Sunday, July 31, 2016

Isley the Free-Choice Vesuvia..Sort Of

So this is Isley, whose head is a slightly modded Granado Venus. Her body is one I bought from Gus, though "bought" is kind of the wrong word for something that was basically a gift-with-postage. The Free Choice Vesuvia used to be MissAlly's, and after she passed away (much too soon) Gus inherited her very large stash of dolls and has been gradually dispersing them since then. He very kindly strung her for me, but I wanted to blush her tail, and somehow the tail hook had gotten lost and Gus made do by looping the string through the tail tip, which is super if you never ever want to take the tail off again, and I am sure that is exactly how he felt after he had strung it together. The problem is that both the leg holes are much smaller than usual, AND the top hole is sort of a tiny slot, so getting into the "tail compartment" is..well, a pain in the ass. First here is me making a little hook for the tail tip:

Then this is how I think the tail is supposed to be anchored. You have to put the tail on before anything else, because you can't see what you are doing when the legs are on. Even with the legs off, there is a lot of groping around in there with a crochet hook trying to grab the elastic:

You put on that little ring and then, with great difficulty, tie a knot to keep it on inside the body. Make the knot small because it has to be stuffed into that narrow slot. The elastic loop is roughly 50 cm long when open, but a lot depends on the stretchiness of the elastic and how wide it is. You can pretty much bet that you will get the length wrong the first time you do it--you can't make it too tight or the tail will curl up strangely, and too loose will make the tail droop sadly. The pieces are numbered, though: "1" is the first one that touches the body;this for no reason, is 2, just so you can see where the numbers are:
Finally, I had sprayed and painted the tail pieces, sprayed them again, and then got them strung together after a lot of struggle, then managed to get her head on (she was strung very tightly)... and then this:

"Where does this piece go?"

Luckily, I had put that hook in the tip, so I was able to just take the tail tip off and put it in the right place on the tail, and hook the tip back on. Here she is all together but her Scorpion Heels (which I can't find at the moment, they may be in that pile of stuff in the back).

Dressed up and out for a walk outside:

OK tail blushing (since it chips, I didn't do anything fancy):

I'm so happy to have her! I love how different she looks from Claudia:

I was also impressed at how well she fit on the Soom body! Oddly enough, she has a lot of clothes because I have bought and made Selket (my original FC Vesuvia) all kinds of clothing, and Selket is happy to share. I just need to find those Scorpion Heels.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Clean Plates/ New OS who Dis?

Well, thanks to Fry's Electronics I now have a squeaky clean, partitioned C drive, my image files were saved, and my printer reinstalled more successfully than it did the first time. I also have a new Intuos tablet and Photoshop CS3 installed. I have found... most... of my passwords. I got a stern lecture about not running more than one antivirus at a time, and about cat hair in the tower; and I now have the Acer as my separate Tumblr surfing machine so I shouldn't be exposing this machine to as much junk as before. I still have Windows 7. What I do not have are my custom brushes, which I put on a disk a year ago, and have since misplaced, WinZip, my fancy fonts, Irfanview, Terragen, several fractal generators, 4 versions of Filter Forge, Poser, or Daz Studio. I sort of like it this way, but I really do need to load at least Poser back on there, if I can find the box.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Silicon Dresses

An ad, then 3 minutes and 34 seconds of Iris Van Herpens unique dresses. The dresses are beautiful art pieces, though I really question the fire safety aspect of them, as well as the interaction with human skin over time. I would get one as a display piece only, if I was rolling in so much money I had already bought all the dolls, outstanding student loans and real estate that I was interested in ;)

Rare Pokemon

Look how cute this is. :D Granado has a really fun facebook page here, I always enjoy visiting it, though of course you need to be on Facebook too--which is a mixed blessing.

Unlucky Charms

The Ouch at the End of the Rainbow...

Still waiting to hear about the computer. Maybe they are looking through the gigabytes of cat photos.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Photo Test

 If there is a photo here, I can maybe put up more pix while the normal computer is being repaired.
Otherwise it will be all text for a while :p (J took this photo this evening at Herrick Lake.

 Don't you love having to find passwords when your computer has a flop? I did accidentally back up ALL THE IMAGES into Flickr a while ago and now that I have found the password again, that seemed like genius.
Don't ask me about my Tumblr password. :p

The Black Screen of Death (Immediately following the Welcome screen)

So I tried to start my computer this morning, and after putting in my password I get this sort of Welcome: To The Abyss. My best suspect is the video card, but to be honest I have been abusing the hard drive with Daz Studio (which it hates) and running not one, not two, but three competing Firewall/antivirus packages, one of which I think managed to convince me to kill it's own .exe. It was a cheap Costco HP pavilion to begin with, and most of the "good" content was backed up on a pair or external hard drives. But it does mean a visit to Fry's to see if I can get it raised from the dead.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tara Outside

And one inside:

I had to go to the dentist today so not much useful got done, though I did get Tara into this beautiful outfit. The label says it's from "AC's Lalaland" but I can't find an Etsy seller with that name--it may be a DoA seller only.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Granado at Dollvie 2016 (video)

Lots of pics of Enoch, especially! <3

Iplehouse Fashion Doll (1/4 scale, 48cm)

Iplehouse has figured out that the "fashion sized" dolls are popular, and with the magic of digital scaling, it's possible to shrink the big guys down to petite size. This video shows a girl that looks a lot like Yui. I assume Iplehouse will start making clothes for them too. (Video is not really Safe For Work).

Why I did not go to the Kane County Fair

The weather conditions were summed up by the Daily Herald:

The 148th annual Kane County Fair wrapped up with so much heat, a battery-powered car driven by a child in the Power Wheels Demolition Derby caught on fire Sunday in the grandstand event. No one was hurt during the competition in front of a large, cheering crowd, baking in temperatures in the 90s.

It wasn't so much the heat, as the humidity. Also, lightning.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Angel Toast Crow

You probably know of Angel Toast as a faceup artist, but she is a sculptor too--and in a partnership with Luts, she has made a new head, "Crow". You can take a look at him on --I assume you can look without a membership, because I did, but I am not sure how shopify works. Here is the text info on him:

This is Angel Toast's new original sculpt, Crow! He is an elf through-and-through. A friendly bard, a cunning thief, a haughty ranger... perhaps even a dark fey king...
He is meant for SD-sized bodies and wears an 8-9" wig and 12mm eyes.
For this first preorder, he will be cast in Normal Skin and Tan resin, which matches LUTS Normal Skin and Real Skin Brown, and similar colors. One of each color will be exclusive fullsets at the Atlanta BJD convention 2016, so for the preorder we will have 8 available for preorder.
The head is sculpted to fit LUTS Delf and Senior Delf bodies, and there is the option to order a body with the head. A custom faceup can be ordered as well. Please allow an additional week if you order a faceup.
Wait times are estimated at around 2 months for a head and about 3-4 months for a full doll.
Shipping invoices will be sent out when the product has arrived with us.
Thank you very much for your interest and support! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hands/Feet/WristBalls/Ankle Balls/Heely Feet at Soom!!

Did you break a finger? Smash a wristball? Bought something secondhand with no heel feet or no flat feet? Soom is doing a special sale (and I assume the time is limited, so go look) The hands and feet are for the newer 2012 body, but since they are selling the wrist and hand balls as well, I think  you can retrofit them on the old bodies. I have swapped the female hands back and forth between the old and new bodies. Here are the female hands they are selling, in several colors as you can see from the samples above--gray, tawny, etc.

Yes, those are the fancy mid-nail hands AND the special Long Nails hands! The ball-jointed hands come unassembled, btw. The wristballs are these, for the magnet hands:

...And the tiny magnets :D

 I feel like I should order a case of miscellaneous hands and feet... but I have to go to the dentist next week.

Candy Kitten's Emporium

I keep forgetting to post about this, but I love Linny Shephard's doll eyes! She makes them herself out of polymer clay and they are very even (pairs match superbly) and not as expensive as other custom brands. Her Etsy is here, and she ships from London, UK. The last pair I bought from her took about 3 weeks round trip, for both manufacturing and shipping, and they are beautiful (I got the Imperial Jade ones). Right now she has a few Steampunk ones if you are looking for those, some ready-made and ready to ship, like these:

If you collect Fairyland girls, you have the added plus of seeing what the eyes look like in Fairyland dolls! Also CandyKitten is a sweetheart <3

Super Glue

Stolen from Essem7631 on Reddit.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Random Friday Photos

You'll be glad to know the bunny escaped, since Stripey saw a bug or something and dropped it, and it ran away into the lilies, where the cat is too big to fit.

This car appeared in my driveway Tuesday. The driver did come and ask if it was ok, but since it was already there I was not likely to say "no". Eventually it disappeared--I have no idea when because I had to go out to get glasses and groceries, and when I returned it had vanished. So random.

K likes the Moofia the way I like the Tokidoki Unicornos. This was her find in one of the blind boxes.

Something you can buy at Target, if you are into Unicornos. ;)

This morning's visitor on the back deck, hopefully eating ants. We have a million least.

Apparently this is the right way to get Stripey to sit in a box. I was doing it wrong before.

I need to eat the vegetables faster. This was part of Thursday's dinner:

Soon there will be tomatoes too; there are 2 tomato plants here and 3 pepper plants. The tomatoes are winning:

Stripey thinks I should just grow catnip.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Iplehouse YIG Black Denim Dress Set, and Some Boots

As usual, Iplehouse shipped out almost instantly, and the box arrived today. It was a split, so there were several boots and a shirt for Akutenshi's boys, and a wig, one of the denim dresses, and some heely sandals for my Bliss; who up until today had only a sort of toga to wear. Here's the items all wrapped up from the box:
I went for the dress first--its so cute, and look! it goes on without having to go over the dolls head, and snaps in the front! Yay!
The little petticoat is actually a skirt by itself. That went on with no problem, but the dress was..tight. Really tight. I did manage to squeeze it on, but I had to be sure the petticoat was not under the dress, and I had to work at it to get the snaps to close. The fit once it was snapped shut was pretty low-cut too--I wonder if it was fit on the default Bliss, who has a small bust? Mine is the standard Large.

So I went and got the other Midwesterner in the house, my Soom Agate (Daisy).
Daisy is okay with this, I am not sure Bliss is...

It fits pretty well, a bit low in the front, but a bow on a pin would fix it, and the 2012 Soom female body is slim enough the dress snaps up. And it's cute. (Daisy is wearing an Iplehouse wig and a necklace by Cat)
Here is Bliss with her jewelry and the tulle petticoat and the wig net for a top (it was just handy).
The jewelry was included with the dress and it's wonderful-- This was my favorite piece. There is also (not shown) an elegant Chanel-like bracelet of silver chains. There were also 3 non-elastic bead bracelets that I had to take her hand off to get on, but since I was putting on her heel feet and had a chopstick already, it was no big deal. Then I took a look at the boots:
Hmm. I thought those were all boy boots, did Akutenshi want heels for her Chris? Was the model number right?
The model numbers match, the details are all the same, but the heels are..kinda different! oops!
I did like them, so I just bought them from Akutenshi and put them on Bliss:
(Bliss really does need a real top to go with all this.)
Here are the boots from the side--were these maybe Scarlett's or Marion's, designed to have breeches stuffed in them? I wonder if a Granado boy leg would fit in there, with the heel feet? :o

Finally, I took a close up of the size 8 Saddle Brown wig. This is an awesome color--it's several colors mixed, and the fiber itself is smooth and non-tangling, like a Leeke or a Crobi wig. A bit heavier than the Monique fibers:
I've always been happy with Iplehouse wigs! The workmanship on everything was super; it's just the fit that seems to often be a problem. I have no explanation for the boots. ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crazy Fabric Lady

Sent to me by Mom, who is neat and organized and not a hoarder in any way (she does have a yarn collection, but it is in constant use.) I do make stuff with my fabric, but I like having "some extra" just in case. Like 10 tupperware containers of it. Here's a tunic currently under construction:

Thranduil looks resigned to being a fit model.