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Random Wednesday Photos

My purple Resinsoul Lian Body came today! My Migma head is a lot lighter, but I will put some irridescent pearl paint on her neck to help blend the two parts. Resinsoul sent her with a certificate and a really nice bag! <3

Random stuff:Here is what my brother showed me how to make--Cthulu peeps:

And a rainbow that we saw when J and I took a walk in the neighborhood. Right now I am still putting away party things, and vaccuming ants.

Cat Worries


Thunderbull Kui

I had a busy weekend with my annual family reunion, so no posting got done, though I had the best time evar! So here is a new Loongsoul guy, "Thunderbull Kui" and though he is a Loongsoul doll I suggest you buy him through Alice's Collections, because you get their wonderful customer service and they have more and better photos than the Loongsoul site does. I really like his face:

And one more just because:

Alices has a promotion of a slight discount for the fullset, though he is not cheap even then--around 1000 USD. On the other hand he IS splendid and you get a lot for the money--these large Loongsoul boys are big. :D

I Want To Hold Your Paw

Mr. Gussie Fink-Nottle, in Philadelphia

Soom Kay, Idealian

Soom Dia, scaled up to be an Idealian boy. Dia makes a cute boy, but here the head looks a little small? Normally Dia makes a Too Big girl head, and a perfect Super Gem boy head. For some reason you can only see the Idealians if you have an account; I always have to log in again if I have been on the Super Gem pages.  I only kinda want the outfit. :D


I have family coming so I am throwing trash in closets so they will have a place to sit, so no doll stuff today!

Wet Felt A (Big) Flower

Here are some simple instructions on how to wet-felt a big, colorful flower. I don't need a big flower, but I am going to try making some tiny petals like this, and then stitching them together into a small flower. I have a ton of roving to work with!

Also right now felted dresses are a big thing, especially in Russia--check out this pinterest page.
The colors and textures are glorious!

Please Pay The Artist

Emmie Tsumura is tired of being asked to work for free. She painted up some gems that she has encountered as a professional artist here.

This one is my favorite for pure outrageousness:

Run away, run awaaaaaaay! Hehe!

Farewell to George

My friend Andy had some sad news today, George, the fuzzy monarch above, 14 years young, passed away on Sunday. While he may not have been the most spoiled cat on earth, he was probably in the top ten. He had good taste to spend at least one of his lives with Andy. Also, Andy was smart and took lots and lots of pictures of him, including some silly ones. He will be greatly missed.

And here is a local cat, always happy to pose for photos:

Wigs and Weigela

Yes, it's another ounce of the suri alpaca, and it's creator...I don't really know what to do with these adorable photos--I can't throw them away, they are too cute. The hair in this pack is a lot less flyaway and holds together better than the white, for some reason.

 I am still working with the white. I had enough to make an entire size 8 wig and there is still a lot left over--I think I will try felting the rest over a net base and make a small fairylike "waistcoat" out of the remainder. But the wig I am working on still needs a bit more strands on top to cover the felted base, and then some little tiny paper flowers where the blue is stitched in. The base is a small-mesh nylon net and will need some hot glue applied to the inside so the whole wig won't slide off, since there is no elastic.

(You can see on the left that there is still a lot of alpaca remaining to be used)

Today activity was mostly yard work; and my weigela is blooming. It's a Midw…

Lord Bigglesworth

If you live in Victoria, Australia, apparently The Pet Rescue of Australia has a fine male black cat for adoption (only in Australia, alas). Lord Biggleworth has a lot of attitude, is "stupidly healthy" and probably will bring you half-rabbits if you like that sort of thing. He's not really a house cat, but he reminds me a lot of my much-missed gray cat!

Soom Male Bodies

Here are the three Soom bodies that you are likely to find if you look around on the Den of Angels Marketplace or Ebay. There was a male body before 2010, and I think it was the same as the 2010 except that the elbows were the simple "peanut joints" like Cass and Amber had. From left to right: the new thinner body, who had the slightly higher shoulders and more prominent lats,( those underarm chest muscles), a free-choice body from maybe 2011? and the first Soom Wolf body from 2015, I think; or early 2016.

If you are looking to hybrid, the new 2016 and the "old body" have forgiving necks, though the 2012 works here with a Luts Wintery 2016 head. (Sicktress did his makeup).

If you bought the "Wolf the Cat" guy and chose the 2012 body, I hope Soom realized that there is a size difference in the hands and feet between the 2016 body and the 2012 body. Here are the feet, 2012 body is on the left and the 2016 body is on the right:

It's possible the ankle b…

Just a Bird

A woodpecker, in fact! It was very stormy last night--some of my neighbors lost big tree limbs and my neighbor across the street has some patio furniture cushions far, far away from the house. The bird feeder was fine, though I could hear it hitting the metal flashing on the pole as the wind whipped it around.

 I refilled the feeder this morning, and this evening we went to Costco-- and discovered that they sell ENORMOUS bags of cardinal feed, so I bought a bag. It might be once I put it out, the birds will say meh--they didn't like the Target seed. If they hate it, I will put the seeds into the compost and go back to Home Depot for the Songbird Supreme. That stuff actually smells kind of good when you open the bag. :D

Tiny Buttons, Tiny Zippers

..and Tiny Rhinestones! Akutenshi found this Etsy shop; I Sew For Doll, and sent me the link. I haven't bought anything yet but it looks very promising. Tiny buttons:

Tiny buckles:

Tiny zippers!
I'll have to check them out next week for some zippers, I think!

Fantasia Corset and Tea Dyeing

I am working on a wig from some of the alpaca--I managed to weft a good bit of it, but I put the locks too close together and now it is ..heavy. I am hoping to counterweight it with some beads in the front once it's filled out. The wig cap is nylon net and it is a bit slippery too, though it's easy to get the needle in and out. You can still pull off fibers from the ends, so the next one I make I may try braiding the locks or some other way to keep the fibers in the wig. The top of the wig here is felted and it does indeed love to felt. It makes a good base for the fibers on top.

I also have a small Fantasia body corset going:

The labels help me remember which side is the "fashion side" and which piece is which AND which way is up. The gray is the lining and the test-fit I did of the piece in the center of the photo (1/2 of the corset lining) looks like it should fit OK. I haven't decided if I want it to lace in front or in back yet.

(The paper here is not quite…

Julia Cross' (La Legende de Temps) Flickr

I did not know Julia Cross had a Flickr, but she does, and the photos are marvelous. They include clays of some of the newer dolls and sketches too--and closeups of some of the jewelry she makes for her dolls as well!

The Lantern Festival

This is what K did on Sunday, in Philadelphia. All the photos are hers.

                                                             The weather was gorgeous!

Random Sunday Photos

Happy Mother's Day! Mostly all I did today was make a homemade fountain from stuff around the house:

The irises have finally bloomed, though they are unusually short:

We have lily of the valley blooming:

And a Western Jay:

The lawn got mowed and some other yard chores got done, though I need to do a lot of laundry at this point! And finish some commissions. :o