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Soom Idealian Cat Boy

Who doesn't love snow leopards? Soom has just released one in the Idealian size, "Irbis"; you can see him here. He's got spotted ears, and an amazing outfit:

I like him even more in a black wig--the outfit has a lot of parts:

At 1040.00 with all the cat parts and painting, he's was out of my price range, but I think he is totally fun. I might make my Sphaler some cat ears and a fuzzy outfit. The outfit is sold separately if you want it for another doll--it fits the EID size more or less if you have one of the big guys at home.

Inventory for the End of 2018

I had an assistant this week, so I set up two tables on the porch and took a photo of almost every doll I currently have. I did not bring up the ones in boxes in the basement, because I was afraid it would take too long, and it took about 3 hours this time to get everyone even sort of decent who was not in a box. This is why Mei is not on her body, by the way, and Isa got re-assembled after the photos. You can tell that the sun was heading down by the time that the photos were taken.

 This is who isn't there--A Granado Davon (Captain Aldwood), another Iplehouse Jessica (Penelope), and an Iplehouse Olivia, a Soom Gneiss, and a Soom Love Me or Die who has her original paint and most of her original outfit. That poor doll just lives in her box all the time until I can find someone else willing to take on the responsibility of having an historic Soom doll.

There's Rain and Bryan in the center, with a Souldoll Sharon friend. Rain is now on a Soom 2016 body, which makes him taller,…

Rendia, Wind of Hope

It seems to be bird season for dolls--Fairyland came up with this pretty one recently--I'm not sure when, I forget to look over there as Fairyland tends to be out of my price range. Rendia is 60 cm tall and on the small-bust Moe body--it poses pretty well, but I am not a fan of the feet (which I know is a strange thing to complain about, but they are sort of childlike cutie feet and not to my own taste.
Anyway, she has a lovely face and some pretty cool head wings and a glorious dress (and a sleeping head too).

Mermaids and Trolls

So I have had this wonderful little Domuya mermaid forever, but she only had her mermaid body so I did nothing with her. But for Christmas, Cat sent me a Notdoll Citron Bleu head on a little old Volks msd body, and I put the Notdoll on my Mirodoll with the jointed hands, and the Domuya on the Volks body, and now I am excited about both of them. For one thing, Rusty the Vampire now has a BFF:

The tongue is removable but I like her better with it in, and I would worry about losing it.

We spent a lot of today at the Morton Arboretum, looking at trolls. This one you can see from the 88 Freeway going West:

(He's "Joe the Guardian")

Here is another one:

You just need to be careful if you visit their house that you don't end up on the menu:

Merry Christmas!

The last tiny dress! Also I have the polygon Christmas tree all rendered up..many versions of it :D

May your holidays be wonderful!

Tiny Dresses

So here is fit model Yrie, and of course the only photo I have of Dress Number 1 is with her..not in it:

But I do have her in Dress Number Two (Which is closer to the original pattern Akutenshi gave me)

Dress Number Three is aaallllmost done. I'm afraid Cat will be getting these just a little late :o

See Fancy Shoes Being Made

Shoes are so fun :D

Soom Sells A Rolling Head!

He's Tristan and he is 160.00 USD before shipping! I think he is compatible with super gem bodies as he wears 8-9 wigs, but it wouldn't hurt to look carefully at the listing (I am eating breakfast right now so I am distracted). The credits say that he was designed by "The Enchanted Doll" Which makes me think of Marina Bychkova, though it may be just a coincidental name.

Jimmy Thomas Conquers the Romance Novel Cover Market

No, this isn't Jimmy Thomas, but a new model of his for a series of "solo women covers". He started out as a model for romance novel covers, then started to take pix of himself in costumes for covers, then rounded up some friends to do layouts and new poses, and then do pretty much finished covers:

Before the only thing that was lacking, was more gothy and yes, solo women covers, but he's got that covered now. So this is your small-publisher-one stop shopping place... for really nice covers. It explains why no one has called me for about 2 years, but since they paid peanuts and made me do type, I am perfectly happy to let Jimmy take the wheel and do the thing. He's also a sweet guy (you can meet him in person if you go to romance novel conventions). He also used to run the website, which may explain it's some what awkward cart and convoluted layout. No worries, if you get stuck, he'll help you out!

Also, if you just need artist pose/figure refs this is a…

Almost Ready for Christmas

Well, I still need to get a tree, and a few stocking presents. The garage door is fixed and goes up and down (Yay!) so the cars are inside, keeping warm so they will start when I need them to. The truck was beginning to resent living outside in 15F weather, and I can't say I blame it. I am secretly hoping to get mostly Christmas cards this year* and not much else, as I need to sort through what is in the basement before Major Mouse Removal begins in the New Year. (Mice have been living for decades in the dropped ceiling of the basement, and that is going to end once the holidays are over.) All that tile is coming down, being tossed, and the beams will be scrubbed and painted white with something glossy and washable, like ship or bathroom paint.

Meanwhile, I have a head coming and yes...I bought a tiny for me. But it's a fit model. (Silt was a gift that I got to measure in advance before passing on, so she didn't count). Just one tiny. Just one tiny.

* I admit that I hoard…

DollZone Centaurs

DollZone, never a company to leave money on the table, has decided to join the Teeny Centaur Fandom. This is little Antu, which you can order from the various dealers (link goes to Alice's Collections). IMO the best part of Antu are the little cherub wings, a nice size and beautifully sculpted.

I really like Antu's wig!

I have been forced to do my own cooking this week, which has meant some good meals, some cereal, and some scary cookies. They are just shortbread with cranberries:

They cooked up a lot nicer than the dough looks:

Yes, those are pumpkin shaped, I just found the Christmas trees today. I am about halfway through my Christmas list for cards and shipping. Online shopping has not gone entirely smoothly, one transaction was flagged by PayPal, and had to be sorted out, and another magazine sub claims I never paid them. I sent them the check number and told them to try again. Why can I buy things from China with no hassle; but Harlan, Iowa is being difficult? Last year…

Cerise (Iplehouse Garnet)

Yes, it's Sicktress' Cerise! She is such a work of art; if the sun ever comes out again I will put on her wings and horns and really show her off. Though she is on the RS tall body, Soom clothes fit her fine--though it's almost a shame to cover her additions. She has fancy hands and a decorated spine, and a place to attach a tail. The dye is incredibly even, too!
Thank you, Sicktress!! <3

Iplehouse Baby Doll Coy (Puss in Boots)

Look at this fabulous furry friend :D It's little Puss In Boots, with cat hands and magnet ears. Soo cute. Check him out here: