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Cats in Bed

How can something so small, hog so much room?

Ashley's Big Hair

Ashley (Soom Snow White) has kind of a small head, so she compensates with Big Hair. Although I still have the sinus crud, I managed to do a few doll things this weekend. I suppose I should actually go see the doc on Monday and ask for eyedrops, as the goo has gotten into the tear ducts.

 Flu in the summer is a drag, I tell you--it does not mix well with pollen. I'm so grateful for air conditioning and filters!

Bebe Dragon :D

She's a Real Fee Ena, over at Fairyland and somehow the messy wig just makes her THE CUTEST!
She has tiny red wings to match the horns, I think the tail is a magnet thing, and the finny ears are also magnet extensions of her human ears. I know from experience that after ten minutes I would want the human feet/legs and tiny shoes, but I do think the dragon legs are adorable.

 You should go look at the store photos just to see how cute the pix are and she also has a male friend, and they are posed adorably together.

The Right Response

It me :D

I have been texturing, between blowing my nose--working on a fairy dress :

Just the painting in the dress is mine, the rest is a bunch of other people's awesome models!

I Am A Twitter Fail

I have a Twitter account. I know people grumble about Twitter, but I have to say I like it, or at least the feed that I had built following some journalists and authors, as well as a pack of my fellow IAAA members. But I got up last Friday and tada! "Your account is suspended". Well. I am assuming it was because I was enjoying the platform too much and over re-tweeting (unlike Tumblr, Twitter doesn't want you to retweet too much?) But it doesn't say *how much* in the TOS, and no one has gotten back to me about my trouble ticket. So it's a mystery. I guess I will just have to sit over here with Laura Loomer and all the other oddballs who have been kicked off. It's not really a big deal, except that I met some really fun people and I even bought some author's books (Elizabeth Bear's Ancestral Night, which I thought was so much fun--big space opera with very likeable characters).

Anyway, I put up something on my dusty Instagram instead. :D