Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Free Poser Cake

"Hey, you forgot to post anything today!"
I was busy loading up the free Petit Four model onto Renderosity, so if you are a poser user of versions 7--11, you can download it directly from Renderosity's Free Stuff.. though you might need a username? But here is the link:

Otherwise I cleaned the house :o

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Poser Petit Four

It's the same exact petit four as in the last post, but it's rendered in PoserPro 2012 instead of Daz Studio. I still don't like my solution of the crumb scribbles on the upper layer of "frosting", I think I will edit the file to have that row all the same as the frosting above it. The problem was I made the map by essentially projecting a camera from the top, and the green layer stuck out just a tiny bit out from under the upper layer, so part of the texture for the green layer ended up on the upper layer. Which is dumb and I need to not do that on the next one.
Here it is in Poser 11, with the new top layer texture. Looks like maybe the bump value could be turned down a little, but it sort of works.

Looks a bit sticky :D

Monday, February 19, 2018

Spiritdoll Physalia and a Petit Four

Spiritdoll always makes lovely tall girls, and now they have come out with a sort of "Corpse Bride" Physalia. Her full set is so pretty--

Check out her "skull head" photos! Here's her measurements and what is included:

You probably need to go to the home page to see "Meow", I suspect it is a little cat figure.
Meanwhile I am still wresting with Hexagon--I managed to make a petit four,which at the moment looks a lot like a washing machine because I have not figured out how to really reinforce the box corners enough to do the rough texture of the cake with displacement--the computer wants to pull the corners out and break the box. Making the texture with polygons would mean having ten thousand polygons in a mere petit four instead of the human you would want to go with it. Other programs like Z brush seem to be able to make this more organic geometry and then optimize it, but I have Hexagon, which was free.
 Le Petit Four:

Still a way to go before I can make them look like the Land o Lakes recipe cakes, which have translucency!

But I think I know how to make the plate...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Zhu Beibei

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Dog, and Loongsoul is offering some specials, including this very...different...Piggy Fish. It is pretty cute, and the discounts are nice, so if you have a Loongsoul on your wishlist you might give Alice a visit and see what is there. More piggy pix, for one thing :D
(Thank you Cat!)

Wait, I also checked the In Stock page and Alice has an Impldoll Aurora, Tan, no faceup, no outfit for 430.00 (add the DHL delivery price for that). The photos are the stock ones for white, but that is the sculpt if Aurora is on your wishlist--and there is almost no wait. (Shipping to me in the US is about 3 days, Beijing to O'Hare.)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baby Isha

Yes, it's another Soom tiny...I thought Isha had a single horn? Anyway, if you want a little tiny Halloween-type devil, here they are.

Or you could save your money for the next release :D