Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New RaccoonDoll "Mika"

This is the "Qipao Mika" version, there is also a "Natural Mika"

Vermont Chick has one of these girls (A Sarah) if you want to see them at home--they are sort of Withdoll Classic sized (mature minis).

Granado Skin Color Chart

For..reference. :D That is the new Evol body (roughly EID sized, but slimmer) and the 1st of the month body sale begins today.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Baroque Cats

"I need dis"

Jeremias Van Winghe, 1615, Netherlands/Flanders "A Kitchen Still Life."

Hybriding a Dollshe Grant Phillipe

First of all, you are gonna need a bigger head. Maybe an Iplehouse Elder guy, because the neck is large and not sandable with the silicon disks in there. If you want to take off his head and put it on something lighter (and I can totally understand that, because I think this man is seven pounds of wonderful), you will want a spacer for the neck and also a large body--and EID, a Granado Evol, maybe, or an Impldoll Idol. Here he is on a Impldoll New Star Man body, one size down from the Idol. Good color, not super fit:

His neck hole isn't round, so you may need to fill it slightly with paperclay or something removable like that. Otherwise he isn't a bad head for moving around--this is Pure and it seems to be a pale pinky color that works with a lot of companies right now.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Old hooves, new to me...

Sophie Cushion, the old 2008 MD Beryl, has never had hooves--Cat only had her heel feet and flat feet when she sent Sophie to me. And I was always planning on finding Sophie some kind of hooves--and then pris84 listed a pair of original blushed hooves on Den of Angels, and I pounced on them. I did add some fur buffering to preserve the paint that is left. What is there is in pretty good shape--some scuffs and a bit of chipping, but I think I will just leave it alone. I'm happy to have them. Here's a couple more random Sophie pix:

I did work on a painting today, discovered that my publisher has gone back to issuing checks (boo) instead of PayPal, and I did laundry and put away the 20 pairs of Sculpey eyes I made Sunday.

J made a cake Sunday, 3 kinds of chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge cake, grand marnier topping in gelatin with orange juice.

Most of it did go with him to work Monday.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wasting Time in Photoshop

I've never done a lot with the color controls in Photoshop besides getting rid of yellow casts in photos, but of course you can do amazing things ..if you know how. This was a picture with two layers and some erasing, which left Priscilla (Iplehouse Asa) a bit streaky. Here's the original:

Yes, the wig does look like a fishing lure, which is why I thought it was awesome--Scilla looks like a Warhol girl now. Here's another set of goofing around, this time a duplicate layer, Image>Adjust>Invert and then I made the layer a Color layer and mashed it down. Tada blue Cuprit, not currently on offer at Soom:

I always learn new things when I do these!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Balthazar Wears His Feets

Balthazar is a survivor from when I had "Eight Tiny Reindeer", aka Sphaler heads, in time for Christmas 2012. I still have 3 of them, Balthazar, Fu Bai (because he has a yellowing problem and no one would want him but me) and Zinnober, the ginger kirin nerd. (I also had Caspar and Melchior, in keeping with the Christmas theme). The Sphaler thing happened because I just liked the sculpt, there were a lot of them, and because I was graphing a "price vs time" for Soom releases so I could see when the optimum time and place was to buy Soom parts on the secondary market. The answer seems to be "wait two years and buy it from someone in Texas". The price of a limited Soom (and maybe a Volks, I have no idea) climbs up steeply after it's release, then gradually sinks down to a low after two years, and then levels off; or if it's a very pretty but rare sculpt, climbs back up. (This also is influenced by Soom's re-releases, which can depress the price back down to around 600.00 regardless of sculpt). The "Texas ideal location" is linked to the price of oil--when oil is high, Texas has an economic boom as an oil producer so collectors there have more money in their pockets, and it's a cultural thing too--Texans like new things. And they are fabulous, professional, expert sellers. I'd say most of the "best" dolls in my collection (from a collector's standpoint) were purchased from The Ladies in Texas. Long may they prosper :D

Anyway, Balthazar started out as a head from Davineurinvega, and I quickly got him on an old Impldoll Star body, and then found out the legs were cast by Impl to accommodate Soom fantasy parts, so I have had fun with that:

He's also worn Simply Divine Hooves, and very briefly, some Galena claws that now live in Malmo, Sweden. But now he has his very feet. Mostly they work well, but my desire to have him be able to point his toes (why?) makes it more likely that he will tip over backwards--something that I did not consider at the time I was making them. I also need to make a neater transition between the feet and the shin in the next pair I make. (These were a hot mess). Here's the feet, painted:

And yes, standing!

And sexily pointing his toes. With duck feet.

Four toes might look better.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Impldoll's Promo Heads...

These are all the promo heads that they promised if you "liked" their page on Facebook. They got a lot of likes--and now the heads are cast and ready to ship! (I didn't get one, because I know it's a trap--you get a head, and then you need a body. And the necks are big on these guys. And the cheapest body is...Impldoll's! Hehe!

Post Monthly Doll Event at Soom

It's warehouse clearance time at Soom!

Dear Customers.


I'm happy to announce that we are going to have an POST MD event starting this comming Wendsday.(30, Sep)

*Ordering Period : 30(Wed), Sep ~ 5(Mon), Oct

*You can start to make an order at 11:00AM(in Korean time) on 30 Sep.

*The price of doll will be the same as original price, but would be reflected USD exchange rate on the first day of the event.

*Please be informed the layaway payment will not allowed this time.

*Please be informed it is not possible to cancel order after purchase.

Those dolls for the event, already being ready for shipping out.

However if you add Face-Up or Body Blushing, it will take 1~2 weeks more.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Remember to shift your time to match the Korean time, in the US it's a lot earlier, like 3 AM or something on Tuesday for Chicago.

Here's the list of what they have.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dragon Feet (Painted)

They look less like duck feet now that they are painted, and I made ankle balls too--and found out you can roll sculpey in fine glitter and then bake it on.

Of course I forgot that the two feet needed to be the same height, so I had to shave some off the right ankleball so he wouldn't be tilted. I will string him tomorrow and see how he does.

Fairytale Fashion at Iplehouse

Iplehouse always makes me think they actually play with their dolls--they keep coming up with fun outfits and storylines and reinvent the old sculpts with new clothes and makeups. When I woke up this morning suddenly it was a whole new world over at Iplehouse. I think Jessica looks awesome in the Maleficent outfit (you can get the horned hat, too). There are some kingly outfits for the EID men--here's Luo:

Grace, by the way, has just joined the Basic lineup, and here she is being Wicked:

Even the smaller girls get to be The Queen of Hearts:

By the way, if you order Rexy with the Queen of Hearts Type A makeup, the heart is not standard, you have to go over to Custom to have them add that detail.

Or you can have your NYID as Ursula, the Sexy Witch of the Sea (played by Audrey):

And finally here is Carina, who I have resisted for years and here looks almost irresistable in her Muriel set:

I don't need another SID though, especially as I succumbed to the Rexy. *_*

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2 Soom Girls

Daisy, Soom Agate; and her toes:

And Artemisia, looking a lot like The Red Queen in Cat's outfit.

No toaster stuff today--I had to re-read parts of some really great books by Lynda Williams for background for a new manuscript, and I ended up reading more than I intended because they are so good. I also accidentally uploaded a lot of my hard drive to FLickr's cloud by not paying attention to the uploading instructions, so now there are 6094 pictures floating on Flickr's cloud. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today's Toaster Treat

Bat wings! The black sculpey has a strange and wonderful texture when uncooked--it's a little sticky, almost.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


One of my Soom Sphaler hybrids has had Simply Divine Hooves on since 2012, and I would like to get them on Sophie Cushion, my old MD Beryl, because she has no hooves of her own. They are also very very nice hooves and Sophie seems to appreciate the best of everything.

However, I seem to have lost Balthazar's Impldoll feet. I vaguely remember sticking them on someone else because they had built-in heel balls, so I assume it was some Soom doll...but otherwise I have no clue. So here is poor Balthazar:

Something needed to be done, so I decided that homemade feet were better than no feet, so once I finished some other stuff, I got out the Fimo and got busy.

I don't recommend the foil or the wire. It turns out the Fimo is plenty strong without them, and the wire shows through the translucent Fimo in spots. I cooked them for 20 minutes and that seemed perfect:

Aaand then I tried them on Balthazar:

And they are too big...or I should say too long, they are like clown feet on him. Also they are Pinky Normal, which looks ridiculous. But it turns out that they are exactly the size, shape and color to fit Aelfric; but he already has perfectly good feet, so I suppose they will just get put in a box for someone else later. And I think that I can make Bal some white sculpey dragon feet, which might be a lot more fun (and need no shoes).

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Apoxy Sculpt

I has it--a very small amount to see if I am good with it. It came wrapped in Amy Poehler's head.

Comes in lots of colors:

I also did a little painting for Gus on DoA as a thank you for the Granado body he sent me:

Painting that small is not easy. On the other hand shipping is much easier!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Resinsoul Jointed Hands Are Here

And they are really nice! AND assembled, which made me so happy--I never did put together my Soom jointed hands and ended up sending them to Cat instead. They are small and intended for smaller dolls rather than the larger boy dolls or EID sized girls.

They do fit my Soom Super Gem Female body (who once had a Cinderella head on it), and that made me happy too.

The hooks Resinsoul sent are intended for 3 to 3.5 mm elastic, and for some reason Sophie has 4.5 mm in her arms, so I swapped out the provided hooks for ones with a larger wrist hook. The marked hook was the size included.

The fingers have good mobility and stay where you put them--they aren't strong enough to hold anything but a paper flower or two, but wiring could improve that a little--I still might not put a heavy china teacup on those fingers, though. They are really for gesturing.

The white jointed hands really are paper white, though they may mellow--I didn't really care, as both her body and hands need to be blushed to match the creamy white of the Granado resin of her head.