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He's out at Granado, and he might be my favorite of the Angels so far; unfortunately in the options I want he comes to almost 800.00, and I can't justify that for myself at this time. The blank head is 170.00 but I love the faceup almost as much as the sculpt, and that is another 80.00. But he really is beautiful. He does have an unlimited number of casts, so that makes him a little more accessible: order period is December 1st, 2017 (in USA notation), to January 5th, 2018

Here is his amusing backstory:

I hear you about the low pay, dude. :D

Small Soom Mermaid/ Soom Nive

She's cute! I am not in love with her faceup but that is something that can be changed--she has a fancy tail and really elaborate ears!

I prefer cloth tails over legs myself, but I do like her!

Bob Ross Remixed

I forgot how fun it was to watch him paint--plus it's a cute song!

Also, he is a wizard with a palette knife.

New Iplehouse Auction

It's actually a few days old, but that pretty Yui is back and SO CHEAP-- and there is a Lawrence, though he is Mighty Pink. Also I have been doing digital art and not doing dollie stuff, though I hope to get back to it Wednesday, so that explains the semi-lame post.


Another god for Ganglieri's Grove, this time Hypnos. The original model was "a Man on Pinterest" and a close up of a human iris. :D

Thrift Store Joy

An oldie but a goodie. I do have stuff to post, just no time at the moment--tomorrow things should get back to normal here.

Souldoll Head Sale (Men's Heads)

Yes, it's all those classic Souldoll heads for sale as rolling heads, for a reasonable price! (Including the fantasy Souldoll Chiron head).  Here is the notice:

And yes, they are redoing the Zenith boy body, it will be interesting to see what the new body looks like. Here is more heads:

Here is the discontinued body

Long Nail Idealian Ball-Jointed Hands

During Sullivan's (Evil Amber) sale period, you can order the long nailed jointed hands on their own, without buying the whole doll--at 178.00 they are not cheap, but they are very nice and the nails make them a little unusual. I ma not sure how the size works with the new Soom Male body, but since it is a larger body than the old one, I am assuming the size is pretty good. Sales period ends December 3rd.


Public Service Announcement courtest of K, who is visiting along with my in-laws. I am already full of food :D

New FID People at Iplehouse

Iplehouse used their shrink ray on Vincent, Isis and Vera and they all look cute--I especially like Vera's new faceup. Iplehouse is also offering the usual 10% for anything over 500 and a couple of other discounts for larger amounts, which is nice to offset the cost of shipping. Maybe they are hoping you will buy 2 of these little cuties at the same time :D

Egyptian D20

For K. It's in great shape too!

Beyond the Horizon with Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson

A little inspirational music while I struggle with a new dress for Sicktress' Aya and some tiny shoes for Andy!

Also, check out what Denny's is cooking in Japan:

Arash..Snoop Dogg..and OMG

It's weird..and sort of catchy...and weird...:D

Kor Tools

So there I was on Pinterest, wasting time, and I saw a sheet of tiling patterns. I am always looking for tiling patterns for 3d projects, so I clicked on it, and it turns out not to be a digital texture/resource seller, but an art supply place called Kor Tools. Kor seems to make two things right now-- pattern rollers and pattern stamps. They are designed to jewelry scale and are meant to be used with the metallic jewelry clays you can buy. I looked at them and thought they would be fine for sculpey, but then I realized I was also looking at doll-scale fabric printing rollers--a small scale version of the Indian woodblock rollers that are used to make Indian cotton bedpreads and clothing patterns. Woot!
Here is the pattern, made by a roller that is approximately 5 inches across:

I suspect that the master is created with 3d printing, then cleaned up, and then the rollers are cast out of acrylic. The rollers are something I would call "finger rollers" without handles, and look…

Bjork's Embroiderer

Icelandic pop diva Bjork often wears fantastic, delicate masks; and they are the creation of embroiderer James Merry. Though he is also a sculptor, taking unusual materials and decorating them with thread and embellishments. You can read an all-too-short article about him here.

Then here is me, putting beads on a collar for Isa. I have a lot of respect for people who do this professionally.

Fruit Carvings

They are so delicate and beautiful! You can see them here on Laughing Squid; I have had this cold still and not much useful has gotten done. Here is the artist:

BJD Leggings Tutorial and other Deviant Art Resources

I haven't tried this tutorial yet, but it looks promising. There are a lot of good bjd related tutorials on Deviant Art, I just forget to look--and this evening I found a treasure trove here:

Socks, patterns, faceups, hats and more!

Earrings From Fabric Scraps

(14.05 minutes, you need some simple tools like jewelry pliers and some ear hooks and jump rings.)

I was looking on Ebay for some more African fabric scraps to pad out the supply Sicktress sent me (I have lots of ideas for Aya, so I was hoping to find a small feathery motif print in one yard.) So I found this seller on Ebay, and down in the comments/reviews, one buyer said they were going to "use the fabric to make earrings". And I was..earrings? Fabric? What sorcery is this? And it turns out the earrings are GREAT and they weigh very little and..well..I have a lot of fabric scraps. A..lot.

The video was taken from the Thriftanista in the City blog, and it's a really neat blog if you sew and if you are cheap. She is based in Atlanta and is as stylish as she is cost-conscious; if you click around in the posts you can see the things she has made for herself and her decorating style. Since my house looks like a cross between the back room at JoAnn's and a perennial Mak…

Toy Sewing Machine

I get spam from Sewing Parts Online and I don't mind, as I have used them to buy replacement and missing parts for my various trash-picked and Ebay sewing machines. I was intrigued by this toy--sadly, the ad copy says it doesn't work, which surprised me as it looks like it should. Anyway, it is cute and it looks like it is SD sized. So if you have an Iplehouse Vera, the little sewing genius according to her backstory, maybe she needs a sewing machine.

Sadly, I am the only person here who sews, which means a lot of people are wearing scarves.

Ragnarok in 4D (Mild Spoilers, 11 minutes)

The best part is the reaction of the audience when they realize that the weird people interrupting their movie are the ACTUAL CAST.

Dollmore Judith: Zinna--Scent of Forest

I don't normally look at new listings for msd sized dolls (Zinna is 44 cm tall), but Vermont Chick has a bunch of these spoiled darlings and I have come to love her haughty little face. I also love her styling here--that is one of Dollmore's "mermaid wigs" and the dress is from Nalisinko workshops; the set is limited to ten all together. I should go see if Vermont Chick has ordered her. All the details are so fun--look at her stockings!

And completely unrelated, Cake Wrecks (the blog about the perils of creating theme cakes) has a new post that totally cracked me up:

Shiver me (cake) timbers!

Jane Zhang Sings the Blues

It has captions for the lyrics :D

FeiHuaDeng, All Purpose Cat Girl

This actually should go with the previous post, as she is another Telesthesia doll; but I went to the Legend Doll site to see if she was a cat... or a fox... and found a lot more photos of her, including the female body pose and shape set, if you are curious. She is very much like the Loongsoul girls in size and shape. (Scroll down for body photos). Fei Hua has magnet optional cat ears AND a tail, which I had not seen before in the Alice's photos:

These Chinese dolls are a bit more affordable than their Korean counterparts--the main difference is that the basic resin tends to yellow a bit faster, though it is good and heavy, (You sometimes have a choice of Imported Resin, which is slightly more translucent) and sometimes there are oddities in drilling and casting, depending on how busy they are--and to be honest, Fairyland and Soom have had their off days too. The clothing and accessories are magnificent from all the Chinese companies, from the pieces I have seen in person. Alice…

Telesthesia and Dragon "Upsilon" and a Tiny Mixer

You can see him here on Alice's Collections--I put you on the main page so you can see the other fantasy dolls in the Dragon/Telesthesia line; there is also Crystal the Unicorn Girl (65cm tall) and a couple of other fun ones. I have only seen the big Dragon boys in person, they tend to have good head sculpts and occasionally some casting problems in the bodies, but it looks like they have gotten over that. I was just amused by Upsilon's accessories and the fact he looks faintly like a certain Canadian Prime Minister:

And here is Crystal's blank head:

I stumbled across this item on Pinterest, you need a Dremel and one of those floss holders, but if you put them together you get a tiny project mixer for eye resin or whatnot. It was called the "small batch mixer."

Friday Night Dance Music

Four minutes of Punjabi Pop-- ridiculously cheery dance music. :D Also a cell phone gets it's comeuppance.

Deesse 2 Arrives!!

A blurry photo, but you can see how great Sicktress' faceup is--and how pretty D2 is! (She is Isa here, a snow goddess-- and perhaps I should have thought that through in advance, but we could use the snow.:D) She fits perfectly on the Mirodoll muscle body, but the head also has a new, larger hole that looks like it could fit on an Idol..and it's always a temptation to "go up" in this house as it makes sewing way easier. And Sicktress sent me the resin samples too if I want to do a custom color at Impldoll.  I have her white eyelashes on order from Alice's Collections, as well as a doll stand for her.

I'm making progress on Aya's outfit, partly because I am excited to design for Rihanna, even the tiny resin version. Here is the progress so far--my machine hates the beautiful lining fabric, so it's going slow, but at least it's not a very complicated cut (All straight lines):

It will just snap in the back. I will make a little necklace to go with …

Granado Sariel WIP


Antarctica Facts

It's bigger than we both thought :D Article from NASA here. Here it looks like we are going to get some early snow--it's not in the forecast but the local road crews have put down salt and that usually means it will snow, no matter what the forecast is. I have a theory it's some old guy with a bad knee that tells them he's "getting that twinge" so they go run the de-icer over the roads. I still haven't raked leaves, repotted a plant, or even mowed in back, so of course it will snow. I did order a birdbath de-icer from Webb's Water Gardens, but otherwise I am in denial about the whole winter thing.

Digital Assistant

I have another project I am working on--some more clothes for Sicktress, this time for her Rihanna mini-me, Aya. Aya is a Soom Epidia head on a perfectly-matching Mirodoll body. Luckily for me, I have that 60cm Mirodoll body myself, and it's currently holding up my Android Mei--who looks adorable on it. (IMO Mei looks adorable on anything) :D Here she is in the tape proto-pattern:

She has Resinsoul jointy hands, which fit well on the small Miro 60 body; these are the "girl hands" and so delicate they really need wiring if you want her to hold anything. But I love them anyway. I replaced Skadi, my Impldoll Azalea's hands with some Telesthesia jointy hands as well:

Skadi needed to hold a bow; I was glad they fit the Impldoll New Star body.

Anyway, my little Android Assistant deserved a couple more photos, so here they are:

She's so cute. :D

And speaking of cute, here is the cat watching Grimes videos:

The Hybrid Blues

So I have this very tall, headless Loongsoul Girl body that Sicktress sent me. For a while my Fairyland Chloe head was on there, but the LuckyXIII sent me a "real" Chloe body, so the Loongsoul body was headless once more--and it is too good a body not to have a head on it. The problem is that I needed something nearly free since the dolly fund is very, very low right now.

 So I looked around at what people had in the sale bins and In Stock and returns and on Ebay..and on Ebay I found this at Dolls-Singing, and while he was not free, he was a good deal and he was a Ringdoll guy, which I have gotten sort of interested in since I saw one at the local meetup. Also Girrl has had a Ringdoll Frankenstein that I think is the bee's knees. And I liked this guy's sort of Beryl-like pout. He is a boy head, so he should be plenty large enough to fit on the Loongsoul girl body, right? So he arrived yesterday and I unwrapped him, and he is not very girly, and he is..smol. He is a …