Friday, October 31, 2014

More Nephelin Wings

Got the other side done, now working on the backs--the right hand wing is more "done" in the photo below:

Still a lot of cleanup needed on the more finished one. Here the backs are as of Sunday, Nov 2.

Stripey is not sure at all about this Halloween thing:

I'm not sure we'll get anyone--it's cold and gusty, enough to get a wind Chicago. Here is what it looked like at 7 AM:

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Soom Fairy Jinn

Soom has come out with another one of these little guys. He's small, so not on my buy list (and I am paying off other things right now), but I have seen these little guys in person and they are gorgeous. Here's his feet:

He's got a cute steampunk outfit, a perky personality, and is slightly less expensive than some previous releases--here's his price with some of the options clicked (I skipped the wig because the wigs can sometimes be stiff and you can get good wigs other places in that size)

Here's his sales page. He runs from October 28th to November 11th, Korean Time.

A note about ordering--don't try to do anything complicated when you order, and don't try to add stuff or combine orders--Victoria, the former multilingual, multi-talented service manager, has left soom; and her replacement Haylie seems to be struggling a bit. I've heard that if you go over to the Euro board/webpage and use the Q and A there that "Laetitia" is more fluent in English, but it seems like a good idea to keep orders as simple as possible for the moment. Of course right now I am waiting for two gnarly mixed orders that I placed right about the time Victoria left so I have no idea what will happen, but I have also learned that if you just wait long enough, something eventually shows up. I think the Heliots were a 6 month wait, if I recall correctly.

Stripey vs The Computer

Also, bonus--Stripey vs the Couch:

I think that was the last tassel on that cushion. I have been a little behind posting here--Tumblr is easier in some ways and I have been trying to limit my time on the computer while I do actual painting on things, and to save some wear and tear on my shoulder and elbow. Also last night we ran a double feature of BubbaHotep, which was cute if not amazing, and Attack the Block, a low-budget British movie set in some council housing, on Guy Fawkes Day... with aliens, which was pretty awesome. You have to put up with some gore but it's been a long time since I watched a movie and I had no idea what would happen next. AND it has a happy ending. Tada.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wing progress and Halloween Ropuha

It turns out that my sketch was larger than the wing (since I traced around it) so I ended up doing it slightly differently. I'm going to have the sock problem, I know, where one wing gets done and the other one is a drag.

K took more pictures of her Mr. Ropuha in a holiday mood for her tumblr, silverchain

Mr. Ropuha has also been helping himself to candy:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Granado Kortes

He's offered with the new Lads body, or I should say the new, new Lads Body who has a waist joint now. I like the one I have with no waist joint, he's a super stable poser--but the extra joint might be even better. I love the Lads hands, too.

Also, if you live in Russia, Granado will take pity on you and actually give you a limited time 25% discount for your shipping cost, which is pretty awesome.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Rosetta Comet (Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko)

Acrylic, will be about 24 inches by 24 inches. I still need to see what is going on for the bottom of the view I have here so I can get the shape right.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Horns Tried On

They match her hands perfectly! Also they can be moved around--the magnets are under the wig. From Blue Otter Paradise on etsy.

Friday, October 24, 2014

How I Watched Thursday's Eclipse

I was a slacker and looked at it on HuffPo. Partly it was because we have so many trees the sun was below the treeline at 5:45, and I couldn't get much with my pinhole camera between the leaves and the angle.

Today I had an exciting day washing windows and raking leaves, though I did glue in the magnets into my new Blue Otter Paradise horns. You can see here that Mr. Flocked Spider is once more being awesomely helpful:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stripey Around The House

Actually around the outside of the house, which I am not too happy about, but there is a lot for her to see and do outside right now, especially since the weather has been nice:

She even caught something and dumped it in my lap. Luckily it was just a vole:

Her favorite occupation is still sprawling in the sun under the dining room table:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Iplehouse Scarlet, Renewed

Iplehouse took the unusual step of altering Scarlet's sculpt after she was presented the first time; I think they wanted to respond to grumbles that "she wasn't feminine enough." I thought she was gorgeous as she was originally released, and I personally think it's a mistake to second-guess an artist's work after the fact. I might have offered her as a special limited or something (like an edition of 20 or so) and then put out the updated version as a new character. On the other hand, I love how this new sculpt changes expression as you rotate it or have it in different lighting--she can go from plotting to smiling to looking steely and determined, just by shifting your angle of view. She also has a gorgeous profile, sometimes rare in doll sculpts:

Go check out her whole photoset--it's gorgeous just as photography and well worth a visit. The EID body is also one I like a lot--it's not super heavy and it poses quite well for something large--she sits and stands well without support.

Dear Comcast

Last week you sent me a message to this blog asking to be sure "to let you know if I had any question or comments"; I am sure to make your service better. Since the message was prompted by a google alert of a passing mention of "Comcast" in a post, I find it a bit creepy that you would contact my blog on such a minor thing, while managing, as a company, to piss me off in all kinds of ways. Let me emphasise that it is not your underpaid and overworked employees that irritate me; but your stupid, and in the long term, short-sighted corporate policies.

I have some suggestions for you up there on the VP level in Comcast Tower in Philadelphia:

(1) When I go visit your little regional office, trailing some piece of broken Comcast equipment, or even better after receiving a fire-and -brimstone phone message telling me to return old equipment or face the consequences, or carrying some fucked-up piece of billing, this is NOT a good time to request your exhausted employees to "offer new Comcast products and services they think I might enjoy." There are always more customers in the office than there are workers and the mood is tense. Let's just get through our transaction as fast as possible and avoid being on the 7 o'clock news.

(2) Do not call me with offers of upgrades of my gummy, overpriced, drop-prone Internet service (which mysteriously got worse after I declined to buy the Super Shiny Fantastic high-speed Uber Internet package for an additional 20+ a month) or expanded offers of cable TV service for shows I never watched anyway. I realize that lobbyists in the US Capitol bought a loophole in the "Do Not Call" protocols so "as a customer with an established business relationship" you can spam me with calls, but I cannot describe to you the fury that I feel when you call me EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR TWO WEEKS on my Federally Listed Do Not Call cell phone, ALWAYS when I am coated with gesso, garden dirt or cat hairballs. I have no desire to buy more of your products and services, even when you rebrand them as Xfinity and boast that you can offer the Internet at speeds roughly one-tenth of what a person living in a cardboard box in South Korea receives. Also, get real. I have the phone number marked ComcastIgnore. So stop calling unless you have something specific, non sale related, to discuss; like equipment that needs to be returned, service outages, or an impending meteor strike. And use the local area code and office and a real human.

Now here is some Big Picture Stuff. Stop eating your competition. For one thing, the innovations of the future that you will want for Comcast will come from these smaller, more nimble companies.

Stop doing the Billing Razzle Dazzle with "pretend bundles", mystery fees, technology fees, expensive pens for the CEO fees, price hikes because "it's wednesday and your imaginary "discount rate" has ended." Set one rate for a clearly defined service and stick with it. if you want to add "the CEO private plane snack fee" to it,fine... just keep it the same every month. Unlike you all at the top floor of the Comcast Tower, most of us down here have to budget.

In the meantime, let me point at Verizon. I've had Verizon's wireless phone service for over ten years. The billing is always the same. The phone always works. When I needed a new phone they didn't try to upsell me. They occasionally send me a polite and wistful text asking if I'd like to exchange my Amish phone for a real one. They don't do Internet stalking. All the features of my service are spelled out clearly in the bills. Apparently it is possible to run a telecommunications giant in a way that makes customers happy, by mostly leaving them alone and giving them ok service.

In the meantime I am waiting for Google fiber.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two sets of Wings

This wing set is built up of craft foam (the new 6mm foam) and yarn and some feathers from a beat up set of Halloween wings. Work would go faster if I didn't have to keep hiding them from Stripey, who thinks they are Awesome.

The next set are supposedly going on that huge Sugarable body I have--they are Soom Nephelin wings but they seem to have the same pin-and-magnet setup the Sugarable does, so I wanted to paint them up and give them a try. Before I started painting I wanted to have a detailed drawing first, though, so here it is:

The drawing is actually finished now but there is no good daylight to take a photo of the update!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Soom Teeny Gem Free Choice Event

Yep, little cuties are ready for the mix n' match of previous Free Choice Events. They aren't in my size range, but a Teeny Dragon would be super cute--I love that tail :D. Event goes from Oct 10 to 30, Korean Time

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Turtle Does The Wiggle Dance

From Tastefully Offensive.

Ernstdottir and Fantasy Coats

A friend of mine sent me the link to these amazing fantasy coats (though they are actually perfectly practical, it's as though you have your own bespoke elvish tailor to make you outerwear.) The name of the large image's coat is "Alice in Wonderland" and it might be my favorite. The buttons on all of them are gorgeous. Go check them out here

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Found Behind The Computer

It's actually from when I moved all the breakables in the room back into the computer niche, and then missed those two when I moved stuff back out. It's in the basement and in my defence I never use that computer, but it's where the modem and wifi are, which is why I finally went down and looked back there.

Blogger has been slow to load lately, so I haven't been keeping up--I ended up getting a modem directly from Comcast, trying to fix the problem, and I replaced some cables, but the slow internet is persisting. Also Windows has had some kind of update and my browsers aren't sure they like it.

J has kept busy making a lipstick holder for k, it looks really cool:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ariadoll Gravity Head

In case you were wondering what the Gravity head looked like. He's on a Luts body, not the Delf one but the other 60cm ish one, and the fit is good (he has kind of a small neck hole). He was too small to go on the Sugarble body, so the search goes on for that body.

Prince Charming at Soom

Ok, I don't remember the part in Cinderella where Charming accidentally got horse hooves, but since perfect princes are like unicorns, maybe it all works. The hooves have really nice details on them in any case, and you can order him in Bronze, and you can order on the side a rather nice Colt-style revolver. (In this form, he'd be a fun side character on Supernatural.) :D In any case, if you don't feel the need to stock up on hay, you can order him as a regular human for less money here. Both versions have cute heads and lovely fullset clothes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Raisin and Fall Leaves

Just a photo of Raisin, a Soom Migma, and my big euonymous bush in the backyard that is just starting to turn red.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Soom's Purple "Amber" for LDoll

Soom has decided to re-release Fantasy Amber in their lavender sparkle resin in honor of LDoll. I assume you can order her online as well as at the show, but so far there is no price on the sales page as of 10/14/2014. She looks lovely though--I am not fond of the reddish body blushing but I do like the reddish horns and the beautiful faceup and clothing. Here are the details--no human body is included at this time, which I am mildy sad about as I would love a purple old body for my extra Migma head:

I love her face so much-- but I have never been crazy about the body from that release, so I think I will give her a pass, and buy a humidifier for my furnace instead. But she is pretty!