Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Naperville Doll Show

I met Akutenshi7 down at the Naperville show and we had so much fun--there was even more stuff there this year than last year, and if you were looking for little muslin doll clothes, the prices were crazy low--I got a couple of very cute things for $2.00 each, and a bunch more outfits for under 10.00, including this dress and hat for Dierdre (she was wearing ballet flats right after we came home and put everyone in their new clothes, but then it got sort of cold in here (I think I need a new thermostat) so I put the boots on her. Probably the best thing I found was this amazing Victorian-style skirt--it needs some repairs and I think it's missing it's original bustle, but it is still amazing..and it fits Sophie the Beryl:

Some of the missing trim is cheneille yarn that I am pretty sure JoAnn's carries, I just need to see if I can come close to the color, which you can see better here:

One of the weirdest things I saw at the show was an alligator foot made into a coin purse..:o?

There were a couple of (I think) Hopi kachina dolls that probably should have been in an museum somewhere, but most of the stock was French and German bisque and porcelain dolls, Madame Alexanders, Barbies, those creepy baby dolls, Steiff stuffies, and several really nice Liz Taylor fashion dolls. Also some Ellowyn Wildes and a few Genes hidden in corners, and some Tonner repaints that were gorgeous. The only bjds were the ones that Chitown Dollz brought--I bought a doll bag from Julie's sister Diane since the zippers keep breaking on my Soom bags, and I should have bought some pants from Julie's sister--but at the end I was getting low on money. I also brought back a lot of trim ends in bags and some lace, and a somewhat dubious little 7/8 wig. I'm looking forward to the next show. :D

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Argonautica's Ifit

She is a 58 cm resin doll from a Russian doll maker, and very bendy and nice--she has sort of Souldoll wrists and seems to come with option fist hands (awesome for dressing). Two makeup options, a natural on and a more dramatic one. You can see more of her at her Facebook page: or at her home site, where you can make your orders:

Maybe it's the little red wig-- but I think she is so cute!

Miss Porcelain

As usual I went over this morning to check out Ilsonya's blog and there was a gorgeous doll there--I was hoping it was a resin bjd, but no, it's a porcelain doll, which means it's too fragile (not to mention too expensive) for me. I do love them and the photos are beautiful--maybe a little Not Safe For Work, but look here at Miss Porcelain's Instagram You can see some "in progress" photos and the photography is lovely!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Maddelirium's Fire

She's "Fire" a hot Poser dollie for V4, and I also got to use Emma and Jordi's sexy, if impractical, Fantasykini! Thank you, Andy!

Lydia, Aurora, Crystal...and Jerry




Impldoll has apparently chained Sean, their sculptor, to his workdesk until he can surpass Granado's Crocus Lee's "Sculpt A Month" program. Crystal was out last week, I think, but Lydia and Aurora also appeared then, and now suddenly "Jerry". (For some reason his name cracks me up):

Jerry's gene pool has too much Soom in it to be interesting to me--I'm not too fond of that super smooth look for guys anyway. There is another, larger "Supermodel" size guy out, that has been in development for a while: "Nicholas". I like how detailed his face is, though for some reason his promo pics feature a faceup with unevenly painted lips. The sculpt is great, though:

If I had a bigger house one of the girls might be coming home; I especially like Crystal --though I think a tooth removal would happen once she got here. Crystal has a nice fullset.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sophie, Complete

This is my other Sophie (I did not name Sophie Cushion the Beryl, but her name was too hilarious to change). This Sophie has been awkwardly living on several different bodies, until last week I gave up and found a second-hand Granado body that she is supposed to have, and bought it.

This unfortunately frees up a body and in possibly record time, I have a possible candidate coming to check it out. So in order to make room, I have been going around trying to decide who needs to stay and who needs to go. The "to go" list is depressingly short. Several very old timers are still necessary to my happiness and have zero value on the open market, the less-dear but more expensive ones would be hard to replace, and so on. One possibility is Garnet's head, as she is basically a Vesuvia with some interesting headcap details, and I have a Vesuvia already. Her cyborg body has been claimed by Breccia, and I never felt that the Garnet head was a smooth match with the new body (and I did not buy them together). But she is pretty. I might see if I could trade her for a NS Onyx head, but I don't know. She does have a super faceup from when she belonged to DollInk:

Moira from Magic Mirror Studios

Nanyalin has been busy casting up a new set of fairies--Akutenshi7 has two of the smaller girls, and they are gorgeous! This is the size of this larger girl, who is ready to ship as long as you want her blank (painting takes longer, of course):

Moira, the Fenian Sidhe


(Google will convert this number to the local currency of your choice if you want to see what the price is for you)


Height: 50cm

Wig Size: 5’5-6

Eye Size: 10mm

Foot Length: 6cm

Waist: 13cm

Hips: 19cm

Bust: 17cm

Thigh girth: 12cm

Inner leg length: 27cm

Outer arm length (Shoulder to wrist): 13cm

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sicktress Finishes Her Head!

I saw Déesse when she was still paperclay and I was: "I need dis". Now she is finished, and will be cast by Haru Casting, and you can be part of the preorder for Ebony, Tan or Gray

(You do need to send Sicktress a note via Tumblr or on Den of Angels.) You might ask "Why do I get a mini Death Star with my order?" It's actually a resin sample so you can order a matching body from Impldoll, Resinsoul, Mirodoll, or maybe Dollshe, without having to send off the headcap. Or you can consider it a prop-with-purchase. (I would add more nurnies, and a screw eye to hang it up) I already have an Impldoll ebony body and while Erzulie won't like sharing, the color and fit should be perfect. Go look at this post on Sicktress' Tumblr to see more faceup and complete photos!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Soom Puss with a body

Last summer I bought Puss' cute little head, but had him on an Impldoll body--I had bought a Tan Dia head and body to put his head on, but the Puss head looked like a pinhead on the Dia body, and the Dia head resented being a body donor.(I still have him as a complete tan Dia boy). It turns out that maybe the Puss body is actually narrower than the Dia After School body, because he looks great with his own Cat body. This is the body I got from a trade from Evenstar1, and I have to say it was a fantastic trade for a lot of reasons--she seems to like Mr. Gigantic Dollshe (she has already made him some clothes) and I am very happy to have not only the Puss body, but his Cat Head, his Ears, his ridiculous fur tail, and his Fancy Hands. (I also received his human chest, but I think the Cat Chest is a lot more fun:)

Once Puss is in his 1630's jacket and lace collar you won't see it at all, unless the moon is full and he's got his Cat Head on :D. He's a cutie pie and much much cuter than you would have guessed either from the Soom promo pix or my photos here. This is him sprawling on some of the fabrics for his outfit:

K's Street is not plowed...

But since this is Philadelphia, there isn't much space to move snow. Photo by K.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Soom Little Gem/Elf Female Measurements

When Akutenshi7 came over Saturday, she brought Miss Fiona (A Soom Thera) here to be measured. Fiona is, except for her little sheep feet, pretty much a standard msd/ mini size.Here's the numbers:

43 cm tall

17cm bust

13 cm shoulder point to wrist, along outside of arm

nape of neck to waist, in back 8cm

6cm upper arm

5.5 cm forearm

7.5 cm hand width widest part, Left hand

7 cm hand width widest part, Right hand

wrist at ball 5cm

14 cm around under bust plate (waist)(Soom says 15 cm)

18.5 hips

10.5 cm thigh

waist to knee at front 12cm

waist to knee at back 12cm

20 cm leg length (from Soom site, I assume the human form)

5.5 foot length (also from Soom site)

22cm around shoulders (for cloaks)

7.5 neck in middle

19cm head circumference

Eyes 16-14mm

7/8 wig

Awww what a cutie!

Laurel Gets A Head

Headless Laurel has been a sewing form for a while, but I always wanted to get some sort of head on her--originally I thought she'd need a male head, since she is quite large, but as I was digging through the Den of Angels Marketplace, I saw a Fairyland Chloe 65 for sale! Shadowed Force wanted a body for something, and had put the head on the Marketplace. Disclaimer: the faceup she is wearing is my own--Shadowed Force is on hiatus because of school, otherwise I would have asked about a professional faceup. Also the eyes are homemade. Anyway, as Laurel is an Impldoll Idol body, I knew there would be some challenges getting a Fairyland head on, since Fairyland uses a locking key in the neck to keep the heads on. What I hadn't realized, is that the newest Fairyland heads also have a prong on the faceplate to discourage using a jury-rigged S hook. The answer was (sort of hilariously) a Soom "banana". (I need to make a custom one out of sculpey, reinforced with 14 gauge wire, and about 1/2 cm shorter on the faceplate side because the faceplate still doesn't quite sit flat against the headback.) Her head stays on securely, and she has a full range of motion.

I put a circle of felt under the neck as well just to cushion it a little and prevent wear as she moves her head. I also took a photo of the writing Fairyland puts inside their genuine heads, something useful to know as certificates sometimes get lost:

You can also see where there are 3 slots for magnets on her forehead, the headback has two magnets installed already. And the inconvenient prong.:D Here is what the certificates should look like--a holographic CP sticker, a signature, and a sku-type barcode with a serial number.

While I sympathize with Fairyland not wanting people to slap their heads on something that doesn't match their aesthetic; the 65 body isn't a particularily great body--it's very heavy and sits poorly, at least in my experience, and I am not a fan of how the knees work, or of magnet feet, or shoulders. I thought the engineering of the old 70 cm body was more successful, even if it had a very alien aesthetic (very wide, thin shoulders, a compressed small bust, and extremely long legs). It was quite elegant and posable without the extra weight of magnets and interior resin.

So here is Laurel with a head, and she is not derpy. She wears a size 9 wig and roughly 16mm eyes, and Eyecos fit her best--she has a long, flat eyewell.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Soom Elf Dia

Prince Whitemare once again is on the alert and found a photo of Soom's possibly- to- be- released Elf Dia on Julia Shin's Instagram. Rumor has it he (?) will go up on the site tomorrow. I have a Dia, I don't need another one-- but I admit Dia looks Mighty Fine here!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sam Arrives Back From Sicktress

Sam is an Impldoll Octavia painted up to be a boy (c 1630) on a Granado body. He is silly fun--I finished his pants in time for his head's arrival, which may be a first. He is still waiting for his own wig, and a shirt. I did start some shoes today, but most of the day was spent out with Akutenshi, poking at stuff in Tuesday Morning and at Joann's, where trim was on sale. It was a nice day--sunshine and 30 F-- and I went out without a coat, though I was cold. The cat started out being inside, watching birds:

And then she went outside (!) to see them in person:

J opened up the shop to see how everything was doing (here, talking on the phone to K in Philadelphia about snow):

Akutenshi brought a stole to keep Dierdre warm, and coffee for me:

And we took measurements of her little Soom Thera (but not her fancy sheep feets, which I think are unique to her.) I will put those measurements up tomorrow!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Beatrice, Mildly NSFW

I did finally get my Soom Garnet a while back, and discovered that her head was basically a Vesuvia head, and a tad large for the cyborg body. However, the SO Breccia has a smaller head and I think looks wonderful on the body, which is awesome. (The body is also very difficult to paint, so I can see why Soom has not reissued it much). Anyway, Beatrice is supposed to get Art Deco 1920's styled clothing, so Rajendora (Sewing Box Designs) is going to take on the task of making me a bias-cut dress for her. Here's Beatrice full-length, with some Photoshopped "panties":

It's such a cool body and a fabulous poser. Here's the dress--the version I will have will be much more basic, but the color is right:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lelahel Again

Lelahel is very busy right now, getting ready for L Doll in Europe--I had not realized that she was one of the original organizers, but it makes sense, since she has been in the hobby for some time and is organized. The Love Me or Die Beryl (Jeline) up there is modelling a dress that is for sale right now on Lelahel's Etsy, and as Lelahel is living in Lyons it should be no surprise to anyone that this dress is made of Lyonnaise silk (it's long, you should go see it). Anyway, the whole reason I was wandering around stalking Lelahel's various online photos is that she has the Fairyland Chloe I like the best, this lady on Lelahel's Deviant Art Gallery.

And I had just sold my Granado Jaden was I an adult? Did I put the money responsibly in my business bank account? Of course not..I went to Den of Angels and bought a Chloe faceplate and headback from someone who had ordered her direct from Fairyland, so Chloe has a COA and a pedigree. I will have to paint Chloe and find eyes for her, so I went to go look at Lelahel's Gahaiah to see how to paint her so she doesn't look like Bubbles the Mermaid (there really needs to be only one Bubbles in any person's collection).Bubbles says "What?"

Chloe will be on Headless Laurel's body to begin with--I'm hoping she will fit. It will be odd to see Laurel with a head!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shoes for Impldoll Star and Idol girls

Iplehouse shoes fit fine, both for heeled and flat feet--for a cheaper option the acrylic shoes ("Wamami" brand from China) fit well and are around 16.00 to 19.00 on Ebay. I think the flats are from Classy Doll but they were also 16.00 a pair. Both Idol and Star girls have the same size feet, just like Iplehouse dolls do.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Impldoll Female Idol Measurements

I am hoping to get some doll things sewn this week, since it's too cold to roam around outside. But first I needed to measure some dolls, so I started with Coriel, a Impldoll Azalea. She's a slightly newer version of the Idol than the first ones that Impldoll cast , so she is a good poser and everything works well on her. Here are her basic measurements--you can see where I measured by looking at the photo for most of them:

Bust= 31cm

waist= 20.5 cm

hip= 32 cm

Upper arm around= 9.5 cm

forearm, around = 8cm

wrist at ball= 7cm

shoulder to wrist=21.5

hand circumference widest point 12.5cm

Collarbone to waist (front, over bust)= 14.5 cm

nape of neck to waist (in back)= 11.5 cm

shoulder blades, across back plate= 8.5 cm

Waist to ankle (side)= 44cm

inseam= 21cm

hip to ankle (Human hip, not hip ball)=40 cm

hip ball to ankle(side)=36cm

Waist to knee (front)= 23 cm

waist to knee (back)= 24 cm

upper thigh (around)= 18cm

calf (around)= 13cm

ankle widest point= 9cm

flat foot (heel to toe)= 7cm

instep (around upper foot)= 8.5

toe box, around= 7.75cm

neck ( the very top, for hybrids)= 10cm

around shoulders (for cloaks)= 34cm

around base of neck (for collars)= 11.5cm

Here is Coriel and Headless Laurel-- the older body had the wrong ankle balls, so I made more that were the right size but the wrong color, and the blushing just peeled off (I need to bake some new ones). Laurel also has a not-perfectly-fitting bust plate and the older knees that you need to turn outward to have her sit. There is a fix for that, but you need patience and a dremel. The slot inside the hip has a little extension on the bottom so that the leg can turn, and if it is too short or not cleaned out completely it can't turn far enough to bring the knees upright.

Here's Coriel and Laurel sitting--you can see that Coriel is better at sitting "normally" than Laurel is:

And finally just a head shot of "good sport" Coriel. I bought that wig from Impldoll and it is awesome. :D

For people who want to hybrid the heel feet from Impldoll on other things--this is the new foot (used on both Star and Idol sizes)

It is about 7cm around the ball, a bit on the large side.

The Soom heel foot is from the Old Body (and it is different from the New Soom Body--you cannot swap them between the old and new Soom bodies) and is more of a typical heel foot size. Soom only sends one set of ankle balls with a doll, so you need to use the ones that came with the flat feet for the heel feet.

Don't buy heel feet without the balls! Each set seems a bit different from another.

If you want a smaller foot that has an ankle ball attached, this is the link to the SD sized heel foot at Resinsoul.