Saturday, January 31, 2015

Iplehouse EID and Impldoll Idol

Here they are,by request from chalyss, hauled from out of the closet-- Iplehouse Aurora and an Impldoll Delia. The Delia is taller at 70 cm, and you can see the difference better in this Not Safe For Work photo. The Impldoll Delia body will take Iplehouse heads, though the Impldoll Delia neck is slimmer than the Iplehouse neck, and the colors aren't an exact match: though Impldoll does offer a color matching service (I have never used it). There are some other differences and similarities--the Impldoll Delia torso is more elongated and thinner than the EID, though the bust is bigger (Delia's bust is a whopping 30 cm). The general style is similar to a scaled-up version of the old, smaller 65 cm Impldoll Star body, but Delia is missing the mobility cut in the thigh and the upper arms that the old Star body had. I think Impldoll was the first company to do these cuts, though Resinsoul came in close behind (both are Chinese companies). Iplehouse later adopted the thigh cut for their own dolls, here you can see the Delia borrowed Iple's way of keeping the bust joint propped forward:

I think Iplehouse did the first interior cross-stringing at the pelvis, and this has become standard for any doll that doesn't have hip cuts; Soom, Granado and here Impldoll have all adopted this, though I prefer the old method of stringing in the hips (my Aurora is the old, straight-strung EID body and she stays tight and poses perfectly). Here is the cross stringing in the Impldoll Delia:

Like my Granado girls, the Impldoll Delia has a tendency to want to cross her legs when she stands, though she does stand pretty well anyway.

My Aurora on the other hand stands so well I can actually walk away to get the camera:

With her arm extended, even. The elbow on the EID is nicer than the Delia's, but it's a complex piece with an insert and stops--I didn't pull it out to show it, but it's a lot more difficult to cast than the stirrup-style elbow on the Impldoll Delia. First is a blurry photo of the EID elbow, then the Impl Delia elbow:

The Impldoll Delia has a better wrist, though, IMO; it's a ball style without the "C" insert and it allows for a good range of motion without a little wonky bit of loose resin:

Here is the EID with the C piece:

You can see how it's slipped around to gap a little. Also I prefer the ball-style ankles on the Impldoll to the odd ones of the Iplehouse dolls (they ALL have funky ankles at Iplehouse).

You can see some other Impldolls here--I've liked the ones I have had; this Delia (bought second-hand) a Star Christopher, several Star boy bodies, and a Chapman head. Polly the Harpy is also on a Impldoll Star body. I also recently ordered an Impldoll Azalea because she has elf ears, something Iplehouse doesn't offer as a regular thing. Also the price difference is considerable, (Impldoll is about half the cost of an Iplehouse doll) though that may change as the sculpts at Impldoll improve and they try new things. Denver Doll acts as an agent for Impldoll, though Impl itself has good English support and is friendly and pleasant to work with directly.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Imp Sweater

James Gurney wearing a sweater knitted by Jeanette Gurney (who is on Ravelry). Go check out the post to see a detail of the sweater.

Stay Up Late

This cat was a total bedhog last night, and now *she* is the one yawning. I spent today keeping her awake by scrubbing floors, moving her toys, vacuuming and generally annoying her in revenge. I also put in Bex the Iplehouse Rebecca's Glow In The Dark Eyes-- and while here is a photo of them in the light, I wasn't able to get a clear photo of her in the dark, partly because I was giggling so much. You know those cartoons where the lights go out and the characters eyes are white against the dark? It looks just like that.

I found a wig style I like for her, though I have to order her the correct color, since all I have besides the black is a sort of purple, which isn't right either. Once I get my last Granado photo contest entry done, I can work on some clothes for her that are more SF than just modern.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Donato's Open House

Saturday February 7, 2015

12 - 6 pm

Donato Arts

397 Pacific Street

Brooklyn, NY 11217

New paintings from the 2015 George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar will be fresh back from the Society of Illustrators, including oils from my work for National Geographic, Tor Books, Magic: The Gathering, Middle-earth, Disney, and many other projects over the past few years. Scores of sketches and preliminary drawings never before exhibited at conventions or galleries will also be laid out for perusal.

Discounted prints, books and DVD's will be available to those who make the trip.

I've included a few shots of works already hanging as well as a sample of the pieces to be on display throughout the four floors. As much as is shown here, it is just a teaser for what will be on exhibition!

A new monumental canvas of Beren and Luthien in the Court of Thingol and Melian, from J.R.R. Tolkien's the Silmarillion is in progress in the studio for those who would like an early peek at a work in development. The final canvas will be 9' x 5'.

I will be present the entire afternoon, so feel free to stop by and talk some art!

The photo is unrelated, I actually have a photo of Donato rolling around in here somewhere from the Chesleys, but I can't find it easily. If you go, ask him how to paint metal--he will give you some of the most valuable tips you'll ever get (he teaches as well as paints).

Elf Ears

Silicon ones from the Internet (I will update with the link later). And here is one with no ears:

(Posted for K to look at).

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Granado Anne and Soom Jethro The Giant

She's the result of some doll churning, and I am happy to have gotten her for a very good price, though I feel a bit guilty about it, and also because I wiped the very professional faceup she came with to put my own on. Her head is fairly small, Elfdoll size, and my Bad Fairy says that she would look awesome on the new Granado Maiden body. This would require sacrificing someone else, though, and I am not sure I am ready to do that yet.

Soom, in other news, is the master of the Stealth Release, and there is going to be "Jethro the Giant" which sounds a bit like they looked at Granado's Nico and decided to try a big guy themselves, and make it original by adding horns. (I just updated the link to his sales page, he's a Mega Gem, big but not Nico-sized. And he does have fun fantasy parts, big old hooves. Mostly I like his yellow eyes and outfit.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bird Women and Show Girls

Yes, it's time to go review the Miss Universe Pageant with Tom and Lorenzo, and I thought Miss Argentina here had won when I saw a thumbnail of her costume because I assumed the palm tree was part of it. It's still pretty impressive. I also liked the rather daring "Bling Angel" of Turks and Caicos, here:

This year the USA entry was ok, but Oh Canada..:D

Also, "A wish? I wish these weren't part of my costume." says Miss British Virgin Islands.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The 75 Cent Texas Horned Toad

Bought with our groceries at Jewel-Osco, I was unable to give a good explanation to the checker beyond "It was 75 cents?" He's rubbery and wonderful and perfect shoulder pet for a tall bjd. :D

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Glowy Eyes

See these beautiful blue sparkly eyes from Ersa Flora? THEY GLOW IN THE DARK bwahahah!!

I will put them in Bex tomorrow--today was spent working on photographing Teodor, my Granado Mads. Nick the Target Gargoyle got to be a co-star in a few of them:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Warp Core and possum

The cardboard prop is done! Photos were taken, which meant I wasn't on the computer much, or outside--though I did look out the window, and we have a possum. He or she is living under the shed, and is pretty cute-- since it's not living where I live.

I prefer possums to raccoons--the possums aren't as handy with their fingers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Cheerio Box..

...a shoelace, some shirt pins, a paper towel, some picture wire, part of a 4 way mirror box, and a slurpee top, all glued into some kind of infernal doll prop machine.

Oh, and bamboo skewers and a quartz crystal.

Haru Casting

Now that I have switched to Chrome, I can read Ilsonya's blog again (Chrome translates automatically), and she had a link to Haru Casting, a Korean-based casting service that looks like it's not too far from Soom. I had always assumed that Soom did their own casting, but it would make sense if they either farmed it out or sent out pieces when the order load got too heavy (and it explains the occasional shipping mistake Soom has). In any case, what I found fascinating was the color palette that Haru offers, as shown here:

Now you have to mentally add a yellow shade to some of the colors to picture how resin will age over time (though they say they have essentially UV cut as part of the resin). The first purple Migmas have shown a tendency to fade to a olivish color, and the blues green a little. Of course the oranges and golds would stay the same. I'm looking at these pots and I want a Cyborg in each color. :D I want to see if Soom starts offering that blue blue at least.

Also, Haru Casting has the world's cutest Tumblr blog, which is bjd's mixed with their own process (which is really cool) and occasional pix of their lunches and guitars.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Iplehouse Head Yard Sale

Iplehouse seems to do Spring Cleaning this time of year, and the heads that have been rolling around in a box in the back get put out (I'm actually surprised they don't hang onto them and auction them, but maybe they just want to clean out.) Here is the list of heads:

Leonard _ Light brown

Kamau _ Special real

Kamau _ Peach gold

Rex _ Peach gold

Luo _ Light brown

Dreaming Akando _ Normal

Evan _ Normal

Luo _ Normal

Ashanti _ Ebony

Carina _ Special real

Lee _ Special real

V.Claude _ White

D.Claude _ Normal

V.Claude _ Normal

V.Claude _ Gray

V.Claude _ Light brown

Edan _ Normal

Felix _ Normal

Soo _ Special real

Rebecca _ Peach gold

Justin _ Special real

Rexy _ Normal

Bianca _ Normal

Bianca _ Peach gold

Gentle Freezia _ Normal

Iris _ Normal

Joshua _ Peach gold

Daniel _ Peach gold

Boris _ Normal

Benny _ Normal

Tatiana _ Normal

Tania _ Normal

Kassia _ Peach gold

JID Asa _ Special real

Lonnie _ Normal

Lonnie _ Peach gold

F.Lisa _ Normal

F.Lisa _ Gray

Ringo _ Normal

Ringo _ Peach gold

Bonny _ Normal

Bonny _ Special real

Peekaboo _ Special real

Dorothy _ Normal

Blooming _ Normal

Twinky _ Special real

These heads are from cancellation, or mistakenly double manufactured.

If you are looking for only head parts, this opportunity will be perfect for you!!

Period: 16:00 pm on 22nd of Jan. (Korean time)

We will release head list on beginning of next week..

Color can be slightly different due to manufacturing time difference.

In case of dolls, we do not consider little speck, and some small bubbles as problems,

Please be aware that we don't offer exchange or refund due to above reason.

* Layaway will not beoffered.

* If you want to add face up, please use Custom Make up.

* If too many users access at same time, counting disorder can occur.

In above situation, we will sell the head to a customer who has ordered first and rest order will be cancelled.

* Your order will be sent when last item is finished.

Personally I have had not much luck in hybriding Iple heads--the best combo I found was an old Super Gem girl body and a WS EID Jessica head--the WS and NS will go with some other company bodies, but the neck hole is big. Granado Bronze matches Iple Light Brown but you need a neck spacer or some neck modding. You can find bodies on the DoA MP, but you have to sort of lurk for a month or two to find the color/size you want. In the end you will save something like 100-200 dollars if you can find a used body, though!

Mr. Ropuha in the Woods

I was cruising for Mr. Ropuha photos (he's the adorable toad up there, created by Whispering Grass) and I found this great photo on "Mary's" flickr. Not surprisingly her Flickr is full of cute stuff, and worth a visit. I like that she painted or made realistic toad eyes for this guy, it gives him a lot of dignity.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Amadiz Assassin

That is an Iplehouse Asa, costumed and wigged by George Ramensky. (Studio Amadiz)

She's styled to look like an Aion Assassin (I don't play, myself, but I love the styling and the costumes). If you visit Studio Amadiz's flickr (and you should) remember that it is mildly Not Safe For Work and there is some elegant but bloody Hannibal stuff--on the other hand you will never see more gorgeous bjd clothing and wigs.

If you are at work and just want to see wigs, check out the Etsy, here:

He also has some great short wigs, which are so hard to find. I assume shipping is via EMS, I haven't heard any complaints about receiving items from the Studio.

In local news, I have maybe some ice in a pipe somewhere in the basement, which means I have very little water pressure upstairs. I spent some time with a hairdryer downstairs, and then did the adult thing and gave up and went upstairs and logged onto Tumblr instead of trying to wash dishes. Tomorrow I can call the plumber.

UPDATE-- Never mind, there is a backhoe and two Public Works trucks on the street-- the main is broken,so that is why I have almost no water-- so thank goodness I don't have to figure out "what is going on in the basement."

Sunday, January 18, 2015

William at work

It would be great if William could actually pump out these starscapes--I could afford to buy a few more pairs of pants for the guys!

Finder's Keepers

So if you live in Oregon on the coast, you can go to Lincoln Beach and root around for planted glass floats! Here is the official info:

The project began in 1997, when a local artist first thought of glass floats as an intriguing way to launch the new millennium. Lincoln City sponsored the project, hosting the inaugural season in 1999-2000. Tourists came from around the country to search for their own brilliantly-colored, signed and numbered glass float. For Lincoln City the Millennium Float project was a perfect combination of art and the outdoors. Those who came in search of a float often found their way to area galleries where unnumbered floats were available for sale, along with a dizzying array of fine art glass from around the world. The city continues the promotion annually, running from Mid-October to Memorial Day – with hand-crafted glass floats being placed along the 7-1/2 miles (12 km) of public beach in Lincoln City, from the Roads End area to the Cutler City area. We put out the number of floats reflected by the year – so 2001 floats were placed in 2001, 2002 in 2002, etc…. You find it, you keep it!

How fun is that? For the current 2015 poster and more info, go here: 2015 Lincoln City Glass Floats

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Working on a quick painting of the Pleiades for a photo backdrop, among other things.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Soom Simple Pose Body

I will be honest--I hates it. How two little resin pieces can make or break a whole body I don't know, but even just getting her together (a body from the Cinderella release) was a major pain.

Below you can see the torso with just the head string showing--that part is ok, though the tension for the head seems a little off--but it could be from me using a hook instead of the resin "banana" in there.

Here are the Hip Pieces of Doom.

Before you put the thighs on, be sure the slot points down:

There is no room for a knot in the thin hip pieces--those two pipes have to touch each other inside the pelvis, so I tried tying the knot on the thigh side of the hip piece:

That was a fail because neither the knot or the extra string would fit in the tiny space at the top of the thigh. So I did what I did on my Simple Pose Tremo body--I sewed the elastics together. USE A TOOL or the backside of the needle will be much happier going into your thumb instead of into the tough elastic. Trust me.

Once the elastic was together, the legs finally went on and I was able to put Garnet's head on. The body will be painted, probably in a black and red color scheme, but I haven't worked it out on paper yet. Here you can see that the Cyborg body on the left has the easy pose pieces, and it does everything wonderfully.

The Simple Pose body stands well, but doesn't like to sit or move much outside of a limited range of motion. So the word is, spend twenty dollars and get those Easy Pose thighs.

Here is Ami with the beginnings of clothes:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wikipedia Names Your Band

My own imaginary electronica-playing unsigned band, as created by Buzzfeed, here: Create your own indie band and cover

I admit I rejected the first picture I found as being a sure sign of an utter crap album (it was a stock forest), and then poked at the second image a little to make it more pretentious.(The emu is by Karen Plimmer.)

Then there is the inexplicable metal year of Miroslav:

And here is "Theres Nadig", a Swedish vocalist who sounds like Bjork:

(Photo by Dondu Small)