Friday, March 31, 2017

Winters End by Trevor Melanson

Coming Soon from Edge Tesseract (a Canadian publisher); it's a sequel in a young adult series. I think YA is my favorite genre to cover :D

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Soom Han and Asronn

I have no doll stuff today-- I did get a body in the mail for Five Eyes, though I opened it too late for photos. Hopefully tomorrow! I also have another cover to start this weekend, so it will be busy here.

This is teeny gem Han or maybe Asronn--the outfit is adorable, the wings are darling ..and the face is just so undefined. I love all the detail in the larger sculpts, so maybe that is why I am so meh about her/his? little face. Poor thing! The photography is so pretty too.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cat Shaming

"I peed on the hamster"

(It probably deserved it). I got nothin, been working on a computer and reading about Virtual Private Networks. Hopefully something doll-related will be found tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fashion Iplehouse Doll Yur

I missed one yesterday! Iplehouse also released a smol version of Yur, who never did much for me as a full-sized girl, but now is as cute as a button in this version. I also like the other makeup option for her (Makeup A):

She looks a bit like Emma Watson here. The clothes are so cute, too!

Monday, March 27, 2017

New Fashion Iplehouse Dolls--Rex, Grace, Bichun

Iplehouse is working their way through their standards--even though the face sculpts are the same as the "big guys," the look is different on a small scale. Vermont Chick (As The Resin World Turns) has a couple of the guys and they look fantastic at her place--you should check out her blog (on the sidebar) and see what they look like out of the store. Bichun is a cutie on any scale but he is a lot more manageable in FID size than his original monster EID size. Clothes are a bit more challenging, though--there are some on the Iplehouse site and Vermont Chick has found some other sources for clothes, but I suspect they aren't as small as Tonner guys for clothing. Here's Tiny Grace:

I don't know if it's just the faceup or the larger eyes, but she looks a lot sweeter as a small doll than as a slightly scheming SID girl. There is also Mini Rex.

I am so impressed at the detail and quality of these little faceups!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tiny Tom Hiddleston

Granado is working on a new head--looks a lot like Tom Hiddleston! I found pix of him on their Flickr and I also discovered they have an Instagram, with more pix than just dolls. Lots of fun :D

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Lich King Again

Those little Warhammer guys are really fun, They are also tiny--Barry here is like an inch high--K did a good job painting him up. I broke down and bought some official paint for them too, since I have a microscopic fantasy cat to paint.

Mt. Hoy

We drove over to Blackwell on Friday to hike around a little. It's a former landfill with a man-made lake, but it's pretty anyway--the only downside is that the park guys were burning brush; so depending on which way the wind was blowing, you would get good air --or a wad of smoke. It was a good day for photos, though.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unflattering Squirrel Pic, and Thrift Store Items

J put up a trash can lid to keep the squirrels off the feeder--so far, so good :D K and I have been mostly driving around and watching rented movies--we saw Dr. Strange (meh), Love and Friendship (good--Kate Beckinsale is really great, and though I liked her in the Underworld movies, they were not really a showcase for acting talent). Here are the dresses we found at the Salvation Army:

A bat found at the Goodwill, suitable for a mood board:

And a cover I finished last week:

Aaaand what K put together today from a Warhammer kit:

Barry the Lich King! Hehe! (Also good for a mood board).

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rabbits and Eyes

We went to the J.C. Penny's near us--I am quite sad that they are closing this store, it is full of fun things and the staff was always pleasant and wonderful. Sephora is already packed up and gone, but the display people are still trying to keep a little cheer going--and some goofiness too--found in the kitchen section:

A fake potato hidden in one of the display pots :D K put the lid back over it after we took it's picture.

 We also went a lot of other places today, including the Salvation Army and checked out the formals--I found a big prom dress with a silk skirt and K found one with netting that looks like a fairy dress.
(I will take photos of them tomorrow). I did do a few repairs (or tried to) to Red Riding Hood's upper arms.

 The resin cracked around the edges of the "ratchet hole" and one arm is cracking there--I tried putting apoxy sculpt on one arm and it is lifting off--either the arm wasn't quite clean enough or the apoxy is old--either is possible. I have to think a little how I want to fix it now.

I had much better luck putting the apoxy around a small nail to repair a broken resin "bridge" in a jointed hand, though I haven't tested it yet under pressure:

And I installed Hecate's new Safrin eyes--Safrin now has eyes that are solid resin and not the hollowed out back style--the new eyes are easier to put in IMO and they look super--and they are still 10.00 a pair :D She is now doing them in order periods, next order period for the Safrin Resin Basics is April 1st, so check the site then. You may have to wait a bit for them--they are popular!

Monday, March 20, 2017

A Trip to Target

We ended up in the kid's bedroom section, where all the good stuff is, like mermaid sheets, stuffed mermaids, unicorn lamps..and llama lamps. I did end up getting a good side table lamp:

We also went past rows of judgemental bunnies:

Back home I took a couple more photos:

Cardinal sitting in our trees, waiting for me to refill the bird feeder,and finally the cat sitting in her couch cave:

K is here so we also went to the mall and the Beadcave  again!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Doll Stands

 I actually don't have that many stands--mostly my dolls sit in chairs or on the shelf, but I do have 4 big stands that I like, and that I use when I am doing sewing projects. The one above is a National Artcraft one I got from Ebay--it was a little dinged up so I covered it with terrycloth from an old towel. Not very decorative; but fine for storage and sewing. If you put it around a big doll's thigh, you can hide it under skirts, too. (Isley the Granado Venus/ Free Choice Vesuvia is a challenge with the tail--and she is heavy). Here is Cherry on a saddle-style stand:

This one was made by Chattybratty on ebay and was one of 4 or 5 that she made--I have this one and a larger one and they are my favorites--super sturdy and nice-looking. (I think she is on hiatus right now, normally she does mohair wigs I like too.)

(The metal eye on the back of the stand was meant for a lanyard--I have never used it--usually I just wrap a scrap of fabric around it.). Here is another shot of an Impldoll Idol on the other National Artcraft stand I have:

Poor Erzulie is headless so I won't damage her faceup while I work. She is one of the heaviest dolls I own, and the stand works fine--though I need to put some suede on the base, since her feet are slippery. Also, I want to cover the sharp edges of the metal upright there:

That would be my biggest complaint with these stands--they are very sturdy, but they do have a lot of sharp edges that can scratch a resin doll. Here you can see the size difference between Cherry and Erzulie:

The stand adjusts nicely to fit either of them.

 I still need to find matching hands for Cherry--Soom forgot to send her hands when Sharnofshade and I ordered her (Sharn took the original head), and when Soom replaced the hands they were I sold them. I really need my jointed hands all assembled ahead of time. :o (Soom only sells them as kits, alas).

Friday, March 17, 2017

Soom Raon

He's like the boy version of Breccia, and the pinkest, cutest "all Purpose Fox Boy" you will ever see. It's only 150USD over his base price to get the fullset of hands, ears and fancy feet. He's really cute (I admit I love pink) but some of this is great photography and styling. At home he'd still be the tall, mildly- unstable- standing guy with ears that bump out of position if you look sideways at them. That said, you should also order his wig and go to ebay for a National Artcraft stand if you want him, and probably also buy some plastic cherry blossoms. :D He comes in Cream White and Baby Pink.

Here's a shot of the body, since there isn't one in the promos--this is the new Soom Super Gem 2016 body:

I need to make this guy some clothes....

And here is a better link for the National Artcraft Doll Stands!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ashley's Curlers

So here is Ashley, a Soom Snow White and my local pyromancer. I love her big red wig, but it's gotten a bit flat from first wearing a hat, and then, I am embarassed to say, having a pair of her upstairs shelf neighbor's feet planted on her head (so rude). So I wanted to give it a bit of curl again. I made some curlers out of rolled paper:

And then I found some very small bobby pins (I think they came from Target):

Then I got my fingertips wet and sort of petted the water into her hair (I didn't want to get it too wet or spray it, which probably is how it should be done). Then I rolled a "curler" in and put a bobby pin through it:

(That awesome fabric used to be a dress of Chalyss'; she sent me so many incredible things a while back, I am still working my way through them). More curlers:

Ashley is able to hold a couple of the curlers (dry ones) with her Resinsoul hands. I love those things.
After about 20 minutes I had the top of her head pretty well covered:

Add caption
Once they have sat for a while (probably about 6 hours) I will pull the pins and tease out what I hope will be curls, with a toothpick. Fingers crossed. :D If they are wimpy I will do the process again, but on a styrofoam ball and with a spray bottle to wet the hair. (Ashley is, understandably, not fond of water).

Aaaand we have curls!!!

It worked much better than I thought it would! I can even kind of move them around and style them!

(Eyes other dolls with mohair wigs):D