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Mr. Dollshe Continues to Rummage in the Back Room...

So now even some of these big guys are on sale...they are as handsome as they are huge and the price is very good, You can read more here:

Direct link to sale in shop:

The Enchanted Tarot/Amy Zerner, Monte Farber

Next to the Robin Wood Deck, this is my favorite Tarot Deck. This is the bigger First Edition deck that came out in the early 90's and it's a big deck--large enough I keep it in it's own box instead of a bag, and I don't shuffle it, I make piles, very carefully, and then turn over one or two cards to admire.
This is the size of the deck:

Here it is with the smaller, borderless second edition and a sample regular poker card for size:

The larger deck has a very simple, reversible back of white with a small center design. The smaller cards have linked initials on the back that are reversible unless you squint at the copyright notice on the bottom :D

Supposedly there is a third edition but I haven't seen it yet, so I have no idea about size or borders on that one. No, wait, I just found it at Amazon and it's nice--it has color-coded borders for the suits, a bag and the book for a reasonable price. Lordy, the old editions are expensive now! And OMG it's the 25t…

Ashley, a Rock, and a Spider

I made Ashley a necklace today--I always forget just how small these dolls really are, so maybe this should be a belt instead. I still have dolls to paint, but it rained much of today and the temperature has
dropped, so I will have to wait for my chance to spray. Meanwhile lots of people need clothes, and here I am making things for Ashley, who has an entire giant box of clothing and shoes :D

I also found a piece of polished jasper (at least I think it is jasper) that is the same color and style as the weird volcanic rock I have, but much much smoother. Here they are together:

This was the last bit of sunshine all day, too! I did look out the kitchen window this morning and discovered that I have one more hanging ornament, but this one is on the outside of the window:

This ornament has legs! :o

It's one of those gold banded garden spiders; it's made an elegant web across most of the window so I need to start getting up early and see if I can catch it covered with dew as the s…

Soom Mini Gem Skeletons :D

And now with wings! They have really cute faces so it's amusing to see the skeleton parts attached--I also like the purple hand blushing on Erland..or maybe it's Aisling? Anyway, check them out here:

You can still get them just as their cute selves! They come in cream white and Normal.

Iplehouse Halloween Treats

Iplehouse has reissued almost all of their little fairy-like Creaa line, including the Halloween imps above! These are very slim, like the Soom Uyoo's and probably you should order clothes with them unless you sew--or even if you do, just so they won't have to sit around in fabric scraps waiting for you to get around to it (looks guilty). Here is the full Creaa page:

And here is Elysia's page:

Backyard Rocks

I've been looking at rocks on Ebay, and then remembered there was an interesting rock that had lived for the first two years that I was the fishpond. I had always assumed it was just a lava rock, and it is--a lava rock STUFFED WITH CRYSTALS. I found this out by putting on a pair of polycarbonate goggles and smacking it with a hammer and a mortar chisel; and had I been better at rock cutting I could have made less of a hash of the stone. But now I have several very large and fine geode specimens and one of the pieces goes to Akutenshi, though I might have to let her choose which one.

This gives you an idea of the size.

This is a small piece but one of the best ones:

There is a sister rock to this one, but I am not sure there is anything as interesting in that one, it's got far more holes in it. I do have a lot of nice quartz pebbles though, and I am tempted to look for a rock tumbler. We had one when I was a kid and it was fun to see the stones go from little rocks to…

A Mermaid Re-Upholsters an Office Chair; and Kane County Doll Show, Sunday, Sept 29th

This is the Mermaid's Den tutorial on fixing an office chair, and it immediately caught my interest, since I have a chair that is perfectly good--except for the tatty pleather upholstery. And this was the Mermaid's Before photo:

Um yeah, and this is my current chair:

I think fabric will look better than duct tape. The tutorial is very complete and detailed--you need a staple gun and a curved upholstery needle. (I think everyone should be given a staple gun as soon as they reach 18, I use mine all the time). Here is the base link to her blog:

It's a great blog all around, lots of resources on sewing and vintage sewing machines.
If you need something to do next Sunday and you live in Chicagoland, there is this:

It's at the Kane County Fairgrounds (free parking!) and inside so if it's raining (entirely possible) you still will be dry and comfortable. I have been to the doll shows Karla Moreland runs…

Leetah's Lightweight Cosplay Wings

This is from Pinterest,
But the link embedded in the pin was HIGHLY SHIFTY-- so please go see the version on ElenaLeetah's
Deviant art here:
And you can see the text full sized! Read down in the comments for more info on the wing base.

Soom Experiments With An Auction

They have a leftover Chalco ... I think he was supposed to be a set with Soulmate Cuprit? I'd have to look it up, but he's already up over 600.00. Chalco is one of their best-selling molds so I am thinking this was a good move on Soom's part. I wish they would do this with more basic stuff like bodies, especially the old body--it would help undercut the recasters.

Before Tarot (Corinne Kenner, artwork by Eon and Simona Rossi)

This is a really cute take on the standard Rider/Waite/Coleman-Smith deck; the whole deck has been redrawn to show "one minute before" and it's all well done, both in concept and art. There are a few cards where the new art has kind of undermined the original meaning, and the Before Tarot would be a puzzle for someone who isn't familiar with the  RWS deck--it's a 100% inside joke. There is a book to help the befuddled, though:

With a pun in the title. :D The box is a standard Llewellyn-style magnetic flip box, with the cards in a pit in the center: (Llewellyn is apparently the US distributor of Lo Scarabeo products, so some of the packaging is similar).

And the card backs are reversible, which I think is important.

Here's a sample. It makes me laugh, but it trivializes the meaning of the card a bit.

But I think this is charming, and fits well with the Hermit as a seeker of truth--you could read this
as a bit of divine inspiration/ help for his search.

In cas…

Kitty Ling No Waiting

Dolk Station has one Ling, as a fullset, as shown. At least they did as of today :D You can see what the Aimeri cat body looks like too--just click on Dolk's photos to make them larger:

She's been there almost a year if the date of October 2018 is correct. :o

Dollshe Rosa 170.00

It looks like Mr. Dollshe is clearing out the back room--apparently there are 33 of these back there, and Rosa is as cute as a bug. She seems to be 35 cm tall? You have to keep scrolling down to some tabs to see her stats. The sales page shows her range of motion and all her hands (!) If you like small/tinies this is a fabulous price!

Cat Boxes

----------------------- I patched my driveway today with the trowel-on crack filler. I emptied out one bucket, I think I need two more. Luckily it looks like rain off and on for the next two days, so my calf muscles might recover before the second round of troweling. I tell myself it is good exercise.

 I also scraped paint on the lower set of rails so I can repaint them, and there are curious yellowjackets around to sniff the paint, which makes me nervous. I am not a fan. Bees yes, yellowjackets no.

These guys are all over my backyard and I love them :D

Dollshe Diana 61--50% off, Sicktress Sends Me Armor

For a 61cm Dollshe, that is a great price. Diana is super cute, even more so than the shop photos (do a Google Image Search for more, color pix). I read that there were 33 pieces left this morning in the email I received, but at this price I think that number may change fast. Now that I have Ausley I kind of want more bodies, they pose so nicely. Sadly, I have more practical expenses!

Sicktress sent me a box of goodies--she painted the Luts head for me, who somehow has been named Baby Face, since he is a wizard who messed up an eternal youth spell:

HAHA look at that pout! He is so fun already! He was an amazing gift and I am going to see if I can swap a body I have in storage for one that matches him more, like a Band G or any of the smoother, less muscly male bodies, maybe an old Volks SD 12 if I can find one. It just needs to be under 200.

Sicktress also sent me this AMAZEBALLS torso armor!!!

It was intended for my Granado Boyd but Pacle stole it and isn't giving it up, just li…

Cat Phrenology


Alice's Collections September Promos

(Click to read full sized). Alice apparently has a box of Susu heads to ship out, they look pretty cute! But the real temptation is LOTS of new dolls and clothes--the weather is cooler and drier so casting can be done more easily, and some of the clothes are so pretty! This one is for a vinyl Dollfie Dream, which fits no one here, but it's so cute:

There is a new Loongsoul hottie:

A really cool and sort of unusual DollZone girl "Jocelyn" (think 1920's actress):

Aimieri has a new Mao out, this one is Ying:
This one is so tempting, she looks a little like the Dearmine cat girls and I have seen those in person and they are utterly charming. She is a slim mini at 42 cm and the only drawback is..she is expensive. Alice is willing to use DHL and Air Express, which helps with the total cost, but rumor has it that shipping is going to get even pricier if the US leaves the Postal Union International agreement. Because reasons, shipping from China is already slow-- and now it…

TrueBlack Tarot Deck (Arthur Wang)

I'd say, after using this deck, that this is a gorgeous art deck, and not really a reading deck. It was a labor of love and a Kickstarter project of Arthur Wang's, and you can read about it, and see more of the cards, here:

The Kickstarter is over, but you can still order the cards like I did--they ship fast and are presented in an admirable way:

I actually had some trouble photographing the deck--for one thing, the black is very black--a soft matte black, with the image and the Major Arcana having line decorations in shiny ink, like a fabric jacquard. Here's the box cover so you can see the contrast between matte and shiny:

This is a deck that you select your favorite cards from, and lay them out on your black slate coffee table with a few carefully chosen stones and then Instagram the whole thing :D Or set them up inside one of those brass-and-glass terrariums as a display piece and rotate them occas…