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Soom Idealian Narmer and the New Idealian 75 body

He's styled so well, but the sculpt is pretty much like all the other ones, to be honest; Soom seems to like one particular male face for the Idealians, and it isn't really my cup of tea. They have a new body too, much less ripped and slimmer, you can check it out here:

(To see it, you need to be a Soom member and log in). Here are the measurements:

I have no idea if the "brain" is still in there, holding his head on :D

Cozy On A Branch

I know I put up a lot of photos of squirrels, but they amuse me so much. This guy was actually asleep before I banged the lid of my trashcan down; I was sure he'd be gone by the time I got my camera out of my pocket, but instead he just kept an eye on me until I went in, and when I looked out the window he was asleep again. I think he found the warmest spot around!

I Buy a Doll

I swore I wouldn't, but my mother-in-law sent me money, and I have been curious about Fantasia dolls in the past (I liked the open-eyed Vivian and the Sleepy Alice) they had before, and then chalyss sent me a link and I looked... and there was the "Souldoll" face I have been looking for ...but Souldoll inconveniently hasn't produced yet in exactly the right I filled out the forms  to register, filled out Canary's order form, and hit Buy. The website is not entirely user-friendly; if you want a doll, you have two bodies to choose from and you have to flop around the site to find pictures--Body A is smooth, Body B is more a Fitness Body, with more muscle. Tan is an option, but for "Lily" (Canary's future name) I wanted Normal Skin, which is sort of a Volks/ Granado Normal Yellow.

 Bust sizes are A (small) B (medium) and C(Really Large). The shop photos of Canary up there show her with a C bust, and it looks silly with her little head.…

The Junky Spot Has Mister Super Clear

It's 42.99 for a three-pack of the UV cut version, which I like a little better than the Matte. The Matte seems really sensitive to humidity. A three pack will last me about 3 years, too :D The best thing about the Junky Spot is that if you see something there, Emory has it in stock. He also used to send out the coolest, most demented stuff with dolls--I have a really nice jpop cd from him and a doormat with anime pigs on it that we use for everything ..right now it's keeping the bathroom door from closing and trapping the cat, but it has been under chairs and Christmas trees in the past.

A Very Lucky Squirrel

It was a small Cooper's Hawk, and it was a big squirrel--he was also at an awkward angle for the hawk to get at. The hawk flew away a few seconds later. Meanwhile, K was working on a homemade tiramisu. We had way too many desserts over the past week, but they were delicious!

(She made scones, too, but I ate them before I thought to take a photo)

Bing Yu at Angell Studio

She's got not only an incredible outfit, but also fancy hands! Angell Studio makes beautiful girls, and they lay everything out on the sales page so you can actually figure out what things cost and how to order them. Also her pictures are just lovely:

The Michael4 "Bad Boy" At Home

It's all good-- except that the can is sort of stuck to his hand (if he puts it on the table, it wants to follow him, or stand on one edge instead of flat because the axis of rotation aren't lined up with the can itself.) Also the sunglasses are somewhat adjustable for Mike's head, but it's not easy to put them on top of his head, and they aren't foldable to stuff into his shirt or a pocket.

 I have to remind myself that the whole set was 1.99 so I should not complain. Victoria can't blink still, but she can roll her eyes :D The other props are from Mike Mapp's Urban Jungle and his Lands and Forests, at

Tuppy In A Box, Amazon Gift Bags

Mr. Tups in a box that contained a mouse (a computer mouse). We also got a couple of gift boxes from Amazon, and they now package their things in these awesome, reusable gift bags! Check them out:

Bat Wing

Corun's sales page is expanded--you can now look at him right side up, and he's got some Mighty Fine Wings. There is now also a Human version, the same base price as Toothy Corun (wings are more). I think I like the fantasy version more, but it may be the wig/ clothes Corun has on as a human:

Worst Bun Ever, Door Pie and Wall Swans

K and I went to a local pancake place that turned out to be a stealth Greek diner. So we both got "Greek" entrees and those were pretty good (a good gyro, and a chicken breast with feta cheese and leafy greens). The sides were pretty dire, including these buns that looked like  refugees from an airline supply place; not only were they nasty when they emerged from the factory, they had become stale over the period of weeks or months they were entombed in plastic. I have to say the baked goods in the case looked good (and local) and they had some stellar looking gelato off to the side. I might go back since it's so close, they are open late and they serve breakfast all day; a meal that is hard to ruin. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, though. I didn't try the coffee.

From there we went to Target, and they are full of Christmas toys--all the My Generation props work with SD dolls, and there were so many cute food items I was overwhelmed and bought none of t…

Iplehouse Has Plans for the Holidays

And here they are!

Sales Period: Nov. 08, 2016 – Jan. 01, 2017 

WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING for orders more than $500 USD 
- Choose FREE SHIPPING Coupon during check out process. 

-$15 DISCOUNT COUPON for orders $300-$499 USD 
-Choose FREE SHIPPING Coupon during check out process. 

3. HID Man Limited Suit Version Release 
- You can choose any head from HID / EID section. 
- Two type of limited suit is released with HID body. 

4. New KID Lena / BID Linda Release 
- Limited outfit is released with the doll. 

5. December Doll Choice will be released in basic doll price 
Sales Period: Nov. 15, 2016 – Jan. 01, 2017 
- Ebony and Blue Gray skin won’t be released. 

6. Total 10 FID will be released with various clothes 
FID Woman: Stella, Raffine, Miho, Mari, Bianca 
FID Man: Arvid, Felix, Lawrence, Claude, Leonard 
- 10 different type of new clothes will be released with the dolls.  ------------
The last item sounds really neat--Vermont Chick just got her FID Lawrence and he is…

Virtual Clothes Shopping

So now that I am stuck using Michael 4 as my 3d product demonstrator, I figured he needed some regular clothes, since he has mostly Prae's (gorgeous) anime inspired pieces. The problem is that because of the way his shoulders are jointed, his sleeves often look weirdly puffy so they won't "break" when Michael lifts his arms, as in the example above. Aside from the strange rubbery sleeves, the style is right, so I thought I would go look around the Daz marketplace and see what I could pick up cheap. I forgot that Poser men have the same problem Barbie does...the clothes are mostly like this:

It's a little over-the-top for daywear. So I kept looking:

Just no.

Not really what I was looking for, but it's a look...


For Five Dollars? No.
Wait, maybe I could buy something daffy but paint it to be normal...

Or..not. The next one was briefly tempting, as I though "ooo, a mummy, to scamper across the dunes of Egypt, pop out of crypts"..but how often do y…

Medieval Cats Do Their Thing, and Harry Dresden (sort of)

I think I see a little tear where the brown cat can't reach the bird :D The white cat holds the rat the way I would..."ewww". I have no idea where the original illustration is from; it was from an essay on writing and came up in an unrelated Google search.

 And speaking of unrelated, I did a quick render yesterday using my friend Mike Mapp's newest Renderosity product, "The Urban Jungle." Since my V4 model won't blink, and I still haven't tracked down why, I switched to Michael4 (who still blinks). I use him a lot less than V4 so I have far, far fewer clothes for him, though I did find some hair, a shirt and a leather vest (by Prae, part of a really cool fantasy set). Though you can't see, he has no pants ;) The finished title is "Harry Dresden Goes Shopping", presumably a late night run for books. The character is Quinn by gypsyangel, also at Renderosity.

(In the Jim Butcher books, Harry also does Little League baseball coaching)

Signs of the Times

Stolen from Reddit.:D Also, the antidote to such nonsense:

Monica Temptation

You can tell Christmas is coming--all the doll companies are trying to release something new. This is the newest Raccoon Doll girl , and I like her much more in the tan than in the NS (which is Iplehouse pale). These Raccoon dolls are fun--slightly bigger than fashion size, perfectly detailed and painted. Vermont Chick (on the sidebar here as "As the Resin World Turns" has at least two of them, so if you do a keyword search you can see them "at home" and how they are packed.

Then there is DollZone, ( once again bringing the weird home to you for the holidays:

Here's the stats on the Deer: (Halt sales just means if he exceeds their casting capacity they will cut off the sales period).
Full-set $729 includes: nude doll$525, face-up $40, outfit,wig,shoes and eye(14 mm). Full-set does not include body blushing, body blushing can be purchased separately by $45. 
P.S DZ normal white, normal pink, normal yellow, gray and tan skin colors are availa…

A 3d Mug

It would be good (the texture part was easy, since holly is easy to draw) but that handle. I've done 2 now and both were sooo bad.

Visit Dollism Tokyo (After the Fact)

It's the archive page here--keep scrolling down. If you are using Chrome, Translate the Page--the translation is quite good. The Squirrel up there is Nobility Doll's Scon, and normally he looks like he is coked out of his mind and possibly an axe murderer..but still weirdly adorable. Check out the "Scon Band" as you scroll down.

Soom Corun

Yep, there he is. I know nothing about him but that he is a Super Gem and he looks like one of his bigger Idealian brothers. You can stare at him (sideways) here.

Granado Raguel

It's Granado's newest angel-in-progress! I think he looks like Jaden; I had one-- but he was one huge head for the bodies they had available at the time, so he is now over at Silver-Eyed Psycho's house in the UK, and he looks amazing--he has antlers and elf ears-- and I should bother her for a photo, now that he's all fixed up. :D This version is designed to fit on the big Evol or Embody bodies. I'd love a Raguel on an Embody, but I have this space problem. :o
 Enoch has no place to be but on my worktable near the computer. Still naked, too. No new dolls until he gets clothes!

Facebook is Creepy

(Click to enlarge) If you go to the URL at the navigation bar, and you are on Facebook, you can see what advertisers see about you (Look under Lifestyle and Culture). My page is under a different name and they still have all the facts right.

Silk and Kirya and Doll Stories

I noticed that DollStories has an order period open right now for their elf Kirya (you can get human ears too) and their adorably sly vampire Sylk:

The girls are SD size, a little on the small side like Fairyland's girls (Kirya and Sylk are 53 cm tall), and remind me a little of Fairyland's style with a bit of Peakswood. I especially like Kirya because she reminds me of a taller, more amiable Shushu! (My Shushu is a cranky little thing). I think vermont chick would really like Sylk, though she would tower over V.C's Dollmore vampire msd boy. The bodies have cutie legs, and a slim overall look. I think they are cast in China (though designed by Glenna Hartwell in the US) and come with the seams removed. Here's Kirya blank:

Kirya with elf ears IN TAN comes to 520.00 usd before EMS, so the prices are very reasonable. I would be so tempted... but like I said before, I just had someone come in, and I have to make clothes still for Enoch the Naked Angel. :o

Food Follies

First up, see Alton Brown make Pumpkin Spice Miracle Ice Cream with Stephen Colbert, in the most unhinged way imaginable. Colbert's comment "You are going to make the scariest grandpa ever." I laughed until I cried:

This morning got off to a rocky start--I couldn't find my Krups coffee filter with genuine 14 carat gold plated mesh anywhere, and it's an integral part of my coffee process. I had to improvise:

Then I remembered that I had dumped out the measuring cup in the compost, containing yesterday's used filter, and I realized I probably had dumped the outer filter with the inner paper one; and sure enough, there was the Krups filter chilling on top of the compost pile. I brought it in and it is running through the dishwasher, where it will be as good as new. (The compost pile is mostly leaves).

This is nothing compared to what J texted me about last night--he's inspecting a plant in Ohio, and he said that wh…