Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sicktress' Igneo

Yes, that is a Soom Dia in there, on a Dream of Doll torso and a bunch of other bits and pieces, as well as apoxy sculpt and crystals. He is just so stunning. Here is another photo:

He's a lava diety and you might say he "rocks" it :D See more on her Tumblr here!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cat's Yetta (Soom Beryl), Now Complete

Yetta was originally MissAlly's, and after MissAlly passed away, Cat bought a few of her dolls and many artistic odds and ends. Cat wanted to style Yetta in a way similar to MissAlly's other dolls; a sort of humorous Night Circus/ Belle epoque look that I can't quite describe, but you would recognize instantly--it's a little like Val Zeitler's style.
This is what Cat wrote to me:

Yetta was inspired by the Marie Antoinette movie that was one of MissAlly's favorite films. She is named for MissAlly's grandmother.

Yetta's dress was made by PhantomCreations, though Cat is thinking of beading the skirt because Cat is a lily-gilder. :D Yetta was painted up by Christy Johnson. Here are a couple more photos (Photo credit goes to Cat Cara):

This one might be my favorite, with the caterpillar!

Cat takes such good photos, I am always poking her to do more. She has a world-class Soom doll collection!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Bermuda Triangle of Dolls

That would be Alice's Collections, who somehow has managed to find a doll released in 2015 and all his stuffs. I assume he's In Stock, just because he is On Sale, but the listing isn't clear or I didn't read it carefully enough. It looks like for $225 more you can get his outfit, his faceup and his "weapon". Here is the outfit:
As for the listed "weapon", I think it is this claw hand:

He's big, 68 cm, so he's not coming home (besides the money thing) but I like his styling a lot.

Another dip in the wayback machine is an Impldoll Heloise:

Heloise has a goofy-old-school Impldoll face from when Sean was just getting started, but I kind of like it. The big thing is that her body is an awesomely posable Star Old Woman body, and a Soom Garnet head would fit on it just fine (and be tall). Plus she's relatively cheap at 330.00-- though you'd need to paint her yourself and tack on 70.00 for EMS.

Sadly I need a lot more moldings for the edge of the porch and eventually downstairs, so Heloise might have to wait a long time.

Friday, July 21, 2017

SID Ian and a new Model Body from Iplehouse

He's really cute! And even better, he has more of a tall, slim look rather than the blockier older SID body--go take a look! The price is still 650 without a faceup or shipping. Here's a pic lifted from Iple's Facebook page:

His styling is really fun too. :D
Oops there is a second guy! He's cute too--I like this new body a lot:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stacy's Pearl Eyes

I like these so much! They are not cheap though--the smallest size is 14mm and they are pretty limited. You can check them out at Stacy's Pink Ocean!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The 1600.00 Fallen Angel

The price tag is because there are only 20 of them, and he comes with custom eyes, horns, the outfit, wings AND SHOES. He's Lucifer Hyperion (Hyperion is the Idealian mold) and he's pretty neat. If someone gifted him to me I wouldn't toss him out into the street. :D I'm guessing Soom will release a less-fancy version of him later, like they did with the red Garion. He's a big boy and Idealians are mostly for "standing around looking sexy" as one Den of Angels member said, not action poses. One more photo:

By the way, Cat has been the provider of a lot of my blog content lately, so I owe her and her sharp eyes a big thank you!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Soom Epidia Head on a Delf Body

You wouldn't think it would work, but it does if you want a petite character--I think a Soom Odette would work too, a Snow White or a Sweet witch. Delf bodies are fairly affordable too, and you can get brown tan as well. (This body is a home dyed one, it matches Impldoll, not Soom.

Good neck movement!

Fun attitude!

Cat ears :D