Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Alyona Abramova

I had to hunt around a little for a bio on Abramova, and found a little artist statement here:
Also there are a lot more pictures of her work. So much detail in the costumes, just stunning! The image above is a "Malachite Maid" a fairy spirit of the Ural mountains. Russian fairy folk dress for the weather :D

Here's "Coral"

Another one that I don't know the complete title of (I should run Tineye on it to find it, I might do that later today): It's listed as "Of the Fair" on Pinterest by pinner Marina Morozova

Everyone looks so good-natured!

I have no idea these dolls are, maybe 80 plus cm tall? "Of the Fair" has some Indian bells that are usually I cm tall, so that is a rough guide. In the pinterest link below they look big, like 4 feet tall.
And look, there is a Pinterest collection of her work!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Making a Polymer Mermaid (tutorial)

Phyllis Morrow of PGM sculpting has a nice tutorial on making this mermaid. I liked the tail the best and there are a LOT of steps on how to make that delicate end fin--which includes Liquid Fimo, which I thought before was kind of useless-- but I see here how it works to provide transparency for the tail and protection when baking the tail fin.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Layla and Isa

Isa has an overdress now, I am still working on the underskirt and corset..and the wig. The wig still has a tendency to want to slide backwards off her head. I really like that Dollshe body, it's a shame they are so expensive! Maybe I can hit one of Mr. Dollshe's sales some time.

And here is the Ashanti I promised pix of--she needs her own wig, her face up finished (it got cold suddenly and I need to spray seal what I have) and restrung to be a little tighter. I also need to get one of her elbow pieces out of the upper arm, it seems to be stuck. Otherwise I am so happy with her--I never know with Iplehouse dolls if I am going to like a sculpt until I have it in hand, and this is a good one. Lots of expressions possible with different angles :D

Update--I found a tool to unstick the elbow piece:

And now, restrung, a different wig, and able to fully pose both arms!

Friday, October 12, 2018

A New Nigel Chia video-Met Gala 2018

                                                      Five restful minutes of tiny beauty.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New Iplehouse Doll

Yes, those are Iplehouse Ashanti feet--the problem with my selling dolls is that suddenly there is money in the PayPal account, and there are dolls with problems for sale on the MP. In this case Miss Ashanti really had only one problem, a ding in her back, some minor issues like replacement hands, no head plate (but a certificate and a pedigree) and then courtesy of the Post Office, broken foot hooks. So I have fixed those and she is now all in one gorgeous piece. Photos tomorrow. I actually have been doing a lot of doll stuff, including working on Pele and her opposite Isa. Isa is a Sicktress Deesse in gray, and I finally found a body I liked for her and I have been sewing for her, trying to get her and Pele ready for a Halloween meetup.

Meanwhile, Iplehouse has issued a new doll, this time an EID girl:

She is Leda, of Being-Really-Too-Much-Of-A-Swan fan fame, with gorgeous "Greek" robes and jewels. I think the Greek Gods theme is awesome, but I would like a more aggressive face up and perhaps a little quirkier sculpt--but I suppose as Helen of Troy's mom she would look sort of bland princessy. She reminds me a little of the Vanessa sculpt, and her head seems a tiny bit small for the husky EID body. I hope they do more theme dolls--maybe Hecate for Halloween? Because that would be awesome and they could reuse Carina :D

Thanks to Akutenshi for spotting Leda!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Random Sunday Photos

A GIANT DOLLY...though it's really a Wood Troll. Still WIP being created by J, but I think it's just fab, even not finished. Also a ton of work is in it already.

From Wood Trolls to Wood Ears: the squirrels are using it for a drinking fountain (ew). It does mean I should get a tree guy to come out and prune some of the branches, since the tree is not well and might possible drop branches where we don't want them dropped. But I'd like to keep as much of the tree as possible, since several generations of squirrels have been raised inside of it.

One of the clothing items I bought from Rajendora (Sewing Box Designs). It's a Cheongsam and it fits both the Fairyland Minifee body and also the Soulkid body (that is what Shushu/Kalypso is on right now). I think Kalypso enjoys being the only girl her size in the house--she has a giant box of inherited clothing from various other dolls that have moved on. (Thistle, the Minifee Moe, is a bit smaller and shorter all around). As you can see, she even has shoes now!

I also repainted my Iplehouse Rebecca (again). I have to say I find Vermont Chick (As the Resin World Turns on the sidebar) very inspiring as she is willing to keep working on a face until the results match what she wants. Here I still don't like the eyebrows, though they do look better in person. For some reason I can either get the lips right or the brows right, but not both. I still need to glue on her lashes. This is what she looked like before:

I actually liked the brows more on this version-- but the rest of the paint was too light for photos. Dress is by AlisonVonderland.

Here is Isa getting a custom wig--I have kind of settled on a wig making method that uses net underneath and then the yarn gets stitched on. I really should try a glue wig, but I am convinced I will make a mess since I am not "neat" with glue.

What me with glue might look like

Finally, Pele's ..drape? Tapestry? is almost done, you can see it here, being held by Isa:

Little "puffs" of yarn at the shoulder are steam jets :D It will have a loop of beads that will go across Pele's back and hook at her waist to keep it on. I am still making the skirt for her dress, I also need to cut facings for the top edge of the dress. The lace you can see on the table might be stolen by Isa and Pele will get  tie-dye lava print fabric for her overdress/ robe.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dika Doll Egretta

Egretta has the coolest head, and a very traditional faceup, like a porcelain statue. She also seems to have a sort of winged outfit, but no skirts--it's hard to see with the artistic photography going on here:

She's not cheap, but there is a lot of handwork involved and I assume she is limited. I like her head sculpt a lot.

Also the feather applique is inspired!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Jointy Hands

I traded for some Soom male jointed hands; they were meant for the Mecha Angels--but I think they are the same size as the hands for the Soom 2016 body, which is what I wanted to put them on. But ugh, unassembled. There were directions, though:

Actually the directions were pretty helpful. They say to cut the elastic on the diagonal and then put a drop of glue on the tip to stiffen it (I used Aleens Tacky Glue because I knew I was going to get my fingers stuck if I used SuperGlue.)

I also used a bit of monofilament to pull the elastic through the really tight spots on the middle finger joints. I started at the pinky end with the smallest holes and worked my way around to the larger holes of the thumb, because it gets harder the shorter the elastic gets. I also used a hemostat to hold the "loose" end of the elastic while I worked. IT STILL TOOK FOUR HOURS. But it was worth it to have my carpenter be able to move his fingers on his nice new Super Gem body!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Adam Savage on the Problem of Recasting

                                           Buy from the artists so they can stay in business!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Doll Leaves Zheng

Mostly this guy has a magnificent faceup, though he has a pleasant enough sculpt blank. Here is the price breakdown at Alice's: (He is 65cm. by the way).

Doll Leaves has lovely clothing, and functional if unremarkable bodies. The resin does yellow over time, but not as much as the old "french resin" did. They resell for about 300.00 on the secondary market, but I notice they don't sit around forever, either. Here's a link to the body page:

One thing I like about that body is the strong wrist/arm sculpt--like the old Dollzones, you get both posability and less chipping on the wrists. It's also a slim sculpt without the aesthetic oddness of the Resinsoul Long.