Friday, October 20, 2017

Idealian Sabik at Soom

Sabik looks really good as an Idealian--I have never been a huge fan of the Idealian Male body, but it does look good and you have a choice of 72cm for the base price or 75 cm height, for a surcharge. The hands up there are the default hands included; the promos also show jointed hands, and you can buy those separately here:

(It's not made clear in the promo text that they are a separate item and there is no easy link from that page to the hand page) Anyway, Sabik is lovely--Chalyss has mine, but I enjoyed him while he was here, though I did not do enough sewing for him because I was not overly fond of the Mecha Angel body. Another photo:

HID Woman Elle

Iplehouse has a new HID sized woman and she looks a bit like an older, tougher Wendy. I kind of wish they has shown her with a black wig and darker brows, because I can see her as a Korean action star--here is her default outfit:

Pretty cool, huh? I have those shoes :D One thing about Iplehouse pleather--keep it cool and not too dry or it will crack after a few years; the early Luna catsuits and some of the other stretchy items are starting to wear out a bit. The pleather is a necessary compromise to get something that both looks like leather but is thin enough to stitch at a small scale and get it to hang correctly--only glove leather would come close, and it's fragile in it's own way; it tend to tear and stain. But pleather does wear out with use.

The HID body is nice--it's a bit slimmer than the EID and at 65 cm is a good height. There is a full body review here if you want to take a look,; you need to be logged in. It still has funky ankles but IMO this is a nice body if you want to pair it with an EID man, since it is taller than the female EID.
Here is a comparison of the HID and EID females:

Sadly, I don't have one to mess with, so I can't tell you about posing-- or if the hips still click like crazy when you want to get them to sit. I assume the HID sits and stands well, since all Iple dolls seem to be good at that. 

Anyway, Elle is limited so you need to get her within her order period or pay more from Doll Choice later! Here is the blank sculpt:

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Books and Swinte

Zelda sent me these! She was clearing out some bookshelves and send these wonderful books to me; I was so happy to receive them! There is one more about using wool roving to make doll hair, and that one is with the wool roving. I'm hoping to make her some shoes as a thank you, but I need to get the pattern right--I thought I had one done for Loongsoul girls yesterday but I somehow messed up the toe section. I wanted to put the pattern up yesterday, but my goof meant no post, as I did nothing else yesterday unless you count laundry and dishes :p

Today I got a head in the mail! Arekushia and I did a trade, she got a NS Soom body for her Topaz and I got a Souldoll Swinte head! AND the LMOD Beryl clothing set I have looked for these last few years! I was too slow in ordering Swinte before so now I am so pleased to have her cute little head in hand. And yes, it is a little head, another 7/8 more-or-less head. And she fits fine on the headless Souldoll body I have. Arekushia is a peach :D

She will look better with eyes and hair ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tiny Shoes and A Snake

These are for Cat's birthday, like Sicktress, she is not judgemental and she has a new doll named Violet that probably could use some shoes. These are flats, which are hard to find in the dolly world unless you want small sneakers or vans. They are still pattered off of that Irish pattern from Pinterest. They are made of felt, and I used Daisy's feet for a fit model. ( She has a new 2012 Super Gem body with the smaller feet). I am getting a better idea of what order to do things and maybe how to get the shoes to fit better, so the next ones should be better fitting. I think I will do simple slippers without the tongue though, and then do a pair of Mary Jane style flats and make the tongue a simple looped strap and then put a narrow bit of elastic through it and to each side of the shoe.
Anyway, here is the ugly in process photo:

I think the scale of the sequins is too large, but I found some much smaller ones at Michaels that are the right scale--they are called "sequin glitter":

And here I marked on the soles which is which because it makes me nuts trying to figure out some of the dolls shoes I have here. L and R for left and right.

Since the felt is a little slippery, I might use fabric paint to make them grip a little more, or leave that up to Cat.

It was nice today, and I went out to do some yardwork and I found a little snek:

I'm glad it survived the rain--it slithered away into a crack in the shed, so I hope it's comfortable there.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Some Hats From Girrl

Souldoll Shiva
Knitting wizard Girrl has knit several items for me in the past, and this time I have 4 wonderful little hats from her! I had plans for who was supposed to get the hats, and of course then the dolls themselves had no use for my plans. This is why a Mesopotamian reed goddess is up there looking adorable in a little knit cap. I guess it makes sense if you are living in Chicago in the fall. Below is Android Mei, who apparently is a supporter of human rights even though she isn't completely human--she has a tiny Pussy Hat. It's actually a nice pink but the photo is a bit dark.

Phoenix Dolls Android Mei
I'm really looking forward to getting her own, properly colored body and getting her finished up--she is such a wonderful sculpt!
 Next below we have a Lord of the Forest, imaginatively named Forrest, who for the last two years has been content to sit on the shelf and play cards with the ship's crew, bothering no one, but when he saw this blue-green hat and sweater, he insisted they were his:

Fairyland Ital the Ice Lord

Cat made that frog and his costume (he even has a crown, though it tends to fall off). Forrest has a homemade right arm and hand, because when I traded for him he came without one, though later Krowbar found and sent me his regular arm. I have never bothered to switch it out. That sweater fits the FL 65 male body like a dream--I need to check and be sure it's not just a loaner, because I may need to buy it for Forrest if it is. The tiny frog is also from Cat. 

And then the guy I was sure would get one hat, because he has a lot of knitted stuff already:

Soom Sphaler Hybrid
Daaaaw! I just realized that I have had him almost seven years now. I think only a couple other dolls have been around as long as he has.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Muffin Elfa's Flickr

Some glorious, glorious (mildy not-safe-for work in a couple of sets) bjd photos by Russian artist/photographer Muffin Elfa. Looking through these photos, it took me a minute to realize "Flatlay" meant just that--all the items are laid out flat on a table with a neutral or black background so that the end result looks like a collage of floating pieces, without Photoshop. The painting and styling are extraordinary--and looking through them a perfect way to spend a few minutes on a rainy Sunday. Here is the link:
Muffin Elfa's Flickr

Another sample:

And one of my favorites--I know that feeling exactly--inside the body is a 4 armed Souldoll Shiva in pale blue-gray with a Isabel head. Look at that smile :D

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Milana Shupa-Dubrova

Pinterest has a way of showing you fantastic art, without giving you much idea of who or what the artist is! This lovely doll is by Milana Shupa-Dubrova. She has a personal Facebook page, and you can drool over her dolls here on Pinterest if you are Pinterest member. All I know about her is that she lives in the Ukraine and is very, very good at creating beautiful little ..Resin? Porcelain? fairy-like girls with exquisite clothes. I'm not even sure how tall they are. :o
Here are a few more:

I hope eventually I will find an article about her, or perhaps a write up of a gallery show she has been in.
Edit--ATYL is a genius and FOUND AN ARTICLE about Shupa-Dubrova!!

Dolls of Milan Shupa-Dubrovy - a real work of art

Milan Shupa-Dubrova creates unique author's dolls. Her works exist in a single copy, they are unique. Even she herself, as the author, can not make an exact copy. For six years, Milan has produced over six dozens of amazingly beautiful dolls. Her works are in great demand among collectors and lovers of an art doll. They are in private collections in many countries of the world. Recently, Milan returned from the 13th International Puppet Show "Modna Lyalka", which was held in Kiev, where she showed her new works. At this professional forum the doll of Milan became the face of the exhibition - it was on posters, advertising. This is the author's confession. We met with Milan to talk about dolls - as a unique phenomenon of modern art.
- Milan, tell me, where did this hobby for dolls come from?
- It seems to me that fate always leads a person, directs him to the right track, the main thing is to trust yourself and hear these tips. Despite the fact that I am an economist by education, and my husband and I have been engaged in network marketing for a long time, I have always been attracted to creativity. I loved doing something with my own hands: sewed, knitted macrame, embroidered paintings with silk ribbons, painted. When my friend Marina Zimina began to make dolls, I, admiring her works, also wanted to make for themselves the same beauty. And I went to the master class. That's why it all began. The process of creating a doll was so exciting that it's impossible to stop. Since then, six years have passed, I visited a number of master classes from different masters, learned a lot. Now they are asking me to share their skills of making interior dolls.
- Where do you conduct master classes?
- Two groups have gathered in Kiev, I will soon go there. I recently held a master class in Kharkov. I do not like to leave home, it distracts from the process of creating dolls, which today is more interesting for me than conducting training sessions. Nevertheless, I am pleased that people go to my classes, they want to adopt my style, because the dolls are recognizable by the handwriting of the author.
- And how is the doll born?
"It's a little mystical process." When the doll is ready, I look at it and understand that I can not do one more such. The image of a new doll is born sometimes from viewing an interesting film, a beautiful song. Sometimes the idea comes when I see a piece of beautiful fabric or lace. I am inspired by nature, flowers ... When the image is ripe, molding begins, painting, making a costume ...
- How long does it take to create one doll?
- On average about three weeks. There are dolls that are born in one breath. There are very whimsical, they take away sometimes a month and a half and more, you have to redo a lot. I treat puppets as living creatures. When the doll does not work, I say, they say, why do you get hurt, tell me what you want ... Finishing one job, I'm thinking about a new way, I'm starting to select fabrics. Parallel to do several works, like others, I can not. The process of creating a doll captures me completely and holds until the final stroke is completed. Only then can I switch and start a new one.
- What fabrics do you sew? Hair, cilia - natural?
- All the clothes I sew myself from natural fabrics, I use silk, nets, antique laces, the benefit today is a lot of interesting material you can buy during the puppet shows. Hair I use special doll, and also from a natural material of a goat, a llama, a sheep ... Cilia are natural squirrels. I paint the doll with dry decorative cosmetics and oil.
- Creating a doll requires a lot of knowledge and skills.
- For me, creating a doll is an art. That it harmoniously, beautifully and correctly looked, it is necessary to know anatomy, sculptural modeling, to understand hairdressing business, be able to sew clothes, make shoes, know the basics of make-up and much more. Moreover, one should burn with the desire to create dolls and enjoy tremendous perseverance.
- Where did your dolls live?
- They are in Ukraine, England, Israel, Austria, Russia, Belarus. Basically, the work is bought by collectors, among them there are those who follow my work and ask to show everything I do.
- What is the most difficult thing in creating dolls?
- Any doll is like a canvas of an artist, it's a whole story, a whole life. The creation of the image is connected with the author's state of mind. This is a complex process. Each doll is done by hand, so it turns out with its character, look. I still have a hard time modeling the face and hands. I'm still learning a lot, I'm doing a lot of things. Finished plastic parts are baked in the oven at a certain temperature. If something went wrong, I want to start again. I do not presume to make dolls under the order. Duplicate - it's not interesting, I think it's better to create a new one. Each doll makes a passport, in which I indicate, from what material it is made, the year of creation. My dolls have no names - all the names are more related to the images, for example - MidnightNoon, Vanilla, Malva, Butterfly ... Many floral images.
- Every doll has a mood. What feelings and emotions do you try to convey through your work?
- Of course, the author can only convey what feels himself. Recent events in Ukraine have inevitably affected my work. Three years ago the Malva doll appeared under the impression of the song Ani Lorak with the same name. When I brought her to the exhibition in Belarus, everyone asked why she was so sad, why there is so much sadness in her eyes. In general, I want my dolls to bring people joy, aesthetic pleasure, beauty, because these are interior works.
- What other exhibitions did you take part in? Why are not your works exhibited in Energodar?
- In Ukraine, twice a year, the doll house "Modna Lyalka" is held. Formerly, masters and collectors from all over the world gathered there, and today the salon operates within the framework of the all-Ukrainian exhibition. Nevertheless, this is a prestigious exhibition area, where I go every time. Twice participated in exhibitions in Belarus. My dolls were exhibited in Azerbaijan. This year I'm going to Prague. In addition, I was invited to participate in the contest, which will be held in Germany. This is an elite competition, which can only be accessed by invitation.
In Energodar, the exhibition of dolls was demonstrated during the "Good Theater", among the works of artists of our region were mine. A personal exhibition is a troublesome business, it takes a lot of time, besides, special pendant stands are needed, so I do not plan to show here.
- What are you dreaming about?
- I want to go to porcelain dolls. Now basically doing plastic static and with loop connections, trying to create pivot dolls. Porcelain products are very laborious, they require grinding. This requires a special workshop. In my apartment, I already took a large one to the room and made it boxes. After all for six years so many different materials, fabrics, laces have accumulated.
- Husband, children support your hobby?
- Yes, they are my first connoisseurs and critics. At first, my father and mother were very worried that an adult daughter was engaged in an incomprehensible puppetry. But my mother quickly thawed, and my father always looked in silence at my products. And I wanted so much that he somehow expressed his attitude. And at some point, the father looked at my new work and said: yes, these people are already better. It was the most important compliment. Now he openly admires my dolls.
"Are you a happy woman?"
- Yes, I have a good family, successful adult children. I found a niche in which I can realize myself. I want to talk about my work as a work of art, because creating a doll is a complex creative process. I understand that I took a very high bar. I know: in order to keep it, it is necessary to work and develop a lot in the chosen business, where there is no limit to perfection.
Material Author: Irena Zlatopolska
I was hoping to take some photos today of some hats that Girrl sent me, but it has been dark and stormy all day (we are under a flood watch) so I am hoping for more sun, or at least less monsooning, tomorrow!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Bliss Again

I admit it, I am weak. I sent off Original Bliss to ATYL, who gave her an astonishingly beautiful and detailed faceup ...but then I realized I didn't have an NYID body here for a fit model and comparison photos. Boo. So I looked at what was available as a Basic on the Iplehouse site, and I am pretty meh about their standard NYID girls, but I saw there was a Light Brown Isis NYID in the auction for half of what she would be full price! Oh boy! I could finally get my little Egyptian Princess that I had decided was way too expensive to get through Doll Choice. So I bid on it, and then no one else bid. The day before the auction ended, I actually went and bought two wigs, some eyes and the wrap dress Felicity is wearing up there. And I actually got up at 2:30 in the morning to keep an eye on the bid. Welllll it turns out this is not exactly Ebay, but run by humans, because when the auction ended, it still had 3 minutes on the clock and some other person, probably more awake than I was, had popped up their own bid and won her, which I could not see until I refreshed the page. This taught me two things--don't stay up to bid, and don't buy in advance.

But I did get my box of Egyptian Princess goodies today, and I am very happy with them! The wrap dress is actually too large for Felicity on her Medium Bust, but I figure that Luna, who is an EID, will love it (The dress is marketed as an SID/EID dress and that is correct). The wigs are just gorgeous, I am glad I got as many as I could afford (2) because the quality is nice and the hair is that heavier, less tangly fiber that you see in Crobi and Soom wigs. The BEST thing were the eyes I ordered--they are kind of on a back page on the Iplehouse site and there aren't a lot of them, they are "glass eyes", made in China--the box says Fei Xiang on them, and they are the perfect, large eyewhite/ small iris/ medium dome eyes to fit in the hard-to-fit Iplehouse eyes. From now on if I order from Iplehouse, I am getting eyes with the order. And they were not any more expensive than Sooms or Denver Doll's house glass eyes.

And wouldn't you know, the next day a favorite DoA member of mine had a Bliss on sale for a better price than Isis would have been, so I bought her. I still might need to darken her makeup a little for photos, but I need to take her pic in sunlight so I can see how it looks first. She is really cute, even with my paint.
If you are on Den of Angels, Jo1961 is also selling a Bliss, with a professional faceup. Jo is also delightful to buy from!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Phoenix Dolls Android Mei

Phoenix Dolls Android Mei

About a week ago I did a post on Phoenix Dolls , and saw that there were still Android Mei heads available for sale! ooooo! So I ordered one and BOOM she arrived last Tuesday in a nice registered mail box via the Royal Mail. We joke that it is the Royal Snail, but honestly they are like lightning for small items like heads and clothes. Pretty box:

So elegant! And yes, a certificate!

Magnets were pre-installed--I just wish that the company name was embossed in the headcap (for one thing, it keeps headcaps straight when you have a line of heads that you are messing with), but I took a pencil and noted the company name, the mold name and the number on the inside of the cap.

For the moment Android Mei is sitting on an old Iplehouse Harin body from around 2010 or so. This was before they resculpted the YID body and the old body has the conventional straight neck. It's a pretty body, but not very posable, so I am waiting for yet another Mirodoll Muscle body to be cast for her. :D To give you an idea of scale, I put her with two other slightly larger girls:

Soom Migma on a Miro body, Android Mei, Granado Fayette on a Nuevo Body

You can see that Mei's head is a bit smaller--she is about the same as an Iplehouse head, a straight size 8 for wigs. Her head is larger than a Souldoll head (they are around a 7-8 for wigs).

Here you can see the fit is very good on the old Harin neck.

Here is Mei on the Mirodoll Muscle body--it makes her look tough and alert, the small bust suits her delicate face, too. Here is the neck fit--it's not perfect, but her head is centered and has good movement:

Here Mei is on a Granado Maiden. This is a fantastic body for posing; her feet are a bit odd and the support structures in the body shadow through the resin, but overall this is a great body for small heads. The jointed hands are by Resinsoul. Profile shot:

As you can see, the neck looks fine here.

Here she is on a old Souldoll body; the new bodies are much closer in color to Mei's head--this one is at least 7 years old and has been outside a lot, so it's not white. It's still a pleasant body to work with. The neck fit is odd, though--Mei's head sits a bit forward on the neck:

(the ribbon is just my puller attached to the body strings)
Now this is the Ultimate Android Mei Body:

It's a Soom Cyborg body and stylewise it is perfect (if it was white it would match Mei perfectly--Soom's current white has the same pinky cast to it that Mei does.) But good luck finding this body! I keep hoping Soom will do another Free Choice so we can grab more of these, because this body is the ultimate for grace, balance and posing. Luckily for Garnet, the proper owner, the NS does not match Mei or she would keep it.:D Neck is perfect too:

Now there is this odd one, a Resinsoul Lian body. It's a surprisingly sturdy stander and a fairly nice poser--it's very tall and slim so it's good for android and fairy characters:

At 65 cm, she is tall and elegant:

The only fail I tried was in putting Mei's head on the New Iplehouse Young Doll (this is a Bliss body):

LOL Nope! More nope:

So now it's just waiting for a Mirodoll body in the right color. Mei is so cute, I can't wait to paint her!

And now with some paint! (I am not a pro, but she was fun to paint)

Those are also Oscar doll eyes, just in 12mm instead of 16mm. Now just waiting for her body--at least I can sew for her in the meantime!

Extra: Phoenix Doll sent me the Photoshop mockup of her "official" makeup, and I love it--I am not repainting mine (yet) but there may be official photos of Actual Mei painted put on the Phoenix Doll website. Here is the mockup:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ria, Temptation of Phoenix

Bird Feets! To be honest, I like the bird feet-- but I would get her for her pretty face as a Basic. I'm finding as much as I like the fantasy parts, I end up using the human parts instead because the clothes are more fun for me--and fantasy feet mean pants are not happening, nor are fun shoes. I do love the bird skull tiara thing, though! You can get her direct from Fairyland or through Denver Doll, which I think makes the shipping cheaper if you are in the US, but also makes the orders a little slower as Denver Doll bundles the order, and then Fairyland casts the order, with all it's divergent parts, and 5 months later sends the bundle back to DD to redistribute. More photos:

SO pretty! I just love Fairyland heads.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Pair of Doll Shoes

They are a bit wobbly, but they FIT that Mirodoll muscle body. I also found out that Iplehouse flats seem to fit that body as well, as long as they are for the older, larger EID girl. (New Iple dolls have slightly smaller feet). I started out with a pinterest pattern for shoes, and printed them out at the size I thought they should be:

However, I didn't take into account the fact that the dolls foot has angled toes, not triangular-shaped toes:

So I kind of pulled the pattern apart into three pieces that I thought I would have more control over:

You can see the sole with 1/4 inch seam allowance around the foot, the top with it's little trefoil sprout, and the heel-sides in the back, one flat and one sewed together. To get the stitching angle right, I taped the pieces around the heel and sewed through the tape, since pins wouldn't go through the pleather without distorting the pieces. The old purse donated the pleather, though I used it inside out for the velvety inside texture.

Originally I had a separate sole that I covered and padded, but it made the shoes too small when I put them in. (These shoes were a pain--there is a certain order you have to do things or you can't "reach" inside the parts to sew.) I had a leather needle but it was too large for the scale here, so I had to use a small, sharp needle. It's easy to stab yourself repeatedly because you have to keep your fingers right in there where you are sewing. Once I had one sewed together I discovered that the trefoil was offset a little, so I need to recut the toe pattern.

I went ahead and finished them anyway and slapped some trim on them, since they fit. You can almost see one finished one on Tesla here:

I actually took that pic to show the EID tops fit the Mirodoll Muscle body. :D The lace she is holding is what I put over the pleather of the toe to make the edges look more finished. Anything you want to "wrap" around shoe pieces needs to be really floppy, or it won't turn around those tiny edges. Even polyester lining was too stiff--only the soft lace and real silk seem to work.

I'm going to make another pair tonight. These will be much better.