Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Little Steampunk Bird

It's like a baby Galena :D Soom has dug around in the parts box and come up with a pretty darn cute little bird. I don't collect this size, but I have to admit if I did, I'd want to bring her home. I love those sparkly eyes!

Also, if you happen to see this bird on Ebay, please contact the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, as they have lost one (and several other things):

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Whoa, Tuesday Already!

But we have shoes!! Actually there are even more shoes but the package was getting so huge no one in their right mind would want to download it, so some shoes got tossed into the closet. I actually thought I would do some matching hose next, maybe a dress... I can't tell you how much fun this is to do. I shouldn't because then people will want me to do it for free, so I will say it IS a ton of fiddly work with files and I don't like that part, but it's necessary for other people to be able to use them. A side benefit--here is a cupcake photoshop brush for you to screen cap and stamp on your own stuff:

It's on the inside of one of the shoes :D

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stacy's Pink Ocean Sale and a Sequin Brush

Alice's Collections has marked down some of the clothes from Stacy's Pink Ocean as part of their Spring Promotions. I love her clothes (they are very well made) and especially her ability to choose and mix patterns and textures. It's worth a visit just to look at the photos, and there are 113 items to look at :D Now that I have run out of room for resin, it makes sense to actually buy the poor dolls some clothes. I have been using the fabric I have here for design ideas for virtual fabric, so it has slowed down my already glacial sewing; it's much easier to photograph cloth textures when the fabric is flat, than when it is sewed into something!

I did manage to make something with just a photoshop brush--sequins!

If you open up this render so you can see the detail better, the bow on the black and white shoe has clear sequins on it. And this is how they are made:

First you make a simple brush:

I think if you screen grab this, you can take it into Photoshop and select it, and "define brush".

The default is black, but I made the brush white and put it on an empty layer; above a black layer; above my "fabric," to make both the heightmap and the "this is shiny" map. I use Photoshop's File/ Save As choice to make a .jpg screen capture of my layered .psd:

Then I hid the black layer, and then used an adjustment layer to color the sequins. Having the color on a separate layer from the sequins lets you make them any color-- so you can re-use the maps, slotting in other fabrics underneath. Layers are awesome. Here is the .jpg I made using the colored sequins and the fabric:

Then I took it into poser and put it on a blank square. I had to add a cheat map for reflection, but other renderers (including Daz Studio) don't need this. Here's the finished sequin fabric:

The scale is a little off, but you can see how it looks. The map was 1024 pixels across so pushing it up to 4096 (standard gaming size), would make the 60 pixel brush proportionately smaller and in better scale--and since the sequins aren't attached to the fabric image, it's easy to scale things up and down.

And this is where all my time has gone :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Iplehouse Little Hoofie!

The pictures aren't sized for web, so they take forever to load, but Iplehouse has a new child-like JID body to match the scale of the bigger dolls. And Faline has tiny hooves! And she is such a cutie! You can get a human version of her as well. Here is a cute close-up of her head:

She's a bit in styling like the souldoll Fairy girls, but I think Faline is sweeter. The only downside might be those tiny feet make standing hard..but she looks like she is standing unassisted in some of the promos, so maybe she is well balanced. Soooo cute! Here's human Faline:

Awww :D

Monday, April 9, 2018

OK, all reformatted....

I had not realized that when I pushed the Tropical Theme button, away went the mobile formatting and the sidebar went bananas, so I spent some time this morning a) trying to remember the name of the theme I was using before, and b) how to set it up again. Now it's mostly normal again, though I still have a useless Home button on the side. But you should be able to read on the phone again. (Swirly eyes icon)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

XiRuo At Loongsoul

In most parts of the Northern Hemisphere it's Spring. It's not here, is supposed to start snowing again again, and snow all night. Yesterday morning when I went out to feed the birds it was 25 degrees F.
But Loongsoul has brought out a Spring Flower Fairy to get the party started anyway. She is Xi Ruo and has a glorious outfit and crazy great ears.

She is also on sale at Alices Collections, and you should use the money you save to buy ALL THE THINGS. I say this because I regret I cheaped out and did not buy Zi Gui's fullset when I had a chance, and though she looks fine in her scarves; her actual outfit would have been so much better. And her shoes. The only thing that the Loongsoul girls have that is mildly substandard is the sculpt of their feet, which are sort of vestigial, but can be stuffed into shoes easily. But you need to actually buy the shoes for that to happen.  Here is Xi Ruo's price page from Alice's:

Her face reminds me so much of the Resinsoul Mei that everyone loves, but she is much taller. She is also a good poser! I am so happy with my Zi Gui, even though it was a long wait, it was worth it, and she was flawless. One more photo of Xi Ruo:

(I am looking forward to getting some flowers here-- that aren't from the grocery store!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Clam and Passion at Soom

The splash page has this typo too, and I looked at it for a long time since it's in Mistral, which is never easy to read, and decided, yes, the word was "Clam". It's actually surprising that Soom does as well as it does with English, which is a messed-up language with a different alphabet than Korean. They can also blame it on April, that month notorious for jokes.

Adonis himself is a re-release, and an Idealian--too large for me, but I do like his face. I'm not crazy about the Ringdoll-style officer uniform, but I do like this gender-bender version  a lot:

Heel feets!! Those are so awesome, it opens up so many fashion possibilities, and yes, amazing boots.
I have been busy with my own heels here:

The shoes, left to right are "Conspiracy Theory", "Steam" and "Candy." Candy has the chain and the bow hidden--it turns out Daz Studio has an option in the material pane called "Geometry Cutout" which is a way to hide different named groups. Its not only good for texturing and getting more out of another person's model; as a model maker it's handy to check what is going on under a part you are working with. I'm coming to actually like working in DS, though I think the light previews are still rubbish and they need a "select all materials/delete all materials" button. Also colored slider bars--they have gray on gray teeeeeeeny tiny ones now that are hard to see and grab.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Vermont Chick Makes a Doll Wig

I have made a few wigs myself--the only ones I have made that I liked were yarn wigs; I am all thumbs with mohair. But Vermont Chick made a nice and rather romantic one for her Fashion Sized Dollshe, and you can read about it here. (I love her blog, she posts usually on Sunday and mostly sews gorgeous, very small dresses). You do have to click at the bottom to expand the post, there is just something about the layout she has for her blog that keeps part of it hidden.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Elesa Hagberg Makes a Steampunk Gun

It's mostly a oil-based paint called Rub n Buff, but the effect is great! Read about it here and see some of the other projects she has done:

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Iplehouse Leah and Anagord's Digital Leah

Iplehouse has a new Creaa girl up--when they first came out I found them a bit creepy, but Leah is just cute and elfin, with her little ears. For some reason I did not realize that the Creaa's were tallish and slim--here are the measurements, they are like slim msd dolls:

There are a ton of new clothes for her at Iplehouse as well, it looks like they had fun making clothes for her. Here is a longer shot of her:

Aww, what a sweetie!

Meanwhile here I have been painting shoes and test rendering them. I did these today--the model is amazing, it's by Arren and Anagord:

It's the Shellie heels from, and I just hid the distinctive chain that runs around it, because there are already a ton of textures for these shoes with the chain, so I am making some without the chain. The heels are translucent in my version. The digital doll who has been modelling these is also named Leah, and she never falls over (though strangely I have had wig problems with her too --she has a biggish head:

Here's Leah with her Giant Butter Pat (or failed petit four), modelling another color set for the heels. And Leah's sculptor is Anagord, so it makes sense that she looks good in the heels. :D

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