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Angelsdoll Bomi's Head Arrives

Well, it looked a little grim at first.

No broken pieces visible...

A Seoul newspaper would have fit in there certificate, I guess? I kept the EMS label just in case.

Looks like a head :D

Yes! It's a smiling head, no breaks no chips! She will look even better with eyes, but I like her!

Cute profile! She looks like she will take a bigger wig, more on the size 9 size, or a stretchy 8/9, and maybe 12mm eyes. I will have to see what I have in the box. She reminds me a little of the pleasant Iplehouse Harin, a very cheerful person. I need to figure out what body to put her on, I don't have a spare ns one at the moment but maybe she can share something.

Her neck is a little on the small side--interestingly it looks like there are spaces for silicone nubs in her neck:

Her name is on the inside of the head, but I am a little puzzled by the lack of certificate. Is that normal for Angelsdoll?

Rock Paradise

I was poking around Etsy and I found a store in Chatsworth, Calif that sells rough and tumbled stones--nothing super exotic, but the prices are good, the photos are clear, and they have most of the usual suspects (amethyst, quartz, labradorite, etc), and some nice jewelry pieces too:

I once had a pretty nice collection of colored rocks, but when you are moving across the country and in a hurry, the rocks tend to be left behind. I probably should have just packed them anyway.

More Amethyst

Just a little practice piece, needs a little tweaking--it's one of the stone clusters I got at Marshall's. Acrylic, 5 by 7 inches.

Marshall's Home Goods Halloween

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but I went so many places during the day, I just came home in the evening and fell asleep. I went to a local metaphysical store, and it was fun but basic things were expensive, so I just got a book for a friend, and then I went to the dreaded Hobby Lobby to get my Satanic Candles and Halloween chalice (because they were way cheap there and it made me laugh--white and green candles 49 cents each--true, not Blessed By the Goddess but still perfectly functional) and a red Christmas wineglass for 6.00, which is good because there is always a chance the raccoons will knock it over trying to get at the Halloween sherry or whatever booze I have in there--though for everyone's sake, I will put in on a dirt surface and it might survive.
 (I also went to Trader Joe's, a much more pedestrian place, though I did get fancy marshmallows to eat). Then J and I went to the mall because it was too nice to sit at home, and walked around. And of course we we…

Fairyland Romantic Momo and Russian Maiden

This is Momo, in her glorious dress, she is a Feeple 60 cm instead of a Minifee or a 65. This means she is a reasonable size, but she also has what I think of as "those weird little toes" which are definitely fairy or alien toes--you can see them if you go down through the whole series of photos. The shoes, by the way, are as nice as the dress, and that is saying a lot. The whole fullset is not cheap, but it is phenomenal, you should go look just to see the flower-trimmed overskirt.

There is a new Minifee too: Maya the Russian Maiden, and her outfit is splendid too:

The headdress is the best part, though the gold lace trim isn't too shabby either! They are limited and may end on August 31st, so you should check the listings if you are interested.

Spellcaster Deck and Yes, Tarot Knockoffs

The title of the deck is a bit of a misnomer--it's just a regular Rider Waite with funky fun paintings and a really nice quality box and book (the book has *color* illustrations, which is unusual for these books). The titling font makes me laugh--there could have been an argument that the publisher wanted it all in caps, to match "Handbook"; but the font didn't fit at the point scale they wanted, so instead of going with another font, they did the Sarcasm Font from Twitter :D

If you like dogs this is your deck. Dogs are everywhere. There are lots of wonderful portraits, many squirrels, and some serious pot production (lower right corner, the 7 of Pentacles):

Every card has a full, glorious painting. This is my favorite:

This guy is definitely getting the tea from those birds. I also like the knight of cups, riding his fishy steed (slippery!!):

Though on the Two of Pentacles, I have to wonder what is in that bag.... :o

I told you squirrels were big in this deck:

Nobility Sc…

CandyWorld and Nature Walk

These came today from CandyWorld on Etsy! They went out on the 8th, so it was a little over two weeks to arrive--not bad for a little packet from Poland that had to go through customs! They are fairly low dome and very bright--I haven't decided who gets them yet (the "temporary" sculpey ones I made were actually good enough I have been leaving them in.) Magda has a whole bunch of new eyes in now, you should take a look--her prices are reasonable, too.

Yesterday we went on a nature hike at Herrick Lake--normally we just walk around the lake, but there are long trails that go back into the forest. We chose poorly though, and went on one that borders the local golf course-- so it wasn't all that scenic, even if it was good exercise. We came back to the lake and I took a few photos as the sun was setting:

You can see the first hint of gold in the trees. It's starting to feel like fall. There was a giant
moth in the shop, too, probably looking for a place to nap:


Souldoll Zenith Girl Kalo

I joke that dolls with bunny ears are a way of saying "We have no theme ideas, but we hope you will
like this doll." I *do* like this doll, even without the amazing crystal tinted ears-- I assume they are held on with magnets. Best of all is That Outfit, though Cat pointed out that the Souldoll hands will not fit through the sleeves unless there is some elastic going on there I can't see. In any case, the outfit is gorgeous, and can be bought separately:

The wig is handmade! It's built up over a hard cap, so it's only sized for a Souldoll Zenith (around size 7/8.

And here is the blank sculpt--what a cutie!

Baby Iplehouse Doll in Person

Well, I had a rule about "no tinies". And now I have three, though one is just a head so far. This is an Iplehouse Bonnie, and she is as cute as a bug :D I am used to getting giant boxes from Iplehouse, so this was a nice change:

The truth is that they could have shipped her in a box 1/2 as tall--look inside:

The actual BID box is quite reasonable--you could fit it in a suitcase if you wanted to do a ambitious, faraway photo shoot:

Like most tiny dolls, Bonnie is a superb stander:

I thought I was being prudent in buying tights, a shirt and a wig so she would have something right away to wear, unlike all the other naked people here right now, but things didn't quite work out that way. The wig was beautiful and well made, but it looked a little..I don't know, like it belonged on a teenager and not a baby? (This was on me for choosing it, not Iplehouse).

However, I remembered that the Souldoll Vito Freya wears a size 6 wig--maybe they could swap?

Heck yeah! Freya think…

Black Craft Foam Thorn Crown

So I was wasting time on Pinterest instead of working, as one does, and I saw this image:
This was made of thin leather, but right away I thought : "Craft foam!" Well, and some paint and wire too. :D
Pinterest also had this cool thing. I would make the rose out of ribbon, or maybe wire and tissue.

I found the craft foam and the scissors and got to work.

I had help.

I found some 26 gauge thin florists' wire and some Elmer's glue and wrapped the wire with the tissue Stripey is so conveniently slicing up. (By the way, the cat gets to do whatever she wants. She is 13 years old.) Mostly she just watches.

How about some puffy paint details?

Painted with Liquitex liquid acrylics (the thin stuff is easier to get into the folds). Spraying outside  with acrylic spray would have been more efficient, but I would have had to buy the spray and wear a respirator.

Here it is with some tiny plastic rhinestones and hot glue spider webs. The downward thorn is a problem for Raisin, my …