Friday, May 18, 2018

Two New Alexandra Khudyakova Dolls

They are new to me, anyway--possibly from the Moscow Doll Show, here with a friend for scale.
And here is another one:

I love the almost monochrome color palette, and all the lace!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Seian arrives!

She's here! UPS showed up at a reasonable time and the box was in perfect shape! This was my first
somewhat-new-from-Fairyland purchase (though it was actually "in stock" at Denver Doll, so she might have been a return or a failed layaway). I was interested to see how she was packed. I had bought a Chloe before from someone on DoA who sends things out "factory fresh" so I was pleased to see that it was the same--outer ship box, inner blue shipping box, and promo cards! I found Denver Doll's layaway super easy to work with--they send reminders on the same day of the month, so my fear of forgetting to pay an installment were unfounded--and they were very good about answering questions!

I remember when Fairyland used to just send the dolls with the "use and care" pamphlet--now they have a nice certificate:

Fairyland now sells headbacks as a separate item, so the headback doesn't have the mold name on it. Instead the faceplate has the name, but not the long identifier number and dates that previous FL heads had:


Inside of faceplate:

The only casualty of shipping (and it may have been being in cold weather earlier this year, too--superglue on foot magnet gave up:

Hilariously terrible headcap fit--if she was a return, I would guess this was why. Akutenshi warned me about that, so it wasn't unexpected, and the faceplate is secure.

She came with a sleeping plate! Along with being in stock, and being NS, I was so happy to be able to get her sleeping face! The hard part will be painting them to match each other, since my faceups are a little random :D

The sleeping plate also has her mold name in it. I haven't tried it on the headback yet, I am tempted to order a separate headback for it. I need to see what it would cost first, since she needs clothes more! Luckily I want her to wear more modern clothes, so they should be easier to find "off the shelf". For now this is cute though:

And now with her foot magnet glued in!:

If I can find my faceup supplies, I will paint her tomorrow :)

Leo Moracchioli Visits a Mall in Norway (In a Bunny Suit)

Just for fun. My Seian MIGHT COME TODAY, UPS willing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Captured in Thought's Viridian

He belongs to Cat,and needless to say, Cat is thrilled with him. If you want to see more different dolls
and faceups by Captured in Thought, go here:

Viridian is a Soom Sard, one of many that Cat owns (I have actually lost track :o) Here is a couple more photos:

While I don't want one, the sculpt has really grown on me. It's hard to resist those ears paired with a
good faceup!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Why Scale is Important

Also, apparently Darth Vader plays with dolls:

In other news, I've paid off my layaway...but they are sending it UPS 0.o

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Otter Fountain

I could have taken a million photos in Philadelphia, but instead I took a LOT of an otter fountain. But it was so cute!

More bonus cute:

I'm ready to go back :D Happy Mother's Day!

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