Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Few Quokka More

Just in time for a Happy New Year (where the quokkas live it is already 2014) some photos, including this one from wildlife photographer Kevin Schafer

Apparently quokkas do not like to get their feet wet! Schafer has a new book of photos (penguins, auroras) and it's easier to see info about it on his Facebook page (which seems more up to date than the website.) Facebook page is here:

Kevin Schafer on Facebook

I don't have a magnificent aurora to wish you a Happy New Year, but I do have a tokidoki:

(Soon it will be the Year of the Horse, and the toki was what I had :D) Happy 2014 to all!

Minerva's Maris

Minerva, who is Aelfric's former owner, has been busy painting and sewing for her Soom Cass, and Maris is looking Mighty Fine. Eighty hours of beading can do a lot for a mermaid's wardrobe!

To see the rest of Maris the Magnificent, go to Minerva's Deviant Art gallery:

Iplehouse Discontinued Sculpts (as of Feb 28 2014)

Alas, even Denzel! :o Here's the notice:

Hello, this is Iplehouse.

Today we have one sad news.

To offer better service and products, we decided to discontinue some of the characters on 2014. Below dolls will be sold until Febuary 28th and will be discontinued.

BID Ringo

JID Boy Vito

JID Boy Joshua

JID Boy Jerome

JID Boy Ryan

SID Man Lee

SID Man Denzel

SID Man Theo (new body)

EID Man Kamau (new body)

EID Man Douglas

EID Man Evan

EID Woman Yur (new body)

If there is any doll you would like to order, please order it soon before sales ends.

Thank you for your time.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Soom Centaurs, Shale and Adamelli

Oh lordy the cute...I have a vague recollection that previously Shale and Adamelli had two hoofie legs, not four, but since even Loongsoul has come up with cute teenytaurs, Soom felt they needed to put their hoof down and reassert Fantasy Creature Dominance. They are very sweet--they come with nice hoof colors as well as the choices of pink and blue, and nice "clothes" as well. Little guys' sales page is here:

Centaur Shale and Adamelli

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jersey Driver

It's the gesture...or rather, the other gesture that exasperated Jersey drivers make. Though it should really be made using both hands and you move them up and down.


I think someone at Iplehouse is making these wigs. Rexy here never looked so cute-this wig is adorable on her, it makes her look like a 60's sex kitten. Iplehouse also has a wig (shown in dark brown) with a pearl strand woven in it that would look great on my Cuprit, and a side curled thing in blonde that looks like it was made for Iplehouse's Bibiane. I wish I had more points saved up to pay for the shipping!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Granado New Skin Colors

All my favorite colors have come to Granado, and apparently they are somewhat sandable--the pigment is mixed in. Here's my favorite set of color chips:

Nico would make a great Doc Savage :D. And here's an incredibly useful (to me) photo, as I have 2 rolling heads that would look great on Granado bodies:

I think this is a great set of colors and probably all anyone needs. :D

Bronze Cuprit with a Partial Face

Around 1 PM I looked at the thermometer on the porch and it was almost 40 degrees! So I dropped everything and did a quick pastel face for Tatiana, so she wouldn't look quite so bare. I put just one light coat of Mister Super Clear Down. I tried Purity Seal on her headcap and it's a bit shinier than the MSC, but still good. The main reason I didn't use it for her face was because the Purity seal is a huge can and it comes out like a fire hose, so it's harder to control. It doesn't make the resin lighter at all, though!

Now I am just waiting for her own eyes (that fit) to come in.

Simply Divine Nkiru In Progress2

Nkiru hanging out with a Dollshe--Liz is still refining him.

Withdoll Color Chart

I found this color chart by Yenna just roaming around looking at Withdolls--it's a great image. Withdoll makes msd-sized dolls but they are small adults, not teens. Withdoll made a fab elven dark knight named, rather amusingly "Priscilla" a while back, and currently sells another doll I like, "Cynthia:Blademaster".

Cynthia has been out a while and recently they reissued her apparently retired and raising farm animals. It's very cute:

Check out the new wings!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Soom Gneiss

Just a repost--I miss this guy! (Though he really hated winter weather, and we have had plenty of it).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Goofing Around

Since it is a holiday, I have done no work today. Instead I played with dolls. My sister and Cat actually sent me present FOR the dolls, which was a lot of fun, and of course pictures had to be taken and lazy Photoshopping done to them (to hide dishes). This is Bryan, Iplehouse Denzel, wearing the Bass Pro shirt I found for him. It is intended for a bear, but fits him embarassingly well.

Yes, that is a tiny crowbar. J got it for the dolls from Home Depot, and in character, Rain would love it. Heck I love it! I got my own full-sized crowbar last Christmas.

yes, that is the pile of dollie presents. What fun!

Package from my sister...

It's a Santa Hat!

New bathroom sink from Bryan to Rain..actually it's a paper clip holder, but the right size for a small doll bathroom.

From my sister--I am sure Rain wants to know if eggs can go in there soon. :D

And..a giant ball of rope! Neither Bryan or Rain have a boat, so there is some puzzlement.

"Excuse me, gentleman, I believe that is my rope" (Captain Aldwood, Granado Davon, in his best American Girl shoes :p )

"Who the heck was that?" (Rain and Bryan are characters from 2402, Aldwood is from 1760) The absurdity that is the dollie universe ;)

"May I have a donut?"

This is the gorgeous dress that Cat sent me, brilliantly re-engineered from a vest. It looks amazing--you can't see the detail here, but it's gorgeous!

And finally, as I was editing photos:

(Selket does still have the donut on her tail). I hope you too are having a fun Christmas! Thank you to Myf and Cat too!

Merry Christmas!

More Here:

Santa Classics

And our own Santa Cat:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Soom's Bronze Cuprit

I was amazed how fast she shipped--I think everyone worked hard to get as much delivered as possible before Christmas, and I was not expecting her before February, at least! I was able to go down and meet the mailman when he came, so that he didn't have to get out of the truck--it was hovering just above zero F, and with a little breeze, that's cold. I'm so happy I don't have to keep going to the basement to check the level of the oil tank, too--I keep waking up wondering if I need to order more oil, before I remember that we have gas here. NicorGas is the one that has to go keep checking the tanks. :D

As for Miss Cuprit (Tatiana), she is one of the nicest of the Soom dolls I have--almost no seams, no marbling, a gorgeous color (even J said it was "a nice human color"). Interestingly, she has the old head with the magnet pockets, so horns can be installed in her!

She has the new body, with it's magnet hands--they are easy to put on the elastic as long as you do it in the right order:

Slip on the hand base first, and I was able to get the C on this time before the hand, which made it easier to see how I was aligning the "c" with the slot. (You can get it on with the hand on, but it's harder to see what you are doing)

And then last, the hand...

Soom ships with the hands and feet off, so you install those yourself--that keeps them from breaking in shipping.

Thanks to Nancy_schroeder_ca, I know how to pull out the elbow joint a little, and fit the "pin" into the slot on the other side:

This lets her touch her face like this and hold the pose:

She's easy to find eyes for--I have several possibilities but for right now she is in some dark blue glitter eyes, size 14mm.

I can't wait to paint her!

Property Available!

That gingerbread house was seriously delicious. J can't remember what he put in the dough, but we did use the new higher fiber flour "Ultra Grain" and it seems better than regular flour, tastewise.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Yes, we went to check out Santa at the Bass Pro shop, and he and the decorations did not disappoint. Though I think that it is important to "know your deer" because if you shoot a reindeer at Christmas you are very likely to get a coal in your stocking, even though you may be up on your target practice:

You are a lot safer hunting gators. I found this stuffed gator very tempting, though he was the wrong scale for the dolls:

Did you buy a boat for your cat for Christmas? Bass Pro has all the stuff you need to keep your boat clean, especially if it is cat sized. (I can't really see washing the USS John F. Kennedy with just a bottle or two of these:

I would love to have this in my stocking at Christmas, but it wasn't for sale and I doubt Santa could get it down the chimney, even if I had one:

I did find two doll-sized shirts and a stocking stuffer or two for J, and we headed home.

The gingerbread house looks even more ramshackle today...I think it's going to be a "scrape off" instead of a repair property :D :