huge EID feets)

Offering the extras through DollChoice is interesting--I have no idea if you have to order a matching doll for the stuff, that is, an EID guy; or if you can order a Ebony Aaliyah along with the uniform, spyglass, matchlock and rapier. In my case it's all moot, anyway--I still need tree work and flooring.

A Guide to Farmer's Markets

The source for this chart is Tony Williams, who does a fitness blog and also lives in Chicago (the guide is somewhat Chicago-centric--witness that we are coming up on the "last week for cherries" soon. :)) I'm pretty sure that Mr. Williams didn't intend to inspire me to make cherry pie, but now I want some.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Herrick Lake and Baby Catfish

Herrick Lake at dusk; the weather was perfect.

There were some interesting wildflowers, and J caught several little bass:

And it's the Million Minnow March (really baby catfish with teeny whiskers)

and a lovely sunset, too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Should you feel like your life doesn't have enough silly cat photos, check out . It's like a derp a day. This is the source for this guy here.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rockabilly Batman

So I was doing a search of "1950's Mens Fashions" for a procrastination project, and I found some awesome re-imagining of various comic and movie characters at Denis Medri's Blogspot pages. It's in Italian, so if you just want to coast images you can go to his Deviant Art pages I especially like the re-designed Nightwing, who has recovered some dignity, and the whole gritty, realistic feel of the characters. Also, he redid Wonder Woman:

as a Western Justice League alternate Universe, and I love it. And finally poor Aquaman finally got to be heroic instead of campy:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The New Fridge

And there it is! It is quiet, and everything is cold. It's amazing. The only thing was that the delivery guys had to take the back door off to get the fridge in. The back door has one of the mirrors on it, of heavy, heavy bevelled glass. That door and the fridge weigh about the same; in fact it was so heavy that it was all we could do to haul it back to the shop, and there I decided that it wasn't salvageable anyway, the mirror has been broken around the knob since we moved in, and some fiend glued the mirror directly to the door instead of screwing it in with a frame strip.

So this was our door yesterday afternoon:

So we went and bought a new door from Home Depot and it wasnt..quite..the right size, just about 1/4 inch too big all around, and the hole wasn't square. We couldn't get a prehung door because we couldn't put in the frame because of the mirrors still on the walls, so the current new door will be shaved down to fit. But that took most of today for J, and I worked on stripping the wall behind the fridge that was moldy and the corner wall that had some wires and things that needed to be taken off. It all needs to be repainted.

But the inside of the fridge is so huge and clean! :D

Friday, August 22, 2014

Proof that Iplehouse Likes What I Do

Iplehouse, don't you know I just bought a fridge? And I bet he's going to have the right sword to go with that pretty costume. :P One more photo is here on Iplehouse's flickr. And look, even the cuff tabs are accurate (!)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stuff for Buff

Bees and Butterflies

Backyard denizens on Tuesday. Right now it's raining hard enough to make Noah check his building schedule; which makes a fridge delivery a bit problematical, but we will see. The new pipe weld in the basement is leaking, but I have learned that if you drape a rag over it, a pinhole squirty leak can be channeled to run down into a bucket instead of spraying the room. J knows a lot of stuff.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Fridge is Conquered, with some Collateral Damage

So here is the Sub-Zero, which needed to be gone from that spot by Thursday, when the new, more reasonable fridge would be delivered. So I called up 1-800-GOT-JUNK. They were happy to take it away, until they heard it was a Sub Zero. "Well," they said, "We'll send out a couple of guys and they will look at it and see if they can get it on the truck and they will give you an estimate."

OK, so my plan was that when they showed up to see if they could move it, the fridge would be out of it's hole, unplugged and with the water supply cut; the shelves out, everything cleaned, and the doors removed.

The first thing I had to do was turn it off, which turned out to be not easy. There are two sets of controls, one for the freezer, which I had already shut down, and one for the refrigerator, which was frozen in place at "3". Some hot water later I was able to turn the control with a wrench to OFF, but the fridge continued to run. OK, I figured the control was damaged from the frost or there was still a bit of ice behind the panel, so I give the panel a good thump with the wrench to disloge any leftover ice. The OFF lit up blue and went off again.

The fridge continues to run (It's been running 24/7 for the last month).

So I need to pull the fuse. Things are labelled creatively down there in the fuse cubby,but I did figure out which fuse went to the fridge, unscrewed it and the fridge was at last truly "off".

So was the microwave,and the plug above the oven, but that was ok. Next I carefully nudged the whole fridge, an inch at a time, out of it's hole, being careful never to pull it towards me because the weight is all at the top. I also didn't want to break the water supply to the ice maker, but I was sure it had been shut off a couple of years ago because Debbie, the previous owner, never used the ice maker herself and it was turned off inside the freezer. So then the fridge was out of the hole:

Pretty dirty behind the fridge, but to be honest I have seen worse.

If you look down at the floor you can see the thin copper pipe that is the water supply. I still couldn't reach the plug at this point, so I needed to get rid of the water supply so I could pull the fridge far enough out to unplug it.

So down I go into the basement--I know there is a filter on the line and that seems like a reasonable place to unhook the line, instead of cutting it. (If you are reading this and you are a plumber, you know what is coming next).

I turn the little plasic valve on one end of the filter and BAM WATER SHOOTING EVERYWHERE HOLY JEEBUS. I screw the plastic valve back down BUT NO it's not going to seal again because it is like ten years old and ready to just decompose on its own. There is a pin valve on the left of the filter, but that thing seems to do nothing and I need something faster than going to hunt up a screwdriver, so I start turning valves that I think are upstream of the filter. There are a lot to choose from, and the tags are faded. It's Willy Wonka's water supply.

After 30 seconds of floundering I decide to heck with it, and galloped out to the garage and shut the main, which is a sensible 1/4 turn lever and what all valves ever should look like:

I now look like an extra from a submarine movie, but most of the water is pooled on the concrete floor next to the sump pit, so I use a plastic broom to push the water into the pit, and take out my phone while I am doing this (as the filter is still drooling really fast) and call Arco plumbing and leave a message that I would really like someone to stop by who can shut a pin valve because I have no water in the house now.

At this point Contractor Tony shows up and agrees that the pin valve is a professional problem, and then he helps me pry off the doors and some of the metal strips around the edges. He takes away the doors. The fridge is now much lighter, though it is still taller than the door to the dining room, so the junk guys will have to tilt the fridge to get it out, and the fan blades are in the way. So I take off two of the fan blades:

John from Arco shows up right after Tony leaves, tightens up the pin valve, puts a bucket under it and tells me to make an appointment for the end of the week for them to replace that section of pipe. The new fridge supposedly has an ice maker, but I am not going to hook it up at all; it's a great place to grow listeria and other bacteria. So this morning the junk guys show up, and they don't even bother with a dolly--they have the fridge out in under 8 minutes total, though the ceiling fan still took a hit and the fridge had a lot of defrosted gross water that it poured out onto the floor. They only charged me 99 dollars instead of 200.00 and seemed perfectly happy to take it, so next time I have some large object to be removed, I know who to call. I still have a lot of work today--I need to clean the floor and disassemble the side panel and remove what is left of the copper pipe, and possibly paint, but the hardest part is done.