New Soom Resin Eyes

Image They were stupidly expensive--not for the eyes themselves, but for the EMS shipping. I absolutely love them,though. Here is the box opened:

It's a slider box, which is fine when you have something only 2 inches or so across :D Here they are
out of the box--the little black specks are dust from the foam they came in, and I just didn't notice it until I enlarged the pix on the computer!

Aren't they cool? This style is like the Oscar eyes, with inclusions of "stuff" in the irises. The color is
"Starlit-Vanity Black."

 I ended up paying slightly over 60.00 for them, but I justified it in the name of research. :D
(Now you see why most of my dolls wear Sculpey homemade eyes). Here they are in the re-release of Onyx; the eyes were sold as a side item for her:

The size, shape and feel are just like my very favorite eyes, Dollbakery eyes. I would buy more Dollbakery ones (Michelle is based …

All About Jane (Granado)

This is their new Female Embody:

And here is just Jane:

She is up for ordering-- but guess who has no moneys :o.  I probably could sell someone but I think I will just try to get her later as an aftermarket thing.

Luis Royo Tarot Deck (NSFW)

If you are thinking of getting Royo's deck for a Halloween party, you might want to look through all the cards online first--it's definitely an R rated deck, and unless you go to much livelier parties than I do, you might just end up having it be "THAT Halloween party." If I know I am going to read cards for other people, I usually use the classic Rider-Waite or the Robin Wood deck I have, which is both pretty and easy to read; very non-threatening. Though probably the Ultimate Reassuring Deck has to be this one:

The Royo deck is basically an art deck--it has images for all 78 cards, which I approve of, and some somewhat quirky associations of art and card (which makes sense since the art came first and then needed to be applied to the deck).

(These were some of the tamer cards) Here is one of my favorite paintings of his, placed as the 6 of Pentacles:

It's actually a beautiful interpretation of charity/generosity. 
  There is a booklet that comes with the deck,…

Suddenly a Discount

I received a email note from Luts, sadly on an old account that doesn't use html formatting, so here it is:
Thank you for your love and attention always. Today, we announce the adjustment of item price. Owing to the recent changes in the exchange rate between Korean currency and US dollar, we would like to adjust the price of items. As a result, the overall price of the product will be lowered. Date : 16th August 2019, 12:00 (KST) ~ Adjust ratio : about 5~10 % price decreased Note - Our all dolls are pre-order item, so it is hard to cancel after payment confirmed. - Adjusted price is not applied to order which is made before 16th August 12:00 - Due to fluctuations in exchange rate, prices may be adjusted next time. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we ask your generous understanding. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us through Q&A board.

Just Clouds

All from today. These are the midwest's version of mountain ranges :D

Time Capsule/Domuya Fin

I bought a Domuya Fin from the Den of Angels Marketplace for Very Cheap--and I was excited that the original owner hadn't done *anything* with it beyond opening the box! The Wiki on Den of Angels has a really terse entry for Domuya:
Domuya was first established in Singapore in 2003 as a retailer of toys and collectibles. In 2005, they started manufacturing BJDs and shifted their head office to Hong Kong. Currently, Domuya is still located in Hong Kong, but do maintain close links with Singaporean fans, such as participating in events as well as sponsoring them like The Doll Affair. Domuya is best known for its flexi-body and Flexi Perennial systems, and the bodies are well known for very natural posing. The company apparently closed in 2011.
Myactual first arrival doll was a Domuya Zen, and in hindsight he was a really nice doll and I wish I had kept him--he looked dated after a while, with his angular features and big, big eyes and peculiar leg cuts. He also had tiny string and ve…

A Minifee, A Souldoll Vito, and a Soom Super Gem Sit on a Table

This is just to give you an idea how small the Vito is--it is Souldoll's version of the Fashion Iplehouse Dolls. She's wearing a YoSD wig intended for my Teeny Gem! I was able to get Freya at a good price, but if I had ordered her directly from Souldoll I would have gotten the larger bust, just to bulk her up to at least Minifee size :D 

Willow is a standard Minifee--not sure if she is an A line or b line, and Nikkal is a Souldoll Shiva head on a Soom 2012 Super Gem body. She is a standard SD size, smaller than the big Loongsoul girls or the Iplehouse HID girls.

In my summer attempt to Get All the Dolls I wanted in 2007 (the list is short) here is the darling Luts Senior Delf Annette waiting to be taken home: (Faceup is by Just Katie)

The seller is someone I like very much,so it was a pleasure to buy from her (Christina_Xx). I thought I would have to wait and save up for a body for her, but to my delight she fits well on the old Dollmore body I had in storage!

I just need to …