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Alice's Collections September Promos

(Click to read full sized). Alice apparently has a box of Susu heads to ship out, they look pretty cute! But the real temptation is LOTS of new dolls and clothes--the weather is cooler and drier so casting can be done more easily, and some of the clothes are so pretty! This one is for a vinyl Dollfie Dream, which fits no one here, but it's so cute:

There is a new Loongsoul hottie:

A really cool and sort of unusual DollZone girl "Jocelyn" (think 1920's actress):

Aimieri has a new Mao out, this one is Ying:
This one is so tempting, she looks a little like the Dearmine cat girls and I have seen those in person and they are utterly charming. She is a slim mini at 42 cm and the only drawback is..she is expensive. Alice is willing to use DHL and Air Express, which helps with the total cost, but rumor has it that shipping is going to get even pricier if the US leaves the Postal Union International agreement. Because reasons, shipping from China is already slow-- and now it…

TrueBlack Tarot Deck (Arthur Wang)

I'd say, after using this deck, that this is a gorgeous art deck, and not really a reading deck. It was a labor of love and a Kickstarter project of Arthur Wang's, and you can read about it, and see more of the cards, here:

The Kickstarter is over, but you can still order the cards like I did--they ship fast and are presented in an admirable way:

I actually had some trouble photographing the deck--for one thing, the black is very black--a soft matte black, with the image and the Major Arcana having line decorations in shiny ink, like a fabric jacquard. Here's the box cover so you can see the contrast between matte and shiny:

This is a deck that you select your favorite cards from, and lay them out on your black slate coffee table with a few carefully chosen stones and then Instagram the whole thing :D Or set them up inside one of those brass-and-glass terrariums as a display piece and rotate them occas…

Melodious Wave--Eliv and Iv

Small adorable mermaids!! The cuteness of the dangly trim that looks like a jellyfish streamer! Also, they are somewhat affordable as these guys go--244.00 for the base teeny gem. These little dolls look SO CUTE in person, the photos do not do them justice. I am still waiting for a Bronze teeny gem release to give my Soom Yrie a matching human body--this release is Cream White and close... but for the price I want a closer match before I buy. I find the tails pretty cute too, even though I am not usually a resin tail fan--these are fairly simple and have a nice pearl effect going on.

You can get "heart hands" as well as finny hands and "shell ears" with this release, and here are your tail color choices:

They fit perfectly in a purse for travel, too :D

Fabulous Rocks

I have been rooting around looking for the few rocks I brought from New Jersey (almost none, it turns out, because it seems silly to ship rocks when one is being charged by the pound for one's household goods. But Akutenshi came over last Sunday with some other rocks for me to photograph and paint, and they were awesome. The first rock below belongs to her jeweler friend Megan:

I have no idea what it is... besides amazing!

This is a larimar geode (Akutenshi's)

Citrine with a tunnel!

And Akutenshi brough me some specimens to keep! A perfect agate geode, both halves (this is one half)

A beautiful green stone neither of us could identify--the color was in layers, almost like mica:

Aaand (drumroll) a good sized opal boulder. SQUEE!! I am just guessing it is a Koroit boulder? I have seen You Tube videos of people digging out boulders just like this from holes in Koroit. I kind of want to go and dig in the dirt myself ;)

Side view:

They are so cool. I am staying away from Rock Para…

Mr. Duct

If you are having people come work on the house, you might hope that your house looks as nice and tidy as the photo above (in reality, that is 5338 Larkspur Lane in Woodridge, which is currently for sale and why it looks spotless :D). However, I was busy and almost forgot that the guys from Mr. Duct were coming last Friday, much less planned to clean ahead of time. They bring an industrial vaccum the size of a car and about 500 feet of snaky hoses to shove down your ducts and clean out all the spiders, dust and mold that may have taken up residence there. So when they arrived on Friday after noon, right on time, everything was pretty chaotic here..aka "normal".

Sewing projects, cat covers on the upholstery, curtains with different hem lengths (curtains are always too long in this house), weird decos, multiple computers, cat toys...and the duct guys have to look in closets, because we have the returns go there for some inscrutable reason instead of the floor like a normal ho…

Soom Idealian (Dia?) Kay

I think this is a Dia head reissued--this version is Idealian Kay, and there is an open-eyed version, and a Romantic/ Reminisce eyed version:

He comes with optional "prayer hands" as well that fit together:

And you can get the jointed hands as well for Kay. The gorgeous photography is probably by Julia Shin . If it is a Dia head cast again, it's a really great head for this size body--Dia on the old Super Gem was a huge head, which is why she is made so often into male characters. Plus she makes a really pretty man!

The faceup is really nice too--not sure who the artist is for this.

BUT the faceup is not available, probably because of moving and the holidays--it might be Kay is already cast (at least a few of them) and ready to ship since both the head and the body were essentially ready to go.

Also Typhoon Lingling looks like it hit the Koreas hard, so I would not be surprised if things were delayed because of it. Kay's sad face seems appropriate.

Anne Stokes Legends Tarot Deck

I was disappointed in this deck. The art is lovely (I am a fan of Stoke's art) but the designers who put together the deck were not either aware of tarot iconography or they were more interested in showcasing the art than in the card meanings--but if that was the intent, I wish they had put more art on the minor cards. This is not a deck that is useful for doing readings, IMO. The suits are color coded, the cards are a good size and are reasonable to shuffle and deal out. are some of the cards:

The Ace of Pentacles is fine.. no wait that is the 3 of pentacles...all the pip cards have the same motif art in the center and then spots for the numbers. Next, going left to right, is the King of Swords..really? Swords is air, not fire. Then the Queen of Swords, without swords or butterfly, and then the Knight of Cups, with neither a cup or water, but a pretty handsome wolf. So right there you can figure the images are assigned at random. Even the colors are not intuitive.. pur…

Soom Relocates To New Offices

:D No, I actually don't know why they are moving, but here is the Notice:

Thank you for loving our dolls.
Our following services will be delayed due to our head office relocation (from Sep.8 to Sep.9)
and holidays for the Korean Thanksgiving day (from Sep.12 to Sep.16). – Reply for the Q&A bulletin board and email inquiries.
– Payment confirmation and changing order status
– Ship out orders Return address changes due to our head office relocation. SOOM Korea
#B211 Hongmungwan BLDG, Hongik University,
94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul,
Republic of Korea.(zip 04066)
T 82 70 4607 6584 In case of returning your products, please contact us through the Q& A bulletin board. Customer center will resume from 9 am on Sep. 17 (Tue) in Korean local time.
But you can use our shopping mall during the holidays. We apologize for your inconvenience but your understanding would be highly appreciated. Thank you
Soom Korea

Souldoll Light Agnes Arrives

This lady was a cancelled sale, or perhaps an overstock item--I bought her at a much reduced price directly from Souldoll, and since she was already cast, she came quickly. My Dark Agnes head will fit on this body as well--it might be there were part of a set for the original order. So here is her box opening:

LARGE box!

Souldoll has such fun fabric--one of my other boxes has terriers on the pillows!

Looking like an astronaut here...

And standing up! She holds poses well, but for some reason sitting is hard. I think I need to be sure to get the string exactly in the right place in those slots. She's a wonderful stander, though.

Unlike the Iplehouse dolls, she doesn't have the ridges in the back of the torso plate to hold her chest forward, so this is what she does right now. It's good enough for most of the time!

I like how sweet and serious she is--I got her really because I needed one more Zenith body for my rolling heads, but I am not sure this was a good way to fix th…