Saturday, May 31, 2014

Frogs with Legs

Our polliwogs have legs! I'm taking photos through mesh (we put up bird netting to keep out maple seeds and birds, with the bottom open to let the frogs move about.) So the pictures were not the best, but here is another one:

We have 3 true frogs, about the size to fit in your palm, and some mighty polliwogs still swimming in the pond. I'm not sure what causes some to frogify faster than the others, but it's so fun to see the legs develop. Here's the first photo I took with the mesh:

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Musicians of Bremen

Yes, Soom actually did it--they made dolls for the Musicians of Bremen. (Now I am sort of hoping for the Pied Piper, and chibi rats) :D The Musicians are so cute! There is a chicken, a kitten

and a puppy,

... and they are tiny. Check out their sales page here.

Haha look at that adorable chicken tail!

Not Painting the Walls...

I drew this instead, after I realized I had an entire folder of gem reference photos sitting in my Pictures bin. It's much easier to draw it than cast it or even try to coax it out of Sculpey. I also found the last book in the Young Adult series I was reading in Costco for about half what I would have paid at Barnes and Noble, so I will waste more time this weekend reading it. :D I did weed whack, sweep up maple seeds, the dishes, the laundry, shipped some stuff and mowed today, so I wasn't totally a slacker.

Motto for Mom

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jim Morrison and the Reading Rainbow

Jimmy Fallon re-enacts Jim Morrison, absolutely perfectly... doing the theme song for Reading Rainbow.

Reading Rainbow Morrison

Soom Rru and Lilid

It's TINY MOUNTAIN LIONS. So much squee, so fun. Sadly, in my case, so tiny, so much cost because I like the Tea Green, which is an additional 190.00 to cast for the Mountain Lion body. But those little ears. And on the Mountain Lion head, they have little teef too. :D

Cutie sales page is here:

Rru Sales Page

Lilid sales page

Cantigny Flowers

Just some flower stock if anyone needs it!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two of Aelfric

Just a couple of quick pix of Aelfric; been busy--I also had a cover approved! This is a really good series, too, I enjoyed it a lot!

Cantigny Mermaid

Art Rage from a not-great photo I took this weekend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blues Sisters and More

Pictures from a family visit to Cantigny and other local spots:

Tank Girl:

Professionally grown polliwogs in the Children's Garden:

The shoe and clothing garden:

(This is why the shoes and clothes were on the bushes):

A blue bush (actually a spray-painted dead rosemary bush that had been a topiary):

My favorite tank on display at Cantigny, the Korean Tiger Tank:

And finally, a DIY Tokidoki colored by a 6 year old. I wish I had one like this for myself--the sharpie looks so good and the colors and shapes are so cute!(Not that I am biased or anything)

Aliuh's Umbrella Dragon Wings Tutorial

My friend Andy (George the Cat's mom) send me a link to this Pinterest page and Aliuh's dragon wing tutorial. I think it is awesome :D (If you go to the original tutorial the pictures are easier to see.)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Family and Frogs

Family has come to visit, so no other projects this weekend--but the polliwogs seem to be doing well--I added two bubblers and now I have a frog with a tail sunning himself on one of the rocks in the pond--a blurry pic here:

Friday, May 23, 2014

Stripey, and Tesla

Just a couple of random pix that I had sandwiched between other things! The weather is great again--I could get used to this :D

Tangle Free

I like these long wigs, but they are such a mess--tangled, flyaway and impossible. But I found this weird bamboo spray stuff and it helps a lot--it's not oily or sticky, and it seems to fix the static that makes these long wigs so hard to work with.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Soom Saule

Aren't those wings amazing? They are so creative; I love them! (Luckily he is technically a tiny and off limits). He is up for sale now here at Soom:

Saule's Sales Page

Iplehouse NYID head, Granado Maiden Body

It's a quick flash pic with no hair just to see the size and it if works, and I think it looks pretty good. The Bianca head also fit on the Nuevo body, but you would need a spacer because the head sits low on the neck:

You might even get an SID head on there (the heights are the same between the SID body and the Nuevo body)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Package from Beachgirl

I got a couple of necklaces from Beachgirl (beachgirlnikita on ebay)and some underwear and a pair of pants that might fit Bird (or not, they are just cool and someone will wear them). Her jewelry is as wonderful as her sewn items! Here's Tati in her new pearl necklace:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Granado Female Nuevo Hip Stringing

I have a factory-strung Granado Nuevo body now, and I finally yesterday got around to restringing the older body I had here. The elastic is separated into three pieces, one for each leg and one for the upper body and head. The legs have the ends of the strings tied in a knot inside the hip to a resin hook.

See how the hips now stick out? It turns out this is a good thing--not only does it make her stand more securely, she actually has more side to side mobility for some reason. (The sueding really helps too, as Granado resin is very polished, and I am not good with hot glue). But best of all, she now sits easily!

This is a great body for Soom heads, by the way!