Antique Lilac's Tutorials, Patterns and Clothes

I have a Baby Iplehouse Doll and it's hard to find clothes for her--even Iplehouse has almost nothing right now. Apparently she is sort of Little Fee size but from reading the comments from people who tried the clothing on the BIDs, the BID shoulders and chests are chonkier and hard to fit in the clothes. Then I remembered that Martha Boers (AntiqueLilac) had some really cute outfits that she had made for her Iplehouse crew so I went to look again--and there were several downloadable free patterns for them! There are nice clear directions as well. And it's not only the BIDs that have patterns--lots of people have patterns!

These are not all of them. :D The tutorials and the "Sewing Journeys" are really fun to look at as well. She is a wonderful designer (she calls herself a "doll costumer") and a very generous person to share her patterns! And now and then there are clothes for sale on the site as well. It's a fun visit!

Adonis Fashion Size--for 220.00

OK this is a super deal from Dollshe--you get the 44cm fashion size Adonis for 220 and with EMS that is like 300.00 ish; which makes him less expensive than his FID rivals. He might make a cute boyfriend for a Souldoll Vito as well. But even if you don't want a Tiny Adonis, scroll down and look at the posing for the body--there are a LOT of pictures showing in detail the articulation of the joints and posing.

I would have gotten one-- but the site has lost my password and I consider this a sign that I should probably not buy any more tiny people, until the ones I have are fully clothed :D

Designs by Jude Doll Patterns

Although I do make my own doll patterns, it's a tedious and messy affair. I saw that Vermont Chick often sews with patterns by Designs by Jude, and I happened to see this pattern in my Etsy feed, so I thought I would check it out.  Tamara Casey ("Jude") drafts patterns and then adjusts them up and down to fit different dolls, so if you see a pattern you like for a doll you don't have, keep looking--chances are good there is your size in there, mixed in with the Tonners and other fashion dolls. I will say that these are not for basic beginners--you need to be familiar with how patterns work; there are directions, but they are brief-- and text only...

 ....which I have never been good at following (I use the drawings in commercial patterns to see what is going on). That said, this pattern is pretty simple and the only tricky part is fitting the bust, since the pattern is for the old EID that had one bust option. I'm planning on sewing a test version with no lining…

Sunflower and Potpourri

I'm still poking at this thing--it is more done than before, and I redid the whole thing (All 8x10 inches of it) in acrylics instead of oil. But sometimes I think I love photography way more than painting things by hand--you get the fun and color of an image right away, and little surprises, too, like the spot of opal reflection at the top of this silly pic of some homemade potpourri. The textures are so fun!

Iplehouse Old SID body and Iplehouse New SID body

I happened to have Marilyn (Iplehouse Jessica SID) out to try on some of her Halloween costumes, (which is why she has "hat hair" here). I thought it would be fun to compare her with my new SID  Vera, "Rose". Iplehouse has it's own comparison shots on their site (log in and go to "Iple BJD"), they have all their bodies photographed side by side on there. Marilyn's White Skin SID body was under someone at Vermont Chick's, and then I hybrided it on the rolling Jessica head I bought in 2012, so she isn't the standard EID Jessica. The old SID body is still pretty heavy, the newer one is a few ounces lighter and certainly slimmer, even not counting the smaller bust size I bought for Rose. Rose is a Pinky Normal.

The most obvious difference between the two bodies is the knee and elbow joints.  Here is a closer photo of the two elbow types:

The two girls have different ankles--Marilyn has the old, terrible ankles, Rose has a normal ball joint th…

Demiurge Dolls

I've never heard of Demiurge Dolls but oooo Elves! Elves in fun colors! Not cheap elves, but very nice ones! You can see their home site here:

This is the link to the elves:

I had to hunt around a little to find the right page, but it looks like you can buy loose heads as well, which is usually safer than full bodies; I've bought at least one head from the Russian Federation and as long as you choose EMS it will come OK. Cat has bought small thing (an Alk, as I recall) and that was successful too. I'm not sure about a full doll unless maybe it was very well packed or disassembled for shipping (maybe the best option).

Ashley Cook's Tarot Deck


This is a really great indy tarot deck; it's made and distributed by a Scottish printmaker, Ashley Cook; and like The Enchanted Tarot it's a collage-style deck, with the imagery being a combination of Dover Archives-style clip art and some computer-generated patterns. And it's just awesome. The colors are vivid and true, the card stock is the perfect combination of weight and flexibility and slickness--and it's just fun to look at. Here are some of the cards:

It's easy to tell what suit you are dealing with in the pip cards--the swords, wands, cups and Freaky Masonic Pentacles are all consistent across the deck, and the card numbers are shown at the top. The only thing that is missing with this deck is the Little White Book--you need to go find your own card resource, whether online or from a bookstore. In a way this is nice--you can just assign your own interpretation to the wealth of tiny detail in the…