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Random Sunday Photos

ATYL sent me this gorgeous card of a cherry tree--I love pop-up cards and this is one of the most artistic ones I have seen! She also sent me this adorable little figure of a blue cat with a fish, and he now lives up on the shelf with my motley collection of other figures. He might be the cutest ;)

The last few days have been cold and stormy, but the garden is doing fine even with the extra water. Here are the lilacs:

My other neighbor Ed's cherry tree:

A lost temple near the air conditioner:

And the view out of my porch of the neighbor to the south of us. 

The house is empty now--no longer do we get dramatic visits from the police or the ambulance company, nor do we get to enjoy late night yelling sessions on the lawn. But the house probably needs to be sold since it is no longer in rentable shape, and the most likely outcome is that a builder will come and put a Mc Mansion to match the other ones in the neighborhood, which will leave me a view of neat blue siding a foot away fr…

Souldoll Kids Gavi and Gaon

Gavi and Gaon are two small Soulkid girls in cute outfits (link goes to index page). I have my Shushu head on a Soulkid body and it's so nice--it's minifee sized but sturdier and a good solid poser. I keep eyeing the rolling heads Souldoll has right now, wondering if one could be swapped for Shu's head. There are limited heads you can get now in all the sizes, and the bodies are available separately. Souldoll also shows the blank sculpts and does a very generous layaway. They are very customer-friendly :D

Iplehouse CREAA Sara and Zinnia

Totally coincidentally with Soom releasing a new Fairy Legend, Iplehouse has rolled out two more slim 47 cm girls in the slim, fairylike style of their Psyche. Unlike Psyche, these girls have cute little faces. You can order the outfits with the girls, and there is a makeup A and B.
Sarah and Zinnia's sales page.

Floor Plan

Sent to me by Cat. Seems ideal. :D

Some Chitown Dollz Meetup Pix

Just a few, because a lot were pretty terrible photos, and my notes were equally terrible. But here is a couple of Akutenshi7's cuties, above. Here are some more at random:

I believe that one is actually a Dollfie Dreams Reimu, my handwriting was ...squiggly.

Vampire Angel is so much fun. I just knew her as the owner of a million Dollmore Kara Klums, but she also is a graphic artist and has more dolls than the Souldoll Junia above!

This brilliantly styled centaur is owned by Fairy Fox Princess, who I would have given the prize to for "best dressed doll," in all her Lolita splendor:

And *pink boots*. (Dies).

Anyway, it was so much fun. I should have taken more photos but I was shopping and socializing instead :D

The Money Toad

He is a Loongsoul boy and he might be a lucky money toad...or maybe a lucky money newt..for some reason I think he is the cutest little frog (?) boy ever, with his little chibi kaiju friend. He does have a name: Jin Chan-Shine. I am guessing he is not a lucky fish because of the webbed toes, but otherwise his taxonomy is mysterious. :D

If you want to check him out more, visit the Loongsoul Limited page at Alices' Collections. Alice's is lovely to buy from--everything is slow, but it does come and they are sweet and easy to deal with (I always get the shipping wrong when I fill out their order page, and instead of telling me I ride the short bus, they send a friendly email telling me what I still owe them ;) They are also still doing pre-orders for Loongsoul dolls, which can have Dollshe-like waits (up to almost a year). It's really one of the only things that have kept me from buying more of their dolls..well, that and the money thing. I saw this lady while I was there to…

Black Swan

She is one of Soom's little Fairy Legend girls and she has gold sparkle powder mixed into the resin! Also she has tiny gold shoes and a gorgeous wig. More pics:
And with her wings:

There is a white one, too; that looks a bit like an Edward Gorey princess-- but I just glanced at her. I like this one :D

Nunu's House

Nunu is a genius of small things. Very small things! If you go to their pinterest page, you can see lots of tasty-looking, very tiny food--as K said, a "feast for Warhammer guys".
Check it out here.

Meanwhile, in full scale, we have stuff in the yard:

I'm not sure Stripey approves of all of it.

Granado Uriel

He looks a lot like Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), so if you are looking for your next Marvel character doll, this might be a good choice! He is still a WIP though, so you will just have to keep an eye on the Granado Flickr and see what they are doing.

Dollshe Erica Snow

This is to give you an idea of how tall she is:D. I really liked Erica Snow, but these big Dollshes are out of my price range unless Mr. Dollshe decides suddenly he needs cash for the rent and does a quick sale, which I usually miss. But Jo was willing to give me an extremely good deal on Erica, so she arrived Saturday while I was at the doll meet, and J signed for her. Giant box:

 He is a very good sport about the doll mania here. This is Erica out of Dierdre's gardening dress (the dress, while not flattering on Erica, is easy to get on and I knew where it was).

See? Hip cuts. Mr. Dollshe is fly to posing. Here she can hold her arm at full extension:

Peanut-style joints let her touch her face:

ID plate to discourage recasters:

Stainless plate to prevent hook damage on the head (the neck has this feature too):

The white thing held in with tape is her tooth plate, and I decided I preferred her without it, since she is a specific character. She is the replacement for the weird Gran…

Magic Mirror Studios Sinead

Today I went to the Chitown Dolls Spring Meetup, and I ended up coming home with new friends..this lady was from a trade with Akutenshi; I also finally succumbed to Kiyono's Galena, and Jo sent me her Erica Snow, so I have a lot of photos to load up over the next 3 days (I also have to ship out dolls to balance things out). I love trades :D So here is "Cherie" who is just barely not-a-tiny (she is a..small msd/fairy). That is my story and I am sticking to it. Also Kris the Resinsoul Ju needed a friend, though I think she will probably use him for a chew toy. And she is SO CUTE.

While I like these eyes, I have another tiny pair of "oil slicks" I'd like to try in her, since I do like pupilled eyes--but they may not fit. I will find out tomorrow.

Tokoz Dragon gave me books!! Lots of tiny, gorgeous, handmade books! You can see that Coppersmith and Aldwood are glad to have something to pass the time while sitting on the shelf:
(The dark blob at Aldwood's el…