Monday, August 13, 2018

Tiny Hand Repair

As much as I love jointed hands, I do not love restringing them. I think these are Dika Doll hands, and they were getting so floppy the fingers dangled, so I reluctantly took the most floppy hand apart.

My experience with taking other things apart was helpful--I was careful to keep the pieces separate and in order, which was good. The new elastic was actually too thick to go through the ring and pinkie fingers, so I had to redo the old elastic for those fingers. Next time I am going to find some jewelry elastic, the colorful, very thin kind they use for bracelets. Even with micro-tweezers and tiny pliers, it was a pain. I did get them tightened and back together after a struggle; so Cherry, (a Soom Garnet), can hold things again.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Giant Tarot Card

K likes big hangings to decorate her apartment--they fold up small when they aren't up, which is useful if you have a small space but like to have a lot of color and interest in it. So I found this at Matt Green Designs on Etsy and ordered it--it came in about a week and was even bigger than I expected (it's 80 inches tall). You can ask for any of the Rider-Waite cards in a variety of sizes. I liked the feel of this one--it's smooth, tightly woven fabric a bit like ripstop nylon, but softer to the touch than most printed fabrics, and looks like you can wash it in cold water by hand when needed. It folds up to about the size of a keyboard, too.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Impldolls New Star Body!

This body has new engineering! Look closely at the neck, and at the shoulders in the next photo:
Look at the mobility on the neck and how the shoulders can lift up! There is also a refinement of how the upper thigh joint can fit into the main thigh piece, it's a much smoother join that before:

I'm so curious to see this body in person--you can order direct from Impldoll, or though either Alice's Collections or Denver Doll. I think direct from Impl may have the fastest turnaround time, but Alice has slightly more fluent English and Denver Doll is very convenient if you are in the United States.

Speaking of Denver Doll, how about a video tour? Just a phonecam from Anne Picaro, but you can get an idea of what the store looks like and what they have. (WAY more wigs and shoes than I expected!) Seven minutes, sound is a little uneven but gets better midway.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Garnet, the Preserver of Order/ SG Female Body sale

Ooo, Soom has released a Tawny Garnet! This is the Open Eyed version, there is also a cream white Romantic eyed version:

The outfit is splendid too! You can buy it separately. But most importantly, if you need a Cream White or Tawny body, you can buy it separately! Woot!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Akabara Studio Goldie

This anthro-Kitty has the cutest face! (Also her styling is so well done). She comes in 8 colors, (including light blue and grey) and looks nicely posable. More pictures:

That is the blue, and the other is either Ginger or Creme Brulee (I think Ginger, though). One more photo:

I love the little cork-heeled shoes, too.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Some Cute Mini Tools From My Generation

These are really msd sized--I got them at Target and they are a tad small for SD dolls, especially the new bigger ones that are 65 cm and up. Here is Rain, now on a Soom Super Gem 2016 body, so he's taller now than before, and the paint can is more like a pint can. But the lid comes off and there is "paint" inside :D

The only downside of upsizing Rain is that his pants pop open when he sits down-- so I need to make him some new ones. Otherwise that IOS resin matches the Soom resin perfectly!
(There was a plastic birdhouse in the set as well, and I didn't keep it--I have seen wooden ones at JoAnns and Michael's that looked much better and were in scale.)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sophie, Cherie, and a Cotton Cake

So I have been cleaning, and that means that dolls are being moved around. To free up room for my shoes, I actually put some dolls back in storage; I just need to remember that I still have them and not start rummaging around on the MP to shell a character I already have downstairs in a box. Sophie normally lives in her custom wooden box terrarium that J built, but it needed dusting inside and out, so Sophie had a chance to be out and about briefly. I just love her feet--the original paint is in bad shape, but any repairs will be for the next person who has her to do--right now I just like seeing how Soom blushed her. It looks cool in person, though yellow does seem like an odd choice for body blushing. It looks nice with the browns and greens, though!

(I added the fur cushioning to keep the hocks from chipping.) Cherie, a Magic Mirror Studios Siobhan, was keeping her company in the box, and probably running errands for her, too. Cherie looked glad to be out as well; I put her back in the general population in the closet once I was done with dusting.  I took a couple of photos first:

(I suspect these were for Sophie) Here's a treat just for Cherie:

And here is a treat for us that J made--the "Cotton Cake"(aka Jiggly Cheesecake):

It's from the video series "Cooking Tree", here:

Friday, August 3, 2018

Dolls For Sale

As you can see, there are a lot of dolls here. Ideally I would like about half as many, but the difficulty is in choosing who, and then finding someone who might actually want to buy them. The ones I am considering are:
--A Simply Divine Harlequin Head (Normal Pink)
--One of the two human Soom Migmas. (both have certificates, not-default faceups)
--A Dollshe Erica Snow in light tan, with box and certificate, extra feet (this is a hard one to part with)
There are others but I have to think about them. I'd love to trade one of these for a Souldoll Zenith girl body in NS or WS, I am not fussy about the price difference for the more expensive dolls because I need the space more than the money at the moment. If anyone is interested, please PM me on Den of Angels ( fishcake) and I will list the desired doll for you on the Marketplace--that way you have no obligations and you can see what is included.

Edit Aug 5, 2018--I am happy to say that the Erica Snow is spoken for and I am swapping for a NS Zenith Souldoll body!

I could still use a WS Souldoll Zenith Body, even an older one, in trade for the Migma, or the Simply Divine Harlequin head plus about 150-200USD from me.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Loongsoul Summer Events, Souldoll Head Event

It's summer, the Yuan is very low compared to the USD, and Loongsoul has a handful of pretty dolls, some new, some discounted. Jiao Mu Jiao is just a pretty Spring themed girl, 58 cm tall, a nice manageable size; then there is a fantasy Fairy Deer:

She is taller, one of the 69 cm Grace series.
Over at Souldoll they have begun the discontinued Head Event, so if you want any of these peeps, order now:
There are some Tinies as well, you will have to go see for yourself. It's kind of overwhelming!