Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mirodoll Corset Progress, and Stuff At The Mall

I need to redo the cup pattern, since once the top hem is in, there isn't enough fabric to cover her--so trim to the rescue! more beads, trim and lacings in the back will happen next.

We went to the Fox Hills Mall on Saturday, and wandered around the upper level of Round1. It looks like something designed by Ridley Scott and sounds like you are inside a pinball machine with Dolby Sound. It's great. If I was going to play I would bring earplugs. Here is a tiny sample of what is there (it's a HUGE place):

Sort of black light glow carpet:
Elevator Action Death Parade! (I think the holding company for Round One is Japanese)

Mysterious Prize Item Kaiju:

In the basement of Macy's, Christmas is tiptoeing in (it's not even Halloween, you animals!)

And at the Merry Go Round, the Seal has some kind of dire secret it just told the Horse (probably not a true story).

It was a fun, fun day.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cat Delivery Notice

Karl Kofoed sent me this, it came from this Tumblr:

Which was so fun, I followed her :D I think she must have a cat.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Mirodoll Muscle Body Corset Pattern

This is the test pattern; and I will show you how I get these done--I start out with the doll and some tape and Kleenex:

I use tape to mold around the figure, taping over the Kleenex so the tape sticks to the body in just a few tiny places (enough to hold it on, barely). I only do one side so I can peel it off without using scissors. The pattern pieces can be flipped over to make both the left and right sides at the end.

Once I cover the areas I want, I take a pen and mark where I will cut, and I make notes on what the different pieces go to, like Center Front, Center Back, Side etc.. Also I write what doll it is for :D

I am trying to break the pattern apart in the places that will be the "curviest" so I will end up with a flat pattern.

Peel off your proto-pattern carefully...

Lumpy parts that stick up might need to be split for darts.

Now everything is mostly flat. Now I need to trace around these on regular paper or tracing paper, and add the tiny seam allowance: (size of seam allowance depends on how you want to finish the edges and the type of fabric.) Here I think I will make tiny seams and put glitter glue along the seams on the outside and a bit of lace along the hem edges. No lining for this one.

Original tape pieces are saved in a bag in case I goofed somehow.

Now the pieces are cut out. When the pieces are so tiny it's easier to cut out the pattern first and then trace around them with chalk or pen. If you like to cut through the pattern and fabric at the same time, do the clean pattern pieces on tissue, and leave lots of room around each piece-- so you can move the scissors comfortably as you cut.

I wanted to test those little "cup" pieces because I wasn't sure I would get the curve I wanted. So far they look OK but I need to cut out and sew the rest to be sure they are in the right place. Luckily the pieces are so small just any scrap makes good test fabric.

More tomorrow!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sicktress/Mirodoll Muscle Body Measurements

(This always reminds me of Leeloo from the Fifth Element) :D But here are the measurements for the body:

9 cm around the top of the neck
19 cm for a jewel neckline around trapezoids (neck base)
9 cm around the upper arm (bicep)
8.5 cm around the forearm
6 cm wrist
9 cm widest part of hand (for sleeves)
21.5 cm from the edge of the shoulder of the torso, to the wrist
22 cm from the front collarbone to the mobility joint, over the bust. (About the length of a shirt/tunic)
20.5 nape of the neck to the mobility joint, over the butt, in back (the back length of a shirt/tunic)
12 cm bust point to hip front, laying flat (like a corset)
11 cm bustline in back to hip (corset back)
34.5 around the shoulders (like for a cloak)
56 cm nape of neck to floor in back (straight down, add more for a cloak to trail on the ground)
30 cm around the biggest part of the bust, only on the upper plate (so I would get the maximum measurement)
18 cm around the waist
20 cm crotch from waist in front to waist in back (Mom jeans)
31 cm inseam from crotch to ankle
28 cm around widest part of hips
42 cm from waist to ankle outside
35 cm leg length (torso edge to ankle)
16 cm around upper thigh
12 cm around widest part of calf
7.5 cm foot length heel to longest toe

Next post will be a WIP corset pattern!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sicktress/Miro new body part 2!

Okay, today I redid the string so it has the knot in the torso, and not coming out of the neck, and I investigated some clothes. The pants she is wearing are from according to the tag, and they fit perfectly. She is more or less SID sized, though it looks like she can wear those older Delf boy pants. I think her shoulders are a little wider, though. The shirt she has on used to belong to a bear, so it doesn't count, but EID shirts fit her fine, though a little loose in the waist. She actually has the PERFECT body for corsets, and though I hadn't thought of a snow goddess wearing an 18th century corset, I think I will make her one anyway. I think her shoes are somewhat similar to the Soom male feet in size--it's a pretty sculpt, one of my favorites out of the other girls I will put up here for comparison.

This is with Ashley, a Soom Snow White, on the body. Soom's gray is a lot warmer and more brown than the cooler Mirodoll gray, also Ashley has a tiny head--it works on the smaller Soom 2012 body but looks a little pinheaded with the Mirodoll Muscle wide shoulders.

So here is the original Deesse head on the left, "Danu."  That is the head, in gray, that I want to put on the Mirodoll Muscle body (66cm). Danu's head is on an Impledoll Idol body which I believe is 70 cm tall. I had to grind down the neck to have the head fit on the neck, but overall the proportions are really nice, though Danu towers over everyone (as she should, being a goddess).

 The wide shoulder of the Mirodoll body will be good to balance Dee2's big head. Right now Ashley/Isa (the Mirodoll) is wearing Iplehouse SID underwear and it sort of fits--I prefer the cut of the Beachgirl Nikita briefs from ebay that Danu is wearing, they are made of stretch lace and elastic and don't catch in the legs. On the right is the classic Old Soom (2012 to 2012, that is a Soom Nephelin) body at 64 cm tall.

Here on the right is an Iplehouse Luna with the old EID body--she is a lot chunkier than the other two girls, and a bit stiffer, but good at standing and sitting. All of them have more or less the same shoulder measurement, but different bust shapes and sizes. (I will measure the Mirodoll body tomorrow)

Now there, on the right, is an Impldoll Azalea on an Impldoll Muscle body. Kind of the same idea as the Mirodoll, but the Miro is a lot more posable for some reason because of the shape of the joints. Miro wins for better hands and feet as well :D The Impldoll has more muscular legs.

Here is a 70 cm Resinsoul Lian body with a Soom Migma (Coral) for a head. The Lian body is much slimmer and also a bit wobbly compared to the other two dolls--she is nice for a fairy character and the price is about the same, in the 160-200 range. Coral's body is the purple that you get if you just ask for "purple" from Resinsoul with out providing any samples. I really love that color and I was planning on dyeing Coral's head to match the body buuut....look how close the Miro body and the Soom head are! I always thought of Migma as "purple", but to be honest, over time she really is a sort of blue-gray. So I put Ashley's head back on Ashley's body, and swapped Coral over.

Look how close the resin colors are! This means that for 160 USD plus a little for gray, you can get a body for all those floating "lavender" Migma heads that are around, and even the original gray Iplehouse Luna Tamer-- and possibly the Addiction girls from Iplehouse as well--I remember seeing a gray Grace Addiction head on the MP lately; and wondered how you could match a body to the head. Well, here is one answer!

 (Sadly for Coral, she can't keep this body, it's for Isa when she arrives from Sicktress. But I know where to get more ):D

-How to make a corset for this body-

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sicktress New Body via Mirodoll (Part One)

She's a nice bendy, posable, so affordable Muscle Girl from Mirodoll! My body is actually light gray, it looks blue because it was taken outdoors. This girl is tall! 66 cm! More photos:

She's safe for work because she is almost like a cyborg/tenshi body--and what a great cyborg she would make! I am pondering ordering a second one! This body seems better cast than my earlier Miro bodies--the joints fit better, the wrists are round, the hands are more graceful (they look a bit like Resinsoul hands) I did have to take some time today to move the knots around because they can't come out like that in the head, it makes it hard to get heads on. I also made her some jewelry and I am working on sort of bikini bottoms as well. More posing:

And she sits just fine--no back flopping!

Chalyss wants me to take some photos with the Impldoll Muscle Girl, and Idol body, and with some heads. The neck looks very standard to me, the main thing is to find heads that are a little larger to work with her height. But more tomorrow, once I get clothes on her. It looks like Iplehouse SID clothes would fit her shoulders and be a little loose in the waist, maybe the hips. I think clothes fit that are stretchy and sort of that EID/Supergem/SID size. Right now I have almost no commercial clothes here, just custom stuff;so I will have to dig in the clothing boxes to see what fits her. I have no idea yet about shoe size!

Part Two:

Body Measurements:

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Useful Dollie Blog--Resin Rapture

You can visit it here: Resin Rapture, and Mia is starting a project about What Shoes Fit those Weird Doll Feet, which can mean in-betweens like Souldoll Vitos and Iplehouse FID dolls. On September 10th she did a great post about shoes and boots for the Iplehouse Large Girls, so if you need information about that go take a look. It's just a fun blog anyway :D