Thursday, April 30, 2015

Granado Discontinues Their Current Older Bodies

Here's the Lads body, which will continue to be available. And here is the Notice:

After 4 Years, 64cm, 68cm and Nuevo Male Bodies will be retired.

we will no longer provide 64cm, 68cm and Nuevo Male Bodies after 3rd June, 2015.

Also, the replacement service of 64cm, 68cm and Nuevo Male Bodies' parts, will be discontinued after 3rd June, 2016.

We promise we will provide better male doll bodies in the future.

And please look forward to our new dolls!

Thank you very much!

The next three days you can still grab one of the older bodies-I think I am ok for now since I have everyone I wanted, and I suspect the new body will be pretty great too, whatever form it takes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Plaice and a Hat

One of the great things about having a ridiculously large doll, is that suddenly things that fit teddy bears, fit the doll. Kip (Impldoll Plaice--never was a doll more appropriately named) now has a hat courtesy of some teddy bear, and Nike Swoosh basketball pants, that also belonged to some sports-loving bear. The shirt is Bryan's (Iplehouse Denzel SID) and it's a little small (!). Kip looks mighty amazing when you put him under a bush:

That resin is awesome.

Soom Isha, The Song of the Earth

Just the teaser, right now--an interesting sculpt and those are big horns! Looks like CW and Gray may be the skin tones offered.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mr. Ropuha Moss Arrives

He had a long trip from the Ukraine as a model, then to Korea to be cast in a nice green, and then from Korea over to Washington State and Jpopdolls, where he was then tucked into a box and sent to me. He's a cousin of K's little guy, and pretty much the same except for the resin color. He's the tiniest doll I have. I say he's "not a tiny, but an anthro" so it's ok if I have him since he doesn't really need clothes. Here he is with an Impldoll Plaice, who is EID sized:

I think he's so cute!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Iplehouse Clothes on Granado Guys

That is a NYID shirt (on sale) from Iplehouse on a Granado Lads body. It's a perfect fit on the Lads, I don't think it would go over the Nuevo shoulders. It might fit the 68cm old body. I haven't tried it because ever since I put it on Grenville, it hasn't come off. :D

I also bought a few other things at the same time, since the sale had a lot of useful things--I bought one of the EID stretch long sleeve T shirts because they fit everyone (they are very stretchy), and a pair of boots that are mid-calf and might fit over the Granado legs. At the moment they are on Admiral Pickering's Resinsoul Long feet, and they fit very well, so I haven't tried them on the 68 Granado body yet. The most expensive thing I bought was a "boat coat" out of wool--it's SID size and huge, but it fits my Mecha Angel Elf fine. Then there were these shoes, which if I had realized how great they looked and fit on the Granado feet, I would have bought two more pairs. Here's Coppersmith in the shoes:

Everything was beautifully made, too.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Backyard Birds

Sometime last year one of my neighbors got chickens. My neighbor across the street has kept chickens for ages (we use to worry our gray cat would go over there and try to catch them), but the ones behind us are new. I've thought about getting some chickens, but if you want to keep them here you really need a largish dog, as there are coyotes and they can, and do, snatch unattended chickens. The pet dogs at least discourage the coyotes. So I have to enjoy these guys second-hand. I love the noises they make. The other birds we have now, besides a million robins and woodpeckers, are cardinals:

This one was trying to figure out what the camera was.

The other indoor birds, (besides Bird the Soom Tremo,) are Polly the Harpy, who needs clothes, and angel Gideon, who now has a robe and jointed hands, but needs his wings rigged up:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Simply Divine Jesse

Isn't he a pretty boy? He was painted by Xanthi and looks wonderful--you can order him in various blank colors from the Simply Divine Etsy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Along with the Pancho head, I finally got a body for my second Davon head that I had squirreled away for ages. It's a WS old-style Granado 68cm. I think this is my favorite body for looks and posing. You can't see it, but Josiah has a nifty Ersa Flora clockwork eye on the left, under the hair. Now he needs a shirt (he has socks, shoes and pants). It was cold out there tonight when I was taking this photo--the weather service said it may hit freezing again. I covered my poor tomato plant--I think next year I will use the porch as a greenhouse until May.

Iplehouse's Photo Contest

Now I hear you say, "Well, that is nice, but I never did get any of the Carved Heritage dolls, so meh." But Iplehouse, in conjunction with opening the Russian Website on April 27th, is offering the Carved Heritage series once again for sale, at some undisclosed discount (I assume to put the prices in line with the Basic doll prices). Also they ask if you know Russian, to look at the site when it's open, and check for grammar and spelling errors and let them know. :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pancho Now Painted

Meet the Hon. Lucius Grenville, who does not have his own shirt or hair yet, but at least he has a face and some homemade eyes. I'm going to see if I can find the shirt that I have cut out in a bag somewhere and finish it up for him so he will have something on top. FunnyLori will be sending him a couple of his own white wigs, since the one he has on is borrowed as well. I still need to trim his eyelashes. I'm kind of surprised that he looks like I hoped he would, since the store photo of him looks so different. These guys are chameleons!

I did do some other things today--I cleaned the bedroom, hung new curtains, and cleaned Stripey's climber, which now smells "funny" to her:

I also put in another pair of homemade eyes into Gemma, and discovered this adorable mess of a wig, that needs recurling, or something. I like that color on her!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Clothes from Dorset

I received a box from Australia today! I bought something fancy from Kawaiimon, a hand-embroidered, fully lined corset set with a burnout velvet skirt, and a few other things for Tilly and Jack. I understimated the size of Tilly's rear end, though the omake Mon sent fits her and looks pretty cute. I need to properly measure Tilly and make something that fits her closer.

Here is a close-up of Ereshkigal's corset (the boa was knitted by Girrl):

And here are the kids, pants for Jack and a shirt and pants for Tilly:

Dorset is one of the few places you can get clothes that fit Super Gem girls, and Mon is super nice to work with!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eyes for Chalyss

Once more the eyeball factory is open and I am pumping out hilariously mismatched eyes, this time for Chalyss. I'll be sending her 20+ pair of goofball eyes for her to keep--some of them look fine if you rotate them enough they look the same, and as J said, "not much of the white will show". I bought some expensive clear liquid Fimo to do the corneas that I am not too impressed with so far--you cook it to cure it, which when it's done it looks exactly like Liquitex Polymer medium that has just air dried, but with more bubbles and less transparency, and still floppy, not hard. I used it on several pairs of eyes and it only came out somewhat good on one pair, the big 15mm blue ones in the box. I need to find something that dries (or cooks up hard) and clear, not flexi. In the meantime I was able to pry off the bubbly stuff off the worst of the eyes, and redid them with the Liquitex varnish. I'm starting to switch out some of my doll eyes to my own eyes, just because I can get the color and fit I want, even if there is weirdness going on if you look closely. I'd like to eventually get everyone with clothes and wigs made 80% by me, and shoes.Here's some eyes still being worked on:

haha nailed it!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Magnolias in 2015

For a few days every year, the messy, sagging, door-blocking magnolia earns it's place in the yard. (It also seemed to have baby woodpeckers in it earlier this Spring). It's supposed to rain hard tomorrow so this is probably the peak, and by Monday I will be sweeping up wet, sticky petals. (but the local squirrels and rabbits like the petals, too).

Friday, April 17, 2015

Faceups Are Hard

Especially when Stripey gives me a present while I am trying to do one. (yes, it's very much alive).

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pancho Arrives

As a blank sculpt he is extremely dignified and aristocratic; he's got some loaner clothes, but like everyone else he needs something that is just his. On the little note that Crocus Lee sent out with the certificates (I suspect Ikaru actually writes these, as she is fluent in English) there was the question "how many Granados do you have?" And I am embarassed to say I had to think a minute. So I rounded them up and took a photo, which took a while because I had to find wigs. Neither Cecilia (the Katrien standing in the back) nor Ereshkigal (the Granado Gabe seated on the right) look quite ready for photos, I think the cat may have sniffed their heads when I wasn't looking.

Mr. Lion Dog is actually Terra, I just haven't switched his own head back on yet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Soom Northerly Breeze here :D

I was so happy..he came in a box, even though he was a kit! (usually the kits are just loose in the outer shipper, but the outer boxes often get trashed en route, so I had bought, along with the Bunny Man, a soft zip bag-- and asked if maybe his parts could be stuffed in it.) Instead Soom went even better, and sent it all like this, safe and sound:

I got both sets of hands, all the magnets and the horns exactly as requested, and Gideons' white wig--the wig is one of the ones on the front page, they are big (ID in the prefix is Idealian, one size up from the size 8 supergems).

The white one is translucent enough that the cap shows through, but I expected that and Gideon is getting feathers put in there anyway, so it doesn't matter. The red and brown versions of this wig are gorgeous,I think I have of the red ones. The hair is a little slick and stiff and stays neat. Mr. Bun, on the other hand, is wearing a messy Panda by Monique. He still looks cute:

The Soom eyes, while cool, didn't fit him quite as well as the Denver Doll glass ones here (from the grab bag I bought a while ago). The really great eyes in him are the ones from Ersa Flora that belong to someone else; I may have to eventually get him his own in that sparkle option. In the meantime I need to get him strung:

The inside of his head still says "White Rabbit" :D.

One more as he waits for me to get him together:

Together at last:

Two shy guys:

I need to redo Zinnober's faceup--it's really old and I think I can do a better job this time!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Random Sunday Photos

My Thursday outfit was on point.:D The scarf in the back, the purple one, was used later by Stripey:

And then later she was almost eaten by the couch:

J made a flan for Easter, I forget if I put this up:

The amaryllis my neighbor gave me two years ago is suddenly blooming:

We have Siberian Squill all through the grass (Scylla) so I took out Felicity and had her pose with them (I still need to find her legs)

She also looks cute with the scale daffodils that are still blooming--I can't decide if the daffodils are some reversion to species or if they are just stunted from growing over a brick:

And the pond is ready! Using rubber gloves, I cleaned out most of last year's plants and moved some of the stones out, and got the bubblers and filter back in. I still need pond plants and some test strips before I put pollywogs or mosquito fish in there. The lining seems to be ok but I don't want to get any large fish in case it fails later in the season (I don't have a backup tank for them). In the meantime the robins are using it for bathwater. :p