Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Soom Aisling Light Elves

A new pair of elves from Soom--I like the "lightbox" photo here mixed in with the beauty shots (I like those joints a lot) and the crediting of the artist at the end: Kim Jeong-Mi which makes it possible to collect and look for the work of a particular sculptor. Base price is 330.00, with the usual time limits. Their sales page is here:

Soom Aisling

Monzo the Magnificent

You can't tell from this photo, but he's actually a tasteful gray skin, and he looks so much better than when he first arrived at Akutenshi7's house--he had a cracked ankle, as I recall, and was missing his fantasy feet and horns. All he is missing now is his gray "fancy feets." (Akutenshi is still looking for them). But now he has horns, wings, a magnificent cloak, some clothes, and companions of various sizes. I think he is a pretty lucky doll. :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It's a bit weird since it's based on some Greek pot designs, but most of it works. The bra top is still very WIP, though.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Canadian Magic

Yes, it's what you get when you shine a laser pointer through a Canadian bill, in this case a $20:

J says that if he was president, he'd make "US money cool too." I said that I would rather that he got US internet speeds up to international standards, since even the Moon gets faster Internet than we do. Yes, really.

By Colin Schultz


MAY 30, 2014

The Moon may now have a better wireless signal than your local coffee shop. In a test last fall, NASA and MIT researchers showed off a fancy new rig that uses pulses of laser light to shoot data across the vast distances between Earth and our satellite some 238,900 miles away. The results of this first test are set to be presented by the researchers at a conference on June 9th, says Wired UK.

NASA's laser-based long-distance internet has been under development for the past 3 years, and last fall it was put to the ultimate long-distance upload test, says the Optical Society:

The team made history last year when their Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD) transmitted data over the 384,633 kilometers between the moon and Earth at a download rate of 622 megabits per second, faster than any radio frequency (RF) system. They also transmitted data from the Earth to the moon at 19.44 megabits per second, a factor of 4,800 times faster than the best RF uplink ever used.

Read more: Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter

Sunday, December 27, 2015


I have been texturing this dress, and I needed a character to wear it. The dress doesn't fit my usual Victoria model, it fits Daz's Genesis 2 model (which I actually like better than Vicki, poor thing). Genesis 2 is fairly new and I have exactly 2 characters pre-made for her--a blonde chick named Bree and a Wednesday Addams girl (Malice or Mayhem, depending on your mood when you render her). Neither of them look in the least like a Greek Goddess, so I fiddled with morphs and a spare texture map and made my own Greek goddess. Prae made her hair, you can buy it from and it's the Disarae hair, it's fun to work with. I think Juno needs some virtual jewelry. And shoes!

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Glitter Apocalypse

J and I do the gifts for each other Christmas morning, and then usually hold off opening the other presents from relatives for later, so I can write thank yous at the same time. I had bought a roll of glittered ribbon from Costco thinking it would be great for the two bigger presents I got J, since it was fat, sparkly and on a big spool. And it looked great--but I hadn't thought what would happen if you tie it in a bow and then the recipient pulls it through the loops again to untie it--that neatly scrapes off all the glitter into a cascading pile on the floor, the couch, your hands..everything. I actually took the ribbon off the second one before I handed it to him, but since he had glitter even in his beard, we had to take an intermission so that he could take a shower and I could vaccuum the floor and the couch (I ended up taking the couch cover off entirely to put it in the wash.) There is a trail of glitter out to the trash cans, and on our front steps, and on the keyboard. I need to roller everything again because I don't want the cat to pick it up on her fur or paws.

Speaking of the cat, she got what she wanted for Christmas:

I also took time off from texturing today, and messed with dolls. We went to a antique store on Wednesday in Naperville and I found some scratch and dent costume jewelry for the dolls, so I wanted to try it on them. Here's SophieCushion (Cat named her, and sent some dollie presents as well, including the splendid Souldoll hat Sophie is holding and the gold boots) and Bubbles the Soom Cass.

I think Bubbles wants the paper--she has shoes on her feet, so she has no idea anyone would want a second pair. Sophie is hampered by having hooves instead of feet at the moment.

Bubbles: "How do I look?"

So who gets the boots? They need heel feet (very rare here). Shalimar already has the Simply Divine heels, and Bubbles is wearing her shoes. This was the only candidate at the moment--my Soom Gneiss, who since she is on the new body, has slightly smaller feet:

Sophie makes an unlikely Santa Claus, but Noodles looks pretty happy here. Here are the boots:

Thank you Cat! Also, Cat figured out that I have a "bird tree" somehow!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Virtual Gingerbread

My Co-creator of the Boxes made this posable little cutie! So much fun! And a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Some Quick Pre-Christmas Photos...

Yes, there are 2 Christmas trees--we bought a perfectly good "Alberta Spruce" from Target for very little money, I set it up, put the lights on it, sat and looked at it for ten minutes... and then asked J if we could go to Home Depot in the last ten minutes they were open on a Sunday night and pick through the bin for "a real one" ..and so we did. :D The plastic one is now a big nightlight in the bedroom and can be operated remotely, so if the cat brings us a mouse in bed (again) we can flip on the tree and see what is going on.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Angell-Studio Claudia

This little cutie and several others are being re-released for Christmas by Angell-Studio. The notice is here. You can buy in the US from Angell-Studio's agent Mint on Card as well, but I would be tempted by Angell Studio's nice wigs and outfits--which may be harder to get through MOC, so it's a tough call. In person the AS dolls are really wonderful--the photos tend to flatten them a bit, and AS does very nice faceups as well.

Ive been trying to texture a Poser dress today, with mixed results--the straps are wiggly and small on the template, so I have left them solid so far, but they do look nice with a pattern on them--assuming I can get the pattern to sit right on the strap! (It's one long continuous loop of digital mesh).

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Simply Divine Shoes At Home

Cat and Liz got together and SENT ME A PAIR FOR CHRISTMAS!! And even J, who is not given to either noticing shoes or hyperbole, said they were "magnificent". And they are. They are not super hard resin, but slightly soft--enough to flex a little to get on a foot, but stiff enough to support a Super Gem's weight. Here is Shalimar, a Soom Gray Galena, wearing them--and you have to know that Shal is so loose that I was able to swap her flat feet for heel feet just using my fingers (I was able to pull out a 3 inch loop of elastic from her leg to get the heel feet on.) So of course she doesn't stand up on her own..and I haven't sueded her ankles..but here she is standing in the Simply Divine heels.

Because they have a bit of "grip" to them, they not only stand securely on the smooth surface of the table, her feet don't slip in them.

I might have to just buy another pair for one of my other Soom girls...this color is Mistletoe, and I love equally the gold and the white. Liz does such wonderful work! Here is her etsy if you want to stare at her beautiful Medusa Valentina as well.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Saturn at Granado

Ikaru, Granado's rep, says that Saturn "will be a big doll" and you can kind of see it in the prototype. His name also reminds me that when we went to the post office for the second time today (there was too much for one trip) and it was very busy, I just told J to "Park on the moon." and he said "Nah, I'll just park next to Saturn, here." and he did indeed park right in front of a blue Saturn. We are almost done with Christmas shipping (we thought we had lost a couple of radio-controlled tanks, we thought somewhere in the house; but it turned out they were still at the counter at Office Depot and we had brought home only half of the stuff. Those still need to be wrapped and shipped and the box is..large.) Sadly, the high ticket item from my visits to Office Depot were not radio-controlled tanks, but two printer cartridges for my printer.

And it turns out that it was a good thing I bought them, because I happened to check this morning when my car registration would expire, it turns out I have been driving around for 18 days with an expired registration--the State of Illinois, having no budget, has stopped sending out paper renewal forms. Lord help you if you didn't save the "pin" on your registration form, or worse yet, don't have a computer or PayPal to renew your registration online and print your own registration out until the Motor Vehicle Department gets around to mailing you your "real" registration. So I am legal again, but really. Of course nowhere was there a mention of "inspections" so I am just going to wait until they tell me I need one before I do anything about it.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Shipping

Every year, around the 15th of December or so, it suddenly dawns on me that Christmas is about to happen and I need to do something about it. While I live in the middle of the country, my extended family is on either coast, which complicates Christmas somewhat, as everything has to go in the mail to reach them. In the past, I have done things like gift cards and magazine subscriptions and 3rd party candy companies; but every three or four years I really just want to go out and shop for people instead of looking at catalogs or pressing buttons.

This would work better if I started in August, and when I lived in New Jersey there were craft fairs I would go to in the summer and fall and that is where everyone got their gifts, whether it was appropriate or not. The problem is every year I find something really awesome for one or two people, OK things for most people, and pretty lame things for a few unlucky people. There are some people, like my parents, who deserve a fully loaded BMW with a accompanying driver named Hans and a small vacation mansion or two in Antigua and Costa Rica as gifts, but until I win the lottery, they usually get mugs and candy or other consumables-- or practical, unexciting gifts like towels. So this year I went shopping and bought unexciting, practical things that need to be wrapped and put in boxes, and my wrapping skill are not that great. I can wrap a plain square box like a boss, but most of the things I buy are weird shapes. As for shipping boxes, there is always the one item that refuses to fit in any box I have, so it needs some kind of jury-rigging to get it in the mail. The mail clerks are not at their best this time of year either--I am sure that when I bring in this thing to the Post Office tomorrow, they are going to ask me how I want to ship it.

And, speaking of boxes, the virtual ones were accepted and are now on sale at, and there was great rejoicing. I think this little box is going Air Mail.

You can also buy those wings for your virtual angels at, they are by my friend Prae, who also loves ball-jointed dolls.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dusk the Poser Guy

I have been trying to bang out another product this week between Christmas shopping and packing stuff to ship, and I wanted to check the scale of the floor design with a Poser figure. I have had Dusk (designed by Hive sitting around on my hard drive since I downloaded him, and I thought this would be a good time to check him out. Normally I use one of the figures, Michael 4, if I need guys. So I loaded Dusk up-- and because I was more interested in the floor and his scale versus the floor, I didn't really look up at him until he was facing away from me. And of course he comes with no clothes. And I was thinking: "Wow, this guy looks great"..and then I moved the camera around to the front and discovered Genitals Not Included (awww) and..his face. Oh dear. It's not that it's super bad, there is just something not right about where his eyes sit in his face. On people you can see the larger hole of the skull surrounding the eye area, and Dusk does have the nose and brow bones right, but the area between the eye and the cheekbone just isn't quite where it should be. Also his eyes are a tad close together.

But that is all the bad news--the good news is that his hands are amazing and he bends beautifully--better than Michael 4 by a long way. And I did take him into Argile (A French modelling program that is very Poser-friendly) briefly to sort of pat down the cheekbones a little at the top. Somewhere in here I think I have an add-on set of head adjustment morphs for him that might fix him up, too.

(He's wearing a dynamic bathrobe for Michael4 with his arms stuffed through the sides of the top, in case you were wondering). My friend Janet (parrotdolphin) made that beautiful texture on the robe. But now I have to stop playing with him and work on the floors some more.

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Soom Beryl Wig

I have been sort of down on Soom for the last three months because this wig (and Cat's as well) wasn't shipped..and wasn't shipped...and customer service was unhelpful, to put it diplomatically; and that whole Grey Beryl release was just so weird and disorganized..and now at last comes the wig and it is every bit as splendid as the photos on the Soom site suggested--my pictures don't show it, but it's 3 different shades of peach and rose blended together, lots of hair and a nice, non-staining wig cap. It is quite magnificent.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Deirdre the deer

Look at this cutie pie!! She is a Fayette head on a Mirodoll body and she was painted by Francesca and her wig made by Akutenshi7, and..she is a Christmas present for me! I was flabbergasted and delighted and completely caught by surprise--not since Cat sent me some "empty soom boxes" have I been so surprised! (Sophie Cushion was in the "empty" box). I feel very spoiled and lucky...and I think I have some horns she can wear, too. I need to hem her dress so she can walk around!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Soom Free Choice 2015 Event

It's Mega Gems and Idealians, the more recent ones..the usual restrictions apply for not duplicating the original cast. And there are kits you can get if you want to assemble them yourself. Pro tip--buy a padded bag along with your order--they can put the loose pieces in the bag and then in a box, rather than just rolling around in a shipper; but the kits are good in that things seem to ship better. If you want a face up I would say go for the full strung doll though, so you can be sure of an inner box to protect it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

K's Early Cosplays

This one is obviously "Jedi on Hoth"

"Granny Weatherwax's High School Prom" (yes, really, there was a hat, too)

An amazing detailed and realistic "Two Year Old Discovering Christmas"

K as "Forest Fairy"

And my personal favorite, "Princess of Naboo." Luckily K can handle most of the labor intensive stuff herself now.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Impldoll Deborah Arrives

That is her stock photo--I ordered her in July and I think she got buried under the Facebook event, because when I got around to asking about her, Impldoll was OMG we will ship her in 2 weeks (and they did). The best thing is that she doesn't look rushed--her hands are cleaned up well, her ankle balls are the right size, and everything was packed beautifully.

And of course she has those goofy little vamp ears that I like so much:

Here she is standing right in the box (the cat didn't want to):D

Here are the eyes that came with her:

At my house those little teeth are for biting fish, not people, she will join the Mermaid Army I have going here :D

Just a couple more headshots:

She kind of reminds me of Iris with teef!

And as a gift, Impldoll sent a head! I was very happy with this Realskin handsome guy, but mystified as to who he was--Akutenshi figured out that it was a girl sculpt, Octavia--but he's Octavius here, on a Granado old body (the first Boyd body, in fact!)

By the way, Deborah's skin is matte, rather than shiny--very much like Resinsoul now and a better match for Soom and Iplehouse. I like the Star body a lot--her hands are largeish but the rest is a perfect size, roughly SID sized but shaped more like a "corset body" which I am very happy about.