Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Great Cravat Shortage of 2015

Progress continues on the crew of the Artemis, though we have still a cravat and hat shortage (stocking, too)

Not shown: the ship's surgeon was missing her head (I think it's in a small box downstairs, but I haven't looked yet), the Master Gunner and the Carpenter also have no clothes, the Purser and the clerk are also in modern stuff and have no idea what is in store for them.

But here, from left to right is:

Ship's master Julian Scot (Granado Fabio)

Tilly, Cabin Person (former London pickpocket) (Iplehouse Leona)

Captain Davon Aldwood, Viscount Mulgrave (Granado Davon)

First Lieutenant Andrew Coppersmith (Granado Xavier)

Ship's Boatswain Consuelo Carvalho (a panthera, a non-human species) (Soom Epidia/Resinsoul body)

Second Lieutenant William Keppel (Nephew to the famous Augustus Keppel)(Granado Guilem)

Admiral Lord Thomas Pickering (here severely underdressed) (Simply Divine Alec/Resinsoul)

Midshipman Jack Barnett (Granado Terra)

Midshipman Christopher Kipling (Impldoll Plaice)

Able Seaman Bird (just Bird). (Soom Tremo)

Look how pleased Coppersmith looks to have some pants at last:

(Thank you, Rajendora!)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 4 bears and Goldilocks

My relatives came to visit over Memorial Day and we went to Bass Pro Outdoor World, among other things!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Soul Kipper Updated

He's up,he's a Mega Gem, he's really cute (though I am not wild about this set of horns, but that is easily replaceable) and here is his sales page!His outfit is for sale separately if you want it.

Soom is running a little behind--sharnofshade and I are waiting for a Soom Garnet split from way back in fall of 2014 during the Free Choice, and Soom said the faceups were way backlogged. So if you order your doll blank, you should get your doll a lot sooner.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Peony Season

And I have them out in the garden! I just wish someone would invent a repeat blooming peony, the season is too short. But I did cut some and bring them in:

Out in the garden there are plenty of other flowers, Siberian Iris:



Catmint (with bonus bumblebees):

And when it's not raining, a cat: here waiting for the rain to stop, so she can go out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Impldoll Female Idol Feet and Stringing Diagram

Some measurements:

The width of the foot across the top, the widest direction, is 3.5 cm. Her foot is about 8 cm around the widest spot,

7 cm long from heel to toe,

... and about 2.5 cm tall from arch to ankle, here:

The ankle ball photos are because elve seems to have gotten an Idol body with very funky ankle balls.(later note--Impldoll did a batch of ankles with small balls--they need to be either jury-rigged with new balls of you need to get new ones from Impl (send photos, though). The ones on Erzulie, who is one of the first Idols, are just fine. Also here is a goofy diagram of how the strings cross in the pelvis (they are strung like Iplehouse dolls now) :p

By the way, that is a Star Bella there on the Idol body. She had a large head for the Star body.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cedarheart's Lillian

Cedarheart loves elves as much as I do-- and she wanted a mature Elf Mom for one of her characters, so her husband sculpted a master and she had a few cast up in white. And I just happen to have an extra white Super Gem girl body here. :D

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Waiting for Pants

Having received some great shirts from Aernath's Shirt Shack, Coppersmith (Granado Xavier) is now waiting for Sewing Box Design's pants--I decided Rajendora could make ones that actually fit better than I could! The other two rascals there are a Soom Epidia on a Resinsoul body, and an Ariadoll Gravity on a Luts body of some kind.

Here is everyone slightly more prepared for a photo, the shirt on Coppersmith is one of the Aernath ones.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Len-Yan on Deviant Art

A gorgeous set of images that I first found on tumblr are on len-yan's Deviant Art (Magdalena Pagowska) and may have provided the inspiration for Soom's Soul Tracker horns:

. It's a gallery well worth a visit--I think this was my favorite image:

Possibly because she is my favorite shade of pink. Garnets of all kinds rock :D

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Soul Kipper

OK so he is a Doll North special, but I bet if there is enough interest he will be turned loose on us after Doll North, which is the Canadian bjd show that happens along side Anime North. The original Shoshon was a handsome MegaGem moose guy. I wasn't fond of his fantasy feet or (at the time) his big neck, but I have gotten used to the neck. We will have to see what the new feet look like. I will put up an updated link if Soom does a sales page for him, since sometimes the teasers aren't linked to the actual sales pages (why, Soom?)

Here is the original Moose Man:

No Polliwogs :(

On Saturday I tested the pond with my new Pond Strips, and the ph was right, so I went to the Aquascape place and buy this year's dozen polliwogs to swim around the pond and, hopefully, grow up to be cute frogs. But when we arrived at the store, the fountain was turned off-- and the sign read "Tuff Sheds", which I had no interest in. Apparently being able to sell things only 5 months of the year wasn't a viable business model for the koi place; but now my options for polliwogs are very limited.

So we went to the nursery on the other side of town that sells koi and koi support systems as well as plants; and they had a bucket that contained 3 dead polliwogs and one very lethargic one. Since the teenage sales associate had turned off all the filters and bubblers for the whole row of pollywogs, crayfish and koi, I felt that probably no one should come home with me, since their survivability was dubious. (I did get them to turn the power back on). I still need to check Petco Aquarium Adventure, but I am not sure they have frogs. At least I can get a snail or two and some mosquito fish, but they aren't as fun as the frogs. That Petco has a great staff for fish, though--the aquariums are clean and bright and the fish are lively.

Bonus picture of J at Bass Pro Shops, which has an ENORMOUS fresh water aquarium in the main store and a tropical reef in the adjoining bar. No frogs, though--just rubber ones.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Suddenly, Alberto

I wasn't paying much attention to Iplehouse this month-- and while I was busy looking at Granado dolls, Iplehouse snuck out Alberto and his backstory, which makes me think someone at Iplehouse should be writing novels on the side (or maybe they are). Anyway, I think he's pretty cute and he is the good SID size--bigger than the standard NYID, but not the enormous EID size. He also has a really nice outfit. I suspect Iplehouse is still going to weasel money out of me for their beautiful clothes, even when I am out of doll space.

Assembling My New Ikea Chair

It was easy this time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Enter the Dragon

I bought the 5 star Angelo head from cheesedemon88 because I loved, loved the faceup and the eyes. The question was-- what body to put her on? Cheesedemon had her on an old Soom Super Gem body, so I knew the head would fit ok on that neck.

But which Soom old body? I had a Nephelin torso from AnchixdPix, from my attempt to get my painted Nephelin wings from Cat on someone, preferably my WS Dia. I had tried making a harness, and that wasn't too successful so far--the wings are heavy. So I bought the Nephelin torso, but it turned out to be Normal Skin (I have no idea why I thought it was WS). Also, the wings that Cat gave me are old creamy White Skin rather than new white, and my Dia is new white. The Nephelin torso was NS--but it does hold the wings...mostly. So I have now two pairs of Nephelin lower legs, one WS and one NS, one pair of old Creamy White wings, and a Normal Skin torso and fancy hands. The extra pair of Nephelin claws was for Polly, as a replacement for her huge, heavy Galena claws (Sicktress actually has them now on her Dollshe boy hybrid Suoh, and they look way better on him). But the Nephelin knees somehow are narrower than the Galena knees, so the Impldoll thighs fit poorly into Polly's new Nephelin calves. At least they are the right shade of White skin. *_*. Anchix still has the NS wings that go with this body. I haven't decided if I need to ask her for those as well or just make some wings for this girl from scratch. Much lighter wings. In the meantime I will be working to add a little more paint on her body here and there, make a custom wig, and some more dramatic clothes. The Nephelin feet, by the way, are incredibly stable. They aren't huge either, and of course the claws solve the shoe problem completely.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Snow White's Fantasy Head

Yes, if you are a Den of Angels member you can get a Snow White Fantasy head (with the magnet pockets) from Irene/Solarsenshi. Her head is unpainted, so you can customize it as you please:

Look at that cute little smile:

While this head is designed to go on the Soom New Body, I bet she would look adorable on a Granado Maiden body. :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Helsinki and Peru

After my trip to Malasia via Google Street View, I went to Peru, found Lima and the aeropuerto without too much trouble, (though traffic to the airport is awful), and then decided to just wander around Peru for a while, since I was tired of being lost in Finland. The woven fences you see up there in Las Tunas are original with the Incas--they are flexible and sturdy and stop the wind and are very suitable for an earthquake zone. Peru has a lot of dramatically different landscapes, this is the moonscape near the coast south of Lima; and after poking around there for a while I went and looked at some of the interior cities. So far my least favorite was Iquitos, and my favorite Pucallpa. You will have to go look at it to see why, it's just really cute to me for some reason. I also peeked at San Ignacio, and look what they have:

No, not the toy store, the OTHER store--the fabric store! I wish there was a way to poke the Google driver and say Stop! I want to look at the fabric! But of course that is all you get driving in street view, is window shopping. There was a place in another town, Jaen, that has a restaurant that offers both Chinese food and pizza, which I vaguely recall being called Luigi's, and part of me wants to go in and look at the menu. Jaen also has a large, dire looking hotel, a strip joint next door, another more legit looking Chinese restaurant on the main street and a million places to fix your car or buy hardware. Jaen is a fun visit. It does help a lot to read Spanish, or at least enough to get the gist of the signs.

I finally decided I really needed to check off Finland, because it was just embarassing to be so lost. On the other hand, it is a pretty place to be lost in:


If someone tells you that they "Live by a lake near some woods and my house is painted red", make them write down the gps coordinates. So I "drove" for about an hour somewhere on the 3, then the 3022, and then the E63, and worked my way south enough to see a rotating restaurant by a turns out there are dolphin shows there:

I still hadn't found any big highway going south, though I did loop through the Pirkenmaa Scandic Tampere Station and pass a nice-looking coffee place. I finally found a main highway pointed south and I saw this:

YES HELSINKI! But then shortly after I saw this:

Helsinki nooo, not 169 kilometers of interchanges more! (if you use Google street view for long stretches, especially in urban areas, it is easy to "fall off" the highway onto the tiny cross roads passing underneath, and remarkably hard to get back up again and stay oriented. If this was an actual video game I would write a letter of complaint to the developers.) :D In any case, I just headed south, clearing my cache, and eventually I found this:

And at last, this:

WhoHoo! So having found the exit for Finland, I checked the map:

And went up to Norway and the Nordkapp to look at the "North Pole"--just type in Nordkapp and you can see it. Then I headed south to see some fjords

and some wandering herds of reindeer on the side of the road.

Oh, and I did manage to mow some of the back lawn and plant all the marigolds between Peru and Finland.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fan Art of A Soom Onvia

This is Girrl's Red Sonja, who knits. This was a lot of fun to do! Also my friend Laura gave me a licensed copy of Rebelle, which is a watercolor emulator for digital art (I did the watercolor effect in the back of Sonja's portrait with it.) I also did a quick doodle as soon as I opened Rebelle. It really does look like natural media:

Such a wonderful present!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Granado's Venus

Here she is, still a work in progress, but already someone I could have plans for :D. She also looks slightly familiar though I can't quite place her.

I missed posting yesterday because I have a couple of projects going, and I wasted a lot of the day driving in Malaysia, playing the MapCrunch game. MapCrunch hooks up to Google Street View and randomly picks a landing spot for you, and then you have to use the road signs to find your way to the nearest airport. There are no prizes or anything. (J found this a little baffling as to why I would spend three hours and a lot of swearing trying to weave my way through construction in Kuala Lumpur to find an airport, when I wasn't even going to get a score.) Somewhere there is a scored version, but I cheat and transfer my coordinates to Google Maps at the beginning, so that I can move myself down long highways faster. For one thing, my cache fills up and then Chrome freezes. So far the most fun I had was going from Tres Valles in Veracruz State, Mexico, to Heroica Veracruz where the "aeropuerto" is. It was partly because around Tres Valles there is a lot of fun stuff to see, but also because I can read enough Spanish to enjoy the shop signs and other incidental writing. There are flowers everywhere. The most boring "trip" was Latvia, where I got put down right next to the airport; so instead I went into Riga and puttered around the city center, looking at historic buildings. Then I got totally lost in Finland, and then remembered that I needed to go to the grocery store and do some other things than virtual touristing.

So we went to Ikea, where I had considered buying a chest of drawers to cut down on the amount of stuff I have in Tupperware. After wandering around Ikea for an hour or so, I didn't buy a chest of drawers, because I didn't want to spend nearly 200 dollars and still have to hump two huge boxes AND then screw everything together. So we just bought a shower curtain. It is, however, an awesome shower curtain:

And we did go to the grocery store, too. I still need to go back to Finland and start over; it's challenging because it is flat, there is nothing but forests and lakes and the road-- and a lot of signs for places I was not familiar with; and you just drive forever hoping for a sign that says "Helsinki" somewhere.