Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sicktress Transforms Rebecca

So here is Rebecca, who I was considering making into Wonder Woman, but never really got around to it. So I sent her to Sicktress, AND LOOK!

Meet Kleo:

Dye and tattoos all by Sicktress. PURE DOLLIE MAGIC! And now Sicktress gets to deal with the clothes problem, though seeing her photos, maybe this is all she needs. Sicktress is busy making some Sparta/Greek armor as well, I need to steal more pix and show what she is doing.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Souldoll Rini

Souldoll has been doing a lot of msd sized fantasy dolls, this might be their first fantasy tiny. While I am not too crazy about the face sculpt, this is a preliminary and once Rini is dressed and painted it might be a very charming sculpt--I also am kind of meh about a lot of gray in general. I assume the final choices will be tan, white, normal and gray, but it's still in production so we will have to check back later. I do like those little horns and the whole concept!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

MiniFee Iru

Fairyland has released the cutest Minifee boy, Iru, as part of the Designer's Complete line, where you get all the trimmings for a higher price. I haven't looked at Minifee boys for literally years, but they seem to have a new body--maybe slimmer? The old MnF boy body was strangely buff for a fairy, and not really right for this sweet face.

I'm such a sucker for those multicolored Oscar eyes--they are standard for Fairyland but you can just buy them from Fabric Friends and Dolls, though the selection depends on if they have just gotten in an order or not. Oh, and they have a small selection of Mako eyes as well--the one pair I have are very pretty, nicer than the photos would make you think. Anyway, Iru comes in white, normal or Tan. The photos are very satisfying to look at--very much like Fairyland should look like:

And I found a photo of the Motion Line body! It is slimmer:

He's got a tiny 6-7 head too, so keep that in mind if you don't order his extras. The designer of that cute outfit is Cho InSun.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Soo Gets A Makeover (Again)

I think Soo must be one of Iplehouse's favorite girls, she has had FOUR different faceups (this is "D"). Iplehouse has some cute new clothes as well, all the clothes I have bought from them have been of very high quality, if sometimes mysterious to put on.
She is still on my wishlist, though I like the Option B sort of punky faceup the best, but meanwhile I am buying a new roof for the house, so no dolls for a while--though I did a trade with Akutenshi and now I have an Elemander head and a Minifee dryad.  I do have a tiny dress cut out for Bella I need to finish up after the shoes I am texturing are done.

Here are a couple of the shoes:

Ladybugs. :D

Saturday, April 6, 2019

My Friend Pegapup

..she passed away so unexpectedly on April 1st; I am still in disbelief. She was the one who introduced me to ball-jointed dolls (she had a DollZone msd boy, I think a Megu) And I was so amazed at how long his legs were, how smooth the resin was, and how fun his little anime face looked. Pegapup was just fearless sending out emails to people in China, and she made friends with a dealer, Yvonne Sze, who helped us figure out how it all worked and where to find clothes and shoes. And this was typical--Pegapup was charming and generous and had an incredible memory for the personal lives of everyone she met, and people loved her back. So she liked the dolls not just for themselves, but for the way the dolls were a way to meet new people and learn new things--Pegapup was also a talented seamstress and crafter. And dancer, and fount of information on the Roma, and the Gawazi in Egypt (she made friends with the band members of a famous Egyptian folk/dance ensemble, and ended up buying all kinds of amazing things from a friend of theirs--perfume bottles, boxes, chairs, wool rugs, all of which sold or became gifts). She was the first person I made friends with in New Jersey; she was doing a craft fair outside my condo complex and I looked at her stuff and said "You are in the Society for Creative Anachronism" and she was :D So we did SCA events together, and craft fairs, and Pennsic and just everyday things--she went through a marriage and a divorce and her parents passing away, and last year the loss of her son, who grew up with K. She was the person who took me to the airport when I left New Jersey for Chicago. I will miss her a lot.