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Chipmunks Carve me a Pumpkin

I put this pumpkin out as a decoration, but the chipmunks got started early!
Artist at work:

Final product--a little Picasso like, but they had the right idea. I like that there is a candle hole in the back.

Here is the pumpkin that we grew--twenty pounds, 6 ounces:

The only place it wasn't green was where no light got to it at all, where it was pressed against the  support stones:

So mysterious! I couldn't bring myself to carve it. Speaking of chipmunks and squirrels, we have squirrels back again in the tree, instead of hornets, or fungi, and that makes me happy. :D
Happy Halloween!

A Kamau for Auction at Iplehouse

He starts at 475.00. So pretty! I love these "light" faceups.

Dust My Shoulders Off

It's here, about 3 minutes (plus an ad):

360 Mars Panorama (At Night)

It's here:

to navigate, hold the mouse over the image and look at the lower left--there is a clickable circle there. I used the arrow keys because I wasn't sure how fast the refresh was, and that worked fine. Apparently there isn't much light pollution there, so the Milky Way is...amazing.

AEgir and a Beer Mug

So AEgir is done, and his large version is over at Ganglieri's Grove/ Wyrd Curiosities; we joked that he looks like "Merman Jesus", but that is what made him fun to do. He just took far longer than he should have--3000 pixels tall and 2400 wide is a lot of pixels.

I also have been wrestling with Wings3D, which is a free modelling program, and probably one of the easier ones to use, though I have had to repeatedly google how to do things like "move the camera" (you use the hotkey "U", along with the arrow keys), and I am discovering that Wings (and maybe all modelling programs) really don't like to delete things. Wings will happily add all kinds of sudden and mysterious things (I use "Undo" a lot), but then only grudgingly delete far the only command I have found that works is "hole" after you select a face, and even that doesn't work too well. I have made a chair out of two cubes, a broken Xerox machine out of a…

Zagat's Tiny Cafe

Tiny, world-class food being served in NYC. See the adorable video here:

International Space Station Tour (In High Definition)

What a great view!

Random Thursday Photos

First up is a render I finished today, of gypsyangel's Marinda, now in the marketplace--she is for Genesis3, and is wearing a wild clothing set from Ignis Serpentus (at She reminds me of the old Bird Woman Magic card from the first MTG set. (I think Kaja Foglio did the art for that one)

And now Pumpkin Progress:

Not entirely green...and here is one of my little bee neighbors:

Here is the squashed box of the 2 pairs of new Soom Eyes--the "New Style" which look a lot like the old style, but they are very nice:
Luckily everything inside was fine:
I was hoping the Amber was more gold, and closer in color to the limited Benmore eyes; I found the "lost"  Benmore eye with the TV camera I have, but I can't reach it--it's under the built-in benches in the kitchen. I need to rig a net over the vaccuum hose and see if I can grab it that way. But I thought it would be way easier to just order clean new ones--but they are indeed a more r…

Alberta at Impldoll

Her outfit is not the best, but her head sculpt is beautiful--Akutenshi spotted her this morning on the Impldoll site. She isn't on Alice's Collections yet or Mint on Card (she is from a subset called Black and White), so if you have trouble loading the Impldoll site, you can keep an eye on those outlets instead. She is the same price as most of the Idols, 330.00 blank if you order directly, probably 380.00 from a dealer, and without extras. I wish I liked the posing of the Impl girl bodies more--they are wonderfully tall and stand very well, but sitting and quality control are often an issue. If you get the heads alone, the neck hole is rather large for most standard bodies and needs some modding, but a bit small for Iplehouse bodies. I am still very tempted to get her head alone.
Here is the direct link--it is not an https site so go at your own risk:

Taylor Swift and some cats

I was looking at this and thinking wow..that is a lot of cat litter. You might need to get Amazon's Subscription service for delivering cat litter and pet food, though apparently you need to sort of work around the high cost of refills for the blue crystals they carry. But Amazon reviews tell you all the secrets :D

I do have a bunch of new stuff to post--Amphibel has her human ears, thanks to Arekushia, I just got the Soom eyes from the new styles they have (I got the ones that are shown in the little mermaids, in size 14mm) and I have those resinsoul hands I still need to put on Tabitha, my Granado Mercury. I have just been working like crazy to finish up AEgir the consort of Ran (we joke that he looks like Mermaid Jesus), and totally by coincidence I am supposed to be doing a new set of backgrounds  set on a hypothetical planet of Epsilon Eridani...who strangely enough, has the official name of Ran-- and the Jupiter-like planet that orbits Ran is called..AEgir.

More of Bryan and Raphael

(Continued from yesterday) So here is their height difference standing, it's noticable. But sitting, they are almost the same height:
Huge difference in hand sizes--Raphael has huge hands:
Raphael has slightly, longer, narrower feet. His only stability flaw is that he needs some hot glue in his ankles so he wont slip forward--he's heavy on top so he wants to tilt forward:
He sits perfectly though--he doesn't want to fall over backwards like Bryan does. You can literally do anything with Raphael's arms and they stay--he has silicon beads cast into his shoulder wells, and they work amazingly well:
He kneels well too--he does have limited foot motion back and forth (he can't point his toes straight back) but he can turn them to the side if needed.
Side view:

I have a couple more but I will post them tomorrow! I have been working nonstop for two days and also doing yard work, so I am kind of fried.

Bryan and Raphael

I'm trying to shovel my way through a bunch of projects, but I did take several comparison photos between Bryan, a Senior Iplehouse Denzel, and Raphael (Granado Enoch). Which I will put up tomorrow after I resize 'em. Meanwhile you can see here that the Evol body is indeed 70 cm and the SID is 65 cm tall. Most of the additional height of the Evol is in the legs. They can almost wear each others shirts, if they are stretchy T shirts, but pants are not transferrable. Those thighs. :D Also Raphael would not wear those batman pants, ever.

Plants Versus Zombies

This is my niece--my sister, who can make fabric do anything, made this for my niece's school Halloween party. Front view:

Source pic: "Peashooter" from plants vs. zombies:

And  Akutenshi7 whipped this out on her lunch hour at work:
It's the trim for a dress for her Amphibel. :o

Meanwhile, I made several piles of leaves and pine needles and read a macabre mystery by Simon R. Green, while Enoch sits completely naked on the dining room table, like an exotic centerpiece. He's got a wig, though.

Ice Planet Zenon

On the off chance you might need some strange alien landscapes, I present to you Ice Planet Zenon, ready to be released (I think) tomorrow on the Marketplace. There are two versions of the frozen waterfall because there was some discussion about how hard it would be to have a light saber battle on the side of the falls without a platform, so the platform ended up as a bonus image. The images are designed to have little Poser people grafted onto them, like actors on a stage set. Here gypsyangel's Roxanne tries to find a place to charge her iPhone, or something:

I am supposed to start a new project tomorrow, and test some models next week. Enoch may have to wait a while for his clothes!

Resinsoul Hands on a Super Gem Body

By request--A little small, but the wristball is perfect! One more with a regular hand (underneath) and the Resinsoul hand above:
They are the perfect hands for the Granado Maiden body, and that is where I will put them tomorrow.

Suddenly, Enoch

I was taking the trash out and I opened the door to find the mail carrier peering at this huge Granado box on the porch. Woot! The tracking hadn't updated, so I had assumed he was still chilling in a warehouse in Shanghai or something, but no! He's a big boy. Here are the toes peeking out of the package:
And more of him:
option hands!
Really bad photo--I like the brown but the wig itself is a little flat and messy, and I have some nicer black fur. We'll see if I can make something for him..the eyes are sculpey and not perfect either; I need to either order some new for him or sit down and really go through the eyes and find something nice for him.

A better, if slightly disapproving, photo of him:

Real clothes need to happen for him too. :D I am so happy with him in spite of my total lack of preparedness--he's absolutely gorgeous in person!
More pix:
New tabi toes! (Separated for sandals). And now with his Doll Bakery Eyes:

LOL still no clothes!

How Green Is My Pumpkin?

Pretty darn green. I typed in "Why is my pumpkin..." into Google and it autofilled to "Still green?"
Well, yes. It turns out that the big leaves were shading the pumpkin, and it needs sunlight to turn color. Seeing that we have a whole two weeks until Halloween, I think this will just have to be a green Jack O Lantern. It is big, though!

Cats and Commas

And it's a cute photo. :D

For Mom

Mom I would get this for you but the EMS would be so high! Also you would have to park on the street. <3

Esmerelda in Kansas

Esmerelda, a Soom Gneiss (the original) is here gloating over the fact she not only has a tractor, but a tractor-themed top. Also, not shown, she rules over several semi-feral cats, and George, a large, regal, golden colored cat that looks like a Persian with a normal cat face. George is very handsome. (And spoiled).:D

An SID Edan for Auction

For those of you who have been looking for a more affordable Edan (and you know who you are) here is one in Iplehouse's current auction. I think he's lovely, but what I am actually looking for (as in would buy one, as long as it has a certificate and a pedigree) is a Peach Gold Shane head, or a PG Vincent head, or a PG Felix, Edan  or Alberto head. Mostly I have this beautiful headless PG body and I just don't want Lee or Georgio, who are the only two guys I have seen for sale so far that were papered and genuine.