Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nanna's Prayer Card

I've been busy finishing up another prayer card for Ganglieri's Grove, and I also received back a number of the printed up cards--they are really nice-- good heavy stock and bright colors and some nicer formatting than my raw image files. Nanna is Baldr's wife (all of these gods have very variant spellings, which incidentally makes it hard for me to find my working files while I am doing these :D). I have another goddess I am anxious to start on since I have a good idea of what to do with her (not everyone is as cooperative).

I did get a shipment of two (!) inexpensive Mirodoll bodies--they were on sale and with shipping came to around 250.00, like buying Tonners. Unlike Tonners, the resin was very good and the boy body especially was very well finished--no seams. If you like to mod and sand and fuss with bodies, these are great. I'm planning on doing some detail sanding on the hands and sueding, but there is less basic kit work to be done than I expected. I will restring them. here's the guy, a nice stocky short dude at 60 cm:

The girl body is slim and pretty, around 62 cm, and would be perfect for my Impldoll Karena head if I wasn't already waiting for the Granado Maiden body. Any small NP head should look nice on her--unlike the boy, she has hooks supplied in her hands and feet. She will need some sueding in her knees and elbows because there is a lot of space in there, but otherwise I was impressed with the quality for the price.

They also arrived via DHL with an advanced text, and it cost less than EMS. In theory Mirodoll will cast in colors too. The wait time was fairly short--around 30 days though I suspect Mr. Muscle was already in stock--he had that cleaned and settled look that dolls have when they aren't fresh out of the caster. So a definite "would buy again" from Mirodoll!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Turkey

Yes, in my front yard...making the cat stare out the window in horrified fascination. It went over to my neighbor's yard and then crossed the street

No, I don't know why. :D

And here at home, I finally did something with the Ulta wefts I bought a month or so ago

I wanted to make Captain Aldwood a wig that wouldn't hang in his eyes and that I could pull back into a queue in the back. Here is the felt base I made-- thinking since it was white, he could wear it all the time without fear of staining his head, instead of having to sit bald in the closet:

This is his original wig, which hangs in his eyes-- and also the wig cap shows at the front:

So after about 4 hours of stitching weft sections down in rows, and making a not great looking side part, I managed to more or less duplicate the first wig--though his face does show more on this one. I found the synthetic wefts to be stiff, slippery and heavy and not willing to interleave or bend well, or be tied back at all.

The fibers are pretty, but not good if you want to shape them at all. But now he has 2 wigs and I will be making him another once I can find some suitable roving or yarn.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Event At Iplehouse

1. Basic Doll

10% Off

- Items chosen as option will not be included.

- Points won't be saved for items ordered during sale.

2. Doll Choice

Basic doll price + Limited outfit

- We will offer limited outfit to customers who orders Doll Choice dolls during sales period.

We only have limited quantity so please order it soon.

- Crow: Crow will be offered on Doll Choice until July 19th.

- Ebony, Blue gray skin won't be offered during sale.

- We will only offer default make up during sales period.

If you want other character's make up, please order it via custom make up.

3. Clothes, Wigs, Shoes

Up to 50% off

New arrival is also included too, so don't miss this chance!!

Sale price will be adjusted on 09:00 ~ 11:00 June 29th, so please order it after 11:00 am.

Thank you for your time.

I keep telling myself I don't need anyone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Floor is Done

Of course this does not count painting the trim or cutting and fitting the baseboard moldings, but it's better than plywood and Eric did a fab job putting it in--he even did a side job for me fixing the broken tiles in the kitchen on the edge that touched the laminate. All this means, unfortunately, is the living room/dining room is no longer available for human habitation :D Craft projects now have to happen in the studio, as they were meant to be, before we discovered how cold that room is in the winter. One of the things we need to do is be sure the ducts are not blocked/ closed before fall comes, and I need to get up in the attic and poke some insulation back down that the cable guy pulled up.

With all the rain, the garden (including the weeds) is growing like crazy:

Which reminds me I need to go cut broccoli before it starts to rain...

A Beautiful Doll Dress

It's the Rose Quartz dress, SID sized. Marien gets all the good clothes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Soom's Tristan

Coming up soon--everything has been a little delayed at Soom--they are backed up on faceups and orders (I think the weather hasn't been cooperative, either), but they are still shipping things, albeit slowly, and working on new designs. I hope this guy really is an olive green--what a fun color!

You can also buy his eyes separately here:

Goldenrod, yellow green and red space eyes

Monday, June 22, 2015

Laminate Flooring Gets Installed

Eric came today to set down the laminate floor. This is what was original to the house--sort of a faux stone stuff with pecan-colored panelling--sort of Flintstones Meets Mad Men aesthetic, which is not mine. The first step was to level the floor so that there would be no bowing pressure on the laminate as we walked on it. It was so humid (it actually rained for an hour) the the grout stuff did not want to set up. Here are the two spots it was used:

All the vents had to come off and Eric pulled up the thresholds, which had I been thinking, I would have bought new nicer wooden ones. Since they are on top, I may be able to do this later.

The poor couch. I was planning on getting it reupholstered anyway, structurally it is in good shape.

Here's the view across the dining room:

Stripey thinks this is all a bad idea:

Finally by 5 o'clock it's quiet again and she can go see what on earth is in the living room, and sniff the couch.

It's looking very good so far--unfortunately it means that it is making the old vents look even shabbier and the lack of moldings is really noticable. Once the curtains are back up, that will help.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bunnies and Chipmunks

It's finally nice outside! And we have broccoli in the back:

See the holes? We have cabbage butterflies, too. We have lots of rabbits--they ate the cucumbers because we didn't put a fence around that planting square, but I can buy ok cucumbers at the store and there are only so many cukes a person can eat:

There are also chipmunks, including this oddly pale one:

And then there is this one, eating mulberries by my dining room window.

They are adorable as long as they stay out of the house (and the heating ducts).

The Floor Arrives

This was the living room on Wednesday morning--I had managed to unload all the bookshelves and deposit the books in stacks all over the back of the house, and put the shelves in the hallway, and take apart the bed in the studio and drag it down to the basement. We've been living on plywood since we moved in--the carpet that was in the living room was beige shag carpet from the 80's and two little dogs had had their way with it, and there are still stains clear down to the plywood under the padding. Removing the carpet was the very first thing we did as new homeowners.

But then we sort of dithered about what to replace it with--tile might have been the best option, but it's hard and noisy and the floor "has a lot of movement" to quote Mike Pivar, who has supplied the carpet in the bedroom and will do the floor in the living room, and so far I am guessing the tile in the bath and whatever we end up putting in the basement. Eventually the plywood has started to break down from water dragged in and walking on it, so we finally had Mike order laminate for the floor, because supposedly you can even get cat barf off laminate easily. We also got commercial grade laminate, which should help. We are hard on floors. The laminate came Thursday and is the right stuff:

The cat does not approve of all this activity, which is why the chair hasn't been removed from the living room. Eric the installer will come all too early Monday to set it down.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Last January, when K was here, we discussed what the perfect bjd would be. In general, K's answer would be "any tiny cute thing", and mine would be "Huge princess Barbie I can sew for". We did find an overlap in the person of Tauriel. I would be the custodian of the large "Tauriel" bjd, and K could design clothes for her. Also, there was a good chance that once I had done a small version of a dress, I could take my expertise and scale it up for Cosplay Elf K. So I looked around. Originally I thought maybe an Iplehouse girl would work, but Marilyn (Iplehouse Jessica) seemed vaguely resentful of the project and I wanted someone who could sit around in half-finished clothes but in persona all the time, and who I wouldn't be petrified of sticking a pin into. And just at the same time Impldoll had a new series of Looks Like Elves dolls (My minty Midshipman Christopher Kipling is from that series as well, which is why he has elf ears. The Minty color is due to his first owner, Fush; who really wanted Avatar Blue, so Fush got him for free, and I got him for Extremely Reasonable). So I ordered Azalea, with Elf Ears, and for some reason clicked the Faceup option as I was filling her form out.

Then weeks went by... I was afraid my order had slid through the cracks, but no, it was the faceup--the weather was cold and wet, and then hot and wet, and the artist was really busy, but Impldoll was great about answering each email so I didn't worry too much. Then a shipping notice! The tracking was messed up--it sat, apparently, for a week in Shengyang, and then suddenly this morning the doorbell rang and there was this oddly small package from Impldoll handed to me. Here is the package with Erzulie, who should be the same size as what is in the package:

At least Azalea's photo is on the package?

The package is full of stuff...maybe a doll?

OK a doll body for sure:

Yes! A realskin Idol body AND a head!! Woot!

And like every Impldoll I have had, she stands up perfectly!

Now, what are all these other goodies in here? There are eyes, nicer than the ones I had picked out for her before she came (the gift eyes are the ones on the left)

They were a little small, so I found the eyes on the right of the image in a box, and put them in Azaleas's head. Blue tack was provided as well:

This is just me putting the ribbon on before I put on her head--I do this with all my dolls so that I have a built-in puller.

Inside of her head:

And her head on! And that headcap fits exactly.

And with Wig No. 1, the Texas Debutante wig that Dragael was wearing (I really need to order, or make, two more red wigs).

Orz, so cute! Here's the "more Tauriel" wig, but I think she needs more "pouf" on top:

Impldoll also sent a wig! It's a gorgeous white one that looks like the ones Soom carries. Gideon immediately adopted it:

Also in the box was a guide to the size of all the dolls Impldoll makes, very handy:

And a small poster, that looks like the concept art for Azalea:

So I would say that she was totally worth the wait!

Of course now I need to figure out how to make this:

Oh, and Coriel is Corian/Tauriel since she is a resin elf. :D