Sunday, July 21, 2019

Agnes and Ausley

Here's a really bad photo of Ausley Love--it was storming like crazy when she arrived (I had to hold an umbrella over the carrier so the carrier wouldn't drown getting the box out of the truck) and I haven't really had a chance to take better photos yet. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nice,  so I will try to get some then. This girl belonged to Siriusstar and is the original size and shape of Ausley--she has the "Dollshe ribcage," and is much smaller overall than the new big version of her. (Isa/ Sicktress' Deesse is on the newer Ausley Love body, with the Glamour Bust). Though it's hard to see, this is the Medium Bust, and one of the first things I did was to swap this for the Small Bust, because Miss Ausley is a pinhead. She really is. She is almost as small as the Souldoll Dark Agnes head in the back. But the smallest bust and poofy hair balances her smol head. I originally bought Ausley to poach her body for someone else, but I kind of like her quirky little head. She looks very cheerful. I now understand why someone would think that the Phoenix Doll Mei would work on this body, because Mei and Ausley's heads really are the same size. However, Mei has decided she is going to live forever on the cheap Mirodoll body that was supposed to be temporary, because she has been on it so long all her clothes are that size.

In case you were wondering, here is Agnes on the Ausley body:

Agnes in person isn't snooty (or blurry); she looks like she is trying not to laugh. if it wasn't for the neck, she could almost live on this body--the color is perfect.

Here's a better photo of her head alone:

Much more cheery here! I want to paint her now that I won't swelter on the porch, the lack of heating and cooling in that room is sad since it's such a great place to work. Agnes will share a ws soom body for now, she looks nice on the new body. I hope I can think of an appropriate name for her soon,she doesn't look like an "Agnes" to me :o

She does need hair, and my supply of size 7 wigs is low. I think I have eyes for her as she can wear fantasy eyes.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Leila and the Giant Book

That is the cover of the "spellbook", the chains are so the book will actually shut--I spent so much time trying to be sure it would stay open on a lectern, I forgot to check if it would actually close. It wants to spring open because I put too many signatures in there and then added to the mess by adding a line of trim to the back to keep the bound pages from falling off the cover, and then ended up putting in more fabric to do the same thing. It has a lot of uhhh ...personality. It also is a dirt and cat hair magnet, I have lint rollered it countless times so it would be nice for shipping. But I am sure it will roll in every dusty corner it can find on the way -.- .

Here it is open:

Leila says WTF is this thing?

Friday, July 19, 2019

Kleenex Head Box

I needed an interior box to ship a head (I double box all the doll parts, with a layer of bubble wrap or
peanuts between the inner box and the outer box). The kleenex box is too thin to be a shipper, but it's fine as a divider between the inner fluff and the outer fluff. Also, Kleenex boxes come with cute patterns now. Just take out the plastic insert in the top first before you cut. (And be sure it is nice and clean everywhere). Run some tape around it and it's ready to pack!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pacle Update

I had to make eyes for him because I am out of eyes, and it's summer so all the eye suppliers are on vacation or resting or maybe just dead from heat (it's been 115 in Arizona this month, where Masterpiece eyes were made). There was one woman in Greece and some artists in Russia, but the Russian Post Office does not feel inclined to ship things to the US unless it's sent by someone "official", and the lady in Greece had only 18 and 20mm eyes. (Pacle needs like a size 10mm). So now he has eyes and a body and a blonde fur wig that makes him look a lot like Eric from True Blood, so he can't keep it. But he's a cutie and he is even wearing pants, very unusual for this house.

(I would have posted this Tuesday but I fell asleep). A lot of dollie activity went on this week--I haven't even opened one box yet.

The Dark Arts Take A Surprising Amount of Tacky Glue

This goofy project started with Arekushia, Cat and I all agreeing that one of the best things about the Soom Idealian Elloa was her Giant Spell Book:

However, the book wasn't offered for sale and even Elloa wasn't up for long--I have only seen two, ever, and Arekushia owns one of them. But Arekushia is dissatified with Elloa, because instead of looking like this:

She came like this, without all the goodies and glamour and NOT EVEN EYES :

My theory is that if Arekushia put eyes in her and sent her off for a faceup, she'd be just gorgeous, but baby steps. :D Also hair. A girl needs her hair. I figure I will sneak over a spell book, and maybe a dress that Arekushia can put on someone else if she really can't make friends with Elloa, and sooner or later Elloa will be able to sit with the regular crew instead of the Ebay crew.

  The spell book so far is a hot mess, but it makes me laugh. I took an Empire magazine to make the base pages, because the paper is thin and I figured I could get a needle through it. Next time I will just print the pages I want, and find my small paper punch and do it that way, and also take a look at the directions on how to make the binding/back cover nicer. But right now my task is to cover all the auto ads I missed :D

Trim is also my friend:

So far the outside is just plain velvet; I am going to go tomorrow to Michael's and look for filigree corners, etc.

Monday, July 15, 2019


I almost didn't notice his head! I had bought the Super Gem body that was in Pacle's shop promo
photos, and it was shipped  FAST and arrived today, very squashed by the PO, but unharmed (PegasusXCroquet is an expert shipper). So I fiddled around a bit with the body, trying to decide if I needed to restring it and who I would put on it (I actually didn't know, I have sold quite a few male heads now) and regretting that I didn't actually buy a Pacle head to put on it. Then I went to save all the packaging to reuse it (since bubble wrap is not cheap) AND THERE WAS A PACLE HEAD as a Gift With Purchase. Supposedly this is a "junk head" because the resin has some color markings in it, but honey that is how I paint, so who would know? The only down side is that all I have left here for eyes in his size are some very peculiar ones I made that I called "Spice for Breakfast", and it turns out that in the summer, no one has eyes. Denver Doll has a few glass ones, but not the smaller iris style, and my usual suppliers are on hiatus or have things on backorder. Even Ebay only got me two sets of acrylics, but I took them (they were cheap). Wigs are also in short supply here. So it looks like the toaster will be put to use as soon as the weather cools down a bit, and I will make another batch of less-crazy eyes. He'll get a homemade wig as well.
Look how charming the inside of the head is (he is a faceplate head)

You can still order your own here:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sold Heads

I freely admit I am a doll churner.. I buy dolls, I play with them, I sell them. I really wish there was a rental service where you could rent them and return them, but the way I do dolls is pretty close. I just like seeing them in person, looking at the engineering, fiddling with the posing, taking a few photos, and then "Next!" I do have a few dolls that have been here for a long time--My Dollzone Shengxi (Which no one in their right mind would buy anyway), my Shushu, which I will not sell because Christine Sorton painted her before she passed away from leukemia, much too young; and my Iplehouse Denzel and IOS G, because they have been here in one form or another since I lived in New Jersey. I got Denzel in 2010, which seems like it was eons ago now.

But recently I have been trying to get the overall number of dolls down to a rational amount, aka "thirty", and despite some sales I haven't been too successful. I did sell the Ariadoll Gravity boy in the first pic (I have a rule of thumb that if I see a "Want to Buy" on Den of Angels I have to at least give some serious thought to selling, and usually it makes the buyers happy too).

 I also sold, but  have to wait to ship the Olivia head that used to belong to Vermont Chick (poor woman just doesn't seem to stick anywhere--I suspect she needs a new faceup).
Here she is when she was still on her NYID body at Vermont Chick's (Photo credit Vermont Chick)
Olivia is the redhead, center back row.

She'll be heading for Germany on July 25th :D

 Finally,I sold the Fairyland Feeple 65 body that came under my Seian, after some thought--if you don't do a lot of posing, it's a beautiful body, but it has magnet feet. You cannot put magnet feet in boots. Well, you can, you can just never get them out again.

The small exodus of dolls out does not mean that no one is coming in, alas :D I have a shipping notice for a Souldoll Agnes head that I ordered from the Stock Sale, the Koren head is here, painted and already on the Ariadoll Gravity body, and Arekushia gave me The Deal of the Century on a Loongsoul girl, who I am sure will be dismayed to discover she will be sharing her body with a Fairyland Chloe AND a Seian. Of course eventually one head will win, the others will be sold, and the Circle of Doll life will continue.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


I had this Delf body that was structurally sound, but had all kinds of scratches, chips, and a really well done but IMO unfortunate breast removal...I have had it explained to me that you can't buy genderless bodies, and people like the posing of the Delf bodies. But I think it throws off the proportions of the Delf body to remove the breasts-- and you can always buy a cheap boy body and mod it.. well, anyway, this body needed a lot of work. and I thought if I made it a robot/cyborg thing the dent and scratch part of it would be OK.

If you are going to use iDyePoly, you will need:

--Paper towels already torn off and put where you can reach them fast, in a pile. Lots of them
--mask off your drainboard and ceramic sink

--Safety goggles or glasses--you will be working with a giant pot of splashy dye. Boiling dye. You       don't want that in your eyes.

--A giant cheap Goodwill pot in good condition, especially the bottom and the handles--you don't want the weight of the dye to pull off a handle or the bottom to fail, nor do you want to eat out of it ever. :p The full dye pot is *heavy*.

--scissors to open the dye packet
--some sort of timer
--a strong dowel to hold the body parts up across the pot
--a throwaway wooden spoon and an emergency ladle to rescue feet or hands that come loose
--cotton string
--wire for small parts (optional but helpful)
--cheap food service gloves (I like these better than the big rubber ones, you have more use of your fingers)
--a fan and open windows because the dye smells like a paper factory in August.
--a block of two hours to do the thing
--pets need to be occupied elsewhere, same for kids
Don't fill the pot up all the way at first--do about 1/3 and get the dye packet to dissove. the "dissolvable" packet doesn't always really dissolve and may need to be fished out, though it's tricky because you are feeling around in a swamp to find the bits. It took me about 20 prep minutes to get the dye not-lumpy. Then I filled up the pot to about 2/3 and let the temperature come back up to a simmer. LORDY THE SMELL.

Someone who does not cook installed that microwave.

--I got the color I wanted in 25 minutes, 15 minutes of active stirring, ten resting with the heat turned off but still on the burner.  It takes almost an hour for the pot of dye to cool down, so just let it sit even after you pull out the parts. I put a box under the parts to get them from the stove to the sink, because they dripped the whole way.

Here is the sink with parchment paper taped around--Soft Scrub will get dye out if you don't let it sit, but it's easy to miss drips and I thought this would cut down on random blue spots. (I once dyed a bathroom floor in an apartment pink because I did not realize linoleum loves dye. Luckily the landlord "Mr. Frank Zee" bulldozed the place for an office building after I left, so he did not care. He also made an insane amount of money flipping that place from a 1930's cottage court to a steel and glass tall building. I might have even gotten my security deposit back.)

After I rinsed the pieces I dried them with paper towels and laid them out on some more towels on a workbench:

The dye isn't even--there are things you can do to make the dye set more evenly by sanding the doll all over and pre-warming the resin in hot clear water before lowering it into the dye bath, but all that is tedious and I like the uneven look of the dye. You can also blush over the dye afterwards.

I put some pearl powder on her because pearl powder makes everthing better (or at least sparkly)

Some beginnings of circuitry. I thought that my Android Mei head would go on this body, but surprisingly her head was visually too large. I blame the lack of boobs :p Well, that and the color contrast:

I now have a sullen Souldoll Swinte on the body, and she is the right size, but she needs cyborg hair (and probably a better faceup:

That's a scary little woman. I kind of like it :D

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pic Click

(Picture pops up if you click on it) I like shopping on Ebay, but I do not like having to scroll painfully page by page when I am looking for something specific. I found accidentally doing a GIS for a dress a friend has for sale, and see the tight-packed thumbnails at the bottom of the page? Pic Click takes all the ebay images in a category, and packs them together into clickable thumbs so you can scroll fast through all the junk and find what you are interested in. I assume Pic Click makes it's money per click and that is how they fund the website, but it's so handy and I don't understand why Ebay doesn't just make this the default. Maybe there are accessability issues? In any case, this makes spending money way easier :D

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Aria Gets A New Home

                                                   Photo credit--P-Aei on Den of Angels.

I have had her for ages, and I always felt guilty I didn't do more with her; she was a lovely gift
from Pegapup. But she was small, I had no clothes for her, and her ears were soooo she sat in her box until I spotted a Want to Trade in the Den of Angels marketplace, so I did a trade with P-Aei --and look at her now, like ten minutes after she came out of the box. I feel so relieved AND P-Aei has a fun Flickr, if you want to check out more dolls, including some Bishonen house cuties:

He's an artist, too, with a wonderful lively drawing style that I am pretty envious of :D

Monday, July 8, 2019

Lee Pace Gets Some New Clothes

Azurielle on Den of Angels made the outfit--the pants look plain, but they are so easy to get on and fit perfectly. This set is for SID boys, which means they *coincidentally* fit the Impldoll Star bodies:

It's a good thing mosquitoes don't bite dolls. There were a lot of them.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Light Limner Clears out Some Heads and Bodies

They are selling out at half price Connie, Koren and Sophie (the other ones are gone) and some bodies--they say they will not be doing more of these, but it's unclear if they are closing or just planning on doing something different. In any case, if any of these girls are on your wish list, this would be a good time to get them. The heads are pretty standard but they do have a large neck hole (I need to mod my Connie so she can go on a Dollmore body) but the resin color is very standard, both the White and Normal Yellow.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pacle at Namonaki Workshop

He's an artist head, designed to go on an old Super Gem body (or a similarly sized body, around 65 cm). I think Namonaki is based in Kansas and is Pegasusxcroquet and her husband's sculping atelier--I know he's made commission figures for a lot of commercial lines in the past. Here's the URL for Pacle, there is another head as well if you want to poke around.

I have found Pegasusxcroquet to be always a good reliable seller on DoA, so I would be confident in ordering things from their shop. More photos:

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Isa and Ausley

Isa, Sicktress' Deesse head in gray, is on a Dollshe body (I think it once had an Amanda Beauty head on it, but I am not sure.) I love tall girls, and this is such a pretty, wonderfully posing body. The catch is that Dollshe is notoriously slow in casting and delivering (one year waits are common..unless you happen to hit a weird sale or find a body on the second-hand market.) They are also really expensive..unless you find a friend who is tired of bumping a perfect good Ausley Love on the Den of Angels Marketplace and puts a very low price on the doll. Then if you just happen to have money in your payPal account from selling something else, you might just buy a second Dollshe doll.

Supposedly Ausley will be shipped out on Friday, and it will take about a week to get here. Compared to Dollshe ship times, that is like lightning :D I think I will paint her open-eyed head to be something like this: (I think this is a Lyn Raftis faceup)

with a bit of this faceup as well:

I'm not good at faceups but occasionally they come out pretty well, so I keep doing them :D

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Milena's Flickr

I found the Flickr of a fellow DoA member and there are wonderful, spooky photos galore!
Milena likes the "sleeping" plates of dolls and uses them to make such memorable photos, her
Flickr is a wonderful visit!

Monday, July 1, 2019

LOL Dave (and Coy)

Yes, it's the White Rabbit (I had no idea his name was "Dave") but he is msd/JID size and is very cute. His outfit is, like all Iplehouse outfits, really nicely made. Iplehouse has a sale on it's basic dolls as well as a lot of other specials, including a small donation to Save the Children if you buy during the summer special.

Some of the reissued specials are really neat--there is Elle (who I think is Athena) and this little thing:

Yes, it's Puss in Boots--and he's a standard 26 cm guy so all those cute Yo-sized clothes will fit him.
I know have one and 1/2 tinies and I already have a box of clothes for them...

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ashley's Big Hair

Ashley (Soom Snow White) has kind of a small head, so she compensates with Big Hair. Although I still have the sinus crud, I managed to do a few doll things this weekend. I suppose I should actually go see the doc on Monday and ask for eyedrops, as the goo has gotten into the tear ducts.

 Flu in the summer is a drag, I tell you--it does not mix well with pollen. I'm so grateful for air conditioning and filters!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bebe Dragon :D

She's a Real Fee Ena, over at Fairyland and somehow the messy wig just makes her THE CUTEST!
She has tiny red wings to match the horns, I think the tail is a magnet thing, and the finny ears are also magnet extensions of her human ears. I know from experience that after ten minutes I would want the human feet/legs and tiny shoes, but I do think the dragon legs are adorable.

 You should go look at the store photos just to see how cute the pix are and she also has a male friend, and they are posed adorably together.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Right Response

It me :D

I have been texturing, between blowing my nose--working on a fairy dress :

Just the painting in the dress is mine, the rest is a bunch of other people's awesome models!