Monday, February 11, 2019

Dolls..and Cats

LOL Souldoll has a new Soulkid! They are so nice--I have an older Soulkid body under my Shushu head, and they are graceful, pleasant posers in more-or-less msd size. There is an alternate Victorian form of Eun Woo but I really like the styling of the "casual" Eun..she's so nicely painted. The Victorian version suffers from the wrong eyes, I think she would be nice with the brown eyes of the casual version instead. I have several Souldolls and I am happy with all of them, though I don't take photos of them as often as I should.

These should pop up bigger, or you can use the link above to look at the Souldoll site directly.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

And Now At Soom...

(Now I have to go back to work)

Not Dead :D

No, I have just been really bad about updating the blog. For one thing, it's become a wretched spamfest, despite me pointing out in the titling that comments are moderated, so the comments I want to see get buried in a mass of other ridiculousness. The other problem is that I have been on the computer almost all day, so by the time the evening rolls around, I tired. I've been actually working, though, making stuff for Renderosity and learning How To Do Things, which is fun and exciting. Flat digital dolls are pretty fun, too.

 Luckily the real dolls are patient, though I have been gradually reducing the numbers over time, because of my lack of storage both physical and mental. I can't believe that at one point I had almost 100 SD dolls, it was madness...trying to keep all the paperwork, shoes and parts sorted and cleaned was almost a full time job in itself. Fewer dolls is actually much more fun and they are better kept--I still wish I could unload all the boxes in the basement, but it's harder to sell a doll without it's original packaging...but I may end up tossing boxes anyway. The boxes definitely fail the Marie Kondo test.

As a side note, I killed my Facebook page--I got a good hard look at Facebook's shenanigans and how they are just a way to harvest as much data about you as possible; and I decided I didn't want to give Zuckerberg any more of my money, or time. Luckily I wasn't heavily invested in it and I didn't have much personal info there, though there was an amazing amount of accurate profiling that happened because of my friend's circles. I'm just glad I never had it on a smartphone app. I ran across a fun article in PopSci the other day about other places to leave your data, if you are so inclined ;)

Anyway, we are just trudging through the Chicago winter at the moment, and I hope everyone is having fun in spite of whatever Mother Nature is currently throwing at you!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tuesday Final

I spent today messing around with Renderosity's new Poser girl; I made a new set of eyes for her and I am working on a skin that renders a little faster than the default (you can see the face looks more finished than the neck--the body has a lot of fancy procedural shaders that take time, though they look nice. I kind of like the caterpillar brows :D

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Big Golden Dragon at Soom

He's an Idealian, and he's basically a handsome guy with deer horns. (He's labelled as a dragon, but I always thought dragon horns were stubbier and thicker) (I know, arguing about imaginary animals, BUT STILL.) Anyway, he has a nice outfit and the photos are very pretty:

Google asks if you want to translate the page but most of it is in English anyway.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Bunny for sale!

If you are on Den of Angels you can get an adorable Coco Riang for 150.00 plus ship:

Comes with it's box and cert and I can vouch for the seller--I have bought a LOT of things from Jo and it is always a good time :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cat Truths

                        And the thermometer on the wall says it is negative 21 F outside. :p

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Naperville Doll Show

This dress came from the show and cost one dollar--and it fits pretty well! A bit loose in the waist, but not so much that a belt won't fix it. Here is another little thing I found at the show (this set I paid full price for, but I liked it a lot:

Normally this Magic Mirror girl runs around in a tiny bikini, but it's a little cold for that right now. There were pants as well but I liked the tights with the top.

Here is the rest of the dollar haul--some will go to Cat:

I did take a couple of photos at the show--they never come out too well (the light is dim and the vendors kind of frown on it). But here is a cool felt old-time Felix the Cat:

A group of girls that look like they are saying "You came to the wrong neighborhood"...

A small Satanic Circle of kewpies (?)

Some of the displays were so great, with antique lace, hatboxes, fancy screens and non-doll props--they really did beg to be photographed, but they will have to wait for when I finally do get a smartphone and can do it a little more discreetly. On vendor told me it took her five hours to set up four tables and I believe it--it was like an antique store shop window. I did take a photo of her sign:

Here's a funny little sourpuss in a cheery flower outfit--I think he's just not feeling it..

It's like they shrank WC Fields and stuffed him in a fairy costume. There was a ton of dolls that made me laugh, but I also spent a lot more time digging in bins than sneaking photos. Here's another pic of the haul, including on the left a whole bag of decent thread for 5.00:

The magnificent little shoes were a gift from Akutenshi. I think several dolls will fight over who gets them. :D I wish I had felt more up to staying longer, but I am still a little run down from the stupid cold and the fact that it is definitely winter here. It was zero when I got out of the car at the show and instantly ice crystals formed in my nose, which is an interesting feature of Midwestern winters :p

Here's Carissa's dress full-length:

You can barely see her blue hooves. :D

Friday, January 25, 2019

Ice and a Pillow

It's cold here! But it's a dry cold. We did break another outside pipe, which will have to be replaced when Spring rolls around, and had to replace another gfic outside plug, but otherwise it's been OK. I did try to take photos last night when the ice first formed,but they were blurry from not enough light:

That is the moon back there :D I did get sort of a partial eclipse photo, again blurry from being hand held, and it was around 4 degrees so I didn't feel like standing around:

A rare double moon :D

Since I have had The Cold, I have been going through pillowcases--I thought of buying more but they are fairly expensive, so I took some stretchy polyester that I bought from and made a slightly oversized, stretchy pillowcase that I can wash easily. And it's super soft without the fuzziness of a flannel pillowcase :

It matches none of my sheets, but at this point I don't care. The lights are off at night anyway.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Black Lily Nyer at Soom

She's actually like a Tiny Topaz! And this face paint is so full of win <3 She is one of the little fairies,
a Mini-Gem--so you would be wise to buy her clothes and eyes as well, because they are smol. More photos:

Here she is in white. I might like the gray a bit more, not sure. Full shot:

Check out the feets:

(These are the option, it looks like the basic version comes with the normal Mini Gem body)
She's very cute and I would be tempted if I hadn't just had the cold temperatures break yet another exterior pipe (and one that for years was never a problem :p ) and also have yet another external plug fail . Though to be honest, that one is probably 40 years old and was in need of replacing. To be honest, the whole electrical grid of the house should probably be stripped out and redone, and a new modern box put in, but that is..pricey. Like 20 k pricey. Especially when it also needs a new roof and the plumbing should also all be pulled out and brought up to code. Also the illegal insert fireplace removed and all the porch windows replaced. And a floor put in the "master bedroom." And actual fire code drywall put in the basement instead of ancient panelling. And the basement floor tiled.

I've probably forgotten a few things.