Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Souldoll Vito Calia

She's here! And what a cool doll she is! I'd say she is a little bigger than a Tonner girl, with a larger rear end and a smaller head.

The previous owner put hot glue in her hips and shoulders, which was good, and in her ankles, which was kind of good, though I took some of it out, and did her knees, which I picked out entirely as the knees are engineered to fit tight, and the hot glue just threw them off. She stands great! Her arms also work well, though you need to tug and twist them like an old EID to get the right angle on the arm peanut. The seams are pretty smooth and overall she just feels like a lot of care went into making her. Her face does need some repair--for now I am going to see if I can just patch it, because I really love the faceup. And the head sculpt is just so pretty--Souldoll always does such appealing sculpts for the girls. (Maybe for the boys too, I have just never had a boy head). I see why people were annoyed with the generous butt compared to the small head, but for some reason I am ok with it. Maybe because Tanith has an enormous wig so it doesn't matter :D

Hybriding a Vito. I would say no, for many reasons. First the hands and feet just go on differently than other dolls of a similar size. The neck is also just not shaped to take other heads. Here is a Minifee sized head on the body:

Ugh no. So lets try a Zenith girl head instead, in this case Sharon:

Haha no. This does let you see the difference between the Milk Cocoa Brown and the Normal Skin of Souldoll, though. Milk Cocoa seems close to Dollshe tan..though I still wouldn't hybrid since the neck hole of Erica Snow is way different. Much larger.
 Here are the heads together:

Sharon is still a teeny head compared to most SD girls, so you can see how petite the Calia head is.
So here she is, all together and looking fine--though I do want to make her some spare eyes (around 10mm, I think):

Oh noes, what if she wants a Vito boyfriend :o

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Goblin Market and another SG Shirt

My order from Goblin Market came! The big horns are surprisingly clean (they are 3d printed), the medium ones are just about perfect as is, ready for paint, and the little ones have a bubble but I was planning on using paper clay to reshape them a bit anyway. It's a lot of horns for 20 USD plus shipping.

I've been sewing; hopefully this shirt will be done tomorrow and the intended recipient can model it. It's another one of those simple Soom Super Gem male shirts, this time with just a faced open neckline, no collar. The shape of the collar facing is right, but the fabric needed to be something very thin instead of the thick velour of the rest of the shirt. Design on it is yarn trim (usually used for knitting) plus an applique made of printed cotton.

Hems need finishing, and snaps in the back.

Two random photos from yesterday--a cloud joke:

"I'm a tree!"
And a squirrel eating mulberries in a tree in the front yard--I am sorry it's not more in focus, but he scooted as soon as he saw me:

Groucho Marx does the Mikado

A delightful snippet of Marx doing Gilbert and Sullivan.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Souldoll Serena came out from Souldoll last year, and she was magnificent--and expensive:

I liked the human version even more than the centaur (more practical for my small storage space, for one thing). But Lelahel on Den of Angels ordered her, and then didn't much like the body. I can see why someone would think it was a little awkward aesthetically, but I have had a lot of fun with it already. It is a lot more posable than the old bodies, but with the same beautiful hands (Souldoll has the best hands):

Anyway, I am going backwards--here is the box:

A really nice certificate:

Useful writing on the headcap so you wont mix the cap up with someone elses (easy if you are a customizer!)

And finally, Vivienne when I first managed to dig her out of her chrysalis (Lelahel packed her very securely!)

All the bumping in the postal truck had loosened her eyes, poor thing. I like her faceup but I want to put a little green at the corners of her eyes to cool it down a little--I love, love the default faceup but I don't think my skills are up to duplicating it, so it may have to wait until I can send her to someone. Meanwhile this one is pretty, especially the lips and brows, so I will keep it for a while.Luckily she is here during sewing season when it is warm enough to work on the porch, so she should get a dress soon. And her own wig-- that is someone else's wig.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Shirt For an Old Supergem

I want to take a group photo in a couple of weeks, but some of the guys need clothes. Probably pants, too, but I am not great at drafting pants, so I am putting it off. This is a Soom Sphaler, on the old Supergem male body, and he's nice to sew for--he sits and stands well. This is Balthazar (he has a nice but fading faceup by Davinurinvega, and he's stolen his brother FuBai's wig for these photos.) He's actually getting a different shirt, but he was handy as a fit model.

The sleeve fabric is basically cheesecloth, so it was Not Fun to sew with. Here is the inside of the shirt:

I had to whipstitch around the edges of the sleeve fabric just so fingers wouldn't catch in it. The next one I am working on right now has a couple of things different--side slits, for one thing, so it won't bunch up when the doll sits, and a sleeve with less gathers at the cap. I do like this way of doing the hem, though--it lays more flat than turning up the hem and slip-stiching it.
Here's the back:

It has snaps down the back. I might do a thin strip of velcro or hooks for the one I am working on now, it's hard to get the snaps aligned perfectly and they are fiddly to sew on. The nice thing about this pattern is that you can dress the doll easily, it doesn't go over his head and the sleeves are wide enough that the hands pass through them no problem. I think all doll clothing should be like this. :D
Once I get the pattern the way I like (there is no paper pattern for the sleeves or collar yet) I will scan it and add it to this post.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

An Interesting Project Doll

This is Calia, a Souldoll Vito girl--a size that is larger (and curvier) than the Soulkid size, but smaller than the full Zenith girls. She's only 51 cm tall. I liked the fantasy version of her, but I liked it more as an amazing art piece than something I would do something with--here are the store promos:

Here you can see she is Temperance, one of the Tarot series. It's a brilliant take on the balance between light and dark, with half of her with "angelic" traits and the other half "devilish" traits. If I had a million dollars I had to just piss away, I would collect the whole set of Souldoll Trumps (21, I think) and put them in a row of cases and just admire them). In real life, I am content to admire the store promos. However, I did want a Vito body so I could answer hybrid questions and know the proportions for sewing presents, and this lady is the perfect candidate, as her ear problems brought the price down quite a lot. If you have Den of Angels Marketplace privileges, you can see the set as it comes from Souldoll, including the gift dress (ooolala):

This Calia had some very nice apoxy elf ears, but the owner had a project regret..a regretsy? and nommed them back down with a dremel. I think my best move would be to just build them back up, because I like elf ears, and then touch them up with paint. More troubling is the bubbly faceup--when it's humid, or there is any oil on the resin, the sealant just does that. There is no predicting it and IMO no one to blame for it, but it means that I will need to repaint her. Oh noes! At least I have the store photos for a guide and soon a new set of Tamiya brushed designed to do those tiny lashes and brows. Also, I need to make more eyes as I am having something of an eye crisis at the moment.

Also, I love, love that dress. Souldoll makes the most amazing outfits for their dolls! So she may be arriving sometime next week, which means I should look up eyeball sizes and see what wigs I have around that might fit her smol head. As for clothes, it's going to be a scarf for a bit. :D

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some Clothes for the Feeple 60/Popovy Sisters Grey

I have always grumbled that Fairyland doesn't make clothes, and their dolls are not the same shape as anyone else's dolls. It turns out that I was wrong, you can buy a few things; the corset shown above, and this one too, both for Feeple 60 girls:

They are nicely made for the price! I suspect quantities are limited, though.

And now, some magnificent dolls from the Popovy Sisters, as discovered by Cat:

One sample:

 And for no reason except I found them in a folder and they made me laugh, two "fishcakes"

Monday, July 9, 2018

Amaranth and a Melting Cat

So pretty!! I'm trying to find out who did her face, she looks amazing!(Edit--it's Bangarang, UK Aesthetics) She is an old classic Soom Beryl on a later body, probably a Special Order Dia when you could still get her as a standard.

 It was warm here today--compared to LA it was fine, though. But I left my cat on the porch by a window and look what happened:

(Outside there are real sunflowers, planted by the birds).

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Isa and the Goblin Market, and yet another Snake

I did a lot of yard work today (mostly weeding) and then added some sparkles and lashes to my Deesse 2 head (Sicktress sculpted her) She is temporarily on the larger Resinsoul Lian body, but the neck is a little thin and the body proportions over all aren't quite right. Her head is really big, a 9/10. I'd really like a Impldoll Idol in gray for her, but it will have to wait until other things are paid off. Also she needs a white/silver wig, since her eyebrows and lashes are white. She is so much fun to work with, though--I might just borrow Danu's body for a template and make her some clothes.

I did spend 20.00 for some 3d printed doll-sized horns from Goblin Market Studio, on etsy.

 They were inexpensive because they are still unsanded direct from the printer, so it is up to the buyer to smooth them and primer them. I am not sure who gets the horns yet, but I will figure that out once they get here. Goblin Market also makes human-sized cosplay horns and ears, they look cool!

And Stripey has re-discovered the joys of summer--she spent quite a bit of time outside and then brought a toy inside:

So I had to put on gloves and take it out again. It seemed to be OK, if annoyed.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Procession of Beryls

When Soom first released Beryl in 2008, I was a) Broke and B) Baffled. What was this Asian faun doing in a pink corset with green legs and blonde hair? With wings? It turns out that she is a succubus, so that is why the Victoria's Secret outfit. But I thought the hooves were awesome and I liked her scowl even more--after tons of smiling dolls, here was one that wasn't having any of your stuff, thank you. And then it turned out that she was based on a real model, Devon Aoki:

Who does in fact smile, and looks quite sweet in real life. So I ended up getting Beryl in pieces to make a Normal Skin version, though I couldn't get her faceup right, though I loved, loved her hooves. This was Antimony:

She ended going to someone else's house (Lunarbackbone's) and looks amazing now:

So I thought it would make sense to look for another Free Choice Beryl that already had a faceup, since I wasn't doing to well painting the heads myself, and Beachgirl sold me hers for a excellent price. And Tara is so pretty! But she wasn't Antimony, she was herself, and since Cat loved her gold and pink, I sent her to Cat:

Then I bought a Love Me or Die with Original Paint (and now she has the Original Clothes). This is Artemisia, now in the Museum of Soom in the basement, since she is in mint condition:

But since she was put away, I couldn't play with her.. so I kept an eye out for another one on sale, and found Jeline (A Love me or Die Beryl) for sale from Lelahel. And since I had admired Jeline so much from afar, I am so happy to have her here! I think because Jeline has always been a clothes model, I have no problem hauling her around and dressing her up. Also she has a custom faceup and not the original--I actually prefer this one, though it is less "collectible".

Then I saw on the MP one of the Beryls I missed, a Dark Moon Beryl, and bought it from Byakko on Den of Angels..just her head, because I wanted her on the old body rather than the new one. This is Anastasia:

(Sicktress did that amazing body paint).

 And then Soom had a Post Monthly sale, and I bought this gray Beryl, that I had missed before. But she is on the new body...

....but being an abandoned order, she had no hooves or horns, and I have a lot of Beryls, including the Ultimate Beryl in the form of Sophie Cushion--which Cat bought from Lazulistar and then sent TO ME for a present!

(Sophie has all her original stuffs except the wings, because they are too large.  She is just the bomb. And yes, she has green legs and hooves when she has on her hoofed feet. )

...So I sent Petra to Cat, since Cat is getting a matching gray Sard done up, and she actually has a Beryl collection that may actually be the best ever for artistic merit, including Yetta:

(Painted by Captured in Thought, formerly Miss Ally's doll),

Izzy (formerly owned by the Font Bandit)

And Quinn, who is gorgeous but whose photo I have misplaced (maybe Cat will send me a link and her info again).
So I thought to myself, "Well, I finally have a rational number of Beryls here." and then I went immediately onto Den of Angels and bought a  Beryl head from Arekushia. Which will fit on the WS Soom body I have here. And then I will have Amaranth, who will eventually want WS hooves of her own. But she already has a nice faceup.
And I am running out of long names that start with A.
 Though there is Angharad...

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